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Getting the Lard Off – Progress Report 3/15/2017

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Awhile back I fell off the wagon. Even though I’m eating good, low-carb food most of the day, ‘something happens’ once dinner is over. I feel I’m starving (you can see from the pic above how I’m wasting away) and I keep eating. I’ve been talking to myself, trying to change my ways, but it’s not working yet.

So – I’m at a weight loss of 35 lbs and 20 inches and I can’t seem to get on a downward path.

I have all kinds of excuses, but none that holds any water. I’m giving in to my weakness and stuffing my face. I AM trying to reread the books that got me motivated in the first place, and I’m hoping I’ll find the way to NOT get up and get something to eat after dinner!





I was happily doing my elliptical trainer and yoga until my back started acting up, to the point I’ve been on a heating pad in my chair and in bed, plus taking Ibuprofen and wearing a pain patch. I am almost back to normal now, so I’m promising myself I’ll get back on track with my exercising, too.

Promises, Promises…  Though THIS I will definitely try to do –


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Getting the Lard Off – November 9, 2016



I’m still trying to curb my after dinner eating. I’m getting better, though the problem is not yet completely solved.  For some reason, it’s almost as if I had a tapeworm. I feel hungry soon after eating dinner, though our dinner is low carb. That’s some kind of emotional hang-up that I’m determined to stop.

Yesterday I cooked up a storm.

  • I hard-boiled a bunch of eggs for my breakfast and our snacks
  • I made a batch of sausage balls for lunches and snacks
  • I made sugar-free banana pudding for my husband (He loved it!)
  • I made a low carb meatloaf that my husband raved about (I’ll share the recipe later today)

In-between I was cleaning up and running the dishwasher again, plus washing clothes, stripping our bed and working in the flower beds. I had a really full, satisfying day.

Today I tried two new sections of my 2-DVD-set of “Gentle Yoga.”



The first was for “Legs” and the second was for “Balance.” I’m feeling a lot more relaxed now and I’m happy I bought the set. Tomorrow I’ll try the “Overall Flow” section, the last in the set. My goal is to do some yoga each day. My body is feeling looser and more relaxed and this will improve as I practice. I really like and trust the teacher of these poses, and I feel that I’m getting in touch with my body in a way I have never done before. It’s wonderful.

Doctor appointments for both me and my husband tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see how we’re doing, discuss where we’re trying to go and ways to get there, and keep on keepin’ on.




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Progress Report – Getting the Lard Off – 9/21/2016



I’m still on the ‘Plateau from Hell,’ as far as weight and inches go, (46 pounds and 23-1/2 inches off) but I freely admit that I’ve been eating more carbs than I should for the past week. My husband was really hungry for a few things, and I had put him off because they weren’t on my low-carb foods. I finally decided to indulge, since I didn’t want to prepare two separate meals for us. I think we’re now at the end of his really strong requests. He’s happy and so am I. :0)

He’s cutting WAAAAY back on sugar. This is a really good thing and I’m trying to encourage him every way I can. There are a lot of good recipes that are low carb AND low sugar, so we should be good for the near future.


I’ve been made newly aware, lately, of my age. This is mainly due to my trying to do two miles walking with annoying Leslie every day PLUS either upper or lower body strength exercises. I messed myself up, paying the price with several days where I felt 90+ years old. I decided to try a different approach.

I’m now doing the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.




On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m doing both upper and lower body strength exercises with 5 lb. weights. (several different exercises, 3 sets of 8 reps each)



I also got an exercise ball that is now aired up and ready for me.

One of my good friends has one. She says she’s sitting on it while watching TV, bouncing. Isn’t that a wonderful mental picture? It makes me smile. She has to keep her balance in order to do this, so that involves lots of muscles.

The ball also comes with a chart of exercises I can add things as I want. I’m planning to do the ball stuff a little at a time on days I’m doing the strength exercises.  I can really use the emphasis on balance. This plan, along with just being aware that I need to keep moving (I carry a pedometer in my pocket),  hopefully will prove a good combination for me.



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