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Mikaela Bartlett Felted Wool Sculptures

Mikaela Bartlett,


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What You Think


Though it’s on my wish list, we have very few quiet days around here.

I’ve told you that things are falling apart around here lately. We are having to jump from one thing to the next, sometimes trying to juggle several things at once, trying to keep our heads above water.

We are waiting for our propane supplier to call us – hoping that one of their delivery people can stop by the next time they are in our area to help us get the pilot light lit for the heater in the shop. I’m assuming that because my husband can’t do it this time, it needs something replaced. We are in a good holding place on this problem. Everything is turned off. We don’t HAVE to work in the shop, and the weather is gradually getting warmer anyway.

I told you that my husband ran over something in the road on the way back from Ft. Smith last week, resulting in a flat and our having to order two tires. The turn signals quit working and the exhaust system is rattling now. The wonderful Vette designers made it so the whole front of the Vette has to come off to work on – or change – the turn signals. We are planning to take it to the dealer in Ft. Smith tomorrow and leave it with both problems to be fixed. THEN, when the tires arrive, we will take it to the local tire place to have the new tires mounted and balanced. Hopefully, that will finish THAT project.

I THINK that is the last of the series of things we have been dealing with the past month of so. (Knock on wood) I’m very glad to be enjoying the LAST day of February!

I saw the local hardware store is selling veggie plants! I may break down and get some. The seeds I started may one day finally be strong enough to go out in the garden, but I’m not depending on that. The plants are calling to me. L- I -N -N- N—- D- A! WE’RE W- A- A- A- A- I- T- I -N -G F O R Y O U !!!!!!!! :0)

Happy last day of February. I hope it’s a fun day for you.

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Felted Animals by Megan Nedds

Megan Nedds – The Woolen Wagon –

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Little Whisper


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Minus Sugar and Carbs

Just kidding. :0)

My husband has Type II Diabetes, so we cut out as much sugar as possible several years ago. That, along with medication, is keeping his blood sugar at a good level. He really had to work to do it. He LOVES sweets. He even calls ME “Sugar.” I’m really proud of him that he is building good habits. He does splurge, but we monitor blood sugar twice a week and pay attention to it.

We had two places start up in Greenwood this year – REAL FOOD and STU’S CLEAN COOKIN.’ Both provide individual serving frozen meals that are HEALTHY and DELICIOUS.

Today I’m cooking a chuck roast in the slow cooker, but most of our days are built around having one of their frozen meals, or the ones I make from the leftovers we have. We have a sandwich or tuna salad for lunch, and we try not to eat much in-between. It seems to be working for us, albeit slowly.

In these days when we need to be particularly careful about our health (we are in the high risk group for COVID) it just makes sense to also eat as healthy as possible and try to lose the lard.

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Nanea Hoffman – Good Housekeeping

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Glynnis Miller Art 2

Man’s Best Friend
Spring Calf
The Backseat

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Lose Weight With Momovi

I’ve been taught that to think of yourself first is selfish. We didn’t talk about it that much that I remember, but somehow I felt guilty even considering what I wanted. Now that I’m older and supposedly wiser, I think that making yourself a priority and meeting your own needs is important, if not essential, to then reaching out and helping others. I admit I’m still ambivalent, feeling a twinge as I typed the last sentence, but I think that when you are hurting, it takes up all the oxygen in the room, no matter how hard you try to move past it and carry on.

I always have a long to-do list. Only in the last several months have I listed my time on the elliptical trainer in the garage and my yoga practice as “priorities” for the day, rather than merely included on the list as “shoulds” IF the time and energy are found when the other things are done. The same thinking has applied to the idea of including some FUN in my day – even if only a little bit of time – done when the ‘important’ things had been accomplished.

Even if it’s “selfish,” I am now actively considering what I want.

I’m considering it a priority to eat right – but to also enjoy any splurges with gusto.

It’s a priority to keep moving, doing ‘regular’ exercises or work outside, or talking a walk, or SOMETHING to make me as strong and healthy as possible.

I’m consciously making time each day to do something that brings me joy, whether it be reading a favorite book, playing in my art room, enjoying the good weather outside, learning something new, reaching out to a friend, etc.

I’m trying to push the ‘shoulds” to the bottom of my to-do list. If I can check one off, that’s great, but not of the highest priority anymore.

I’m working at trying to alleviate stress – something that has been taking up a lot of time and effort lately. A favorite quote is “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are”. (Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt)

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Wonderful Seals with Doctor

Wonderful Seals with Doctor

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The Art of Glynnis Miller

Miss Kitty


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Flood the World

Pema Chadran – Declutter the Mind

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Fingerpainting Joy with Iris Scott

Get the Hose Again
The Juggler
Iris Scott

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Thoughts on a Thursday 2-25-2021

forwarded from a friend

I want to adopt this dog. NOW. I simply melted into a puddle when I saw his little face.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know our generator suddenly wasn’t working. Yesterday we found a man in Ft Smith who could look at the starter motor to see if he could fix it. It turned out he couldn’t, but he had a new one for us. I was asleep when he called, and my husband insisted he would go and pick it up.

I was worried by the time he returned. He said he ran over something on the way home that flattened a tire. He was able to limp to a tire store and buy a used tired to get home. So now we have bought a new starter motor for the generator and ordered two new tires for the Vette. Oh, joy.

We worked on the starter motor most of the remaining afternoon until dark. He was able to get the motor in and running, but will have to tweak it today. He said he had to loosen something to get the motor out that apparently controls the speed of the motor. He will see if he can get that into the proper position today. I hoping this goes smoothly and solves our problem. He really had to work hard yesterday.

I am also hoping for a quiet day so I can get back to exercising. Both my husband and I have been either doing errands quickly, putting out ‘fires’, or working on the generator the past few days, so all routines and idea of a ‘regular’ schedule have been out the window. Instead hot showers, heat pads, muscle gel and Tylenol have kept us afloat.

My mantra is “things will get better.”

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Stress Eating

Mae West – BrightDrops

We just got home from a trip to Ft. Smith.

Yesterday we discovered that our generator failed to do its weekly automatic test. It also failed to start manually. We charged the battery we just bought last month, and installed a new air filter. The oil level and quality was fine. My husband took out the starter motor and tested it in the shop. No one in Greenwood works on starter motors, so we found a guy in Ft. Smith.

The traffic was AWFUL. My husband is always complaining about the “Anti-destination League,” who take pride in driving side by side in the left lane with the vehicle on the right, so no one can do anything. They really seemed to be out in force today, causing my husband a huge amount of frustration. His griping and efforts to try to get around the traffic cause ME a lot of stress as well.

We found the motor repair place, left the motor with the man, and started to drive home. We agreed to stop for something to eat. We found a Burger King. Each of us had a bacon cheeseburger and French fries. NOT on our diet! The burger was a burger, but the French fries were magnificent.

We are home now, in one piece. I didn’t kill my husband for scaring me to death over and over, but it was a close thing.

I think I may see if I can just go get the motor – if the man can fix it – by myself.

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Guard the Spark

Robin Williams – BrightDrops

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Give – Keep

Zig Ziglar –

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Fabulous Finger-Painting

Iris Scott – Iris

Oculi – Eli and Ball
Broccoli – Tabby

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Snacks – tumblr – Spoon University

This is DAY THREE of not eating anything between meals. That, along with portion control at meals and my efforts to move more should result in happy results on the scales and on my measuring tape. The weather is finally warming up, too, which means I can get outside more. I feel that things are coming together now.

It would be easier to simply sign up again for a weight loss/meals provided program again, but I’m determined to take responsibility for what I eat and drink. We are getting lots of help with two new places here locally who each provide individual portion frozen healthy meals. We eat one of those for dinner. I make us a sandwich or tuna salad for lunch. My husband eats snacks when he likes. He is much closer to his goal weight, but we’re still trying to watch his sugar intake.

I’m trying to build good habits that will result in my getting and staying in reasonable shape so I can continue to do most of what I would like for the rest of my life. I’m kind of using you as a check for accountability and reporting. I hope you don’t mind.


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Thoughts on a Monday 2-22-2021

The sun is shining brightly and it is supposed to break 60 degrees today! Hooray!!!!!! That should take care of the rest of the snow and ice on our driveway. The sun finally showing itself after almost 3 weeks is really making my spirits soar. :0)

We will take our tax stuff to our CPA in Ft. Smith and I will feel a huge weight off my shoulders. (I think I MIGHT have mentioned how much I HATE bookkeeping and taxes…)

I learned what a water hippo is today.


The people who supply our water are having a problem and are having to repair the system. That is causing many people in the system to be without drinking water. We didn’t see any problem this morning, but we will pick up some bottled water on the way home, just in case. The National Guard of Arkansas will be supplying drinking water via the water hippos to people who bring containers. We are lucky to have them.

We had the luxury of being able to warm up our dinners last night in our new microwave last night! What a beautiful thing. I find I am almost hopelessly spoiled. :0)

I will be able to fill our bird feeders today without being in danger of falling on my head due to the ice on the deck. I have been practically crawling out there, trying really hard not to do something stupid when we couldn’t get down or up our driveway. NOW I’ll just be careful just because I’m sometimes a clutz!

I hope that you are safe, warm, and dry today, and that you find something that brings you joy.

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Be Kind

Calejdart – LoveThisPic

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Stone Stories 5

Live Stones by Erzsebet Szilajka – Sea Pebbles –

Erzsebet Sziljka

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We Did It!

We walked down the driveway right after lunch today to get to our truck my husband had to abandon yesterday, not being able to come back up our driveway. We cautiously backed down a seemingly endless amount, sliding a lot, before we were on the street in front of our house. We were delighted to find that our driveway was the only bad spot between our house and town.

We were able to get a microwave that was almost exactly the same as the one we loved that died. It’s a 2.2 cubic foot Panasonic with turbo defroster, genius sensor, etc. The only difference is that the new one has 100 watts less power than the old one. We are beyond delighted. My husband celebrated by warming up a cup of coffee. :0)

The only other excitement in our trip was trying to get back up our driveway. The first time we made it up about 1/3 of the way, but then started sliding around, losing traction. My husband had to carefully back all the way down to the bottom to give it another try. I thought we would end up stuck in the deep ditch on one side of the driveway or the other.

The second time he ‘went for broke.’ We started sliding about half way up, but managed to gain some traction and got over the middle, really steep part of the driveway. I had been holding my breath and firmly keeping my big mouth shut, so it took me a minute or two to calm down. My husband is a much gutsier driver than I, and gutsy is what it took today.

So the truck is in the garage safely now. Hopefully, by the end of the day tomorrow our ice and snow on the driveway will be only a memory.

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Spring – Bring It!

I love this painting!

My sweet daffodils which shot spears of green up around the well house in anticipation of glorious blooming are now dull and frozen-looking. I don’t know if the plants will bounce back now that temperatures are warming and the snow is melting, but I hope so.

I am trying to get some seeds started for my raised bed, square foot garden. I have read a bunch, but really have no clue what I’m doing. I used a seed tray starter kit, filling it with seed starter medium, planting some seeds and marking them, sprinkling some fertilizer, spraying them carefully with water and covering them with a transparent cover. They have been sitting on the dining area table, the best place for getting whatever sun there is.

I planted spinach, lettuce, broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and green peppers. When I saw that some had sprouted, I took the transparent lid off. I have been turning the tray each day, trying to provide equal sun and encourage the sweet little sprouts to grow up straight. Some sprouting has been good. Some of the seeds haven’t done anything.

I would love it if I end up with some nice plants to put out in the garden when the time is right, but the biggest thing for me at this point is the HOPE. The PROMISE of spring. The CHANCE of new life, The ANTICIPATION of being able to play in the dirt again sometime reasonably soon.

I hope that you are seeing – or creating – some signs of spring wherever you are.

Simple Nourished Living


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Stone Stories 4

Live Stones by Erzsebet Szilajka – Sea Pebbles –

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Amazing Drawings

Daisy – grigo_draw – Virginia Pamboukes

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“A Whole Lot of Meltin’ Goin’ On…”


This gives you a bit of an idea of our driveway. This isn’t ours. Ours is graveled, 650 feet +, and STEEP. We had no choice about it being on the north side of our property.

My husband insisted he was going out yesterday to get some sugary treats at the local grocery store. I told him he really should wait – that we could go together Sunday afternoon after more melting occurred. He scoffed and went anyway.

He came back about an hour later with the sugary treats, but without the truck. He was unable to get back up our driveway and left the truck about 3/4 of the way down. He later tried to retrieve the truck, but had to leave it down there.

Today we will walk down the driveway, trying to NOT fall on our heads, hopefully back the truck down to the road, go to town and replenish supplies (my husband said the roads are pretty clear now – our driveway is probably the worst place in town) and then hopefully be able to drive back up and put the truck in the garage.

I’m still amazed that my husband told me I was RIGHT. Right about yesterday being too soon to go to town, and right about the fact that I thought we should put the snow tires on the truck at the end of the fall as we usually do. My mouth is still hanging open.

It’s 41 degrees F. out there now, so we should have ‘a whole lot of meltin’ goin’ on’ (thanks to my smart SIL – and Elvis, of course – for the title.) The forecast for today is RAIN. I won’t complain – even if we drown.

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The forecast shows a slow warming trend here, so maybe we’ll be able to find our driveway in the coming days! I am hoping that I can convince my husband to wait at least until tomorrow afternoon before trying to negotiate our way down to the street that runs in front of our house.

Our microwave finally gave up the ghost, so this spoiled lady has been having to get off her duff and do some cooking, rather than simply heating up delicious, healthy frozen meals from REAL FOOD and STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’ in Greenwood.

Yesterday I cooked a chuck roast in the crock pot all afternoon. We had some of that, plus some rice, gravy, and peas. I am planning to spoon out some of the leftovers into oven containers to heat up for tonight.

I am learning to be careful what I gripe about! Not long ago I was griping because I wanted some comfort food to help us through the ice and snow we’ve had for about 3 weeks now. At that point I was taking my microwave for granted. NOW that has all changed.

In times like these, we learn what a great life we have and how VERY much we have to be thankful for. We cancelled Lunch Bunch for today. Yesterday I talked to one of my Lunch Bunch friends. Not only was she snowed in, but her main water pipe had burst and she was waiting for the plumber to come and try to repair it. Plus my heart truly goes out to the people suffering in Texas. I gripe about small annoyances while they try to get warm and find SOMETHING to eat.

Diets, extra lardage, and inconveniences, such as the lack of a microwave don’t even get on the bottom rung of what is important right now. May we all get through this winter so we can enjoy the promise of spring.

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Stone Stories 3

Live Stones by Erzsebet Szilajka – Sea Pebbles –

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Be Kind and Brave

Rebecca Jenkins – My Inspiration – Fine Art America

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Beautiful Sight


I was cleaning up the kitchen earlier this afternoon and noticed movement outside the dining area window. It was a deer!

The deer was just off what we call the civilized portion of our back yard, eating something sticking up from the snow. I stood there looking at it in amazement, and then went to get my husband. We’ve never seen one in the daylight this close to the house.

It was truly a sight to treasure.


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Living, Breathing Wood

Автор – Jurgen Lingl-Rebetez.-The-ART-In-LIFE

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