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Rethinking Cleaning

I’ve admitted to you that I’m a slob. I can make really great excuses for why my house is a mess, but I know that gets old, even if I get more and more creative…

I ordered a book called, “The Lost Art of House Cleaning – How to Clean using only 3 products for only $20 per year!” The book is by Jan M. Dougherty. I received it yesterday and read about 3/4 of it. I’ll finish the first read today.

So far, I like her “PATH” idea, where you move only in one direction, (top to bottom, back to front, left to right – depending on your ‘handedness,”) making sure whatever you’re doing is clean before moving to the next part, dividing the room into ‘slices,’ so there are stopping points where you can rest or stop and continue at another time. I also like the idea of not trying to reorganize stuff as you clean. I’ve found how distracting and time-consuming that is, making you exhausted before you get to the real cleaning. I’m going order and gather some supplies and then will try this. I’ll report back to you. Even if I don’t follow every suggestion, several of her ideas make sense, so my work will be more efficient and my house will be cleaner.

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