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The Joy of Bubbles


Blowing bubbles has always been one of my favorite things. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop smiling when I’m around them – whether I’m doing the blowing or others are.

Physics –

Bubbles are a happy-maker. You can’t be UNhappy and blow bubbles at the same time. I always have some bubble juice stashed somewhere, just in case – kind of like the things on the wall in buildings that tell you to ‘break glass in case of fire.’ “Break out the bubbles in case of sadness.”

And creative people have come up with new and different ways for people to enjoy blowing bubbles!


Where Imagination Grows

One Little Project

Adobe Stock
The Hans India

Thought Co

MSU College

This looks like the one I’ll be using tomorrow. Mine is called, “Peppa Pig Giant Bubble Wand.” It cost $1.99 plus tax and I scooped it up at the grocery store Friday. I can’t wait to use it sitting on the deck, and maybe even running out in the back yard (being careful not to fall in the soft spots created by moles, voles and other “ole’s” as I do.)

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I Really Like These

Wild Woods Girl
Christopher Clark – photo credit –

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Stuff I Like – Odds n Ends
fBarbie the Welder – Welding Projects Ideas Arc
hare –
jar idea – Pinterest –

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A Bit of Spring

My husband brought in one of our fancier yellow iris yesterday. We’ll have several days to enjoy it, while the various buds open up and smile at us.

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For the Love of a Cat

This is our cat, Abby. She was advertised as a ‘lap cat’ in the paper years ago – an apt description. She has been a part of our family for years now. She tolerates Amber, our yellow lab, allowing her to use her dog beds if she isn’t in the middle of them, taunting her by stretching and yawning and looking as comfortable as only a cat can look. She doesn’t have an audible purr, but if you leave your hand on her, you can FEEL it. :0)

“Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.” ~ Jeff Valdez

Zoran Milutinovic 2013 – via 500pxBlog

“In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats.” ~ English Proverb

Scientific American

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” ~ Mary Bly

Pumpkin Pet Insurance

“Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.” ~ Missy Dizick

Cat Grass Pet Talk-Texas A&M College of Vet Med

“I got rid of my husband. The cat was allergic.” ~ Anonymous

National Today

“As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind.” ~ Cleveland Amory

The Humane Society of the U S

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens

Getty Images-CNBC

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MP3 Player

Ruizu XO2 MP3 Player

I use this to play some of my favorite songs when I’m on my elliptical trainer. I have earphones attached and can ‘zone out,’ lost in the wonderful world of music, transported, singing along while I try to do good things for my body.

This is a very old player. Almost everything we own nowadays is ancient when we try to get parts, get things fixed, try to find another one like it to replace what we love – when we’re forced to.

I’ve done two 10-minute sessions on the elliptical trainer recently. I got out my mp3 player and started on the elliptical, only to find my player wasn’t working. After the first session, I came in, plugged it in to recharge it (it had been a LOOOOOONG time since I used it). A day or so later, I did the 2nd session on the elliptical, but the player wasn’t working. I plugged it in AGAIN, this time leaving it ‘on’ while recharging.

This morning my husband told me to order another one. I went to check it to make sure it was, indeed, unchargeable, and found IT WAS PLAYING!

So, like ME, it seems to have some life in it yet. I’ll be using it later today when I have another session on the elliptical scheduled. Fingers crossed both it – and I – are working.

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Sharing the Purple

Will bloom soon

Deep purple is my favorite color. Whenever I see it, my soul reacts, with happiness welling up inside and spilling over. Spring is one time of the year where our yard reflects my love of the color.

These are to one side of the top of our driveway.
These are to the other side.
back yard planter

They are blooming almost all the way down one side of the driveway now. When they are finished, yellow ones take over.

I hope our wisteria hasn’t been beaten down by the hail.

You can see my heart is really full this time of year. There is much to do in the yard, and little time right now to do it between severe weather. Soon things will tame down (hopefully) and I can get our planters weeded and cleared out, tomato plants in, and buy some purple petunias for the deck. :0)

Stay warm and dry!

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 4-12-2022


It’s due to be rainy again today. I’m still breathing a sigh of relief that the warning, with tornadoes imminent and on the ground went JUST to the north of Greenwood. I was watching the experts on our local weather station monitor the tornado warning and the line of the bad stuff was JUST above our town on their map. Hopefully, we’ll have the same luck today.


Lynn, my massage miracle worker, contacted me to change my massage from Thursday this week to today. I’m delighted that I didn’t have to just miss my massage this month, so my body is already singing in anticipation of her good work. I’ll put the trash out and get our mail when I go.

Other than that, I’m planning for DAY 2 of the month-long program by my ‘weights for seniors’ video guy. He has a stretching video, and then ‘physical activity’ (of my choice) for 10 minutes. I’m going to do my elliptical trainer in the garage. In addition, I’ll do one of the weights videos, and then my normal half hour of yoga stretches. These will be spread out throughout the day.

My husband is still trying to get his computer working as he would like. I’m helping only when he asks – with this exception. He and our son were trying to use the conference call program so they could actually SEE each other and talk real time. Lately my husband hasn’t shown any interest in wanting to do that, so I was delighted that he was trying to talk. They were having trouble getting things set up right on our end so that our son could hear my husband. I went over, looked at things, and saw that his microphone button was off. I pushed it, waiting to hear him yell at me for interfering, but was pleased to see it worked! Instead of yelling, my husband told our son, “She fixes stuff for me all the time now.” I was relieved and melted into my computer chair on the other side of the room.

When they were finished, our son wrote ME, asking if I wanted to talk, so we each had a wonderful catch up time with him. Absolutely beyond price. :0)

I hope your Tuesday is a good one.

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Did I Tell You I Love Elephants?“Siblings Love” -Dave J Lew
j. a.
thelordismylightandmysalvation.tu.-“Learn to Eat”- Supat Sutti

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Asleep Kiro

I found this yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I don’t even know what I’m looking at – whether it’s an actual waterfall, a painting, a photoshop – but whatever it is, I LOVE it.

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Virtual Trip to the Beach

This is the wonderful Sand Piper pillow cover my SIL sent me, now with a pillow in it.
Here it is with another gifted pillow cover, on our couch.

I feel really lucky to have someone who cares. This way I can take a virtual, instant trip to the beach whenever I need it. :0)


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I found some things I think are wonderful this week and wanted to share them with you –
“Summer Snow”
Ann Griswold
Ron by Sofa expo

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About the only thing I don’t mind about being snowed and iced in again is that I have plenty of good books to enjoy.

I’m on book #50 Golden in Death from J.D. Robb’s (Nora Roberts’) In Death series. I’m re-reading the whole series in preparation for enjoying my newest paperback addition, #53 Forgotten in Death. I’ve pre-ordered the next one, #54 Abandoned in Death, which comes out in paperback in July.

The thing I’m particularly enjoying this time through is all the ‘extras’ that wind their way through the series, the poignant things people say and do that define their strength, humanity, vulnerability, love, and more. They make me tear up, adding so much richness to the series.

If we get all the rain/wind/sleet/freezing rain/snow forecast tomorrow, picture me, curled up in my recliner, heat pad on low under me, throw over me, coffee on my warmer beside me, cat in my lap, book in hand, appreciating the luxury of my life.

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Bits and Pieces

Art is all around us. Sometimes I find the work of an artist who is new to me and I share it with you. More often I find things on Pinterest that I love one at a time. I wanted to share a few that I’ve found lately –

I couldn’t find any information on who made this. It makes my heart melt.
Mysterious Night – Leonid Afremov
Twinkling Eyes-Pavel
Simon O’Rourke-tortoise
Simon by Hippopottermiss-DeviantArt

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Uplifting Pool Party

How can one be sad when looking at this?

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Christmas Eve Surprise

Twice-Blooming Iris – these usually bloom in April and then again in October. To have these throwing open their arms on Christmas Eve is such a delightful surprise!

And this is a pot of wave petunias, One of the most beautiful flowers, I think. Such happy flowers.

I think you can guess what my favorite color is…. :0)


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I’m Drooling!

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Random Acts of Art


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In My NEXT Life –

I want to be a shoebill stork.

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Good/Bad News

Fine Art

The GOOD NEWS is that we went to Red Lobster for my celebratory lunch yesterday. I had a lobster tail with melted butter, rice, and broccoli. YUM! We will celebrate again if my subscribers total ever reaches 3,000.

The BAD NEWS is that I gained 2.8 pounds eating that lunch. UGH. So QUICK to pile on and so HARD to get back off!

I refuse to give up celebrating. My husband disappeared shortly before we were due to leave. He came downstairs in a yummy shirt I haven’t seen in years, clean jeans, and dress shoes. He looked wonderful. I felt we had ‘date night’ as well as the celebration of a milestone on my blog. Absolutely priceless.

On the way home, we saw a dear friend. She was standing at the bottom of her driveway waiting for the mailman to come by. She lives alone and now keeps her gate closed across her driveway, not wanting unannounced people driving up. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, so we stopped. I quickly jumped out and hugged her neck.

Yesterday was a happy day – and today I’ll start trying to shed the lardage I gained, PLUS hopefully keep the trend going downward.

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Happy Autumn 2021

Fox &

Happy 1st day of Autumn!

We’re having a beautiful morning – it’s sunshine-y and the high is forecast to be 79 degrees F. this afternoon. Our driveway looks much like this beautiful gif. A LOT of leaves are on the ground here, not due to the fall, but the lack of rain.

A very happy surprise this morning, too. When my subscriber list for the blog went over 1,000, my husband said that he would take me for broiled lobster tail with melted butter – my favorite food – when I went over 2,000.

This morning I have 2,006 subscribers! I’m not sure how the people at wordpress decide this, but they say I have a total of 5,854 ‘followers’ at this point, and I can SEE the list of my 2,006 ‘subscribers.’ Today we will drive to Ft. Smith and I will enjoy a fabulous lunch, enjoying every bite, grinning from ear to ear.

I truly LOVE writing this blog. Most blogs have one theme, like a particular person’s art work, or a particular method of weight loss, or….

Mine doesn’t have a ‘theme’ as such – I just share things I like, hoping that you will like them, too.

I have met many really nice people through the blog, too. I appreciate the feedback I get, comments, suggestions, likes, re-posts, and more.

And, thanks to YOU – I will enjoy a celebration with my husband today.



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One of my Favorite Things

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A Bit of Success


I finally had a bit of success on losing the lard. I’m almost back to 30 pounds down since my heaviest now – hoping to hit that officially in the next day or so. I’m learning once again how much easier it is to put it ON, rather than taking it OFF.

Yesterday I was moving most of the day. I was in the shop working on the refurb of our Box Turtle Yard art piece. It was hot in there, but I had a fan. I was up and down, pulling and hauling. After resting a bit, I weed whacked, doing two sessions that I had to stop when the weed eater started to smoke! My husband will look at that today to see if it is salvageable. Anyhow, it was a lot of work out in the hot, so I guess that helped finally shed a bit more of the lard.

Today I’m going to put the refurbed box turtle back where he lives in the yard, take pics to show you, start work on another piece, use the leaf blower to clean up the two sidewalks and garage pad, and then cut up lots of veggies for the “kielbasa and veggies” cookout for tonight.

I hope you have a happy Sunday, too.

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Favorite People

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Open Your Eyes


My emotions have been a bit like a roller-coaster lately, so I’ve been looking for things that bring my spirits up.

One thing that helps is a walk around our yard. We have some ‘things worth seeing’, such as flowers-

I hope seeing these brought up YOUR spirits, too. Have a wonderful day!

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Nice Day


It is a wonderful day here so far. It’s overcast, but not raining. I have two main things to do:

THING ONE – get a haircut this afternoon

THING TWO – finish planting flowers.

Yesterday we went to the local nursery to get two flowers that my husband likes – impatiens and wave petunias. We’ve cut back on what we’re planting this year as kind of a leftover from the pandemic. We had already checked several places for flowers. This year I would have been content with planting any number of flowers we saw. Finally, it came down to the fact that my husband wanted wave petunias and impatiens, and was willing to drive to Ft. Smith to get them. Happily, we were able to find a bright orangy impatiens for the front porch and other shady areas in front of the house, plus wave petunias in a gloriously deep purple.

Pahl’s Market

This is the color of the impatiens I planted yesterday. It should spread nicely, filling a couple of shallow round faux terra cotta planters on the porch, plus I dotted them in the brick planters that line the front of the house.

Good Shepherd Holbrook, NY

This is the color of the wave petunias we found. I’m cleaning out 4 large terra cotta pots that live up high on the railing of the deck, plus some other planters on the floor of the deck.

I’ll take pictures when the flowers start to look nice.

Tonight the rains are supposed to start. (My mouth dropped open when I saw this. I may still look like a gaping fish. )

Partly cloudy early with increasing clouds overnight. A stray thunderstorm is possible. Low 63F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

Sun 16

79°/64°PM Thunderstorms50%SSE 11 mph

Mon 17

76°/65°Scattered Thunderstorms51%SSE 9 mph

Tue 18

77°/66°Scattered Thunderstorms51%SE 9 mph

Wed 19

74°/66°Scattered Thunderstorms57%SE 11 mph

Thu 20

79°/67°Scattered Thunderstorms45%SE 10 mph

Fri 21

78°/68°Scattered Thunderstorms44%SE 10 mph

Sat 22

83°/67°Scattered Thunderstorms37%SE 9 mph

Sun 23

82°/65°Scattered Thunderstorms38%SSE 8 mph

Mon 24

82°/65°Scattered Thunderstorms41%SSE 8 mph

Tue 25

82°/65°Scattered Thunderstorms36%S 9 mph

Wed 26

82°/64°Isolated Thunderstorms33%W 8 mph

Thu 27

83°/65°Isolated Thunderstorms31%SSW 7 mph

Looks like we’ll be dodging a lot of raindrops until further notice…

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A Walk Around the Yard


My husband brought a couple of blooms inside so we could enjoy them in here, too. :0)

Rio Samba Roses

I love it that this rosebush shows all different stages of this wonderful rose at the same time. It starts out in a tight yellow bud with dark coral edges. It blooms into a bright yellow bloom with coral accents, and then finishes with the whole bloom coral.

This is a second Rio Samba rose bush. At the beginning of the spring, I cut all 3 of these bushes WAAAAAY down, cutting off 2/3 of the branches, which had gotten long and scraggly. I had no idea if the roses would come back or croak. Happily, they seem to have appreciated the hacking I did on them.
This is the 3rd bush. Right now all three are blooming their hearts out. I need to trim the all coral roses to encourage new buds.

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First Hummingbird!


This wonderful .gif isn’t from OUR deck, but my husband saw our first hummingbird this morning while we were sitting at the dining area trying to wake up.

We didn’t have a feeder out there yet, so we jumped up, ran up the ladder in the garage, grabbed one of the feeders. I made some hummingbird food quickly and my husband took it out to hang on the deck.

Nothing could have lifted my spirits more. (Well, learning that we won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes would have certainly raised them, too.) :0)

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Iris Season

Our iris season always starts with deep purple iris. They are almost finished now. They are followed by pale yellow iris, and those are blooming madly all over the place now, along with some mauve colored ones here. :0)

We also have a few very pale coral iris and some ‘mauve’ iris, but those are few and far in-between.

A few years ago I devoted one of our brick planters to planting new colors of iris. Each year I did up some of those and replant them elsewhere in the yard.

I love all colors of iris, but I wish the deep purple and the yellow would bloom at the same time. Apparently, though, they have a system which decides which bloom when, and mostly, only one color blooms at a time around here.

These are two yellow iris from the planter I talked about. They have a really nice, deep yellow color. We also brought in one of the mauve ones.

If I get bogged down, I just go outside and walk around the yard a bit. Seeing things blooming lifts my spirits.

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Spring Has Sprung!

After Lunch Bunch yesterday, we went to the co-op and bought a bunch of veggie plants.

This is the way my raised bed square foot garden has looked all winter. I did an experiment this year. Hoping to avoid having to spend a day or two weeding the boxes before I could plant, I cleaned out the boxes when the growing season was over, filled up the boxes with Mel’s Mix (soil alternative), put a pail in the middle of each box and covered each box with a tarp, held in place by bungee cords. I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Happily, this is what I found!

I planted Buttercrunch Leaf Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Spinach, cabbage, yellow crookneck squash, zucchini, and red onions. I will add radish seeds and some celery I’m starting in the kitchen.

We discovered we needed to replace a section of the hose. Then we discovered that the sprinklers’ pressure setting parts in the center of each were broken from being in the weather too long, so we have ordered new sprinklers.

Today I need to weed the two brick planters we converted to square foot gardening and plant the tomato plants we bought yesterday.

I can’t tell you how MUCH my spirits lifted to be outside in the sunshine digging in the dirt, planting my spring garden!

I hope that you are enjoying some nice weather, too.

Happy Saturday!

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Favorite Things – Fountains!

Concrete Leaf – Pinterest
Karen Lucid Pottery

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