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Stunning Pottery

Amy Romaniec –


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Pebble Art

Joseph Kreisel
Szilajka Erzsebet

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The Great Matt Dixon

Lonely Robots
Lonely Robots – Part 3

Matt Dixon

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Excuses abound. THIS TIME it’s a combination: possibly getting snowed in and my husband wanting chili mac…

If there were a contest on best excuses for NOT staying on your diet, I would win hands down. No contest. I’ve brought it to an art form. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I’m proud of my abilities here – I would MUCH rather be boasting about the poundage or inches I’ve lost.

It would also be good if I could brag about the fact that I can make things for my husband, and eat healthy stuff myself, but that’s probably for another lifetime –

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Thoughts on a Monday 1-31-2022

Ray Villafane

Ray Villafane is known primarily for his incredible pumpkin carving. Apparently he can do his magic on anything. These potato faces made me smirk. :0)

It’s a gorgeous day in Arkansas – sunshiny and will be in the 60s today followed by rain turning to ice turning to snow much of the rest of the week. I’m going to try to get a haircut in tomorrow before we’re possibly stuck up here on top of our ridge line. Fingers (and all other appendages) are crossed that the weather has been too warm for things to get really bad, but we’ll see. Mother Nature definitely seems to be in a snit lately.

Our wonderful bug spray guy is due here around 2 pm. After that, we’ll probably go pick up our food order from REAL FOOD, plus maybe hit STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’ before we settle in again.

It’s hard to believe January is already gone this year. I’m still trying to get used to it being 2022!

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More Stunning Paper Art

Allen and Patty Eckman
Calvin Nicholls
Norman Von Schmeling

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More Incredible BirdHouses

Artist: Douglas Fey – available through

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Skeleton Fun -Better Homes & Gardens
Easy Day – – HomeDepot

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Thoughts on a Sunday 1-30-2022

I love this drawing.

Good morning!

I’m grateful that we are enjoying sunshine and 40 degrees right now. Just beautiful for this time of year. I’m ‘enjoying-it-double’ because we’re due for a winter storm mid week…

We’ll put up our Snow-Goon mailbox decoration today.

We love Bill Watterson and his Calvin & Hobbes series. “A Snow Goon is a hostile, living snowman. They appeared in a single story arc from 12/31 1990 to 1/19 1991.” We don’t THINK ours is hostile, but you never know…

We’ll get our mail and make a run for supplies to prepare for the mid week coming storm. We never know this time of year when we will be stuck at the top of our driveway. We might be able to get down (one way or another) but we have to wait until our snow tires are able to get us BACK UP our driveway before we venture out. We try to stay stocked up so we have all we need if we get an unwelcome surprise.

Right now it’s so pretty it’s hard to believe we might get snowed in. The sun is shining brightly and it’s already 40 degrees F.! It’s supposed to get into the 50’s today. I’ll take it. :0)

Although my energy level is still not what it should be, I’m feeling ‘fit as a fiddle, otherwise.’ It’s great to be back in the land of the living. I’m keeping fingers crossed that my husband and I won’t pass this back and forth again.

Other than changing the mailbox decoration, getting our mail, and shopping for supplies, I’ll finish the vacuuming of the house so the bug spray guy who is scheduled for tomorrow won’t be appalled. Even this time of year it’s hard to keep up with our dog and cat shedding all over the place.

I hope that you’re safe, dry, and smiling today.

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Michael Rivera

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Be Vigilant

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I Love Rabbits

“The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.” – Steven Wright

Kath and Hank

“I’ll give you three guesses, Rabbit. Digging holes in the ground? Wrong. Leaping from branch to branch of a young oak tree? Wrong. Waiting for somebody to help me out of the river? Right. Give Rabbit time, and he’ll always get the answer.” –  A. A. Milne, ‘The House At Pooh Corner’

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I’m enjoying feeling better. My snark bucket is filling and I’m finding myself smiling to myself more now – an ominous sign, according to my husband.

I come by it honestly. My dad used to say, when I came out, ready for a date, ‘Nice dress.’ I learned early on that his comment meant that he thought it was too short, too tight, too ‘something’ for me to get his approval. It took me a long time to stop looking myself over to find out what was wrong and simply accept a compliment that came my way when I grew to adulthood.

Being raised by my parents was a gift that keeps on giving even now. Being able to stand back and see the humor in any given situation is a lifesaver for me. Instead of building tension inside at all the things I find upsetting, I can say something sarcastic in the privacy of my own mind, making me smile, rather than losing it.

My mother taught me practicality and strength. Her favorite quote was, “It’s better to do any reasonable thing quickly, rather than search hesitantly for the ideal.” I loved it when she got angry at a situation. She could stand on her feet and say what she thought (the length of her words and sentences depended on the degree of her anger.) She could completely undermine someone with a few words while the smarter ones in the group appreciated it wholeheartedly and the less smart tried to figure out what she had said. :0) )

Coping mechanisms are crucially important in our world today. I hope you have a bucketful to help you, too.

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Awe-Inspiring Photography


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More Amazing Paper Art

Emma Hardy
Naho Katayama
Jose Suris IV

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Thoughts on a Saturday 1-29-2022

We can all use a hug. Here’s one from me to you.

I just talked to my friend who broke a bone in her back falling recently. After tests, procedures, and lots of flailing around with insurance, doctors, etc., they have told her that they have done all they can do and she will ‘have to learn to live with it.’ That may be true, but I still want to bite them in the leg. She is isn’t in as much pain now, and is figuring out things that ease the pain she has. Her husband has stepped up and is helping her a lot now. They are both older than I am (two of a small group of folks who still ARE :0) but it sounds like they are coming up with ways to get things done without hurting themselves. I’ve waved my magic wand ’til my arm is aching, but to no avail. We talked about being thankful that we can still ARRANGE things to help ourselves as we age. She sounded stronger, much more like herself.

This has been a day of catching up with people. I received a text from a long-time friend, letting me know what’s happening with her. It was wonderful to hear from her, know that she thought about me, and wanted to catch up.

I start each morning with emails from two of my favorite people, my friend in Florida and my sister-in-law. We write every day. We know we have each other’s backs, can vent, cry, and laugh together, helping each other live as sanely as one can these days.

I chatted with our son briefly this morning via our online chat program, so I feel very close to him right now.

Aren’t we lucky that we live in a world where we can stay in touch with people we care about with a wonderful choice of methods, sharing our feelings, our lives, and our love?


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Amazing Paper Art

Allen and Patty Eckman-White-Eagles-Talon-Pipe
Emmanuel Jose
Lisa Lloyd
Lea DeLune

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Be You

I get a lot of my news online from various sources. I get into ‘overload’ mode more quickly these days because of people whose mouths are much louder than their minds. They think nothing of expressing an opinion one day, then reversing it the next, as if no one is paying attention and each day is a new day with no consequences.

I believe strongly in freedom of expression. The overabundance of stupidity saddens me and many times makes me frustrated and angry, but everyone is free to say what he or she thinks – and take the consequences. Nothing is free.

Each person should BE who they are and THINK whatever they think, being TRUE to that. Ideally, one would ALSO be willing to rethink one’s opinion if further research proves you wrong, or if someone ELSE’S opinion makes you reconsider. Respectful debate is a really healthy thing.

If you choose to give your opinion, be ready to take whatever consequences come from expressing it. Pay no attention to people who say something, then walk it back over and over. They are simply taking up valuable space.

“Be YOU. The world will adjust.”

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Happy Acorn People

Petr Vaclavek –

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This Probably Sounds Funny…

but I’m dancing today because my husband is a keeper.

We’re having our pest guy come Monday to spray for all, including stray elephants. He comes quarterly and I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

But, he does go in every room of the house, spraying along the baseboards and putting down sticky paper thingies to catch any strays, and I pictured him going into our master bathroom upstairs…

I died inside, but not quietly. We have a rug in the part where the toilet and shower are. And then a large one and two smaller ones in the part where the tub and lavatories are. And ALL of them looked AWFUL. I’ve been staring at them every day since I’ve been sick, but I just don’t have the strength yet to vacuum.

Yesterday I asked my husband if he would vacuum the bathroom for me. My request is unusual. In fact, I remember his vacuuming one time before (in almost 53 years), when he wanted to show me that there wasn’t anything wrong with the vacuum, but with the USER. Grrrrgh. That ended up with a trip to the vacuum repair place… :0)

When we went up to bed last night, I stopped at the door of the bathroom. The rugs looked GOOD. He had vacuumed while I napped yesterday afternoon. I am SO relieved that our bug guy won’t know – for at least another few months – what a lousy housekeeper I am. I’m saved. So I’m dancing – very gently, while I’m continuing to recover.

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Hahahahahahaah. I love this. I would love to hang this in my kitchen. :0)

Actually, I’m delighted that I can tell you I feel stronger and more myself each day. By the end of the day, even with a nap, I still feel I ran into a wall or something, but much of the day I’m greeting with happiness. Thankfully, I haven’t been sick much in my life. I don’t like spending time here.

I just enjoyed a chat with our son. We talk every couple of days, at least. Lately he’s been sharing pics of a new place he’s thinking of getting. I again tried to get him to send me samples of the music he’s making (he never thinks it’s good enough). We usually talk in the morning, right before he’s getting ready to head to bed. (He’s 13 hours ahead of us this time of year). He seems happy. That’s all that matters.

We’re not going to Lunch Bunch today. I don’t want to expose anyone to any lingering germs I might have.

Our weather has been truly glorious – especially for January in Arkansas. This is about to change, according to the weather people. but I guess it IS winter… Shhhhhhhhhh!

I hope you have something FUN on tap for today. You’ve earned it.

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I Want These Birdhouses!

You can find these at

She sells other types of birdhouses, so I’m not sure if she makes these or has found these. I couldn’t find the name of an artist. I absolutely LOVE these. I laughed out loud when I found them.

Update: I just discovered that the artists for these birdhouses is Douglas Fey, from Douglas Fey Pottery.

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January 27, 2022 · 9:42 am

More Todd Gladfelter Chainsaw Art

Todd Gladfelter Chainsaw Art

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Stained Glass Cats

Pamela Ruppel
Pinsomania Food

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Here’s Lookin’ at YOU

I’m really starting to feel better today, thankfully. I’m thoroughly tired of feeling as if I’ve been run over by a truck. I’m hoping to be able to start tackling the mound of stuff awaiting my attention today. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been finding some wonderful stuff on the net that I want to share with you. It’s good to feel well enough to start actively planning to do that. :0)

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Matthew Harding Art

Matthew Harding Kambah Village Shopping Center Artworks

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More Beautiful Drawings

Art with Albright
Sarah Kelly, Oakville portrait artist
faded owl portrait by

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Here’s Looking At You

As I’m feeling better, my appetite increases. I keep thinking of things that ‘sound good’ to eat – a SURE sign I shouldn’t have them.

I’ve always envied – though never understood – people who ‘forget’ to eat. They simply don’t seem to get hungry. If I were a violent person, these people should fear me. Or, at least they should be willing to GIVE me whatever genes they have that result in this attitude!

I can’t remember a time when I ‘forgot’ to eat. I fondly remember some of my mother’s cooking. She would serve our plates, heaping my dad’s HIGH with a mountain of spaghetti and sauce. He would eat it ALL, plus sometimes a second helping, plus garlic toast, plus dessert, and never gain an ounce. He was 6’2″ and weighed 165 at his heaviest.

I took after my mom, who had to watch her weight. She was quite sedentary, considering walking to the car and back at the store as exercise. She really hated the idea. She did have willpower, though. I wish first that I inherited my dad’s metabolism, or second, my mom’s willpower. Sadly, I’m on my own.

I’m still down the same 30 lbs that I lost awhile back. I’m still trying to exercise daily (thought I’ve taken time off getting ready for the health test recently and my fear of that, plus, now with the bad cold/Omicron/whatever I’m having now).

I’m trying to get to the place mentally and emotionally where I’m ready to redouble my efforts to lose the lard – getting to a new, healthier place. It’ll have to wait until I can bend over without having to leap for the kleenex box, but hopefully, that will be in another day or two…

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I Must Be Feeling Better

My husband says I’m getting snarky, so I must be feeling better.

The fact that I CAN be snarky is a very good sign. I’m very quiet, docile, and SWEET when I’m sick. My husband has trouble handling that and is doing all he can to get his ‘real wife,’ (the one he describes as, “mean as a snake,”) back. :0)

We’ve had all the vaccines, including the booster, but we MAY have gotten the Omicron variant anyway. Our symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, headache, fatigue, and sneezing. At least with this illness you aren’t bored. You’re very busy sneezing, (and I start saying bad words after I’ve sneezed 75 times in a row) using up boxes of kleenex, taking Tylenol, sore throat lozenges, etc. At least neither my husband nor I had to go to the hospital. We could just stay home, gripe, and take care of each other.

AND we had this one at a time so the other could take care of the one afflicted. Pretty good, as illnesses go.

I’m more and more snarky each day. Sore throat mostly gone – just down to cold symptoms.

Since we’re in the high risk group for Covid, I’m thankful that we got the shots, and then waited until it was much safer for us to get it – IF, indeed – that is what we have.

Stay safe.

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