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Finagle’s Law

Finagle’s law of dynamic negatives (also known as Melody’s law, Sod’s Law or Finagle’s corollary to Murphy’s law) is usually rendered as “Anything that can go wrong, will—at the worst possible moment.”

Since I’m finally losing some weight – and losing inches in conjunction with that, I hope – I put in an order for a size smaller jeans.

I ordered one pair. (They are too long and I’m having to roll them up, but they are a much better fit otherwise.) I put in a follow-up order for the same size, but in ‘petite’ (a tactful word for SHORT.) I received one pair (I’m wearing them now) , but the other pair is on back-order.

My husband suggested I order a couple more pairs in the same size, so I would be in good shape once they arrive. I did that, and also ordered a size smaller, since I’m hoping I’ll be ready for that in the future. I also ordered some shorts, since our weather changes from spring to summer temperatures sometimes in the space of a couple of days.

Yesterday I had a delivery! The package was on our front porch waiting, since we had gone to look for my husband’s sugar-free drinks.

Finagle’s Law of Dynamic Negatives definitely applies –

  • Did I receive the back-ordered pair of jeans from the original order? NO.
  • Was it the additional order of the current sized jeans? NO.
  • The shorts? NO.

The delivery was the two pairs of SMALLER jeans I’m hoping to be able to wear in the future, once I shed more of my lard. :0)

Hahahahahahaahahahah. I guess they will be further motivation on my efforts…

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The Saga of the Phone Line Continues


We are cornering the market on character-building lately. This time it’s trying to get a phone line rehung that fell down into the yard during the last storm.

After the storm we initially called our electric company, Arkansas Valley Electric Co-Operative, because we weren’t absolutely sure whether we needed help with electrical lines or phone lines. The company sent a service man right over. We couldn’t have asked for better response time. He confirmed that the lines were phone lines, and told us the phone company would need to come out and fix them.

It took us forever (3 or 4 days) of talking to person after person at our current phone company, AT&T, before someone mentioned that the two phone lines we have now were actually installed years ago by CenturyLink.

My husband got mad at this point and was up on a two-story ladder propped up against a telephone pole, trying to rehang the line. He finally gave up on one of the lines because even with that ladder, he couldn’t get up high enough. That didn’t stop him from trying to rehang the 2ND phone line. He had to cut down the branches of a tree in order to get access to the line and managed, after getting bitten by the tree several times, scratching up his arm badly, to get the line hung.

I spent another day trying to contact CenturyLink. This was iffy, since we are no longer their customer. They finally gave me a repair ticket number. Nothing happened, so I contacted them again and they said they had no record of the ticket number. They finally found it, and told us the technician would be out to the house yesterday between 8 and 5. We had to stay home to be sure we were here to receive him.

A little before 5, I contacted them again. The lady said to give the tech until 7pm. We did, but no action.

My husband stayed home from Lunch Bunch and errands this morning so he would be here if the tech showed up. He didn’t.

I contacted CenturyLink again. She told me the ticket was marked, “completed.” My husband went outside to double check, and the line was still down. I told the lady that and she has now generated ANOTHER repair ticket with a “commitment date of 4/23.”

And so we wait again…. I wonder if ‘character’ SHOWS, like building muscles….

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Week 3 Report

Hannah More Primary School

Today is the end of Week 3 of my new push to get the lard off and exercise more to get and stay healthier, whatever my age.

  • I lost 1.6 pounds this week.
  • I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started the new push 3 weeks ago.
  • I’m 29.4 pounds down since my heaviest.



I will measure at the end of April, but to date there is 28.7 inches less of me than at my heaviest.


Clipart Library


  • I’m pleased that I am taking control of myself. I consciously think and plan what I’ll eat for the day BEFORE I eat or drink something that will sabotage my efforts. A HUGE HELP in this is MyFitness Yesterday I made some low-carb biscuits that had nice texture and tasted good. Today I’ll make bacon-wrapped cheesy chicken from Simply Keto and we’ll have a side salad and biscuit. I’m able to smell the popcorn my husband makes and watch him eat it without kicking the wall. :0)
  • I’m consciously planning what my exercise for the day will be. I’m using a monthly exercise planner by Mike, an Australian who has created – a whole series of videos to help seniors get and stay in better health. In addition to his programs, I’m doing yoga stretches daily and my elliptical trainer 3 times a week. Yard work and house work count, too, on moving more on a daily basis.
  • I’m happy to see the scales acknowledging my efforts. The weight is coming off slowly, but steadily. As long as I’m showing some progress each week, it keeps me motivated. I’m researching how to break through any plateaus that will inevitably occur.
  • I’m FEELING a bit more energetic. Even though I still have aches and pains, I now have more arrows in my quiver on how to deal with them. I’m doing the warm-up and stretching videos by Mike daily, plus my yoga helps. A heat pad usually takes care of any residual. If not, some Tylenol.
  • I’m feeling happier. The world is too much with us these days, and I find myself feeling pretty down unless I consciously look for the good things – and there are a lot of them – in the world around us. I’m finding more and more coping mechanisms, and getting healthier, stronger, and more flexible is one of those things. My mantra remains –

Onward to WEEK 4!

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Not Just “No,” – HELL NO!

PC Magazine

My husband decided he HAD to have a new computer – to upgrade a bit, to switch to Windows 11. I told him to go ahead, as long as he opted for the offer to pay a bit more and have nerds put the computer together for him with Windows 11 already installed, compatible parts already installed so that he would just have to change out the hard drives, etc.

Since then we’ve been in ‘computer Hell.’ There is no nicer way to say it.

It started with UPS ‘delivering’ the humongous, HEAVY (75 pounds +) box by simply leaving it at the bottom of our STEEP, graveled, 650+ foot driveway. We practically killed ourselves getting the box INTO the back of the truck, THEN unpacking as much as possible, having to remove two dog gates in order to get it into the house and into the office. (We asked for, and received a refund for the extra we paid for expedited delivery.)

The computer was as my husband ordered, so mostly he has been fighting with software. Right now, the fight is to get an email program that will work the way he wants it to.

Since my husband and I are both older-than-dirt, changes and technical stuff are becoming much more difficult. An added problem is that my husband had a couple of strokes in the past two years, and he has more trouble, though he has mostly bounced back. He has been reduced to asking ME – the woefully incompetent tech person of our duo – for help. This is a lose/lose situation for me. If I can’t help, he gets more frustrated and angry – a really uncomfortable situation. If I CAN help, then he’s upset because I could do it, and he couldn’t, making him depressed.

A real character-building exercise for both of us.

So, the NEXT time he wants to get a new computer, I’ve told you my answer at the top.


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Happy Wednesday

Our wisteria is starting to bloom!

We have vines stretching all the way to the driveway to the left of this picture. My husband has been trying for years to have BLOOMS all the way across. We’re making progress on it each year.

Yesterday I ate right, stayed under my calorie total for the day, stayed under my carb total for the day, exercised with weights, did my yoga, cooked for an hour, cleaned, etc., and guess what – I GAINED .2 lbs. Bummer. This is a character-building exercise for sure. I’ll simply keep on keepin’ on and hope for the best.

I’ve been making phone calls most of the morning, following up on things, confirming others, asking questions, etc. The thing I’m coming away with is that you MUST be your own advocate. Everyone is in their own personal world, worried about their own problems, understandably. These DON’T include whatever they told you would happen, wouldn’t happen, shouldn’t happen, etc. Unless you make notes and follow up, it simply DOESN’T happen/or DOES – whichever is worse. You can’t depend on other people. You MUST do it yourself, and KEEP after it until whatever it is is done. Sometimes I would definitely trade my ‘adult’ hat for a happy, carefree ‘child’ hat from my past.

I’ll make sure to get outside for part of the afternoon. It’s going to be in the 60s and there is lots of sunshine to play in. Will you get outside, too?

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Confusion –

It seems to me that our world is a mass of mixed signals and confusion. It’s hard to know what to think, what to feel, which way to jump.

I’m kind of like a deer frozen in the headlights, concentrating on one day at a time, trying to do what I can, when I can, one careful step at a time, with a lot of trying to escape thrown in, too, since there is so much happening that I can’t do anything about.

The only thing I can come up with is to try to personally stay as strong as I can, continuing to look for any ways to try to make things better wherever I can find.

I wish I were a fairy godmother, able to wave my wand, think good thoughts, and save the world.

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It’s Monday

Under ‘character-building exercises,’ I have been dealing with our main credit card being frauded, then cancelled by the credit card company, then receiving the new card (my husband slogged CAREFULLY down our steep driveway Saturday to retrieve them from the mailbox, since the UPS guy couldn’t get up our icy driveway, and we then began notifying the people and places who need to know the new information. My husband quickly got frustrated and angry, so I told him I would do it. UGH. I’m finally down to 2 places and hopefully I can get through to them today.

We are getting a lot of melting where the sun can reach the ground easily now. Our driveway will, as usual, be the last thing to thaw, being long, steep, bordered by trees, and on the north side of our property. I heard our driveway alarm and found our truck gone from the garage. I swept out that side of the garage and my husband came back up with the mail, plus Amber happily riding in the bed of the truck. We’ll be able to take our trash down tomorrow morning, retrieve our mail, and run some errands!

I’m more than happy to start a new month tomorrow, particularly one that includes the beginning of SPRING! :0)

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


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“Because I’m Happy…” via Rebecca Kanner Kelman

“Here come bad news talking this and that (Yeah)
Well give me all you got, don’t hold back (Yeah)
Well I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine (Yeah)
No offence to you don’t waste your time” ~ “Happy” ~ Pharrell Williams

I received some scary news through the medical portal on a test I took recently. I’m a wimp, so I essentially decided my life was over, started worrying about my husband (he doesn’t know what day it is half the time, what our schedule is, etc. – he has a wife to worry about the details.) I cried, couldn’t sleep, stayed up half the night…

I finally decided to tell my two best friends via email. I’m very lucky to have two such great people who care about me. Both got back to me right away with care and support, plus some much-needed guidance.

My doctor’s office will probably contact me this coming week with what the next step is. I’m much calmer than I was. Although I’m a wimp and would rather just stick my head in the sand and go on in ignorance, acting as if I were immortal, I need to be an adult. I want to be here to help my husband – even wanting to be here to fuss at him when it’s needed.


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The Hunt is On


The hunt is on for two things:

THING ONE – The spray container of the stuff I bought awhile back to kill mold/algae/fungus/elephants.

THING TWO – the actual gallon container for the rest of the magic stuff.

I bought this ‘stuff’ particularly to treat some of our yard art – and in particular, the “Greeter Robot” at the bottom of the driveway. He is much too big and heavy to bring in for any type of refurbishment, so cleaning and repainting will have to be done down there.

It would SEEM that a gallon container of something – anything – would be easy to find. ALSO easy would be the finding of a large spray container. And yet the ‘elves/gnomes/and other mysterious critters have made finding whatever you’re looking for a character-building exercise around here.

We came through our severe storm last night well. It’s truly gorgeous outside and I haven’t found any damage yet. It’s a PERFECT day to drive down to the bottom of our hill and hose down the robot -IF I could FIND the magic stuff….


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I am continuing to tweak my eating habits in my determination to lose the lard. This has become a “character-building exercise” and SHOULD be listed on the list of exercises you can log each day on

I had already switched my mid afternoon snack to raw veggies and a bit of dip. Now I’ll try cutting back the AMOUNT of that. I’ve been eating some no-added-sugar ice cream (a small amount while my husband has more with strawberries.) I’ll try to not have that.

Now that the weather is cooler, I’ll try to get started again on my elliptical trainer in the garage, doing a session before lunch.

Hopefully, the tweaking and moving more will get my body’s attention…

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Good Girl!

Getty Images

I’m a good girl.

Yesterday I saw that the weather people were forecasting a cold front and rain overnight. My husband had mowed the lawn recently, but I had been putting off my part of it, weed whacking, for several days. I finally got out there, even though it was really hot and humid, taking two sessions to make my way around the house, cleaning up the areas that he can’t reach with the mower – along the sidewalks, around the edge of the front porch pad, the garage pad, under the deck, the steps on both sides of the deck, around the planters, etc.

It took me about an hour to finally cool down after I came in. I drank lots of water, rested, and finally jumped into the shower before fixing dinner. I really don’t handle hot weather as well as I used to. The cold front and rain did, indeed, come overnight. It makes me happy today to see that it looks like someone really does live here and care about things. :0)

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Character-Building “Exercising”

I’ve done two sessions so far today in my veggie garden – about an hour and a half. It’s really sunny, in the 90s and HOT out there. I’m trying to get the last of the garden boxes weeded and cleaned out. This is NOT my favorite part of gardening.

I got 4 of the boxes done yesterday. Unfortunately, of the six boxes, these last two are the worst. They were both filled not only with dead veggie plants and weeds, but also Bermuda grass. It amazes me that Bermuda can plant itself and thrive about 4 feet up from the ground, and fire ants choose to make their homes there, too.

I will try to get the last box weeded today. We’ll have lunch in about half an hour and then I’ll go back out. I don’t know if I’ll get the tarps on today or not.

My husband – (the wonderful man who (1) figured out how to make a garden where I didn’t have to get down on my hands and knees or bend over double, (2) MADE the wooden boxes and the structures to hold them up, (3) designed a system for automatic watering of the plants, AND got me a used cement mixer so I could make the Mel’s Mix more easily) – made the mistake of just now (having just gotten up from a nap) telling me how I should be doing the project and “suggesting” I cover the boxes with tarps when I finish weeding. I just looked at him, glugging water. After being married to me for over 52 years now, he realized that maybe his suggestions about how I could do the garden might be mistimed. He is now in the living room watching TV.

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New Descriptive Noun

Reader’s Digest

I am thinking we should have a word that describes my husband and me trying to deal with new technology “DOOFAD.” (A person who is the personification of being DOOFUS.)

Yesterday we were lucky enough to finally get fiber optic Internet and TV service installed. The Internet is great – much faster with nothing new for Doofads to learn. The TV service is a ‘whole nother ball of wax.’

We listened carefully to the tech explaining the new system. He was bored because he has to say the same stuff over and over, so he went fast. My husband asked how we could get a 2nd remote, and we lucked out that he just went to the truck, got a 2nd remote, brought it back and programed it for us. He left and the fun began.

Long story much shorter, we managed to choose a group of favorite channels and set some programs up on the DVR. We figured out how to get back and forth between the regular TV and Hulu. Somehow my husband got closed captions turned on and gave up on getting it off again. I fumbled around and finally found the place and turned it off.

We THINK we’re reasonably set up at this point, but still have a lot to go over in the book and learning to use the remotes better.

After another hour or so, We have our old services cancelled and we will send their equipment back today.

Today a tech from ADT Security Systems came because our system was chirping, was signaling low batteries, etc. I got online and discovered that ours was a model that required a tech to change the batteries. He came first thing this morning. I had to admit to him that when I couldn’t get the chirping to stop, I unplugged the system for awhile. He figured out that the ‘low battery’ was on the emergency pendant I can wear to get help that comes with the system. I had forgotten about the pendant, plus the fact that it was connected to the security system. DUH. He changed the batteries in the pendant, then in the main system for good measure. He checked everything out, went over security codes with me, etc. I feel stupid, but I’m glad I got the refresher course.

*A good idea for patient teenagers – be entrepreneurs in offering to help DOOFADS deal with new equipment, trouble shoot problems, and explain over and over again how to set things up and use them. :0)

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 5-25-2021


WEATHER – It’s a good thing I’m not water-soluble, or I would have sogged down into a puddle by now with all the rain we have had. We just returned from putting our trash out for pickup and running errands. I wore a hoodie, since my husband has no patience for me trying to use an umbrella. I just throw my hood up to stay as dry as possible.

YARD WORK – I pruned our rose bushes and weeded a bit yesterday. Some unfriendly bug bit me on the back of my hand. It swelled up and itched like crazy. I finally got the itching to stop and the swelling should be down by tomorrow.

I was watching for ants, since I react badly to their stings/bites, but whatever bit me snuck up and did it before I was aware. I am going to try to harvest more lettuce, since my plants are starting to bolt, but it will have to wait until the rain stops.

EMAIL HACK – I seem to be over the worst of the repercussions from my email being hacked. I spent the entire day yesterday, except for the time pruning the roses, contacting as many friends and family as possible, giving them my new address, plus getting on our important websites and changing email, user name and password. What a hassle! I did get to talk to people I would LIKE to talk to more often, so that was a really good thing. If I finally reach a real person at Google, I will try to enlist their help in finding out who is responsible for the hack.

GENERATOR – Just as your car will never act up or make the noise you’ve been hearing when you take it to the shop, our generator came on just fine when the tech came out to help us figure out why it didn’t do its weekly test and or continue to run when we started it manually. He looked it over carefully. It started right up and continued until he turned it off. We told him the ‘overcrank’ light was on when we went out to look. My husband suspected the carburetor, but the tech was looking more at the fuel regulator, whatever that is. He said he would check his manual for ‘old’ generators to see if he could be of more help if we need to call him again. Meanwhile, $131.50 later, the generator IS working…

WEIGHT LOSS – My newest motivation to lose the lard seems to be working – at least, so far. Last Monday we had our routine doctor appointment with blood tests. We were doing fine (for old people) and the doc said we didn’t have to come back for 6 months, rather than the 3 months we have been doing. I decided that I wanted to try to finally lose a significant amount of my poundage by the time we go back in November. Since Monday I have lost 4.6 pounds. I’m trying to keep my focus on trying to really watch my portions, try not to eat in-between meals, or if I do, eat a really careful snack. I’m trying to move more, and pick up my afternoon yoga stretches again.

So far, my yoga efforts have been a dismal failure. Usually, I’m out in the yard when I WAS doing yoga. I’m telling myself that if I’m up and moving, that’s good, but I know it’s not a substitute for the good stretching I do with my practice. I’m going to rethink WHEN I’m trying to do my practice so that I can work in the yard AND do my yoga stretches on a daily basis.

ART ROOM – I’m still trying to overcome my stupid fear of failure regarding trying a new art technique. I’m really fascinated watching people demonstrate ‘acrylic pours’ and then ‘pours with crackle gel.’ They are getting wonderful abstract colorful work with gorgeous texture and cracks highlighted with gold. I’m going to keep making careful notes as I watch (and drool) and see if I can get started on it in my art room this week.

I hope that you are having a fabulous day, enjoying the weather where you are, if possible, or if cooped up inside like me, changing over to something fun INSIDE.

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Bogging Down…

I’ve been working steadily all day trying to reach my friends to give them the new email address. Then I started on all the websites that have the old address. What a headache!

One good thing – I’ve talked to people who mean a lot to me today – via the new email and my phone. That’s a good thing despite the frustrating reason for it.

I’m going to take a break, get outside and prune my rose bushes. Then I’ll do another session.

I just LOVE the painting by Victoria Coleman above. It really captures exhaustion well, doesn’t it.

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Character-Building Exercise


I wrote a quick note to you yesterday telling you my email was hacked. THEN I found out, from phone calls from loved ones, that emails were being sent out saying I needed help and to send $500 asap. (As if I would DO that…)

So, with hostility and frustration, with visions of boiling whoever is behind this in oil, I have closed my email account, opened a new one, and am writing or calling everyone I can think of to let them know my new address.

Truly a character-building exercise, and NOT how I wanted to spend the day. Sigh.

End of Rant. :0/

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Best Laid Plans…

I was going to get a big list done today, but my plans went awry.

I was getting ready to go out to the garage to put in my 35 minutes on my elliptical trainer. My husband wanted us to go to Walmart and get some glue, so I switched gears, grabbed our Walmart list and we headed for town. We DID manage to leave our trash at the bottom of the driveway and get our mail on the way. We got what we needed at Walmart, even though my husband was in the mood to wander around. Since we get very little entertainment these days, I tried to be patient.

By the time we got home, it was time to fix lunch, so I did that. Then I started getting ready to go to Rags & Roses to change out my products and rearrange the booth. My husband got a reminder on his computer that he was supposed to check the oil in the generator, so he went out to do that. Just as I was getting ready to go out the door, he came in, saying that we needed to get another battery for the generator. He insisted we go back to Walmart.

We took the old battery in and left it in a receptacle at the customer service desk where indicated, found a replacement battery and brought it home. We had a bit of trouble getting the new one in, but finally managed to get it hooked up and tested. Then we ran a quick test on the generator and it was good.

My husband went to put a tool back in the well house and decided he wanted to start the propane-powered gas heater in the well house to keep our pipes from freezing. (We have a small electric heater that turns itself on when it gets too cold in there, and it was on. ) He had a bit of trouble getting the pilot light lit and the heater on, but we finally prevailed.

On the way back to the house, we saw that the new pvc pipe we use on our irrigation system on one of the planters was broken in two. We thought about tackling replacing that, but we were just too tired at that point to care much.

Both of us fell asleep in our chairs.

Now it’s too late to go to the booth in town, too late to do my elliptical trainer in the garage, and too late to do my yoga practice.

SO –

I will write this day off as far as trying to get my list done and hope for more success tomorrow.

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Finally an Answer!

Eric Geiger – Effex

Ever since WordPress (my blog host) ‘improved’ their website, I have not been able to see or choose categories for my posts. They have all been ‘uncategorized,’ lumped into the great mishmash in the sky, never to be found again.

I had looked and looked, not even able to figure out how to talk to a real person, much less find where my categories were listed, or if they even HAD category options anymore. Yesterday I finally found a CHAT and talked to a nice man who gave me URLs to the information I needed. They didn’t work, though, and he showed me screen shots of what HE was seeing.

Google Chrome – Wikimedia Commons

It finally dawned on me that some other websites I use, such as my bank website and Amazon Handmade, among others, weren’t happy with my Chrome browser. I have the latest version of it, but I had to use Firefox to get to the sites that wouldn’t accept Chrome anymore.

Firefox – Wikipedia

When I was able to move my blog website to Firefox, I was suddenly able to SEE and ACCESS my categories again. I am in the process of editing each of the posts I’ve written since the WordPress upgrade – a laborious process, but it will give my posts a home.

WordPress – Wikimedia Commons

Along with this, I decided I would finally move ALL my stuff from Chrome to Firefox. I now have Firefox as my main browser, moving each thing from one to the other, making sure my usernames and passwords work. This is a huge, scary project for an UN-TECHNICAL, almost Luddite, like me. I am looking at this as another of life’s character-building exercises.

I DO feel good that I figured out what was happening and am on the road to getting my act together again. HOORAY!

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Amazon Handmade

I am learning a LOT trying to list my stuff on Amazon Handmade. I am finally able to jump through most of the hoops.

I have finally learned that when a picture doesn’t show up with my product, I check to make sure it meets their parameters, and then let it go. That drives me absolutely nuts, but I’ve learned that is the best thing to do. It happened again yesterday, when I was adding some painted journals. I listed 5. 4 of them went well. The 5th picture didn’t show up for some reason. I checked it, and it should have gone like the others. It didn’t, so the product was listed on the site, but the picture area was blank. That’s embarrassing and I hate it, but – again – I left it. It still wasn’t up when I went to bed, but I checked again this morning and it was showing. Go figure.

I am not a patient person. I HATE errors or omissions to be ‘public,’ but there is no control over this one.

So, I will try to get the rest of the things I want to list online and hope for the best.

Today, some tote bags and painted canvas mini ‘essential’ purses.

Fingers crossed, teeth gritted, and determination strong.

Linda Lewis Artworks on Amazon Handmade



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Prevailing Against Intimidation

Bored Panda

I am feeling really good right now.

I almost gave up on the idea of getting some of my art work on Amazon Handmade.

The people who write software and instructions for things should HAVE to try to follow those of others in order to get a feel for how intuitive their work is. The people who are writing the directions think their site is easy to navigate, easy to understand. This is certainly not the case with Amazon Handmade. There is also no easy way to actually get to people who can answer questions or help you.

You call and you get people who are nice, but they just send you to Seller Central, where you couldn’t get help before. If you tell them that on another phone call, they tell you that you really need to talk to someone who specializes in the handmade section. (They can’t figure out the solutions, either, so they point fingers in all directions – very politely – and send you on your way.)

What it boils down to is determination. You put the fears that you’re too stupid to do this aside. You decide you WILL figure out how to get around the problem that you have upgraded everything you have and Amazon still doesn’t recognize it. You WILL figure out how to get registered no matter what you have to do. You WILL figure out why they won’t accept the fourth image you’ve sent, even though they accepted the other three with no problem.

Right now I’m concentrating on listing things I can offer without a separate charge for shipping. You guessed it – I can’t find ANYPLACE that allows you to do anything about charging for shipping – only if you want to click a box that says YOU will ship as opposed to having AMAZON ship it. I will list hand-painted glassware if and when I can figure out where and how to list a shipping charge….

Determination – stubbornness – perseverance!

I am figuring this out – one small step at a time.

Linda Lewis Artworks on Amazon Handmade


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A Character-Building Exercise

Lolly Daskal

I may not live long enough to list my stuff on Amazon Handmade.

This is really a character-building exercise.

I filled out a long, thorough application to list my work. I finally got an email that said I had been approved! In the email there is a box that says, “Register Now.” I clicked it, and was sent to a page that said I needed to upgrade my browser to be acceptable. I did that and restarted my computer. I again clicked on the box and was sent to the same screen.

I then hit an option that said, copy the link URL and put it into a different browser. The URL wasn’t recognized.

I then started reading, and noticed one frustrated account of a person finding that you were only allowed to hit the ‘Register Now’ button one time. So now I have replied to their email, telling them I have upgraded and asking them to send me another email.

We will see…

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Today’s Project

I have told you that I am a championship level procrastinator.

This time, I’ve been giving everything else priority over updating our important spreadsheet records and ignoring the monthly bookkeeping – just shoving the paperwork in file folders and watching glumly as the pile grew.

This week I’ve been working hard on the important spreadsheet updates. I make copies of everything for our files in a couple of secure places in the house, plus copies for the safe deposit box. I will also arrange with our son for him to have access to the updated versions. I try to do this every six months. Sometimes it’s amazing how many things change in that period of time. Things happen one at a time and you just don’t really notice. Anyway, I feel good that those are up to date now. :0)

The monthly bookkeeping paperwork was piled up from APRIL. Yeah, I know. I should be flogged.

Now all of THAT is up to date, with all of the filing that goes with that!

And, finally –

Pets | Animals

Clipart Library

I just earned gold star #6 for the week on my yoga practice! I’m starting to actually FEEL some improvement now. I’m taking things slowly, stretching things out and breathing into the poses, taking as much time as I need to relax as much as possible, or to do as many repetitions as I can in order to breathe into the poses. I spend around 30 minutes daily on the mat. I’m trying to combine the stretching with abdominal exercises.

Today, Abby, one of our cats, joined me. She WANTED to lie down on my stomach while I was stretching out on my back. When I discouraged that, she moved to my side. I finally got her to get up on the couch and stare holes through me as she watched my practice. :0)

I’m feeling victorious in my efforts to actually get something significant done today.

Happy Saturday!

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Character-Building Exercise

My Facebook page got hacked. Not only that, but I’ve had this for YEARS and I started it with a then-current email, so I cannot just change my password. They want to send the code to my old email address. There seems to be no way to reach anyone to help, so I am starting over with a new account, current information, etc.

If you get a friend request from me, it IS really me. I’m having to delete the old account. Please consider adding me to your list again.

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Thoughts on a Friday 3-20-2020

Wild and Wonderful

Well, yesterday I called and told my friend Kay that my husband and I had decided that we would stop going to Lunch Bunch on Fridays until the coronavirus pandemic calmed down. We are in the high risk group for the virus, so we’re trying to limit contact as much as possible. This was a really hard decision because Linda, Kay, and I (plus various others) have met for lunch every Friday for almost 19 years now.

This morning I discovered that the governor of Arkansas has ordered all restaurants, bars, and gyms in Arkansas closed until further notice. (Restaurants can offer take out.)  Schools will remain closed through April 17th. I also learned that we have to make an appointment if we want to enter the lobby of our bank, though the drive-thrus and ATMs will be functional. City Hall and the Police Department buildings are closed to the public, too.

I have to tell you that – as worried as I am about the virus – I’m MORE worried about the economic effects of all this, and the changes that are being made in the power of the government as we try to get through this. I hope that we are able to get a handle on testing, possible medicines and equipment that help people suffering with the illness, and protect those trying to help the ill as soon as possible.

This being said, here are things that are NOT being cancelled –

Lisa Parkhurst Blaisdell via Ginger Charles

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Daunting To-Do List

Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

My to-do list is longer than usual today, partly because after we did errands yesterday, I curled up under my throw in my recliner and took a nap. It was glorious, and I loved it, but I need to get my tail busy today. Luckily, my crew (see the sweet pic of meercats above) is standing ready to help me out.

It’s a beautiful day today – sun-shiny and about 55 degrees F. here. I wish I could play outside, but we’ll see how the list goes first.

I hope you can get out and embrace the day – wringing out every bit of joy that you can.

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Our Leak



This shows you the piece of pipe that the plumber cut from about 2 feet or so down. It was pretty heavy PVC pipe and was squashed under the weight of a pretty big rock. The plumber said he thought the pipe just finally ‘gave up.’



The is the yard mostly put back together now. We will add some bags of potting soil to the hole when things dry a bit and then spring, warm temperatures, and sunshine will do the rest of the repair.

The rock doesn’t look very large in the photo, but it’s at least 18 inches long about about 12″ wide. It is so heavy it will take my husband and I to roll it, end-over-end until we can roll it off the civilized portion of our front yard.

We will find out tomorrow what kind of ‘adjustment’ the water department lady can make. I hope it isn’t so much we have a real problem paying it.

Fingers crossed!


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A Challenging Day

Jeff Jett via LinkedIn

When we got up this morning, I thought it would be a quiet day.

It’s cold, gray, and rainy today, so I have to fight wanting to curl up under my throw in my recliner and nap the day away.

We had our quarterly bug spray at noon. If you’re looking for a dependable, wonderful group of people to handle all your bug spraying needs, try Tri-Hill Pest Control in Fort Smith, AR.  Their phone number is (479) 782-2847. They come treat our home quarterly. At one point, we had lots of scorpions. YES! It was really awful. They got them under control for us. Now supposedly spiders are overrunning everyone, but we haven’t seen even one – and NO scorpions. Since it’s rainy. our wonderful sprayer said he would schedule a return visit in a day or two to treat the outside.

Before he arrived, I got a call from our water department. We had gotten several bills lately that were higher than usual. We thought it was probably leftover charges from when our son was home (our bill usually doubles) – and then we had a leak in our well house that our plumber came and fixed, so we thought it might be leftover from that. I just paid the last bill, so I was surprised when the lady at the water department called me, saying from our usage, we must have a leak somewhere. She said the company had been trying to find the source and that something ‘pinged’ when they passed our house. She suggested that we contact a plumber.

I called Travis Hawkins, our long-time wonderful plumber. (479) 461-8347.  I actually got to speak with him directly, rather than having to leave a message. He is so good that he stays quite busy. He told me that as soon as the rain stopped, he would be over and try to find the source of the leak. I just noticed the rain had stopped – at least for awhile – and Travis was driving up the driveway. Have I told you that I think he is worth his weight in gold?

My husband showed him a place in the front yard where we had standing water. The whole yard is wet, but this was almost like a shallow lake in comparison. We now have a big hole in our front yard. Travis actually found the source of the leak – a big PVC pipe that runs across our front yard. There was a humongous rock or boulder between the soil and the pipe. He has gone to the hardware store to get the supplies he needs to fix where we can SEE the pipe just caved in on itself. (Apparently, this is another perk from living in one place for over 30 years. – they use different, stronger stuff now.)

The lady at the water department said that when the leak is fixed. we should bring the repair receipt in to her office and she will adjust our bill. I’m not sure what that actually MEANS, but we will be grateful for whatever help she can give us.

Otherwise, I hard-boiled some eggs and made a keto sausage/eggs/cheese back for our dinner tonight. I also did a Windows 10 update on my computer, then FINALLY figured out how to do a backup of the operating system with the recent changes, then backed up my data.

It’s not even mid-afternoon yet and I’m exhausted.

I’m glad we don’t usually have days like this.


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Fifth Estate

I have worked all day, but I have finally done the majority of the work needed on our tax prep. The spreadsheets I made helped a LOT. They are all totaled and printed now, and I have the supporting documents in ordered piles now. I just finished saving the spreadsheets for 2020.

I’m doing a small victory dance now – since all is ready – as soon as we get a few more documents – to bag it up and take it to our CPA. HOOOORAAAAAY!

Soon I will start entering the data for January 2020 on the new spreadsheets. I’ve also figured out some time-saving things I can do to make getting the supporting documents in order more quickly next time.

I figure I’ll have this down to a science by the time I’m about 106….

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Cautionary Tale

I am in the middle of yet another of life’s character-building exercises.

I told you about the money order a customer was going to send for a huge (for me) order of plaques.

The order was supposed to be for all five of the plaques I painted using Unicorn Spit.  He said his administrative assistant messed up and sent the wrong amount in the money orders. I told him I would refuse delivery of the package and that he should send another for the correct amount. He then said he wanted to increase the order, wanting 40 (FORTY!) plaques in all, 8 of each of the five designs. We went back and forth, but I asked him to stick to the original order, and then, if he was happy, he could order more.

The money orders for too much money were delivered by FEDEX while my husband and I were out doing errands. :0(     My husband was angry. I ended up taking them to the bank in order to ask them how long I would need to wait to be SURE they were good before I filled the order. She said 14 business days, and then noticed a number you could call to verify the money orders. She called, putting it on speaker phone. It was an automated system, asking for the number on the money order and then the number of the post office issuing it. She keyed them in and we were told the numbers didn’t match anything in their system – and so were fraudulent.

SO – I am pinning them up on the pegboard on the wall in front of my computer to remind myself that I do NOT need yet another character-building exercise. At least I wasn’t dumb enough to ship the plaques I had ready, or buy wood for the 35 more plaques my husband and I would have been cutting out, finishing, and putting hangers on as quickly as we could to fill the order within the time frame.

I did NOT deposit them. I am out only –

  • the delight of the biggest order in my life
  • the time I spent with the customer who turned out to be a rat
  • the anguish of my husband getting angry over the whole thing

I am considering myself lucky that I had a big sense of ‘too good to be true’ and did what I could to make SURE it was legitimate before getting my family in financial jeopardy.

A cautionary tale…



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