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More Faux ? Concrete Sculpture

Karen Erickson

Yesterday I shared with you some sculpture done from a site called, I found MORE, similar wonderful sculpture by three others that seems to me to be the same or similar technique. I think it’s great, and I’m fascinated.

Denise Craig

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As far as I can tell from finding these and looking through the website, this artist specializes in building ‘skeletons’ for her projects using all kinds of things, including tires, chicken wire, etc., then covers them in the ‘tufa’ stuff – kind of a faux concrete to make the pieces last. Reminiscent of paper mache’, but light years past that.

I truly love these two pieces – all the different textures the artist created – like the hair of both pieces, the knitted ‘shawl,’ the attitude of the forms, etc. Fascinating.

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Clever Clay

This last one is actually concrete.

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