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“Last Full Day at the Beach” – Vicarious Vacation

“Last Full Day at the Beach” – Mary Lou Lewis

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Our First Sunrise on Our Vicarious Beach Vacation

“And She’s Up! – 1 by Mary Lou Lewis


“And She’s Up! – 2 by Mary Lou Lewis


“And She’s Up! – 3 by Mary Lou Lewis

THANKS, Mary Lou. What a beautiful way to start our day!


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Kiss a Sandpiper for Me…

I told you that my Sister-in-law, Mary Lou, is at the beach soaking up the ocean, sandpipers, and trying to find teeth in the sand. :0)

Today she sent me TWO videos that allow us to hear the SOUND of the waves, as well as the DELIGHTFUL sight of sandpipers skittering back and forth as the waves move in and then move out again.

ENJOY!  I’ve tried to provide links to the videos here. I hope they work!  THANK YOU, Mary Lou Lewis.  These are two of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received. I’m STILL laughing and smiling!

Video # 1

Video # 2

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Vicarious Vacation at the Beach

My Sister-in-law, Mary Lou, always kindly allows me to enjoy her trips to the beach vicariously by sending me photos. It ALMOST works! I can ALMOST smell the ocean, and I DID laugh, imagining the sandpiper moving, skittering across the sand on its long, long legs.

“Beauty on A Cloudy Day” – Mary Lou Lewis


“Sandpiper” – Mary Lou Lewis

THANK YOU, Mary Lou, for taking us along with you!  Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

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Our son lives and works in Thailand. The touristy part of Thailand is in the southern part of the country, from Bangkok south. Northern Thailand is beautiful and much quieter, and he really likes it.

He thinks that it is only courteous to try to speak the language in the country you’re in. When he was in China, he took Mandarin lessons. Now he’s still taking Mandarin and is also taking Thai lessons. In fact, he recently told us he doubled his lessons in both and now feels he’s making good progress.

He has lived in Airbnbs and apartments. One of his big loves, though, is making music. He plays the guitar, drums, a little piano, and loves to create tracks of music for a song, making a track of each instrument and then merging them with his electronic gadgets. He can really lose himself in his music, but hasn’t been able to play the way he would like because it would bother his neighbors. He’s been on the lookout for a house to rent that is by itself a little, yet close enough to his work and his classes. He finally found a really gorgeous place and just moved in today. (He’s sleeping now after a really long day of moving in. There is 12 hours difference between us.)

Here are some pics he sent of his new rental house – (I am DROOLING!)










He’s going to use one room as a music room. He plans to start a YouTube channel and list some of his music there. I’m so happy for him and I can’t wait to hear what he creates!


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The Hummingbird Lady

I’ve had these pictures for quite awhile, and I neglected to get the name of the person who took them, so I cannot give credit as I would like to. I was fascinated by this lady and the hummingbirds’ attraction to her. I could sit with a little feeder in my hand until I melted into a puddle and hummingbirds wouldn’t flock around me like this. What a special lady she must be!







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Vicarious Beach Vacation

“Last Night’s Sky” – Mary Lou Lewis

I think Mary Lou is coming home today, so this is probably the end of our vicarious vacation. What a glorious place to relax and unwind! Wasn’t it NICE of her to share these pictures with us?

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Vicarious Beach Vacation – Turtle Rescue

My sister-in-law has been spending the past week at a beach. She’s been kindly sending pics of sunrises and sunsets so I can enjoy her vacation vicariously.


This is a side trip to a turtle  preserve run by the work of volunteers!

This guy below is about ready to be reintroduced to nature.

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Good Morning from the Beach (Vicariously)

“This Morning’s Sunrise” – Mary Lou Lewis

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Sunrise at the Beach – Vicariously

My sister-in-law is enjoying a much-deserved week at the beach with friends. She has been trying to help me enjoy it by sending me pics of the glorious sunrise there.


The friends go once a year, sharing the cost, content to be together or be separate, as they choose, drinking in the wonderful scenery. beach, water, sunrises, fresh air, and r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n…..



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