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For the Love of a Sandpiper

MaryLou Lewis

MaryLou Lewis

She also sent a short video of the sandpipers skittering across the sand, but I’ve tried everything I know how to do and can’t get it here for you. :0(

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Virtual Vacation!

Live Science

As I type, my sweet SIL is on her way for some well-earned days at the beach. She is planning to send us pictures so that WE can have a virtual vacation, too!

Each time she goes, I ask her to kiss a sandpiper for me. She hasn’t actually done that, but she has taken a picture or two. I’ll take it. :0)

I hope we can all feel better as she shares some of the beauty of our world.

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Cloudy Sunday


I LOVE this troll! He’s so ugly I want to adopt him, though he looks like he’d wreak havoc on an hourly basis around the house…

ML Lewis

A last look at the beach. And what a virtual vacation it was! My SIL is home safe and sound and ready to take up her ‘regular’ life again. I’m hoping I’ll hear more details of her time on the beach soon. A last sunrise over which I can drool. Ahhhhhh.

Here in Arkansas it’s quite cloudy. A cold front is pushing through and the HIGH will be 66 today! Quite a change from the 90 degrees F. we’ve been having the past couple of weeks. At least we did not get any severe weather yesterday as we could have with the change. It looks like we could get rain at any time this morning. What a difference!

We have our yard irrigation system half solved. We got a timer yesterday, but it will only control one outflow. We have it set up for the BACK of our yard so it will handle the two tomato planters and our deck flowers. We’ll need to call our plumber to see if he can arrange another line for the front and then we can put another timer on that. We’ll see what he says.

No big plans for the day yet. I hope your Sunday is a good one.


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Goodbye to the Beach

Thanks to my wonderful SIL, we have vicariously enjoyed a beautiful week at the beach.

I almost feel as if I had been there, walking along the beach in beautiful weather and in the rain.

I’ll find out later if she was successful in finding shark teeth. She has gathered quite a collection over many years now.

I could enjoy the stunning sunrises and sleep in at the same time, thanks to her gorgeous photos! :0)

I could almost hear the water. I didn’t get to kiss a sandpiper, but maybe next time.

And so we say goodbye to the sand, water, calm days and time to relax and regroup.

Petr Vaclavek –

Even Petr’s acorn people enjoyed it!

Thanks, ML! Safe trip home.

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Cloudy Beach Thursday

ML Lewis

I’m getting spoiled enjoying a gorgeous photo of the beach every morning. My SIL hasn’t kissed a sandpiper for me yet, but I’m still hoping. She says it’s cloudy there this morning and they may get some rain. What a lovely thought – walking on the beach in the rain…..

Back in the ‘real world’ in Arkansas, we’re having “spotty showers” this morning and 90’s this afternoon. I’m hoping that I can get out to my garden this morning in a bit and see if I can figure out how to prop up my zucchini plants and prune them.

Irrigation System Controller

My husband got frustrated with the yard irrigation system controller yesterday. I told him I would tackle it this morning and just came in from trying to do just that. I reset the whole system, which thought it was January of 2007… Hopefully, I have it reset now, but we won’t really know until this evening, when Station 1 should start watering at 7pm and Station 2 at 7:10. Fingers crossed.

healthy_thyroid-Endocrine Web

We go to the doc’s office this afternoon. I had Graves Disease years ago and had my thyroid radiated. I’ve taken a medication since then that simulates thyroid hormone. When my levels go wonky, I’m in pretty bad trouble. The thyroid controls a LOT of what goes on in your body. Usually, I go along on the same dosage for years, sometimes, with no problems. My test results showed my thyroid levels are, indeed, wonky now. What I thought was diet-related is probably due to this. I have other symptoms, too, that I haven’t had in a long time. I’ll find out today what my doc thinks is best. Help is on the way. :0)

I hope that you’re having a pleasant Thursday. If not, keep gazing at the gorgeous photo of the beach above, That’ll make it better.


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Tuesday Sunrise at our Beach

It rained overnight, but my SIL will have beautiful weather again today on her vacation. She sent me a video, as well, but I can’t figure out how to save and share it with you yet. I’m working on it. Meanwhile, we can pretend we can hear the waves coming in, watch the sky brightening as we begin a new day….

Back in the reality of Arkansas, we MAY get rained on while we do our errands this morning. I’m really happy with the work we got accomplished in the yard yesterday. My husband mowed while I pruned the tomato plants, got them tied up to their supports, then pruned two Rio Samba Rose bushes, then cleaned out the planter beside the garage to welcome shoots of elephant ear plants!!!!! I’m delighted to see any action there at all. I’ll try to get pics for you.

I’m hoping to get out with our big loppers so I can cut down some really spectacular growth in our trio set of brick planters than run between our front yard and the top of the driveway. They were really getting in the way while my husband was trying to mow, so that will be first priority today if Mother Nature is feeling cooperative. The branches of some of the bushes were too big for the cutters I was using on everything else. I’m really amazed at how big around the branches were. I’m hoping I can make a difference there today.

We’ll leave in a second to do errands. I’ll take a gallon bag of lettuce for our hair stylist, Michael. He seems to enjoy fresh salad stuff as much as we do. :0)

Enjoy your day!

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Our Virtual Vacation!

ML Lewis

Thanks to my generous sister-in-law, we can all join her on a virtual vacation to the beach this week!

Each year she and some friends meet and share a rented place for a week. They do some things together, plus give each other lots of space to do whatever each of them wants and needs to do. A GREAT get-away for all of them. Fortunately for us, she doesn’t mind if we also enjoy some of the views with her.


The weather is perfect for our first day at the beach. I have asked her to be on the lookout for sandpipers while she’s there. They are the only bird that makes me laugh aloud when I see them skittering across the sand on their long, long legs. I could watch them for hours.


Back to reality here in Arkansas, I’ll be trying to get a lot of lettuce harvested today, since the wonky heat wave this past week or so has my garden acting like it’s mid summer, with the early spring, cool weather veggies all trying to bolt. I’ve harvested broccoli and spinach so far, leaving what I can, in case the weather cools enough for further growth. I’m trying to do several sessions in the veggie garden this weekend and then tackle the job of pruning and anchoring my tomato plants.

Schwer Fittings

Yesterday we got the majority of the irrigation system for the yard working. This is particularly good because the flowers I planted on the deck, plus the two brick tomato planters are on this system. My husband found a metal “Y” hookup on the system that had a HOLE in it, spewing water everywhere. It’s hard to believe that could happen, but he replaced it.

Mother Nature – The Actuary Magazine

Of COURSE, since we got the irrigation system repaired, we’re due for some storms this afternoon and evening. Mother Nature has a snide sense of humor.

I hope that you have a nice Sunday. Come back and look at the gorgeous photo of the beach if you need your spirits lifted. :0)

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Virtual Trip to the Beach

This is the wonderful Sand Piper pillow cover my SIL sent me, now with a pillow in it.
Here it is with another gifted pillow cover, on our couch.

I feel really lucky to have someone who cares. This way I can take a virtual, instant trip to the beach whenever I need it. :0)


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A Bit of Hiking in Thailand

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Driftwood Art

Andries Botha
Jeffro Uitto
Jeffro Uitto

Article by Laura Caseley –

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This is the time I’m proud to live on the same planet as the magnificent Olympians from all over the world. Yesterday I caught some gymnastics, soccer, bicycling, archery, skateboarding and more. What a joy to watch people who have put all they are into their sport, trying to be the best they can be. I will try to catch more today, but we’ve been busy this morning. So far –
  • My husband is out in the shop, trying to get the Vette back together. He SAYS it will be easier, but it looks like a lot of struggling to me. My fingers – and all my other parts are crossed that he is successful, without TOO many more ‘ouchies’ to add to his collection.
  • I have the last load of laundry in the dryer, and will put clean sheets on the bed soon.
  • I have gathered ripe tomatoes.
  • I have cleaned “Mama” and “baby” snail yard critters and the first coat of the ‘re-paint’ is drying.
  • I have vacuumed the tiled areas of our first floor (pantry, kitchen, dining area, 2 half baths, foyer, and utility room.)

Not sure what the rest of the day will hold. We have a nice, though very hot day, with a heat index of 100+. Thank GOODNESS for good a/c. :0)

Happy Sunday!

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End of Our Vicarious Vacation

My sister-in-law is traveling home today. She sent me these two photos yesterday.

I could look at these forever, imagining the sand between my toes as I wander over the beach, playing in the lapping water.

I’ve had a wonderful vicarious vacation, thanks to my SIL. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.

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Vicarious Beach Morning

TopSail Beach NC

Thanks to Mary Lou, my SIL, we can enjoy sunrise on the beach again this morning. I SO enjoy vicarious vacations with her!

I imagine myself walking on the beach, looking for souvenirs to take home, hoping to see a sandpiper skittering across the sand on his long, long legs, making me erupt with laughter. Each time she goes, I ask her to ‘kill a sandpiper for me.’ This trip, she sent me a picture!

In about 45 minutes, I leave for my monthly massage. My body is already rejoicing that ‘today is the day.’

Have a wonderful day.

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Vicarious Sunrise on the Beach

Thanks to my SIL, who is vacationing with friends, we can share the gorgeous sunrise this morning.

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Happy Sunday!

The predicted rains haven’t started yet, so I will try to harvest some veggies today. I’ll post some pics after I wash and bag them. Happy to live on top of a ridge line right now. We may need a boat by the end of this…

KFSM – TV5 Fort Smith AR
“Dancing Dragonflies” Hand-Painted Tote Bag

I sold this tote on Amazon Handmade last night. The image doesn’t show how sparkly it is. It will go in the mail tomorrow. :0)

TopSail Beach NC

My SIL and some friends are renting a house on the beach for a week for lots of peace and relaxation. She took this photo this morning, pre-sunrise. I am so happy she can get away and soak this up! And WE can enjoy her vacation vicariously!!! :0)

Yesterday the postman delivered a big box with the things I ordered to try a couple of techniques new to me – acrylic pours and crackle paint. Here is the link to a YouTube demonstration if you’d like to watch

Here is the URL is the link above doesn’t work for you –

Mii Paintings

I will wait until we get some rain to play in my art room.

Have a fun Sunday!

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Last Picture from our Vicarious Vacation


Thanks, ML, for allowing us to share your vacation.  I especially loved the sandpipers.

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Kissing a Sandpiper!

The vacation is almost over. I can almost smell the water!

And, best of all, I asked my sister-in-law to kiss a sandpiper for me.  She found TWO!!!!!

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Vicarious Vacation at TopSail




Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law/friend, we have another day of vicarious vacation at Topsail Beach!


Thanks, ML

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Vicarious Vacation


My sister-in-law is enjoying a glorious, well-earned vacation at Topsail Beach. Happily, she send me a picture so that I can enjoy a vicarious vacation with her! I figure that YOU could use the pleasure, too. AHHHHHHHHH!   :0)


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Our Vicarious Trip Through Europe Continues

Sagrada Familia Church – Barcelona, Spain

Picasso, a history museum with the largest underground Roman ruins in Europe, and the church above.

Tomorrow Montserrat – a big monastery up on a hill.

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Our Vicarious European Trip Continues!

Yesterday my sister-in-law and brother-in-law were in France.

Orsay (pronounced [ɔʁ.sɛ]) is a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France. It is located in the southwestern suburbs of ParisFrance, 20.7 km (12.9 mi) from the centre of Paris. ~ Wikipedia. This photo is of the inside of the Orsay.

Tombs – The most notable tomb at Les Invalides is that of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821). Napoleon was initially interred on Saint Helena, but King Louis Philippe arranged for his remains to be brought to France in 1840, an event known as le retour des cendres.

The Thinker and the Rodin Museum. Auguste Rodin was an eminent sculptor, famous during his time, and still famous today for such pieces as “The Kiss” and “The Thinker.” Most of Rodin’s major works are housed in the Musee Rodin, which is located on the Left Bank of Paris within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.

Today they travel to Barcelona by train. More hopefully tomorrow!

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Vicarious Trip To Europe


My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are on a trip to Europe. She is kindly sending me pics so that I can enjoy the trip vicariously. I thought that YOU might enjoy it, too!

First stop was London. They went to a soccer match and then saw a museum with this –

Next stop was Paris, where they found a chocolate shop –

And – a beautiful stained glass window –

And, finally, they went to a display of Vincent Van Gogh where the paintings filled walls and floors, completely surrounding them –

I’m hoping we get more tomorrow. If so, I’ll share…

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Stellar Vicarious Vacation

Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis


One last look at the glorious beach from my sister-in-law, Mary Lou, before she heads home.

Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis

It’s been a wonderful feast for the eyes. Thanks to her, we’ve enjoyed a couple of stunning sunrises, lots of waves, one small glimpse of a sandpiper (they weren’t feeling cooperative this trip), a treasure trove of ‘goodies,’ and lots of relaxation.

Thank you, Mary Lou. Safe trip home.


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Last Day of our Vicarious Beach Trip

Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis


Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis


Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis


Treasures – Mary Lou Lewis

She – and thus, WE – will leave the beach tomorrow morning. I hope you’ve enjoyed our vicarious beach vacation.

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Enjoying Our Vicarious Beach Vacation

Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis


Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis

Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Mary Lou, we’re enjoying another day on our vicarious vacation at the beach!

Not only gorgeous, she says the weather may be such that she will sit out with her umbrellas this afternoon!  She has promised to kiss a sandpiper for me. :0)

I remember a trip to California one year with my husband. We traveled down Highway 101 beside the ocean all the way down to San Diego. He was nice enough to stop several times so that I could walk along the water. I laughed when I saw the sandpipers!  Their legs are so long in relation to their bodies. I LOVE the way they skitter across the sand!

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Good Morning !

Our vicarious beach trip continues. Thank you, Mary Lou!

Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis

Topsail Beach, North Carolina – Mary Lou Lewis

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Our Vicarious Beach Trip!

Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Mary Lou, we can all take a vicarious trip to the beach this week!

I believe the name of the beach she is enjoying is “Topsail” in North Carolina.

She is up at 0-dark-thirty every morning to enjoy the sunrise, whether at her home or here, at the beach. WE are the happy recipients of her generosity in sending pics.

I can almost hear the water in these photos!  AHHHHHH!

I wish her and her vacation buddies the best time ever.

THANKS for letting us share this with you, Mary Lou!


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“Last Full Day at the Beach” – Vicarious Vacation

“Last Full Day at the Beach” – Mary Lou Lewis

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Our First Sunrise on Our Vicarious Beach Vacation

“And She’s Up! – 1 by Mary Lou Lewis


“And She’s Up! – 2 by Mary Lou Lewis


“And She’s Up! – 3 by Mary Lou Lewis

THANKS, Mary Lou. What a beautiful way to start our day!


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Kiss a Sandpiper for Me…

I told you that my Sister-in-law, Mary Lou, is at the beach soaking up the ocean, sandpipers, and trying to find teeth in the sand. :0)

Today she sent me TWO videos that allow us to hear the SOUND of the waves, as well as the DELIGHTFUL sight of sandpipers skittering back and forth as the waves move in and then move out again.

ENJOY!  I’ve tried to provide links to the videos here. I hope they work!  THANK YOU, Mary Lou Lewis.  These are two of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received. I’m STILL laughing and smiling!

Video # 1

Video # 2

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Vicarious Vacation at the Beach

My Sister-in-law, Mary Lou, always kindly allows me to enjoy her trips to the beach vicariously by sending me photos. It ALMOST works! I can ALMOST smell the ocean, and I DID laugh, imagining the sandpiper moving, skittering across the sand on its long, long legs.

“Beauty on A Cloudy Day” – Mary Lou Lewis


“Sandpiper” – Mary Lou Lewis

THANK YOU, Mary Lou, for taking us along with you!  Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

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