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Nothing via Cathy Ruggiero

I used to want to have ‘something to do’ each day – somewhere to go, people to see, activities. I realize that wanting the opposite is definitely a sign of old age, but I’m embracing it.

Today there are no scheduled appointments, no ‘have-to’ errands, no commitments. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Yesterday my husband and I both worked most of the day in the hot sun.

My husband was trying to relocate a microlink to our computers in the shop. This is not a thing we HAVE to have, but it used to work and yesterday it wasn’t. In order to get it to work again, my husband had to move the equipment on the house end from the front of the house to the back and mount it on the window bars. This involved a lot of cable making, stapling inside the wall of the garage, welding and painting for the piece that mounted to the window, testing of cables, switches, and links, etc. It took my husband all day, but he got it working. Now he just has to put his tools away and cut down several branches on a tree between the house and the shop for a clearer line of sight.

In the garden, I planted two celery plants, pulled out the last of the spinach and lettuce plants, pruned the plants that were left, and weeded the raised bed planters. The only thing remaining in the garden to spray the weeds on the ground with weed killer.

I took some stuff out to the greenhouse in preparation for starting some tomato suckers, but the thermometer showed red all the way to the top – over 120 degrees – so I just put the stuff inside and came out again.

I dumped the water from the kiddie pool, washed it out, and refilled it.

I cleaned Amber’s porch up, hosed it out, then squeegeed and mopped.

I mowed the yard on the riding mower after helping my husband with the microlink several times.

By the time we finally stopped for dinner, it was almost 9:00. I cooked, we ate and watched a movie.



There are things I’ll do today, but I’m concentrating on doing things INSIDE while the sun is at its hottest – as we SHOULD have done yesterday – and OUTSIDE when the sun is going down, with only the finishing touches on dinner to do.

I’m going to also take time to read more of my latest “In Death” series book by Nora Roberts while I’m relaxing.

Because my back is letting me know I overdid yesterday, I’ll try to work in a session of yoga.



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Some People Never Get Old – Take 5

Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.







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Some People Never Get Old – Take 4


Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.



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Options Renewed!

Chrissie Anderson Peters


Today is our 48th wedding anniversary. We dated for 8 years before we married, so in many ways we think of this as our 56th year together. We hope that – since we have a good start now – we can enjoy MANY more happy years together.

Each year we ask each other if our ‘option’ to share another year is to be renewed. (We don’t take anything for granted.) This morning we agreed that, indeed, we want to spend at LEAST another year together. :0)

I think that many people marry for the wrong reasons. When I married my husband, it was because I wanted to share my LIFE with him, whatever happened, forever.  That’s a huge commitment and it should not be entered into lightly. Sometimes we feel very, very close. Other times I want to wring his neck. We’re two very different people. We don’t agree on many things. We don’t even use the same salt. But love overrides all.

We’ve shared everything for 48 years. We built a family together. We have a son who is smarter, braver, and kinder than both of us put together. We wish we could take credit for the man he is, but the truth is we lucked out.  We created a daughter who was beautiful, but she died of SIDS at two months of age. The hurt and loss never leave, and changed our lives forever. We’ve shared wonderful things, and intense sorrow. We have celebrated the good things together, and have helped each other deal with many tough things. It’s ‘the two of us against the world.’

I have seen many people treat their spouse terribly. Then, when out in public – after fighting with their spouse – they turn on the smiles to everyone else.  I truly believe it should be the opposite. You should treat your spouse with the best you have in you. Concentrate on treating him better than you would treat anyone else. (This doesn’t mean you don’t have disagreements, hurt feelings, anger, etc. After all, you two know each other better than anyone else in the world. You know what buttons to push. Sometimes there are hurt feelings because of the TONE.  Sometimes it’s just a look. When you’re this close to someone, great care should be taken.)

I’ve been trying to ‘train’ my husband for years, to no avail. He quotes somebody as saying, “When a woman marries, she thinks she can change him, and he doesn’t. When a man marries, he hopes she’ll never change, and she does.”

Sharing your life with someone is a priceless gift.  You should give it at least the same care as you would any priceless gift – care, attention, nurturing, patience…..

So, when he jumped over the back fence with a rose in his teeth, he took my breath away. He still does.


Werner Bollmann

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Some People Never Get Old – Take 3

Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.




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This is a lesson I finally learned, though it took about half of my life.

I met my husband-to-be when I was 14, in ninth grade. He had just signed up for the Marine Corps and he would leave at the end of the summer. My parents allowed me to invite him to go with us to our swimming club. And that was the beginning.

I lived – from then on – for when he got leave from the Marines. Almost everything else in my life was ignored, endured, put on hold. Then I was waiting for him to get out of the Marines. When he did, we waited again until he enrolled at the same college I attended. We did that for one semester and then he dropped out. So I was restlessly awaiting graduation from college so we could be together all the time. My parents said we couldn’t marry until I got my teaching degree, but they relented when I got into this special program that allowed me to finish my degree, doing my practice teaching in Tulsa.

From 14 ’til 22 years of age I basically WAITED, letting many good things pass me by.

The advice above is priceless.  We only have one life. Live every day. Stop waiting.

Just STOP.

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Some People Never Grow Old – Take 2

Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.




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Some People Never Get Old – Take 1

Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.








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Mixed Emotions


Today I shut down my website, Creative Artworks.  I’m feeling mixed emotions, but it is time.

In 2000, my son designed a website so I could try to sell the things I made. I then realized that for the same money, I could list the work of other people, too. At one point I had over 120 artists on the site. My enthusiasm was through the roof. I lived and breathed Creative Artworks.

I’ve met a wonderful variety of talented people over 17 years, and I’ve been proud to host the website, helping people sell their artwork. I’ll never cease to be amazed at how many really creative folks there are in this world. I’ve never met most of the artists who allowed me to display their work, but I’ve become friends with many of them.

The first one I told that I was shutting down the website was my son, who is halfway across the world from me. He worked tirelessly to make the very best website for me that he could. Even when he went on to do countless other things, he would make time to help me with problems, adapt the site to meet different requirements from the credit card people, web hosts, and others.

When I wrote to him this morning, he was still up, though there is 12 hours difference between us. He wanted to really chat, so he sent me the program (I think) so we could actually talk in real time and SEE each other. (This is like Skype – but we could never make Skype work well for us.) We talked for several minutes. He was worried that I was shutting down the site because I was upset for some reason, or was upset with him. I assured him that I had been considering the idea for some time and decided that it was time. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart for giving me 17 of the best creative years of my life, for designing the website that allowed me to show my own stuff and the work of others.

Part of me is sad because it’s the end of an era for me.  I’ve truly enjoyed it, but my heart is now in writing my blog, square foot gardening, the new greenhouse, continuing to cook low carb and low sugar for my husband and myself, spending more time on my art, spending time with our new puppy, practicing yoga, and more. I feel really lucky that I am able to end one part of my life, freeing it up for more of the things I love.


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It’s Up to YOU

Margarita Bloom via Cathy Ruggiero

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Be Happy

Life Lessons by AwePost

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Make a List

Begin with Yes

My list has been thrown up into the air and has blown away in the wind lately – ever since we made the decision to get a new puppy in the middle of trying to get my husband’s cataracts removed.

We only have one more appointment with the eye doctor and my husband is feeling fine and getting his energy back now. He is being a big help with the puppy now, so I’m not feeling quite as fried every night way before it’s time for bed.

Today I called our dirt guy to tell him we were functional now and to please put us on the list to clear the land for our planned greenhouse, as well as repair our driveway. Happily, he MIGHT be able to work our projects in this afternoon!. We have some errands to run, but we shouldn’t be gone long and will be home to receive his call if he can, indeed, come today. :0)

  • I want to get back to doing a session of yoga every day.
  • I want to take some time to play in my art room.
  • I want to be able to sit and read a book for awhile.
  • I want to be able to take a nap.

Now that my husband is recovering, I’m feeling more able to call on him to give me a bit of time and space to regain my sanity.  I’m delighted that we adopted Amber, but she is a double handful of extremely active puppy. I find that I’m a much better ‘mom’ to her when I can get my act together a bit between sessions.

So I’m ‘adjusting accordingly’ right now, and hoping to get a little bit of my normal life back soon.



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Purple Clover via Cathy Ruggiero

I would LIKE to take the above to heart and quit worrying, but it seems to be something I carry deep into my DNA. I TRY to say I’ll stop, but then it rears its ugly head again.

I worry about things about which I have absolutely no control – a sure sign of stupidity – but, KNOWING it’s stupid and ACTING on it are two different things.

So, I post this in the hope that each of us will read it and digest it, hoping that THIS TIME the sense of it will sink in.

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Life Lessons by AwePost

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“A Bit of Magic”

J. B. Priestly via The Master Shift via Cathy Ruggiero

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I’m Going to Start “Yog-ing Again”

Ground Zero Web

With the new puppy I’ve been moving a LOT more, lifting, walking, cleaning up after, playing, loving, etc.  However, with all the movement, my back has started to bother me again, so I’m going to start trying to make time for at least one yoga session per day.

Now that my husband is able to take turns on taking care of Amber, I have a bit more time to try to get chores done and I SHOULD be able to get back on the mat.

Today is the first day in ages since I’ve made time for something truly good for me, so I’m excited.

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You’re Never Too Old

Growing Bolder via Cathy Ruggiero

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Let Us…

Voltaire – Art by Anita – Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

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Getting The Lard Off Progress (?) Report – May 12, 2017


I have an impressive number of excuses for why I fell off the wagon on my efforts to get the lard off, but I’m happy to tell you I’m back in the saddle now and have re-lost some of my re-gained weight.


Life Lessons by AwePost


I’ve been on my ‘start-again’ regimen for about a week now and am finally seeing some progress.

I have been doing fine until dinner, and then my appetite is limitless. I’ve beem disgusted with myself.

I found something that is helping, both physically and as a support. It’s called, “Meta Appetite Control Dietary Supplement.” It’s made by the makers of Metamucil. It’s orange flavored and sugar free. It’s 11 grams carbohydrates with 6 grams fiber ( 5 grams usable carbs per serving. )

They suggest that you put two rounded teaspoons into 8 or more ounces of water and drink it with meals up to 3 times daily.  Just having it available is helping me. I’ve only had to make two servings during the week – once between a lunch and dinner, and once when I was up in the middle of the night ready to eat everything in sight. Otherwise, just seeing the can on the counter is motivation NOT to need it, if that makes any sense.

I’m hoping that getting my appetite under control again, plus getting back into my good exercising routine will get me on the road to good progress reports for you again.

I’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard lately, so I’m plenty ‘active,’ but I need to work in time for more regular exercise, as well.

My husband has surgery next week, but once that is over, I’ll try to get my days into more of a routine.

Much appreciation for your support!




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Lazy Days Wallpaper – Fanpop

I was GOING to work in the garden again and do more weed whacking.

We got up early today

  1. to take Molly to the groomer’s, and
  2. to go to my husband’s appointment with the eye doctor

We have his second cataract surgery scheduled for the 16th of this month. His right eye (first surgery) is doing well, except that my husband was admonished for insisting we stop putting in the drops. (We started again when we got home).

I fixed us some lunch and then fell asleep in my chair, waking up just a few minutes ago.

I SHOULD get out and do the weed whacking I wanted to do around the garden, but I’m feeling super-lazy.

I think I’m going to declare this an official working-outside-day-off.

I feel a little bit guilty – but not enough to actually go out and DO anything….

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Maligned Clowns


I’m always sad when a word changes its meaning – due to the population using it differently – and I no longer feel comfortable using it. One example – the distortion causes children’s poems to be suddenly ‘inappropriate for children,’ or you can’t read one aloud anymore without the laughing killing the whole point of it.

I understand that if a language isn’t changing, it dies. But, sometimes, the changes kill wonderful memories, too.

I’ve always loved clowns. Like mimes, they make you see a ‘story’ without saying a word. Truly gifted, they can make you laugh or cry.



But clowns have taken on a sinister aspect, due to movies, weird books, and demented souls who think it’s funny to dress up as a beloved clown and then do horrible things.

I just looked for images of clowns on the net, and could only find THREE I thought fit MY image of a clown. Most were trying to be frightening or sickening.

I don’t want to accept this change. I’ll just remember when clowns were sweet, gifted, and a joy to people everywhere.


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A Productive Sunday

Wild Ammo

The grocery shopping is done. The food is put away. Lunch has been fixed and eaten. The lawn is mowed. The leaf blower has cleaned up sidewalks and the driveway pad. I didn’t make it out to the garden, or even start the weed whacking, but I’ll get more done tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day, too, with lots of bright sunshine, a high in the mid-80’s with low humidity. A perfect day to work outside.

We’ll have a relaxing evening at home tonight, maybe enjoying some of the evening on our deck. My husband is taking a nap in his chair in the living room while one of our cats sleeps on my lap as I type.

It just doesn’t get much better.

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Did IT!


This is our new-to-us riding mower. My husband put a different, more serious muffler on it, but it’s still really loud.

Since he is recovering from 1st-eye cataract surgery, we decided that “I” should handle the mowing and the weed whacking until further notice. (Or about the middle of June, I think).

We keep the mower in the shop. I asked my husband to show me again how to check that there is enough gas, the oil level,  plus which levers did what again, since this is not my strong suit. I was then able to put it into reverse, get it out of the shop, turn it around and start riding toward the yard. I got the blades going after determining grass cut height.

It took me a good hour, since I put the speed on the lowest available for quite awhile until I felt more comfortable. I also told my husband I would weed whack the outer edges of the ‘civilized’ area along our back yard because the mower really leaned and I wasn’t comfortable with that at all.

I got the front, side, and back area mowed, plus the area between the driveway and our trio of brick planters, plus the area between the driveway pad and the shop, drove it back into the shop and turned it of.. HOORAY!

I didn’t run into anything. I didn’t dump myself off with the mower on top of me. I started to feel more comfortable this time.

I’m drinking water and taking a break, but feeling empowered. After I cool down, I’ll get out the leaf blower and clean things up.



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Life Lessons by AwePost

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Looking for an Adult via Lisa Bearnes Richey

Or – maybe I should be looking for a zoo keeper to help corral my husband…

Does anyone else have a husband who knows more than everyone else about everything?


Meme Super

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Lesson Learned (Well, Almost)

Zen to Zany

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The Crone’s Grove

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My Plan

TitleWaveforBooks via Cathy Ruggiero

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Growing a BIT Bolder… via Cathy Ruggiero

The past two weeks have been full of challenge:

  1. It was the first time I’ve EVER had to have something done in the dental office, other than exams and cleaning. I had to have a painful wisdom tooth extracted. I’m embarrassed to admit that while I was lying back in the chair, I was shaking so badly the assistant kept a hand on me, to be replaced by the hand of the dentist, trying to calm me. That is over now. I still have some twinges and a tightness in my gums, but mostly I’m back to being my normal mouthy self. :0)
  2. I had encouraged my husband to look for a used riding lawn mower since he gets really tired now, plus over-heated, plus dehydrated unless I take him a bottle of water while he’s working. He won’t do the lawn in parts. He starts and he finishes, or will collapse in the attempt. Since I have trouble with our self-propelled mower, feeling a bit like I’m playing “Crack the Whip” from my childhood days, I thought this was a good suggestion.

We actually found one a few weeks ago. We had to replace some parts (still ordering a new muffler and a new starter solenoid), but it worked! When it was ‘my turn,’ it scared my hair off. At the slowest speed, I feel the most comfortable, but I’ll die of old age before the lawn is finished. I forced myself to stay on after my husband thought I had done enough, finishing the yard. I DID pull the edge of a tarp into the blades at the end, but we got it out and there was no damage to the mower – only to my ego. :0/

I find that pushing myself – either because of necessity or just a good opportunity – is good for me. I can see it from the outside when my friends do less and less, their worlds becoming smaller and smaller. I am determined to keep my world wide open – open to new experiences, learning new skills, testing my courage, moving around outside my comfort zone a bit. The more I push myself, particularly doing things for the first time, I find a new enthusiasm for life and a bit more confidence in myself.

I’m probably not going to do something like bungee jumping or sky diving at this point, but I don’t think you have to risk your life to keep your mind and body active. Just nudge yourself a bit…


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Life Lessons by AwePost

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