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Better Safe…

What should have been a simple thing turned into a 45-minute, really annoying chore.

We received our new Humana ID cards in the mail today. As I got ready to put them in my purse, I noticed that the doctor’s name was incorrect on the back of both cards. I thought it probably didn’t matter, but then I decided to call and make sure.

It DID matter.

First, I had called on my cell phone and they didn’t have a record of that. I got so teed off I hung up and called on the phone beside my computer, also a cell phone, but on a base with a different phone number. I had to go through the phone tree again – ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! – and this time, they accepted the phone number from which I was calling with no problem.

I talked to a very nice man, but it was a long, drawn-out process to finally change the doctor’s name on the back of my card. Then I said, “I need to do the same change on my husband’s card.”  Even though we have gone so far as to write a LETTER to put in my husband’s file saying that I have the power to handle any and all things for him, since he HATES bureaucracy of any kind and has the patience of a fruit fly, the man insisted that my husband get on the phone and tell him that it was okay that I handle this change for him. By the time I got back on the phone, the man had at least one fewer layers of skin.

THEN, at the end of what should have been a quick change on our computer records, he tried to get me to schedule my wellness check, my mammogram, and my colonoscopy.  Do I need to tell you that his efforts in this regard were totally unappreciated?  I gritted my teeth when I told him that those things were between me and my physician, whose name would finally be on my card, if he handled my request.

The end result was that they are sending us new cards, but we had three teed-off people by the end of the conversation.

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I’m Spoiled and I Love it :0)

We’ve had a really nice day today.

The weather is a bit warm, but I really can’t complain. We used our attic fan last night. I woke up at 5 freezing to death, reached up and turned on my electric blanket and was immediately flooded with warmth. Just before I fell asleep again, I turned it off. Perfect.

We enjoyed our good friends Kay, Linda, and Dee at Lunch Bunch. All of us were well and happy – a really good thing.

When we came home I started some eggs to hard boiling on the stove since we were almost out. When I had them going, I started some low-carb bread in my bread machine. I then cut up stuff for a beef stew and put that in the crock pot. I have many devices to make my life easier, and I love it when I can do a lot in a short period of time.

Since our bellies were full from Lunch Bunch, my husband and I surrendered to the sleepies and each took a nap. When I awoke, Amber and Molly were on the carpet, taking naps with us. Smoke, one of our cats, was sleeping beside my husband in his chair. I sat comfortably, glad we were able to catch up a bit of some missed sleep, thinking how very lucky we are.

We’re all up now. I’m about to take Amber out and figure out where I want to plant some hyacinth and snapdragon bulbs we got recently. In another few days, we’ll finally be finished with summer and I can look forward to getting my greenhouse set up for the first time. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m having such a wonderful time dreaming!

I have some ideas about gifts for friends for Christmas, and soon it will be cool enough to work in our shop without the air conditioning.

We’re almost to the point where we think we can mow the lawn for the last time of the season. I particularly enjoy the last time, taking more care with the edging and weed whacking so it’ll look like someone cares about our yard over the winter months. I’m getting ready to do another round of weed killing with the new spray I got. (Thanks, Cathy). It works quietly and well. You THINK it’s not doing anything, and then the weeds turn brown. :0)

This is rambling, I know, but I wanted to share how how happy I feel today, full of gratitude for being spoiled, enjoying all that we have, being thankful I have someone to share my life with, looking forward to a possible visit from our son in February or March.

Could life be better?

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Do Not Stop

Confucius via

I tend to do all or nothing. I get psyched up and then go for it. Something bars my progress, and I stop. Then I beat myself up over ‘failing,’ and then try to get motivated again.

  • My house is either so clean and organized that I’m ready for “House Beautiful” to come and photograph or it looks like a bomb hit it and we call for the bulldozers.
  • I either follow my low carb diet – or – if I eat one thing wrong I blow the rest of the day.
  • I either exercise my head off or sit in my chair.

I don’t like this about myself, but I find it hard to break a habit built over a lifetime. I tell myself just to do the best I can, but my gut reacts differently than my head or heart.

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.” ~ Confucius

I need to realize deep down inside that I perfection is not the goal. That no one is going to give me ‘points’ and there is no end to trying to improve. That it’s what I do day after day that’s important. And that any progress I’ve made should be celebrated and used as motivation to continue.



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Embracing the Day

I’m learning to embrace imperfection, aware that although things aren’t perfect, I have a lot for which I am thankful.

  • The weather is really nice today – a bit warm to be working outside, but I’ll take it and do what I can. The sun is shining. We had a cool breeze this morning, and we have doors and windows open, bringing the outside in.
  • I can see the humor in the fact that Amber tried to eat the catfish I had thawing in a bowl on the kitchen counter. I caught her in the act. I went in to see her standing on her back legs, front feet on the counter, trying to pull the bowl toward her with her teeth. I managed to save the filets, discipline the dog, and laugh about the situation. I do keep wondering who is training whom…
  • My back is pain free. This means a LOT – because I lost almost a month trying to break the pain cycle. The fact that I can plan my day around what I’d like to do, rather than gingerly moving to and from my chair so as to avoid a spasm, is truly wonderful.  I’m looking forward to doing some work in the yard this afternoon. I’ll also get on my elliptical trainer and do some careful stretching.
  • Our son MAY be coming home from Thailand for a visit in mid February or March! Since my hug bucket is absolutely empty (he’s been gone over two years) I’ll be waiting with open arms whenever he wants to come.
  • I’m working on some Christmas presents for my good friends. I love spending time thinking of them as I try to make something they’ll enjoy.



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New Recipes

I have found that trying to combine eating low-carb and feeding my diabetic husband to be a bit of a challenge. I fell into a trap of my own making several months ago, opting to eat what HE ate. NOT GOOD! Mostly now, I can fix low carb meals and then add extra things he can also eat into the mix.

I have found that getting a husband to try new foods, substitutions, and new recipes is a character-building exercise. For example, the substitutions of spaghetti squash for pasta and riced cauliflower for rice just won’t work for him. He’s like a little kid, making faces and being quite dramatic.  Happily, though, he is very supportive of my trying new recipes.

I tried one for chicken thighs in the crock pot last night. You’re supposed to thicken the juices with xanthan for use as a gravy. I made rice for him and I ate spaghetti squash. I like anything with a gravy-like sauce, so I thought it was pretty good. He praised the tenderness of the chicken, and he liked the rice, but the sauce, not so much.

I’ll cut up the leftover chicken tonight, combining it with cream of chicken/mushroom soup that he particularly likes, and serve it over rice for him and cauli-rice for me. It’s not quite as low-carb with the soup, but I can work around it to make my day come out under my limits.

Meanwhile, I’m glad we’ve found some substitutes for things he loves so he doesn’t feel deprived and walk around looking hangdog:

  • Arizona Zero Peach Tea
  • Alpine Sugar-Free Apple Cider Mix
  • A&W Sugar-Free Soda
  • Sweet Freedom Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Sweet Freedom Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cones
  • Jello Sugar-Free Cups

Now I just have to practice NOT feeling deprived MYSELF when he eats without having to worry about carbs…. (I’ll try to make a list of good things I have found that make eating low-carb much easier and post them for those who might be interested.)


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Your Daily Encouragement via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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With Enough Caffeine…

Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Every Day

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Anger Management

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“Want To” vs “Doing”

Translating intention to action to results is difficult. If I could bottle it, I would be a gazillionaire and could stop entering PCH and MegaMillions.

Trying to get myself to actually DO the things day after day that will get the results I want seems like a pipe dream at times. When I’m eating right, doing yoga and my elliptical trainer, and concentrating on moving more, I feel better – physically, mentally, and emotionally. So why am I still having to MAKE myself do these things, lapsing for a day or two, losing my motivation, failing to take each day at a time?

I am again talking to myself – pretty harshly – since I think I may be like our lab puppy, Amber, and need a shock collar to take things seriously, rather than blowing things off.

THIS TIME – I have my ducks more in a row (if you’ll pardon the pun on the pic above.)

  • I’ve been missing bread a LOT. I’ve now found Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Bread Mix that is a net 5 carbs per slice. I wrapped it around a hot dog yesterday and bit in with gusto. (I’m still going to try my new weird screaming green silicone bread maker thingie, but I’m finding other priorities at the moment.)
  • Thanks to my son, I found a new nutrition counter and log called “Cronometer” to replace MyFitnessPal, which is good, but the people don’t maintain the website well. The front page hasn’t come up for months. I haven’t tried to add a recipe new to the website yet, but, so far, entering what I eat and logging in my exercise daily is quick and easy.
  • Since my back finally quit hurting (still no clue what I did to cause the situation) – I am able to do careful stretching in prep for getting back to my “Gentle Yoga” DVDs with Cat Kabira.
  • Also, since my back quit hurting, I am able to start catching up with all the house cleaning that was ignored while I vegged out in my recliner on my heat pad on muscle relaxers, ointments, pain patches, etc. Feeling that I’m doing something significant each day to purge/clean/reorganize is making me feel more together and in control of things. (Today’s project is finishing up scrubbing the master bathroom)
  • We’re supposed to get rain today/tonight and a very welcome cool front, lowering the temperatures and humidity that have it feeling like over 100 degrees F. for the past month. We are more than ready, and I’m itching to get back out to my square foot garden and see what’s what. :0)

Tonight we’re having spaghetti and salad, with a bit of bread. (Newman’s Own Marina sauce is low-carb. My husband prefers small elbow macaroni to spaghetti, so I’ll fix that for him. I’ll have spaghetti squash as an alternative to spaghetti, and a piece of my low-carb bread I made.)

SO – desire to be healthier, get the lard off, increase my flexibility and overall health merge with good intention, motivation, means, and attitude to give me a good start. One day at a time.

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Purple Clover via Rebecca Kanner Kelman

This made me laugh out loud.

While I don’t think the answer to everything is money, having a surplus is always welcome.

My son, even though he doesn’t have much surplus at all, is giving all he can to help kids get surgeries they need. I would love to be able to help truly good, honest organizations help others. I would love to give friends and family a boost so they never have to worry. I would love to be able to give encouragement to more people daring to start businesses on their own. I would love to give locally to our community so it can continue doing good things and expand.

I have the important things.

  • I’m lucky that I don’t have to choose between whether to eat or take my medicine.
  • I have family, pets, and friends.
  • I have dreams and things around me that bring me joy.
  • I have reasons to laugh every day.

So, money isn’t the answer – but I love the suggestion.


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Do You Ever…

Zen to Zany

I told you recently that my husband and I ‘cut the cord’ and cancelled our association with Dish TV. (We had previously cut our Internet service with Dish because we discovered that WOW (World of Wireless in Fort Smith) could give us better service via a tower on the ridge line behind us.)

With this newest change, many of our TV viewing habits had to change. We used to keep the TV on Fox News most of the day. We also recorded a bunch of TV shows we liked via our DVR and would watch in the evenings. We didn’t even know what night or network provided the shows we watched. They were just there when we wanted.

Although these two things were nice, we were paying almost $100/month for mostly channels we never watched. We even researched a new ‘skinny bundle,’ but by the time we got HD, DVR, Fox News, and HBO (Game of Thrones), we were back up where we started. Our bill now for everything is $36.00.  We can get many networks over the air with an antenna. We also have Roku, Hulu, and some others. We have to strain our brains a bit to figure out how to get what we would like, but it’s good for us.

One thing I really didn’t expect was a lifting of a weight from my shoulders. I really hadn’t realized how listening to the same news stories over and over all day, with a bit of a different spin depending on who the talking heads were, was wearing me down, making me depressed. I want to know what’s going on; but, since I can’t DO anything about most of it – other than send donations right now – I just want to be told what is happening without any obvious spin, left or right.

Now we watch Reuters each evening. They ask you how much time you have. You select up to 30 minutes, and then they show you however much they can get into the time frame you’ve chosen. No commercials. No bias that we can detect yet. The news still isn’t ‘happy,’ but I don’t feel weighted down, wanting to crawl into a hole and escape.

We’re making a list of the TV shows we used to DVR and trying to make sure we can get that network. We’ve discovered networks and programs we didn’t know about before and are loving it. It’s a work in progress, and a wonderfully fresh outlook on things. :0)


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I Like This Tattoo

let things go

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Stretching C A R E F U L L Y…

Bored Panda

I’m doing some really C A R E F U L  stretching today, in addition to just the bending over and letting my arms hang down. This is Day Four of my back not hurting! I’m also being careful to ‘hold my mouth right’ and doing whatever else I can think of to not jinx myself, ending up back at square one.

I really wish I knew what I did to get myself into such a pickle. I can promise I wouldn’t do whatever it was again – EVER.  Since I don’t know, I’m treating myself as if I’m a time bomb, easing into each thing and seeing how it goes. This tees me off. I’m used to being able to do almost whatever I wanted to do without giving it a thought, unless I thought it was dangerous. The only limits have been my imagination. I’m ready to throw this caution to the winds as soon as possible.

I’ve decided to let the weed whacking go until we get over this last impressive heat spell.( That would be the middle of next week they say.)  If the present humidity of 67% holds until this afternoon, it will FEEL LIKE 114 degrees F. here. This is unacceptable, particularly if you’re entertaining the idea of yard work. So that kind of thing will be put on hold until the actual weather starts paying attention to the calendar and we get a break for the start of fall.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing my efforts INSIDE to throw away/give away/put away things that need help all over the house.

My latest project is reorganizing my books upstairs. Yesterday I moved the 44 Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb “In Death” series books to the guest room shelves. I’ll continue moving and reorganizing until I no longer have books falling on my head when I try to pull one out…

Wish me luck?



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Nino Chakvetadze via Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

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Day Off


Since my back has been in protest mode lately, I’ve leaned toward comfort food, rather than eating my low carb food. The low carb foods can be really good, and I don’t feel deprived, but they aren’t comfort food.

Today I’m taking my last day off. To that end, I asked my husband what he has been missing most. He immediately said, “chicken chunks and soup over rice.” And so it shall be. I also got some double stuff oreo cookies as my official send off back to being a grown up.

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter anymore whether my back hurts. I’m going to get back to doing what I know I should – gentle stretching and eating right.

If someone could come up with low carb, low sugar comfort food, he or she would be a gazillionaire.


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its always about love-inspiration corner

My husband suggested we go to town to get KFC last night because I was hurting. On the way home, I told him I knew I was really spoiled and that I loved it. He said, “It’s because I’m spoiled and I love it, too. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” Definitely a keeper.

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I Suddenly Discovered a New Pet Peeve!

I really thought I knew about my numerous pet peeves, but my husband found a new one yesterday.


Instead of saying my name, or coming over to get my attention, he said, “PSSSSSSSST!” from across the room. I turned, ready to kill.

I can’t really say why it instantly caused such a negative reaction. He’s never done it before, and I’m HOPING that after I ‘explained’ to him that his life was in danger if he did it again – that he won’t.

I like him a LOT, but not enough to put up with THAT, apparently….


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I Don’t Want

Funny Pictures of the Day


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Three C’s

source unknown

Change is difficult. It’s SO much easier to simply ‘keep on keepin’ on.’

Change means leaving your comfort zone, getting up off your duff, doing things might be scary, challenging, even unpleasant sometimes. But if you stop making the choice to take the chance to make a change, you stop living. You gradually quietly implode, your world becoming smaller and smaller until it’s gone.

Sometimes I think my husband is on a mission to make us UNcomfortable – with WAAAAY too many changes at one time.

One example of this is our CHOICE to cancel our subscription to DISH TV. Living in the sticks outside a small town in Arkansas, we’re very lucky to have two satellite TV choices: Dish and DirecTV. Now we’ve tried both. Both offered a lot of stations in the package we chose, but we couldn’t JUST get the channels we wanted, and we had to pay extra for the channels that weren’t included, plus the rental of the DVR, plus a charge for HD, plus……over $98/month.

So now we’re free of that, and that’s a good thing. BUT now we have to learn how to use Roku, Hulu, AmazonPrimeTV, and about 4 other choices right off the bat that all sound the same to me. Nothing is relaxing, mindless anymore. That’s a good thing for us, too, but it isn’t enjoyable at the moment. We had to order another Roku remote, because I can’t take the idea of my husband being in charge of what we’re watching, how loud the sound is, etc.  Now, instead of leaving a news channel on, buffering it for about an hour so we can skip through commercials, plus being able to hit “DVR” and see a list of stuff taped, ready to be watched, we have to figure out how to get the Roku service on (particularly if we watched a DVD the night before), then go to the service that provides the channel or program we want to see, then figure out (again) how to get the sound on.

We’re having to adjust to the fact that you can’t pause a show. You can mute the sound, but you can’t pause. So, if you get a phone call, need to get up to do something, get a call of nature, etc., you either miss whatever happened while you were gone or watch it again.  We have to mute for commercials, although we’re paying a bit extra for services that offer no commercials.

Instead of $98/month, we’re paying $36. We have almost all of the channels and programs we wanted. I’m finding that watching 24 hour news programs was stressful. Since they all hashed the same news with their unique spin or opinions, we aren’t missing much. Between my online news and the ones we watch now, we know pretty much what’s going on.

We’re still researching to find out what’s being offered or updated. We’re still working together to figure out how to make things work. We’re having to strain our brains, rather than mindlessly staring at the tube.

We’re reading and talking and playing with our animals more.

So we made the CHOICE to take a CHANCE so our lives have CHANGED –  for the better.

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Yesterday we had our quarterly primary doctor appointment.

Our doctor was really happy with our blood test results.  I’m doing well on my current dosage for thyroid and my numbers otherwise continue to improve – all in the normal range now, when I used to have high cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. My blood pressure was the best ever. – 124 over 68.  My husband’s A1C showed the best results since we had the scare about a year ago. His number then was 16.1 (this is a ‘call-the-medics’ SCARY number on diabetes). It is now down to 7.3. We’re shooting for under 7, and our doc says this is doable, and he was REALLY happy with my husband’s efforts to cut out sugar. :0)

Now, all ‘I’ have to do is get the lard off.

To date I’m down 25+ pounds and 18-1/2 inches.

We’re following a low carb diet with as low numbers on sugar as possible. I’m trying to stay under 1200 calories and 40 carbs per day.

Yesterday I had my best day ever on steps – almost 8,000. I’m seriously trying to move more – a bit of a challenge lately since my back keeps having spasms. My doc checked it out, confirmed it was in the muscles rather than the spine, and put me on muscle relaxant meds for about a week. He wants me to take them for two days and then I can EASE back into my yoga.  Then I’ll try for a yoga session and a half hour on my elliptical daily.

I’m tracking what I’m eating and my exercise on The fixing of problems on their website isn’t great. The main page where you can see how many days in a row you’ve checked in, see how much weight you’ve lost, etc., is STILL not working (over 3 weeks now), but their foods data is the best I’ve seen, so I’m staying with them.

My husband and I are finally on the same page on motivation to eat right. This is really helpful. My willpower isn’t that great, and it doesn’t take much at all for me to throw in the towel and go get a pizza. Last night, though, when we were exhausted from our efforts all day long, my husband suggested we go to Subway. I can get a double chicken, bacon, and ranch salad that is really good and on my diet, and my husband can indulge in a foot long sandwich. He was good last night, except for getting 2 oatmeal raisin cookies… :0)


I’m hopeful that by the end of September, I can report a reasonable weight and inches loss. I’ll keep on keepin’ on, and concentrate on


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Another Way to Look at It…

Funny Quotes about Life Lessons

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We’re always working on something, but lately we just have TOO MANY PROJECTS going on at the same time –

  • We hurried to get our quarterly blood tests this morning and get back again, trying to meet the man who is going to shore up our back porch ceiling after we stopped a rain leak. He wasn’t here and hadn’t called when we got home, so I called him. We’re on the list for today, but he was at another job and his wife couldn’t tell me when he would be here. That means we’ll have to wait until he comes and goes again before we can do our errands –
  • We have a call in to the man who uses a tractor with a front loader attachment to drive up and down our driveway, smoothing things out as much as possible from time to time. We want to ask him if he will use the tractor to help us stand up the ham radio tower. The people we called before didn’t come and didn’t call, so we’re hoping that Eric will be willing to help us. If so, we’ll also have him fix the driveway so he’ll make enough money for his time.
  • We wanted motion detector flood lights attached to the shop. In order to do this, I had to climb the ladder on the outside of the shop and hold the fixture steady while my husband attached it from inside the shop, also up on a ladder. I’m ‘height challenged – both in shortness AND being afraid of heights, so it was all I could do to go almost to the top of the ladder to hold the fixture. I had to go up fast, too, because my husband had shoved the screw through the fixture, but that loose screw was ALL that was holding up the fixture. We got that done, and in the next day or two my husband finished the wiring. ONE PROJECT FINISHED!
  • We’ve been working for a couple of weeks to install a 4-camera security system. We got a cheap one, knowing we would have to run wires for it. This turned out to be a bigger deal than we had imagined, with a lot of hair pulling and hard work to get it done. Now my husband is trying to (1) get the sensitivity level decreases so it doesn’t think bugs flying are intruders; and (2) figure out how we can get the pictures to show up on his computer, rather than on a screen down in the basement.
  • Our brains for our irrigation system suddenly died.  We’ve been really busy, plus we’ve been getting rain, so we didn’t notice it until we had lost a couple of plants. We ordered another one. My husband programmed it, but neglected to specify what day it was today, and had a.m. instead of p.m., so it took a couple of days to be sure it was turning on when it was supposed to and was watering for the correct amount of time, plus that the second side started up when the first side finished. SECOND PROJECT FINISHED.
  • We’re spraying KILLSALL on our weed trees and other overgrown areas to try to get things under control. We can actually SEE that the weeds are wilting, so our efforts are not a waste of time. My husband said last night that if I would mix up a batch, he would lug the 2 gallon sprayer around, since my back has been giving me fits lately.
  • We’re trying to cut the cord and get rid of DISH TV.  To this end we bought some stuff, researched a lot, and things are finally starting to come together. We have managed to get most of the channels we want now. Our viewing habits will need to change, since most of the stuff is now streaming, rather than taped. We had bought a TiVO, thinking we could get a bunch of networks over the air. It turned out that the reception isn’t great, even though we have a good antenna. We found a combination of ROKU plus paying for CBS All Access, plus paying for HBO will get us almost all of the channels we’re used to getting. Instead of paying $92/month for DISH, we’ll be paying $25/month.  We can also sell the TiVo, since we don’t need it, and go to either streaming only or cancel our subscription to NetFlix.
  • We have other projects – like training the new puppy – but these are the main ones right now. Since we’re working on everything simultaneously, we’re as crazy as bedbugs around here!

I hope YOUR life is full and fun – but not as crazy as ours.

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It Ain’t

Mark Twain via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Too Bad, So Sad…


The Powerball drawing came and went last night at one minute before midnight for a prize of over $748 million. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy the winning ticket. There was one grand prize winner – in Massachusetts. Darn.

Now I eagerly await the PCH (Publisher’s Clearing House) drawing August 31st…..

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Zen to Zany

“We have SUCH a good life.”

My husband and I say this to each other several times a week. Things will never be perfect, and we irritate each other greatly from time to time, but mostly, things are GOOD.


I spent a wonderful time typing to our son via a chat program. He’s across the world from us, doing his own thing, with a good friend and his wife, living and working in a way I really have difficulty getting my head around.

He used to be like me, nervous about traveling and all the details associated with it. Now he travels at the drop of a hat, arranges for Uber to take him where he needs to go otherwise, staying in AirBnB’s for one night, two weeks, a month, then picking up and moving elsewhere. He has computer clients in the U.S. and he and his partners work freelance.

He takes both Mandarin and Thai lessons, wanting to be able to speak to people where he is. He’s making good progress, though he always feels he still speaks ‘baby language,’  he can understand and many times respond now in their language. He can also write in the languages. He doesn’t do this for job opportunities. He does this out of respect for the country and its people.

I talked with him this morning about dreaming of winning the lottery. He said, “It would be great to win the lottery. but we’d have to figure out how to help a lot of people with the money so the money didn’t make us sick. Winning the lottery doesn’t tend to make people happy.  ‘Cuz that’s not where happiness comes from.”

 He also said, “I want to make you guys proud helping good people, and live up to my own standards.”
I told him I was starting a list of charities who actually used most of the money collected to help the people. He immediately came up with two – “Watsi” and “Givewell,” – saying he gives $1000/month to Watsi, “a good group.”
I have to tell you I already feel we have won the lottery – OUR SON.  I feel lucky to know him.


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Good News and Bad News

The Bad News is that we didn’t win the Powerball Lottery last night. It’s the first one we’ve both tickets for in a long time. It was up to $437 million, so we bought 5 tickets.

The Good News is that no one ELSE won the lottery last night, either. It’s gone up to $650 million now, and the drawing will be Wednesday night. Guess who will buy 5 more tickets!

  • I have a whole list of people I would like to give a boost.
  • I’m making a list of charities who actually help people, with most of the money they collect going to the people, not admin and heads of the groups.
  • I would like to give a boost to hard-working people who can’t seem to catch a break.

The odds of me winning are something like 1 in 292 million, but one can hope…


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Attitude is All


This resonates with me and makes me laugh, but I don’t think this way anymore.

Today’s ‘yoge’ is “hips.”

I just finished getting a “Chicken with Creamy Orange Sauce” by Dana Carpender into the crock pot for dinner tonight. It’s amazing to me that we have never tried one of her low carb recipes we didn’t like. With her slow cooker recipes and her “15 Minute” low carb recipes, I have pretty much all I need to keep me on track. I also just got a low carb bread recipe book to use with a really odd-looking lime green silicone bread bowl thingie.

I have no clue whether this is actually useful or not, but I’ll give it a try and report back to you.

With rice for my husband (cauli-rice for me) and some salad, dinner is taken care of. When I finish this, I’ll make us some lunch. is keeping me on track with my eating again. I keep being amazed at how far off I had gotten. I was making low carb meals, but was sabotaging my efforts with the portions, side dishes, and sugar-free stuff “I” was eating to be companionable with my husband. Now I’m being careful to stay under 1200 calories a day and under 40 grams of carbohydrates, plus move more.



It’s encouraging that this 2nd round of the 8 sessions in the DVD set is a bit easier. I don’t kid myself that I’ll loosen up quickly, but I know that as long as I get on the mat every day with Cat Kabira, I’ll be working toward my goal. She has a very compassionate, encouraging manner that I find very appealing.


One day at a time. The next weighing and measurement day is this coming Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be able to report a bit of progress.

Have a happy day!

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“Yoging” – Day 11


I just did the session on my yoga DVD devoted to spinal health. This is day 11 of what my husband says is my time to ‘yoge.’ Today he was in the living room when I wanted to do my session, so I put puppy Amber out on the back porch, set up my mat and props, and put in the DVD.

At one point, the teacher Cat Kabira, asks you to sit back on your knees. This is one of the many areas where I’ve stiffened up over the years and I simply can’t do it. I kneel, sit down  v – e – r y  slowly, going as far as I can go and then breathe into it. My husband helpfully pointed out I wasn’t sitting up as straight at Cat. I glared at him and then ignored him, continuing to breathe.

When I finished the lesson, I explained to him that there are several areas in my body that aren’t nearly as limber as they used to be. I used to routinely sit comfortably on my butt with my knees bent and my feet out to each side. There is no way in the world I could do this today without my knees blowing out. I explained that I move to where I really start to feel it and then try to breathe into the stiffness, hoping that in time my muscles will loosen. My back is a mass of tight muscles. I told him that when I started this, I could not lie down on my back and relax without a bunch of cramping for a minute or two. I also have really stiff muscles above my arm pits when I’m lying on my back with my arms out to each side and moved up as far as I can and still have them lie flat on the floor.

And so it goes. Each day I’m doing a yoga lesson, and each day I’m giving my body the gift of time and attention after YEARS of ignoring any possible problems. Each day I’m feeling a little bitty bit looser. A scary thing – and bit motivation – is that my mom died at 72 – two years older than I am now – and she was really ‘old and frail.’  Since I have a LOT I want to do, I want to try to help my body be as strong and flexible as possible for as long as I am able.

I’m really happy I found the “Gentle Yoga” DVD set from Practicing each day – ‘yoging’ – will keep me onery and thinking about another project for years to come!


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