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How Deep is the Mud?

Breathing for Peace via Carol Auclair Daly

I love this for several reasons –

  • It made me laugh.
  • We have this situation at our home. We have a pit bull (Bambi) and a cocker spaniel/schnauzer cross, Molly. We try very hard to let only one of them outside at a time. We have no fences. If one of them is out, he or she doesn’t go far from the house. If they are out together, they are a pack and head for the greater reaches. They usually come home filthy – bringing this picture to mind – needing immediately baths.  We use the hose first, to get off the worst. Then my husband continues with Bambi – with Bambi chained to the edge of the deck. I carry Molly inside to the kitchen sink where I can soap her thoroughly a couple of times. See how happy the doggies in the picture look? So do ours…
  • I also love this for the message at the bottom. Some of us can shrug off the bad things. Others of us are hit right between the eyes, where it truly gets us where we live. There are as many reactions to ‘stuff’ as there are people. Since we never know what others are going through at any time, we might consider giving them a bit of extra consideration…

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New Focus


My husband and I are going to celebrate my decision by cooking out tonight, having grilled steaks and baked potatoes. What a load off to have changed my focus! :0)

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Getting the Lard Off – Progress Report 3/15/2017

Funnyblogs – Funnywebsite – Funnypictures

Awhile back I fell off the wagon. Even though I’m eating good, low-carb food most of the day, ‘something happens’ once dinner is over. I feel I’m starving (you can see from the pic above how I’m wasting away) and I keep eating. I’ve been talking to myself, trying to change my ways, but it’s not working yet.

So – I’m at a weight loss of 35 lbs and 20 inches and I can’t seem to get on a downward path.

I have all kinds of excuses, but none that holds any water. I’m giving in to my weakness and stuffing my face. I AM trying to reread the books that got me motivated in the first place, and I’m hoping I’ll find the way to NOT get up and get something to eat after dinner!




I was happily doing my elliptical trainer and yoga until my back started acting up, to the point I’ve been on a heating pad in my chair and in bed, plus taking Ibuprofen and wearing a pain patch. I am almost back to normal now, so I’m promising myself I’ll get back on track with my exercising, too.

Promises, Promises…  Though THIS I will definitely try to do –

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Recognizing a Friend

Anita Opper – Zen to Zany


I don’t make friends easily. When I say, “friend,” I mean a REAL friend. Not just people you enjoy being with because of location, a shared interest, etc. Those acquaintances are fun, too, and necessary for quality of life. But these acquaintances are free-flowing. When the shared activity goes, or you don’t share the same location anymore, they tend to fade, however much you might like them to last forever.

I think you ‘recognize’ a friend. You first meet and you feel you’ve known each other forever. You recognize it in her eyes. Most of the time I discover later it’s a depth caused by pains or losses, of down-to-the-ground living, and living through hard things, survival to find things in life to enjoy again.  Recognition of a soulmate without more than a, “It’s nice to meet you.”

I have two friends in Tulsa. They know who they are. We may not talk every day, but when we DO get together again, we don’t even really need to catch up. We’re still on the same page. We talk as if we haven’t been apart. We still share and love. Our hearts reach out whether we can hug each other’s neck or have to rely on Facebook, blogs, emails, cards, phones, or email. The closeness and caring are forever.

I have another friend in Charlotte. We email every day. We “talk” about things we might never say aloud to others. We help each other through things. We laugh together. We share big things and little things. We don’t agree on everything, but don’t feel the need to win each other over to our way of thinking. We love and respect each other. I never feel my day is complete until I’ve heard from her. I feel extremely lucky to know her.

A relative in Thibodaux is also a good friend. If I were her neighbor, she would probably put tape on my mouth before I talked her arm off. We never run out of things/feelings/hopes to share. Even though we’re across the country from each other, I think of her every day.

I hope you’ve recognized a friend.

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Fun Projects


Yesterday I finished the Christmas presents for my friends and relatives. I’ve been working on them a little bit at a time most days. There was a lot of waiting for paint to dry before I could go any farther. I wish I could show them to you. Some of them read my blog and they’re supposed to be a surprise. I’ll take pics of them and then store them away until it’s time for Christmas giving. Once I’ve given them, I’ll post the pics here. I’ve had a wonderful time working on them. :0)

I’m making good progress on my mosaic bowl in the shop, too. That has had to go slowly because, with the sloping sides of the bowl, the tiles slide down the sides of the bowl unless I confine each work day to the very top edge of the bowl, rolling it each day after the tiles dry in place. I think I’ll be able to finish gluing the tiles today. Then I’ll try to find a good morning or afternoon when I have a least a couple of hours, because once the grouting starts, you need to finish getting it on, and then wiping off all the excess in one sitting. I’ll post pics of that when the tiles are all on, and then again when the grouting is finished.

Lastly, I have a table set up in my art room upstairs to start going through the “Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain” book that may help me do a better job of drawing what I see. My husband bought me a WONDERFUL set of pencils of all kinds, all in a medium-sized suitcase. The problem is, it’s such a pretty set of supplies, I hate to USE it. I’m intimidated by the idea of wasting such a beautiful set.

I’ll need to give myself a good talking to – as I always have to do when I try something new that is outside my comfort zone – and then simply dive in and give it the best I have. I’m excited about the possibility of learning to draw better. I have always admired people who can draw what they see. I’m in awe of several artists on my website who can draw people, animals, buildings, and landscapes using different media from pencils to pastel, to oil, to watercolors, etc. SO I’ll start talking to myself soon – trying to get to the point where I give myself full permission to fail. THEN I’ll be able to start. What a lucky woman I am!

I hope that you have something you enjoy doing that makes you feel creative. I don’t think it really matters if you EVER get any good or not. The trying to create something fills you with joy – once you can make the little negative voices in your head shut up… :0)


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Purrfect Afternoon

We’ve just had lunch. I’m heading up to work in the art room for awhile, making presents for good friends and relatives. I’m in the middle of a new book, and then I’m planning for a nap before it’s time to

  1. decide whether to cover the veggies or not, and
  2. prepare dinner

A PURRFECT Saturday afternoon…



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John Lennon via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Birthday Song

1000+ images about happy birthday – pinterest

Haappy birrthday too mee,
Haaaaappy birrrrthday tooooo meeeee.
Haaaaaaaaaappy birrrrrrrrrrth-daaaaaaaay, dear Linnnnnn – dahhhhhhh,
Haaaaaaaappy birrrrrrrthdaaaaaay tooooooooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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As You Get Older…

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I’m Not Old…

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You Know You’re Getting Old When – Take 2

Getting On in Age

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You Know You’re Getting Old When…

Ben Fraser – 1000+ images About Old Age

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If You Have

Marcus Tullius Cicero via Om Times Magazine via Cathy Ruggiero


I’ve told you about some of the books I’ve been reading lately – ones about the White House written by people who worked as support staff for a gazillion years. It’s very interesting to me to get impressions of our presidents, first ladies, and their families, plus what was happening while they were in the White House by people who were loyal to the country and the ‘house,’ rather than one party or another, having to change with each new administration.  I’m on my third one now.

I’m also into Nora Roberts – writing as J.D. Robb – in her series of “In Death” books. I have avoided them for years because when I really like an author, I don’t usually enjoy the things they do to ‘cleanse their palate’ before they write another of their more usual style books. I was told by a good friend that this series was one of her favorites, so I bought a used book from Amazon – the first in the series. Now I’m on #4 and hooked. The main character is a strong female detective who impresses me with her character and tenaciousness, as well as her guts.

I told you recently about an author new to me, Douglas E. Richards. He wrote The Cure, and I almost couldn’t put it down. All I can suggest is that you don’t start it late at night if you want to get to sleep any time soon. Since reading that one, my husband told me that he had several of Richards books on his Kindle. Since we have a sharing set up, I was able to ‘deliver’ the other books my husband had to my Kindle Fire. It makes me feel rich to know they’re waiting for me. :0)

Today I’m going to get more plants to put in our garden! I told you recently that we had finished converting our square foot garden into a RAISED BED square foot garden. This was a LOT of work for these old folks, but well worth the struggle. I now have SIX 4’x4′ x 8″ deep boxes on legs, like tables, about my chest height, filled with Mel’s Mix now and marked with string to make the squares. The only thing planted right now is some Georgia Sweet onion sets.

I’m going to get a good number of plants today, since it looks like our area in Arkansas MAY be free from more hard freezes (although the average last frosts aren’t over, according to the books, until April 10th.). I’m going to risk it and get some plants into the ground.

The main thing I want to grow is as many kinds of lettuce and similar plants as I can. I love to go out and cut leaves for our salads at lunch or in the evening. I’ll also be looking for spinach plants, although I usually have trouble finding those. I’ve started some seed on my window sill, but I don’t know if I’ll be successful.

I have celery and spaghetti squash plants I started inside that I’ll transfer to the garden after they’ve spent a few days on the back porch getting used to the outside temperatures. I’ll be looking for broccoli and cauliflower, and I’ll be starting radishes. That’ll be a good start.  I’ll take pics to share with you as things come together.

“If you have a Garden and a Library, you have everything you need.”

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I’m Dancing!

Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

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Learning Something New

Public Domain Vintage Photo – Anita Opper – Zen to Zany

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Save Some Time

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Recharge Your Mind

Recharge your Mind via Cathy Ruggiero

I love this – both the picture and the suggestion.

I have found lately that learning new things makes me feel empowered. And I LOVE that feeling! :0)

Sticking your neck out, trying something outside your usual bailiwick, widens your world, including new possibilities.  And when you’ve added a new skill to your toolbox, you’re also adding confidence. And THAT makes you want to reach out more…

Start the cycle. TODAY.  You’ll find yourself smiling, brimming over with happiness!


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The Beautiful Thing…

Recharge Your Mind Via Cathy Ruggiero

Recharge Your Mind Via Cathy Ruggiero

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What Time?

1000+ Funny Quotes on Pinterest

1000+ Funny Quotes on Pinterest

Many of the most wonderful memories I have are of things I did spontaneously. Sometimes I was even reluctant, with my first reaction being, ‘no.’  I like to plan – to know what’s happening in advance – to prepare – and even to be proactive. So it really goes against the grain to throw caution to the wind and just DO IT.

I see this as something I need to work on, since I realize I would have missed out on some truly great things. Now I push myself to get outside my comfort zone – albeit rarely and slowly. My world expands and I wonder WHY I didn’t try this before. Even if I decide I never want to do THAT again, at least I tried it.

I’ve seen many of my friend’s worlds get smaller and smaller. They become more and more cautious. They go out less. They try nothing new. It seems they prefer to live in their own little world in the past. Memories are wonderful, but I hurt for them, and I hurt for my tendency to think about doing the same.  We need to be creating NEW memories.

I am challenging myself to do something I haven’t tried before every once in a while.  I started doing yoga for the first time a few months ago. Now I regret that I haven’t been doing it for years. It has added a richness to my life – added goals I didn’t have before – challenges me to work at getting better every day.

I love this sign –

Lisa Bearnes Richey

Lisa Bearnes Richey

Having tried yoga when I was intimidated and seeing how MUCH t it is helping me, it encourages me to reach out to other things I don’t want to miss. I hope that you are getting outside your comfort zone – even slowly – to renew your lease on life, too.

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Wonderful Quote via Cathy Ruggiero

Walt Disney via via Cathy Ruggiero

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I’ll Drink to That!



Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity – we left the house before 10am and didn’t return until after 5pm. We were doing regular errands and then a bunch of add-ons that weren’t planned. My day was gone before it started!

Today we have Lunch Bunch with our long-time friends, a trip to the post office and then NOTHING!

I’m going to spend the afternoon and evening catching up on all the stuff I didn’t get to do yesterday, resting, or both.


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John Wagner via

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Happiness is living so long that you no longer live for the weekends, trying to cram wonderful things into the too-swiftly-passing time that seems over almost as soon as it starts.

I feel a bit guilty now that, having lived this way most of my life, the tables have flipped!

I still enjoy weekends, but they also mean that I have to wait until Monday to be able to make calls to businesses, make appointments, and other things that require the work week.

I used to be frustrated with businesses because they opened after I went to work and closed before I finished work, and weren’t open on Saturdays or Sundays. I found the businesses that were open late, or open on the weekends, giving them all my business to make up for all the places that might as well not exist, as far as I was concerned. I also tended to resent people who DIDN’T have to cram everything into the weekend cluttering up the stores and businesses when they COULD have been there during the work week…

My husband is upset with weekends because the stock market isn’t open. Most deliveries don’t happen on the weekends. Lots of places where you need to speak to a person are closed until Monday.

I’m happy now that I’m free to schedule much of my time as I want, only having to work around scheduled appointments. I now make a point of handling my issues either before lunch or after lunch, rather than AT the lunch hour when working people are trying to dash around getting needed things done so that they can rush back to work. I try to avoid shopping on weekends – except for WalMart, which is always open and always busy.

I kind of miss planning for the weekends as I used to, living for a day off or maybe even more than one day off together! I rarely took vacations, since my work just sat there accumulating for when I got back. Now that I have my own website, I work all hours of the day and night, checking for and filling orders, answering emails, putting new things up, talking to people who would like to list their work with me, etc. I work harder now than I did before, never really being off, but loving it, nonetheless.

‘Monday is coming’ means different things to each of us, depending on our state in life.



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Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

I think my husband’s MIND is magical. Here’s an example –

I told you we bought a used riding mower this week. The seller helped us get it into the back of the truck. My husband said, “Here, hold this,” while he got the strap with a built-in ratchet to work to tie the mower to the truck securely. (The back of the truck was open since the mower more than filled the truck bed.)

We got it home and then tried to figure out how to get the mower OUT of the truck without hurting it, or causing one or both of us grievous harm. I was really anxious about the situation. My husband should have married a combination weight lifter/football player/basketball player to be of adequate help to him on things like this. I’m simply not tall enough or burly enough to be of much help.

I had been up the night before, having bad dreams about getting the mower out of the truck. I dreamed that it was MY job to place the metal tracks so that my husband could back the mower down to the ground from the back of the truck. In my dream, I suddenly realized the tracks were misplaced. My husband tried to back the mower onto the tracks, ending up on the ground UNDER the mower, bleeding profusely, with me trying to figure out how to get the mower OFF of him and him to an emergency room. (I may be admitting to you that I’m mental, since I find myself in this type of situation often and my imagination goes wild each time.)

In actuality, we placed the tracks in the proper place. My husband got chocks (the plastic things that you put against your tires to keep them from rolling when you’re jacking up your vehicle.) We then put the mower in neutral and ‘walked’ it down out of the truck, 6 inches at a time on one wheel at a time to be held securely by the chocks, until the mower was down far enough we could let it roll the rest of the way.

The best ideas I could come up with on my own were –

  1. leave it in the truck until we could get two burly guys over here to help us, or
  2. put the truck in the middle of the yard. Place the tracks. Put the mower in neutral and start it down the tracks. Get out-of-the-way and let it go, hoping for the best.

My husband always has to – in effect – do all things like this by himself. I’m a willing helper, but you can see we’re not exactly on the same wave length on if things are possible at all, and how we should do them. I also am a regular old lady who doesn’t have a lot of strength. Each time he thinks things out, coming up with several ways we can do whatever it is we need to do. He says we also could have rigged a rope to let the mower down slowly.

Thank goodness I’m affiliated with a person who has such clear thinking and general smarts! It’s ‘magical’ to me.


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Yet Another New Regimen…

I’m STILL  trying to come up with an exercise regimen with which I can stick. Yesterday and today I started out with a session on the elliptical trainer. Yesterday I pooped out at 16 minutes. Today I did better, doing 30 minutes.

I was doing yoga 3 days a week, the elliptical twice a week, and one day each of upper and lower body strength exercises.  I discovered I was blowing it off mid week for some reason, and didn’t feel as well as I did when I did a session of yoga each day.

So I’m going to try doing a session of the elliptical trainer in the morning and yoga in the afternoon. I’ll also try to work in the strength exercises if I’m feeling sassy.

My weight and inches loss remains a challenge. My husband and I are using lots of excuses to eat things we shouldn’t. (Last night it was fried rice from Lin’s House. )  I told him that I was really having trouble staying on my diet and that we can’t celebrate “National Pickle Week” every night.

I had stopped using MyFitnessPal for some reason, and I started it up again yesterday. I left my motivation in one of the piles around the house, but I AM finding it, bit by bit. Once I get my act together – firmly shutting my mouth after I enjoy my orange dream bar after dinner –  I hope to again enjoy weight and inches loss. Fingers crossed!!!!!



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I Shot the Plates


My husband built a set of targets called, “Falling Plates” beside the shop, in front of a big pile of slag and our raised bed garden.



Here’s a close-up of the targets. They’re metal ‘plates’ with counterweights on a long bar. When you hit a plate, it falls over. When you’ve shot them all, you stop and go set them up again.



He’s been bugging me to go shoot for several weeks now. Today I said, “Okay,” mainly to shut him up. I KNOW it’s important that, if I need to shoot somebody, I can actually hit him – significantly – not just teeing him off.

I started out pretty badly. I managed to load half the magazine before somehow pinching a part of the palm of my hand. The first time I shot, I was high. I again learned that with this gun, I should aim low. I then shot about half the plates with the magazine of bullets.

The second time I hit three of the four plates. I managed to fill half of each of the two magazines. My husband took pity on me and finished filling them up.

The last time I shot, I killed all four plates with two bullets left in the first magazine. My husband pronounced me ‘healed.’ He shot the rest of the first magazine and all of the second. He aimed high at first, too, but quickly corrected.

I should practice more, but I really don’t enjoy shooting. I anticipate the loudness of the shot and feel that it takes forever for me to finally shoot once I start squeezing the trigger.

I do feel better that I was hitting the plates regularly when we stopped for the day.

If you’re a bad guy trying to get me, watch out!!!!


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Happy Sunday Morning!


Grin - Pinterest

Grin – Pinterest

I love Photoshop. I don’t know how to use it, but I appreciate the people who are clever enough to create photos like this.  (I tried to make out the watermark on this one, but can see only about half of it. )

It’s 61 degrees here and sunshine-y today. I have many things on my to-do list today. I’m thinking of doing the ‘have-to’s’ and then giving myself some time up in my art room today.


It’s now about two hours later than when I started this post.  We’ve now eaten breakfast, done basic chores, grocery shopped, and now have a spaghetti squash in the oven.  (I’m saving the seeds, hoping that I can plant some for the garden.)

I truly cannot believe it’s February. It’s still sunny, and now is 69 degrees F. We have the front and back doors open, plus the window open in the office, so we can bring the outside in.

Do something fun today!


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Can You See Me?

Kajomyot Krunkitsatien

Kajomyot Krunkitsatien

There Was An Owl

“There was an owl
who lived in an oak.
The more he heard,
the less he spoke;
the less he spoke,
the more he heard-
We all should be
like that wise old bird.” ~ Unknown

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Just Listen

Rachel Naomi Remen via Lisa Bearnes Richey

Rachel Naomi Remen via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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David Clinton via David McCunellon

David Clinton via David McCunellon

Hahahahahahahahah! :0)

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