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Hope for the Future

Hope via Cindy Bassnett Thurman

I, aka “The Serial Seed Killer”, have had some successes with seeds lately!

  • I started some spaghetti squash seeds I scooped out of one I bought at the store, dried, and then planted. I have several plants that got large enough to be transferred to the garden and are still alive. I’m not sure if I’ll actually get a spaghetti squash – or just a plant with leaves – but I’m having lots of fun hoping.
  • I also planted several celery plants in the garden. I cut off the ends of celery bought from the store and put them in small glasses of water. When they had a nice looking – though tiny – little green plant, I transferred them to the garden. At this point, some of them have lived and some have died. Again, I have no clue whether I’ll actually get celery stalks or not, but they make me smile each time I check on them. (Too cool and rainy today to check)
  • The latest hope for the future is that I planted what are advertised as “Hummingbird Flower Seeds” in small pots and put them in frisbees (to catch the water) on the end of our dining table closest to the window. I’m hoping they’ll live to be transplanted into larger pots on the deck for the entertainment of the hoped-for hummers.

Here you can see the little fragile seedlings of the hummingbird flowers, plus two more celery ends I just put in water yesterday.

It’s a good thing we didn’t have to depend on my luck in getting spinach seeds to grow. The ‘serial seed killer’ still is alive and well in that area…




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Zen to Zany via Cathy Ruggiero

I love this picture and the quote.

For me, personally, though, this is a happy WISH, rather than an actual memory.

My mother didn’t like messes. She wouldn’t have provided the rain gear in this picture or countenanced me jumping into a puddle.  My parents were both only children, strictly raised. They didn’t ‘forbid’ us to get dirty. They just couldn’t imagine it. Some things my brother and I ‘got’ without having to be told.

My best friend, Ann, down the street, played in the water. And, if some of it DID get on me, my friend’s mom would clean me up before I walked home. For several years I was at my friend’s house every day, and also routinely spent the night on weekends. We were inseparable and enjoyed countless hours of things my mom would have frowned upon – like finger painting, making chocolate chip cookies, and dressing up to play, “Children of Another Land.”

My friend’s house was always full.  Ann had one sister and two brothers, and ALL of their friends felt the same way I did.

My wish is that every neighborhood have one shared ‘mom’ who delights in – and embraces – the many memory making joys of childhood.

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Purple Clover via Cathy Ruggiero

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Birthday Celebration Redux

Happy Birthday – Pinterest


LAST Friday my husband took me to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. We had a glorious NON-low-carb, decadent dinner PLUS I had a big delicious piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I received birthday cards and lots of well wishes from my friends. I even bought several necklaces to enjoy. It was a very happy celebration.

TODAY my good, long-time friends, Kay and Linda of Lunch Bunch, celebrated my birthday. I received some really pretty birthday cards, nice presents, and they bought lunch for my husband and me!

This afternoon I get a massage. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

After I made sure I didn’t have to add ANOTHER year to my already-impressive age, I totally relaxed and enjoyed feeling special.

I’ve had quite a bit of love, attention, and nice gifts in the past several days. I could get USED to a celebration every Friday….



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Fun Projects


Yesterday I finished the Christmas presents for my friends and relatives. I’ve been working on them a little bit at a time most days. There was a lot of waiting for paint to dry before I could go any farther. I wish I could show them to you. Some of them read my blog and they’re supposed to be a surprise. I’ll take pics of them and then store them away until it’s time for Christmas giving. Once I’ve given them, I’ll post the pics here. I’ve had a wonderful time working on them. :0)

I’m making good progress on my mosaic bowl in the shop, too. That has had to go slowly because, with the sloping sides of the bowl, the tiles slide down the sides of the bowl unless I confine each work day to the very top edge of the bowl, rolling it each day after the tiles dry in place. I think I’ll be able to finish gluing the tiles today. Then I’ll try to find a good morning or afternoon when I have a least a couple of hours, because once the grouting starts, you need to finish getting it on, and then wiping off all the excess in one sitting. I’ll post pics of that when the tiles are all on, and then again when the grouting is finished.

Lastly, I have a table set up in my art room upstairs to start going through the “Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain” book that may help me do a better job of drawing what I see. My husband bought me a WONDERFUL set of pencils of all kinds, all in a medium-sized suitcase. The problem is, it’s such a pretty set of supplies, I hate to USE it. I’m intimidated by the idea of wasting such a beautiful set.

I’ll need to give myself a good talking to – as I always have to do when I try something new that is outside my comfort zone – and then simply dive in and give it the best I have. I’m excited about the possibility of learning to draw better. I have always admired people who can draw what they see. I’m in awe of several artists on my website who can draw people, animals, buildings, and landscapes using different media from pencils to pastel, to oil, to watercolors, etc. SO I’ll start talking to myself soon – trying to get to the point where I give myself full permission to fail. THEN I’ll be able to start. What a lucky woman I am!

I hope that you have something you enjoy doing that makes you feel creative. I don’t think it really matters if you EVER get any good or not. The trying to create something fills you with joy – once you can make the little negative voices in your head shut up… :0)


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Having Fun

artaroundadams - kidzone

artaroundadams – kidzone

I’ve been consciously trying to devote part of my days to art lately, and I’m much happier for it.

Upstairs in my art room I’ve been painting more “Gingerbread Cookies” wooden Christmas ornaments. Right now I’m working on a lamb, a fancy butterfly, and a rocking horse.

I also found a gift idea I think many of my friends will like, so I’m working on that.

I’m also getting the itch to start another mosaic project. I have an interestingly-shaped glass bowl in the shop and I just got some tiles I ordered, so I’m giving myself permission to ignore some of my ‘shoulds’ and go out and get the project started.

I hope that you’re giving yourself permission to do something fun today, too!


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Finishing Christmas Ornaments

Art 4 Playkids - Menina Pintando

Art 4 Playkids – Menina Pintando

I’ve been working some more on my “Gingerbread Cookies” Christmas Ornaments this afternoon.

Most of them are listed on the website now. I ordered more unfinished wood shapes so that I’m ready to take orders. While I was ordering, I found a butterfly I liked better than the one I made, and so ordered some of them. I’m painting a sample of that one, plus a cute rocking horse ornament, and a lamb.

Tomorrow I’ll finish them and post them so you can see them. I’ve had SUCH a good time on this project for the custom “Gingerbread Cookies” Christmas cards and personalized ornaments in the same theme.

My husband saw several of them on a plate while I was taking pictures. He picked one up, thinking they were cookies!

I couldn’t have a better reaction – though HE was a bit miffed they weren’t something sweet he could eat… :0)


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Hooray! It’s Raining!

Heflin - Open Image Studio

Heflin – Open Image Studio

It’s 43 degrees, gray, and raining. Just beautiful!

We have been flirting with getting rain for several weeks now. It always bypassed us, and we need rain badly. Today I woke up to lots of wonderful rain!

The dogs were not as appreciative as I shooed them out the door to take care of business. I’ve done that several times today, since they stay out approximately 30 seconds and then start barking to get back in. :0)

I took my umbrella and walked around it in a bit. Our yard is really soaked – something it really needed.

When this dries up a bit – maybe tomorrow or the next day – I’ll spread the “Weed and Feed” granules we got from Yeagers. I’ll also spread more grass seed, as the moles, voles, and other ‘oles’ have tunneled all over the place dislodging our nice grass and making a mess.

I hope the weather in your part of the world is to your liking today.

I wish I had some cute boots like the little girl in the pictures….

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A Beautiful Sunday




We’re having a really pretty day here today – sunny and 60s – a great day for anything one would care to do.

We just got back from grocery shopping. I plan to cook several things this afternoon in preparation for our week of low carb, no sugar eating, plus prep for our absolute SuperBowl splurge tonight of real spaghetti and Texas toast. :0)

I’m still feeling jubilant I finished our tax prep yesterday. It’s like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I plan to spend part of the afternoon working on my website, Creative Artworks. (I’m changing some categories, updating some descriptions, adding and deleting products, and doing some rearranging so that visitors can find things more easily. I would love to have a search feature, but my son is in charge of major changes like that, and he’s across the world from us right now.

We’re hoping the SuperBowl game tonight is really close. I love nail-biting games, where you don’t know who will be the winner until the last play. I also tend to root for the underdog, so I’m going in rooting for the Falcons. That will change if the Patriots get behind. The best thing, in my mind, is when two closely matched, really good teams, have to really work. Fingers crossed!

I hope that you’re able to spend today doing something enjoyable.



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Last night we went bowling with one of our good friends. Our custom is to go bowling on Monday evenings when the pricing for bowling is more to our liking. We go with friends and then either celebrate or provide solace for how we bowled with ice cream from Braums.

Last night it was celebration for me.



I bowled a 193!!!!!! I was especially happy because I did it even with two splits in the game. :0)

The only time I bowled better was when I was in college. I was taking a course to fill out my schedule. I didn’t bowl well the whole semester. Then, for the last class, we had a thing they called, “Midnight Bowl.” That meant that there was a candle on each scoring table and NO lights anywhere else. We had to walk carefully not to fall on our heads. I am a spot bowler, so the fact that I couldn’t see anything really threw me for a loop.

I was forced to just look at the pins and throw the best I could. I scored 211 !!!!!!!!

The 130 I bowled the second game is more my usual speed. Sometimes I struggle to break 100. Since we’re all really erratic, the ice cream afterwards is a lifesaver. :0)

I took a pic of the scoreboard, since I knew no one would believe me unless I had proof. Woo HOOOOO! I enjoyed every minute – particular the three strikes in a row in the last frame. What FUN!


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Full, Happy Day

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

I’m about to go do upper body strength exercises, but the day is almost gone and I haven’t taken the time to write anything!

I finished the gingerbread Christmas card samples this afternoon. They’re drying. As soon as they’re flattened, I’ll take some pics. I also painted the base brown of the wooden Christmas ornaments this morning. I turned them over and painted the base coat on the back just now. I’m having a really good time with this project. I get in my art room, dancing to my MP3 player and painting my heart out and the time flies. :0)

I also spent a couple of hours on bookkeeping. I can’t TELL you how much I love doing bookkeeping and tax prep.  It’s right up there with scrubbing toilets and washing doggies who have been skunked….

I feel lucky, though, that I can do a ‘have-to,’ and then spend time doing something fun. That’s a real luxury.

I hope you’ve had a good day, too.

Think of me doing the heave-ho on my 5 lb weights – 3 groups of 8 repetitions of six different exercises. Gooooooo – ME! If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to move my arms tomorrow.




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So Much FUN!


Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in my art room working on my new idea for Christmas cards. I know – Christmas is over for another year. I should be thinking of things for the summer right now. The ideas won’t let me alone until I have them created, though, so Christmas cards and ornaments it is!

I’m having a lot of fun working on this. The time really flies. Yesterday I did the basic work on 15 different designs for cards. I’ll do the other 10 this afternoon and then start the REAL playing – when I do the accents on the cards.:0)

When the new card line is finished, I’ll show you and will appreciate your feedback.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, too.

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Sunday Afternoon Fun

I’ve decided that this afternoon is a perfect time for me to have some fun.

I thought of some ideas for new Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments. The ideas have been driving me nuts, rattling around in my head, particularly when I’m trying to get some sleep.

I’m going to take this nice Sunday afternoon to go up to my art room and play – to at least get a start on seeing if I can bring my ideas to paper and wood.

I hope that YOU have some fun ideas on how you’ll spend this glorious day. Have some fun!

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Remember Her?

Love Your Life via Stephanie Youmans Wilson

Love Your Life via Stephanie Youmans Wilson

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It’s Playtime!

Reddit via

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The Egg

Ron Leishman - via Mothering Multiples

Ron Leishman – via Mothering Multiples

Every morning I have a hard-boiled egg, meat, cheese and butter – microwaved –  for breakfast. Lately, my husband has decided that HE should peel the egg for me.

We’ve had trouble peeling eggs. I found a suggestion that if you put a teaspoon of baking soda into the water in which you boil the eggs, the shells will come off more easily.  We now do that and it HAS helped, but not always. We also put the eggs into ice-cold water directly after boiling them. That helps, as well – but not always.

My husband watched a few YouTube videos on the subject a couple of days ago.

He came into the office with a hard-boiled egg. He got my attention, then peeled off a bit of each end of the egg-shell. He BLEW into each end and then looked at me like, “VOILA!” He proceeded to try to take the eggshell off, and had as much trouble as we sometimes do. I told him that even if it worked, I didn’t want him doing that to MY egg. If he wanted to blow into HIS egg, that was fine, but NOT MINE!  I then pointed to the desk top and the floor. Both were littered with tiny bits of egg-shell. He called the dogs over, but they weren’t interested. He finally got a dust pan and cleaned things up.

I had just gotten my concentration back at the computer when he came in again. This time, he wanted me to go to the kitchen with him. He put a second hard-boiled egg into a glass, filling the glass about half full of water. He then started shaking the glass violently. The result was water all over the cabinets, counter tops, and floor.  I just looked at him. He looked like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He tried removing the egg-shell. It worked, but I was still looking at the mess all over my kitchen. He then took a towel and wiped up most of the mess.

Today, when I was fixing my breakfast, he was already working on my egg. He came over in just a second with the egg nicely shelled and ready for our egg slicer. I said, “That was fast.” He smiled, saying he’s perfected the egg in the water-glass technique.

THIS time it worked, my kitchen wasn’t awash in water, and my egg was shelled in a sanitary fashion – quickly and easily!

AND, my husband is still alive to tell the tale…


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Growing Up

Zen to Zany

Zen to Zany

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Tree Sisters - Women Seeding Change via Cathy Ruggiero

Tree Sisters – Women Seeding Change via Cathy Ruggiero

My friend Cathy posted this, and then recently posted a pic of a crayon box with 64 crayons and a sharpener, bringing back lots of memories. I always wanted to have that box of crayons.  My parents had two children to provide for, and they said, “No.” I never asked again, but I never gave up WANTING that glorious box of crayons!

Crayola Crayons

Crayola Crayons

Isn’t this wonderful? Look at all the glorious colors – all nice and sharp. The sharpener is built into the side of the box, as I remember.

I’m having a birthday in March (I’ll be 70!)  I stopped typing this and ordered a box of 64 crayons with a sharpener as a present to myself…

Clipart Kid

Clipart Kid

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We’re excited!  Things came together quickly for a quick trip to see our dear friends/cousins in Thibodaux, Louisiana!

Our wonderful house/animal sitter will be here while we’re gone to take care of things so we don’t have to worry. :0)

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Lots to do today to get ready to leave. WONDERFUL!

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Fun in the Afternoon

My thermometer says is 108 degrees F. right now. In celebration of having a/c, I’ve finished re-reading a well-loved book, and I’ve just come down from my art room.

I haven’t made the time to go up there for quite awhile now. I simply had too much to do in the garden and the flower beds, and everywhere I looked lately. When the temperature goes to 100 or above – not even THINKING about the heat index, I give up all plans outside until about 7:30 in the evening when I can work out of the direct sunlight.

This afternoon I found an old tee that has a patriotic star done in little bitty star rivets. I’ve loved this tee for many years, but it was looking ‘tired,’ so I put it in the art room to look at later. Today I started painting an American Flag on it, using fabric paint and some glitter.  I spent about an hour up there and had the best time! I haven’t ‘played’ like that for too long. I’ll start trying to spend time up there at LEAST a couple of times a week. My spirits really lift and I find myself smiling. :0)



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I’m Happy!

No one won the Powerball Jackpot – $422 million increased to $434 million – yesterday.  That means we all have another chance for the $478 million drawing this Saturday, July 30th.

My husband scoffs, but starts many sentences with, “When you win the Powerball drawing…”  (or the MegaMillions/Publisher’s Clearing House) His list of wants is growing so he’ll be ready.

As is usual with us, we don’t agree on how we would spend the money. (We don’t even use the same salt.) It makes for an interesting, running conversation! It’s nice to fantasize, hoping for something that will never happen – but MIGHT – rather than get depressed about how messed up the world is….

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Doll Houses – Take 6

Thanks to Evie Zimmerman,

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