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Everblade Follow-Up

In November of last year I ordered an Everblade knife after seeing the ad on TV. I waited and waited, but it didn’t come. In January of this year I finally wrote to the people and said, “Either send it or refund my money.” Miraculously, in a few days I received an email that my knife had shipped!

I received it on January 25th, and I told you then on the blog that I would get back to you when I had had a chance to use it.

I love it. This is a large knife and was advertised that it would cut through tough squash easily, as well as cut bread nicely. I have cut the bread, and it works really well. I haven’t tried the tough squash yet. I love the nice, thin slices I can get with meat. Even my husband noticed the niceness of our roast beef sandwiches. It makes quick work of slicing celery for our tuna fish salads.

The blade comes in a holder that has a sticky thing on the bottom. I stuck it between two wooden block holders I have on my island, and it works there well. Each time you take the knife out or put it back in, the built-in sharper is supposed to do its trick, keeping the blade sharp.

Since it isn’t stainless steel, it needs to be hand washed. This is easily done, but I have to warn you to be careful when you do it. I got a bit too close to the edge, even though I was trying to be careful, and cut my finger a bit. I can attest that the knife is REALLY SHARP.

It works nicely, cleans up easily (being CAREFUL!) and is ready for the next job. I use it almost every day – sometimes several times a day.

So even though I was afraid I had been scammed at first, I am very happy with my purchase and recommend it.

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