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Honey Badgers are Amazing!

My husband emailed me this video of honey badgers. I’m still having trouble believing it. :0)


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Hummingbird Bird Bath Table – Take 1

National Geographic Kids

We’ve had a productive afternoon. I saw a wonderful video on Facebook that showed a tray made into a hummingbird birdbath. My husband asked, “Do you want to make one?” DUH. :0)

The catch was that he wouldn’t pay attention to the picture I showed him, OR the supply list, OR the directions. Other than that, we were on the same page.

We stopped at Tractor Supply to see if they had the tray. What we found were some rubber heavy-duty oblong tubs. My husband said that that would do, but I was confused. I knew there was a tub that acted as a collector so the water could be recycled by a pump, but he said the TUB would be the bird bath. I gave up and just helped find a pump.

We talked about where to put the bird bath. It would need a water supply and electricity, plus we wanted to be able to see it from at least two places. We ended up deciding to attach it to the deck railings close to the back porch. We MIGHT be able to use an extension cord and plug it into an existing electrical outlet, or it won’t be a huge job to run another line. We also have close access to water. We can see it when sitting either on the porch or the deck, and can see it if we’re standing at the dining area window.

We used wood and angle iron we had in the shop to make a support table for the hummingbird bird bath. Our biggest problem was getting it level, since the deck railing isn’t.



We cut and welded angle iron to attach to the ends of the wood and the strong part of the deck. We cut up a good board we had in the shop to create the ‘table.’ We had to use shims to level things up, since the railing angles down toward the house.


Here you can see the wood attached to the deck railing and the angle iron going down to the floor support of the deck. We painted the angle iron with truck bed paint to keep it from rusting.



Here’s a side view of the ‘table’ and the angle iron supports.


I stood on the ground looking at the deck to get this picture.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we’ll tackle the next part of the project – providing electricity to the pump, running hoses, figuring out a receptacle to catch the water in the recycling process, cutting the pipe and drilling it with holes to provide the constant streams of water that act kind of like a sprinkler for the birds to play and bathe in, etc.

Since the tub is deep, I’ll need to find TALL stuff to go into it, to make places for the birds to sit. I’ll look for some greenery and other stuff to add. There is enough space on the railing on either side to maybe have small pots of flowers that might attract the birds.

A LOT of details to figure out and a good amount of work left to do, but I love this idea, even though ours won’t look like the picture. I’ll take pics when we make more progress.

Here is the idea we’re trying to emulate –




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Fun with my Fish

When I change the water in my fish, Sally’s, bowl, I like to change the decoration. I was tired of the ones I’ve been using, and so was looking around to see if I had anything else that would brighten Sally’s life.


I have two soap dishes that I love. One is a man in a tub and the other, a woman. I have the man beside the kitchen sink. I had the woman upstairs beside my sink in the master bath. I brought it down, cleaned it up and put it into the fish bowl.




Sally has been swimming around, sniffing at her new digs. I think she likes having a mermaid in her bowl.

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We have a woodpecker family in our back yard. We see them running up the power pole in the back, stopping to survey their domain when they get to the top.  We’ve had a larger one and a smaller one around the deck in the past. Today when I was passing the window, I saw two large ones. I’m assuming it was the mother and the father, but I’m not sure. One stood on the top of the feeder and the other was on the end. You can see one of the woodpeckers here. I went to get my camera, but I only had one woodpecker when I came back.



I think these are beautiful.


Here you can see his nice long beak a bit better.



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A Beautiful Drawing

My friend, Madeleine Jacobs posted a drawing she did recently. I’m in awe of her talent.

Drawing by Madeleine Jacobs

Drawing by Madeleine Jacobs

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This is Abby

This is Abby


And this is Smoke

And this is Smoke

Abby puts up with Smoke grudgingly. And sometimes, not at all, hissing and spitting and wanting on the opposite side of the door from her. “Compatibility” is NOT their thing.

As I was typing this afternoon, I noticed an amazing thing!



Smoke and Abby were in the bed at my feet under the counter NOT fighting!  I took a picture quickly because this is such a rare event.

Miracles DO occur!


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Happy Sunday Morning!


Grin - Pinterest

Grin – Pinterest

I love Photoshop. I don’t know how to use it, but I appreciate the people who are clever enough to create photos like this.  (I tried to make out the watermark on this one, but can see only about half of it. )

It’s 61 degrees here and sunshine-y today. I have many things on my to-do list today. I’m thinking of doing the ‘have-to’s’ and then giving myself some time up in my art room today.


It’s now about two hours later than when I started this post.  We’ve now eaten breakfast, done basic chores, grocery shopped, and now have a spaghetti squash in the oven.  (I’m saving the seeds, hoping that I can plant some for the garden.)

I truly cannot believe it’s February. It’s still sunny, and now is 69 degrees F. We have the front and back doors open, plus the window open in the office, so we can bring the outside in.

Do something fun today!


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Speeding through the Day

"Gone with the wind fabulous" - Johnathan Cruz

“Gone with the wind fabulous” – Johnathan Cruz

This is the way my day has felt.

On the good side, I’ve gotten a lot of little fiddly things off my to-do-list, like giving our dog, Molly, a session with the defurminator so she will leave fewer big tufts of hair all over the place. (Abby, the cat, is next.)

I’ve cut up veggies to munch and to cook for next week. I’m cleaning out the fridges in preparation for making a grocery list for tomorrow. I’ve made puddings and other stuff, running the dishwasher twice so far today.

And so it goes, the little things that we need to do to make our lives go more smoothly.

It was a good day to do this stuff. It wasn’t supposed to rain but it did, giving me a good chance to do inside stuff. We opted not to go to town, freeing up more time. The only sad thing is that my energy has never been a good match for my to-do list.

My husband is out working busily in the shop while my energy reaches its ebb. I think I’ll have a cup of coffee and put my feet up to see if I get another surge of energy.

I hope you’re having a really nice day.

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"Ducks" - Paul Militaru Photography

“Ducks” – Paul Militaru Photography

I wish this gorgeous photo had sound. I can ALMOST hear the ducks…

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Friends and Rabbits



One of our good friends was having trouble with her computer yesterday. She called to see if my husband might be able to revive it. We spent most of the afternoon there. My job  was to keep everyone away from where my husband was trying to work so he could concentrate. He finally got her computer going after running virus scans and a Windows repair disk on it., plus some other stuff.  There is more work to be done, but the basics have her able to use it again.

She recently got a rabbit hutch and a rabbit! I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, but the one above looks much like the one she bought. She has an outside hutch and an inside cage now. She had a big plastic plate of colorful salad stuff and veggies for him. He had the run of her house (with her watching him carefully). He’s basically litter trained, but he tends to chew on cords or the edge of her rug, so she has to watch him carefully. He comes to her and allows people to pet him. It’s great fun to watch him.



National Geographic

Her neighbors found a wounded wild baby rabbit recently and brought it to our friend. His nose was skinned and his hip was hurt. She didn’t think he would live, but he’s thriving so far. She allows him a bit of freedom, too, and he seems to love it. He lives in her bathroom at night.

The biggest surprise is that the rabbits get along with her other pets: a dog and two cats. She is careful not to let ‘the baby’ come in contact unsupervised with the cats yet, but the dog lies down between the rabbits, and the larger rabbit gets along fine with the cats.  The rabbits try to get on top of the dog. She is very patient, only snapping a bit when one goes too far. The rabbits get the message – at least for a while – and aren’t upset by the dog trying to set limits.

Our friend lost her husband about a year ago now. The animals give her lots of company, plus she is busy trying to take good care of them. And when her grandson comes to visit – which is often – she sure has a full, happy house!

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Stunning Photograph

Thanks to Ed Steer Gold and

Thanks to Ed Steer Gold and


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“Mona, When She was a Baby”

"Mona, When She Was a Baby" - Paul Militaru Photography

“Mona – When She Was a Baby” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Los Angeles Zoo Signs – Take 7

Obvious Plant via Evie Zimmerman,

Obvious Plant via Evie Zimmerman,

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Abby in Pot


We had a glorious day yesterday – sunshine-y with temperatures in the mid 70s – unheard of for the first day of February. Abby went from lying upside down, lolling out of the cat bed ON TOP OF one of the dog bed, to making a nest in one of the pots I brought in from the deck to the back porch. We LOVE being able to open the back door and the front door, airing out the house.

Today we’re having more normal temperatures – mid 40s – but still really good. All the animals are opting for short runs outside followed by major naps inside. I just checked and have two dogs, two cats, and one husband all asleep in their various ‘nests’ of the moment. :0)

I planted one more celery plant in the dirt on a planter on the window sill. That makes three plants in the soil and 3 more in glasses of water. I’m having a great time, whether I end up with actual stalks of celery or not. I’m going to get ready to plant spinach plants very soon, hoping that my moniker of “Serial Seed Killer” no longer applies.

I’ve been a good girl today, finishing up our office deduction spreadsheet for taxes. Tomorrow I’ll tackle totaling up the rest of our deductions. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to dump everything on our wonderful CPA soon.

I’m going out to spend time on the elliptical now, and then will see about fixing us some lunch.

I hope YOU’RE having a happy, productive day, too!



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I Can’t Handle the Stress!


Obviously, I need to get some help for Abby. She just can’t handle the stress…..




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Los Angeles Zoo Signs – Take 6

LA Zoo Signs via Evie Zimmerman,

LA Zoo Signs via Evie Zimmerman,

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Squirrel – du – Soleil



We were quite entertained by a very athletic, agile, hungry squirrel this morning.

As we ate breakfast, he darted around the railing on our deck. He got into the bottle filled with birdseed right outside the window, eating one sunflower seed at a time, getting halfway into the gallon-sized bottle that lies on its side in a special feeder. Then one of us moved and the show was on.

He leaped from the bottle to the railing on one side of the deck ran all the way around the deck, then leaped up onto the side of the porch beside the screen and up onto the top of the deck. He then jumped to our roof and away.

As we continued to eat, he returned over and over, delighting us with a TV-worthy show of agility and creativity on getting to the various places where different kinds of seed, plus suet, hung.

We enjoyed the Squirrel-du-Soleil private showing.

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Oil Paintings I Love – Animals – Take 6

Kyle Buckland - Jenn Counts

Kyle Buckland – Jenn Counts




Leanne Wildermuth – Artist by Nature –




Artist Unknown – Pinterest

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Dogs and Cats Can’t Get Along – Take 6


Aelin Saar via Emily Davis,




Gaston Enria via Emily Davis,




Peter York 124 via Emily Davis,




Wolf Dog Blog via Emily Davis,


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Dogs and Cats Can’t Get Along – Take 5


Owl for the Night via Emily Davis,



dnc18-imgur-com via Emily Davis,




Vanessuhh via Emily Davis,




Unknown photographer via Emily Davis,

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3 Skunks – No Waiting

Animals - National Geographic

Animals – National Geographic

These aren’t the actual skunks we saw, but it’ll give you the idea.

We went bowling with our good friends, the Taylors, last Monday evening. As we were driving out of the parking lot, anticipating ice cream at Braum’s, we saw not one, not two, but THREE skunks hurrying toward a culvert at the side of the road. We stopped the truck and watched them. They obviously lived in the pipe below the street, or it was a common way for them to get where they were going. There was no hesitation – they all hurried into the pipe and disappeared beneath the street….

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Dogs and Cats Just Can’t Get Along – Take 4

dnc13-imgur-com via Emily Davis,




Burak Kukic via Emily Davis,



dnc15-imgur-com via Emily Davis,




Third Immortal via Emily Davis,


Thanks to Emily Davis,


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Dogs and Cats Can’t Get Along – Take 3


Jen Philion via Emily Davis,



dnc10-imgur-com – via Emily Davis,




hcaszualcc via Emily Davis,




tazzydw2 via Emily Davis,

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Dogs and Cats Can’t Get Along – Take 2


Jeff Hanson 368 via Emily Davis,




Notmyrealname14 via Emily Davis,




ditk via Emily Davis,




Snodialove via Emily Davis,

Thanks to Emily Davis,

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Dogs and Cats Can’t Get Along – Take 1










Credit Unknown





Thanks to Emily Davis,



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Delight for Kids and Grandkids

Bethany Kerr of Creative Artworks offers new prints of her original artwork that will delight the young and the young-at-heart.  Many adjectives apply: creative, clever, humorous, whimsical – but they’re just downright delightful. I almost wish I still worked outside my home so that I could display them on my office wall.

I also wish I had grandkids so I could give them a new print or two each occasion to light up the walls of their bedrooms!



“A Night at Home”


"Go Fly a Kite!"

“Go Fly a Kite!”



"Laundry Day"

“Laundry Day”


"Sky Diving"

“Sky Diving”


"Swinging from the Chandelier"

“Swinging from the Chandelier”




“Swinging Platypus”


"The Chef"

“The Chef”



“The County Fair”

You can see more prints by Bethany Kerr

If you click on the link at the top of this post, you can also see samples of pencil portraits by Bethany, along with sizes available and pricing.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to get some of these for yourself, a co-worker, a friend, or a family member this year! WARNING: – You’ll have a hard time choosing your favorites!

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Wonderful Birds


“Seagull” – Paul Militaru Photography




“Two Souls – A Destiny” – Paul Militaru Photography




“White Lady and Little Stars” – Paul Militaru Photography

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The Vet’s Office – Take 7














Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.

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Need a Hug? – Take 5








Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.


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“Bella and Puffy”


“Bella” – Paul Militaru Photography




“Puffy, When was Kid” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Beautiful Birds


“Birds and Stars” – Paul Militaru Photography




“Sailing” – Paul Militaru Photography

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