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Beautiful Day – This and That

We’re having a stellar day here in Greenwood, Arkansas today. It’s 55 degrees and sunshiny right now. We were just out to run errands, and I find it hard to believe it’s January.

We mailed my order of stationery and note cards today. I cleaned up my art room (surprise, surprise!) and it’s now set up for me to play with my ideas for Christmas cards and wooden ornaments. I’m excited about FINALLY getting the ideas rattling around in my brain down on paper and wood!

I’m planning to try Practice # 4 on my new “Gentle Yoga Flows” DVD from Sixty & Me this afternoon, plus we’re going bowling with friends tonight. It’s hard to think of a nicer way to spend a beautiful day.

By the way, we discovered a TV show that’s new to us, called, “Outsiders.” We found it is starting Season 2 tomorrow night. We were able to DVR a marathon showing of the whole Season 1. We – like idiots – stayed up ’til all hours for two nights (3 a.m. this morning) watching the episodes. For us, it’s reminiscent of “Sons of Anarchy” with strong characters and lots of action. I’m impressed with the acting. We look forward to starting Season 2 tomorrow. You might want to check it out.

Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday Afternoon Fun

I’ve decided that this afternoon is a perfect time for me to have some fun.

I thought of some ideas for new Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments. The ideas have been driving me nuts, rattling around in my head, particularly when I’m trying to get some sleep.

I’m going to take this nice Sunday afternoon to go up to my art room and play – to at least get a start on seeing if I can bring my ideas to paper and wood.

I hope that YOU have some fun ideas on how you’ll spend this glorious day. Have some fun!

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Nice Thought

Books Rock My World via Cathy Ruggiero

Books Rock My World via Cathy Ruggiero

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Making a Difference – Take 1


This barber gives haircuts and shaves to the homeless – price? A single hug.



Thanks to Bill Lites for his email.

People going out of their way to do something for others brings tears to my eyes. Each kindness is different. Sometimes it’s giving of your talents at no charge. Sometimes it’s spending your time and money to say ‘thank you’ to others. These people are making a difference – making their part of the world better. This kind of generosity should motivate US to think about what WE can do in OUR part of the world.

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Too much to do now to have fun posting to you. Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you again soon!

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We’re excited!  Things came together quickly for a quick trip to see our dear friends/cousins in Thibodaux, Louisiana!

Our wonderful house/animal sitter will be here while we’re gone to take care of things so we don’t have to worry. :0)

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Lots to do today to get ready to leave. WONDERFUL!

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08 19 20 55 73 05


Pooh. I didn’t win the $540 million lottery last night. Each time the MegaMillions Lottery goes over $400 million, I buy $10 worth of tickets. This time, no one won and the prize went up significantly, so I bought again. A total of $20 bought giddy hope for several hours and a shot at the unthinkable.  A lucky duck in Indiana won it. I hope that they can pay it forward, bringing good things to lots and lots of people.

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