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My Husband’s Twisted Sense of Humor

I was sitting here, working at my computer, when my husband came up behind me, put his hands on my shoulders, leaned down and said, “Amber ate the turkey.”

This is my husband.


This is Amber


My heart dropped down to the floor. I started to get up and my husband said, “JUST KIDDING!”

The really amazing thing is that my husband is ALIVE and IN ONE PIECE – and so is the turkey breast, thank goodness.


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Playing in My Art Room

2 STAR art


I finished a small plaque last night –

It’s 8 inches tall x 6 inches wide and solid wood. This is another item painted with the Unicorn Spit Glaze/Stain that my sister-in-law sent me awhile back. I have truly had a blast experimenting with this. I’ll list this on ArtFire

I used the ‘spit’ to paint these wooden earrings for myself. I haven’t taken the time to put the hardware on them yet. I also have two pairs that require me to drill holes in them. It’s been rainy, so that’s on hold until the weather is being more cooperative.



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Pet Portraits by Niki Firmin

Niki Firmin – Rosie


Niki Firmin – Barney


Niki Firmin – Bowie


Niki Firmin – Chuck


Niki Firmin – Eddie and Ginger


Niki Firmin – Lily


Niki Firmin – – Oliver and Lily

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I Miss Robin Williams

Michael Schneidhofer via Penny Yaffe Krakow

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Words to Live By

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Pet Portraits by Kelly Armitage

Kelly Armitage – LinkedIn


Kelly Armitage – LinkedIn


Kelly Armitage – LinkedIn

Kelly Armitage – LinkedIn

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Thoughts on a Wednesday 1-29-2020

Animals Collection

Even though it’s gray, 44 degrees, raw and rainy here today in Arkansas, I’m having a nice day, and have many things for which to be thankful.

Yesterday I opened our mail to find a pair of earrings my husband had found and ordered for me!

I just love them. It doesn’t show here, but the stones are kind of sparkly!  The design of them is giving me a bit of  a problem, though. They have a curved piece on the front that goes through the hole in your ear, and then you close the back onto the end to hold it in place. I’m having trouble getting the curved part through my ear. I’m continuing to try different techniques, but so far, no luck. :0(  I’ll keep working at it because I really want to wear them!

I’m working on a new wooden plaque in my art room. I think it’s going to turn out well, and I’m having fun working on it.

Since it’s still raining, we’re having to delay our trip to Ft. Smith to take our donation to the Veterans Thrift Store. Hopefully, we can do that tomorrow. I’m already finding more things I would like to donate, but the back of our truck will be full with what we have already.

Early this morning I put ingredients for Keto Chili into the crock pot, so we’ll have a nice comfort food type dinner this evening.

Today I’ve decided that my next clean out project will be my clothes closet. I need to move warm weather stuff out and move cold weather stuff in. I want to take my time, though, and get rid of a bunch of for each ‘season.’ Happily, some of my clothes are simply too large now, thanks to my efforts on eating Keto and exercising.

So it’s back to work now, after taking a short break. I hope that YOUR Wednesday is treating you right.




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Beautiful Drawings by Suzanne Starr


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An Amazing Phone Call

MSP Alliance

I received a phone call this morning from our dentist. Him – directly.  I immediately thought something was wrong.  He has never called before.

He asked if our son were still in China.  I told him he now lives in Thailand. He was calling because he was concerned about the coronavirus and our son’s safety. I’m still shocked that first, he would remember our son lived out of the country; and second, that he took the time to call.

Since Thailand is the number 1 travel destination for the Chinese when they celebrate New Year’s – and that celebration will last until February 8th – it is definitely a concern. Our son is smart, though, and we have talked about it.

I have always been grateful that we found Wes Moore, our dentist. My husband has had dental problems all his life, and a really good dentist he can trust is a priority. We have gone to him for years.

The fact that he thinks of us as PEOPLE, remembers details about our family, and took the time to CALL us, I find truly amazing.

If you are in Fort Smith, or the surrounding area, Wes Moore is the best. His contact details are

Dr. Wes Moore, DDS – 2913 S 74th St, Fort Smith, AR 72903 –  (479) 484-5050. 

You won’t find a better dentist – or a better human being – anywhere.



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Declutter Project Progress

I’ve been working on the first area of my great ‘Decluttering Project 2020’ for about a week and a half now. Today I finally finished. :0)

I went completely through our walk-in pantry, deciding what I was using and what I wasn’t, putting some utensils and supplies in the donation pile by the front door, throwing out other things, and cleaning and reorganizing the rest.


I next tackled the shelves above my desk in the kitchen (a combination medicines and first aid supply area), plus the desk itself, which had disappeared under a pile of STUFF.

Then I spent a couple of days going through my cabinets in the kitchen. This is the part I finished today.



I have two nice pull-out drawers in each cabinet, but this gives you an idea.



I am lucky to have a wonderful kitchen. I feel happy that I have it better under control now and am taking better care of it.

I processed our donation to the Disabled Veterans Thrift Store today, so we’ll take it to Ft. Smith tomorrow.


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Fish Poop

I have had to change the water in my aquarium more often lately. I was casting about for a reason why and decided to actually see if I could find information on the net that might help.

I found a nice article which mentions that goldfish poop in the water. Now THERE’S a news bulletin!  It would seem to me that ALL fish poop in their aquariums…. But, it did go on to say that goldfish poop a LOT in comparison to other fish.

The article suggested that one should start with a 75 to 100 gallon tank. When I finished laughing, I read on.  Apparently, the rule of thumb is 20 gallons for each goldfish.  (I have three goldfish. Even if I “offed” two of them, my tank would STILL not be considered adequate. I was really trying to get some information that I could USE so I continued.

The article said, “Goldfish can generate copious amounts of waste.” (An understatement.) What I finally got is that I should change the filter cartridge OFTEN, like at least once a week). The cartridges say they should be changed once a month.)  So this is one thing I can do differently.

They also suggested that I use Pea Gravel, rather than sand or finer gravels, as the fish can more easily avoid ingesting it when slurping bits of food from the tank floor. (This means my change to the glass beads was a good thought!)

Finally, there was a nugget of a thing I had no idea about – they said if you are feeding goldfish flaky food, you should pre-soak the food! I’ve never heard of this. It says when the food flakes sit on top of the water, it causes the fish to gulp. This can upset their swim bladder and equilibrium, causing them to float upside down.

They said to fill a cup with some water from the tank and swirl the fakes around. Then dump the whole cup into the tank.

This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about goldfish. I have some good suggestions to make mine happier.






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Thoughts on a Sunday 1-26-2020

Caracal Cat – Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

I just love this photo. I don’t know who the photographer is, but it was posted by Jeff Jett on LinkedIn.

Our weather is more spring-like today, and I’m really grateful. I’m a wuss about ice and snow. I love to LOOK at snow, PLAY in it, and maybe even build snowmen, but I don’t like having to worry about whether I can safely get to an appointment or not.


I’ve finished reorganizing the walk-in pantry


Finished cleaning out and reorganizing the shelves over my desk – actually FINDING my buried desk again


Cleaned out the aquarium again

My goldfish make their water cloudy really fast, no matter what I do. I don’t know if goldfish are just dirtier than other fish or what. I’m thinking about scrubbing each of them with a toothbrush the next time I clean the aquarium….

I vacuumed the first floor tiled areas this morning (pantry, kitchen, dining area, utility room, and two half baths), so today’s project is finishing the clean up of the kitchen.

I have to tell you that the past few days have been good exercise,  with all the pulling, hauling, relocating, going up and down the ladder, etc.  It feels good to see things finally looking better organized for what we need now. It’s amazing to me how much what you are eating changes the tools and appliances you need, the ingredients to cook with, and storage needs.

I hope that you are having a satisfying Sunday, too.



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Today’s Project is Completed!






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Today’s Project 1-25-2020

So far today I cut up raw veggies and put them in containers in the fridge for lunches and snacks and cleaned out the aquarium.  (I’ll show you pics in a few minutes.) THIS is today’s main project.

We use the shelves above my kitchen desk as a combination medicine cabinet for downstairs and a first aid station. We would like to be able to find meds quickly, since patience is not our long suit if we’re in pain, for example, or having something else for which we would like quick relief.

It has gotten to the point that if we try to take something off the shelf, something ELSE might come with it!

You can also see in the picture below that my desk has ‘disappeared.’

I will try to fix this today.


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Pantry Is Essentially Done!





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The Photography of Kanno Hisao

Kanno Hisao


Kanno Hisao


Kanno Hisao


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All You Need

We had a nice morning, joining our good friends for Lunch Bunch – good friends, good food, fun conversation, and laughs. This is a quality of life thing, getting to share some time each Friday with long time friends who mean the world to me.

Our friend Kay asked if I had an Instant Pot. I DO, but it’s been sitting on the shelf because I’m intimidated by it. (My mom had a pressure cooker years ago. I still remember when it ‘blew up’ sending bits of STUFF all over the walls, ceiling, floor, etc. No one was hurt, but it’s like it was yesterday in my mind.) I’m trying to get over my trepidation. I found out Kay has one and uses hers all the time! I’m going to get out my paperwork, the book that came with it, and a recipe book I got very soon. I’ll choose a recipe, and Kay has encouraged me to call her with dumb questions about it, plus she’ll give me tips on things to DO – and things NOT to do – while using it!

After Lunch Bunch we ran errands and I put things away, I cut up strawberries for my husband, divided up some pulled pork into servings to go into the freezer for his future lunches, etc.

I’m on DAY TWO of the great ‘pantry-and-kitchen-clean-out-and-reorganization project.’ I did the heavy stuff yesterday. I’m creating a pile of donations in our foyer to to the Veterans Thrift Store. I filled a big leaf bag with ‘stuff’ that needed to be thrown out yesterday.

Today I’m trying to finish the project – working on our medicine storage area and some other little things, and then I’ll share a pic or two.

My husband could already tell I had been working in there. He looked around and said, “Where did you put all the STUFF?” :0)

I hope you’re having a great Friday, too.



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Pantry Project

This obviously isn’t my pantry, but it shows my feelings right now. I’m a bit overwhelmed, even though I AM making some progress (I think.)

Two years ago, more or less, I cleaned out our walk-in pantry and felt very virtuous. I’m both a bit of a hoarder and a slob, so getting the whole area cleaned out felt great. Then two years of essentially stuffing things wherever I could find a spot ensued. ( Did I mention I’m a slob?)

SO – We have been eating keto for awhile now. Both of us are very happy with the food we can eat, and I’m adding to our ‘go-to’ GOOD recipes all the time. That said, I’ve been noticing that I’m having to dig deeply to get to the things or appliances I want, and this is dumb. What I use all the time should be easily accessible.

So today I’ve started cleaning out the pantry, either giving away or storing what we aren’t using, throwing away what we’re not eating, and re-organizing the rest.  So far, I’ve spent an hour and a half, basically making a mess in there. This will improve the more time I spend in there, so I’m concentrating on not feeling overwhelmed and running away.

I am officially taking a break now and we’ll have lunch, and then I’ll do another hitch. This will probably take a couple of days. I’ll take pics when the job is finally done.

I hope I’m not the ONLY person who needs to clean stuff out….




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First real taste of winter here overnight and this morning. I had to be really careful taking one of our dogs out this morning. The lip and steps of the front porch, plus the concrete pad down below were pretty icy. I had to be really careful not to fall on my head.  It’s 33 degrees F. now, and we’re to have a high of 37. The precipitation has changed from freezing rain/sleet to just really cold rain now, so hopefully the ice will melt. I’m a bit worried about the re-freeze tonight, but will wait and see.


Center of the American Experiment

Happily, we have all we need and don’t have to get out, except for taking dogs out.

I hope that YOUR weather is either good, or you can get somewhere warm and dry OUT of it.

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Mindful Christianity Today

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 1-21-2020

Back to Nature

It’s cold (26 degrees F.), crisp, and sunny outside here in Greenwood, Arkansas. Since rain, freezing rain, sleet, and flying hair balls are forecast for tonight and tomorrow, my husband and I went to run errands and replenish supplies so that we can stay in.

I just received a package with some earrings I ordered from Jerri St. John at Paparazzi.   This is wonderful costume jewelry I really love.  Jerri is a wonderful person. She handles orders carefully and promptly, with great communication. I highly recommend her. I have never been disappointed in anything I have bought. Click on the link above to see all the wonderful things she offers! * If the above link doesn’t work for you for some reason, here is the URL

I got to play in my art room yesterday, finishing – or almost finishing – some things –


This is another in my ‘word’ wooden plaque series.


I painted another of my stained tee shirts – “up-cycling” it so I can continue to wear it. I think this one looks happy.


I finally decided to make some wooden earrings for ME.  I need to add the hardware.



I did this pair and the green pair below as an experiment. I need to drill holes in the middle-size and small disks so I can put the hardware in that will attach the pieces.



We enjoyed going bowling with our long-time good friends last night. When we started this, several years ago, we thought that bowling most Monday nights would result in better and better scores. NOT!  I’m am completely erratic. Either I bowl pretty well for me (160+) or don’t even break 100. Last night was one of my pathetic nights. It didn’t matter because we got to catch up with our friends and enjoyed ice cream from Braum’s afterward. YUM!

I am finally feeling good today – after 2 days of misery and 2 more days of feeling pretty weak, so I’m going to celebrate by getting back to my exercise. I’ll get on my elliptical trainer and then will do some good gentle yoga stretching. :0)

I hope that YOUR day is enjoyable, as well.



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Wonderful Artwork

Fiore Cagnetti – Queen of the Elves


R.Garip via Ana Loreta Baicu-LinkedIn


Alina Ciuciu-Don’t Be So Loud , You’re Scaring the Fish


Kent R. Wallis Art via Elena (Livia) Diaconescu-LinkedIn


Nadia Guardao – LinkedIn

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Pebble Art – Part 2





TDF Blog



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Enjoying the Fall for a Bit Longer

Floristic Planet


Color on the Metolius River-Extreme Oregon via Yolanda Vanveen


Slice of Life

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A Bohemian Seeking Rhapsody

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Pebble Art






Bored Art

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A NICE Keto Bread!


I just finished my SEVENTH new recipe for keto bread. I have been trying to find one basic recipe that I could eat when my husband is eating dinner rolls from the deli/bakery,  that I could slice and toast for our dinner/breakfasts, and might be able to use for a sandwich. I know – that’s a lot to ask of one recipe, but I’m not one who loves to spend time in the kitchen. I want to be able to do something reasonably quickly that tastes good and has good texture.

I have to say I’m happy with this recipe. It’s called ‘Keto Bread’ and the source is

This is the SEVENTH – and best – recipe I have found. I like the fact that it contains yeast and rises a bit. like actual bread. It has enough that you can smell and taste the yeast a bit, too, satisfying my hunger for REAL bread without containing no-no’s like white flour, regular sugar, etc.

I had all the ingredients on hand except for ‘inulin.’ I looked it up, finding it was a sugar alternative with pro-biotics. I have “Swerve,” and so used it instead. (I ordered the Inulin so that I can use that next time, just in case it does make a difference.)

My bread isn’t as pretty as the one shown above, but it sliced nicely, even though I really rushed it on giving it time to cool completely. (my husband loves warm bread and butter. )


This is mine.  The pic was taken after I sliced two pieces right out of the middle of the loaf when it was still hot.  The flavor and texture are nice! If you’re trying to eat keto friendly things, try MyKetoKitchen 



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Thoughts on a Sunday 1-19-2020

Secretary Bird-New Animalbook-Steve Stehr-via Penny Yaffe Krakow

I’m delighted/relieved to report that I’m feeling GOOD this morning! Not sassy yet, but on my way. I have thrown out a lot of food, since I don’t know what caused my problem (all were things that “I” eat, and my husband doesn’t, such as cottage cheese, raw veggies, etc.) We will go to the grocery store soon to replenish our supplies and start with a clean slate again. WHEW!

Even though our weather is a bit cold, gray, and raw, we have NO snow or ice – another thing for which I’m grateful. :0)

I finished painting a tee shirt before I got sick.


I’m looking forward to getting up to my art room this afternoon. I have started earrings for myself and another wooden plaque.

Fingers are crossed that I’ll feel good enough by tomorrow to get back to my daily elliptical trainer and yoga practice.  Right now I’m feeling very happy with not having my food poisoning symptoms – but my body will be happier when I can be more active again.

I wish you a happy, healthy Sunday!

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A Truly Lovely Sight

Seagulls in Istanbul-Hasan Celik via Penny Yaffe Krakow

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Sad and Useless

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