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“Invisibility of Poverty” Art

Kevin Lee, Haohui Zhou, and Bin Liu combined their body painting and photography efforts to create an incredibly creative way to bring attention to homeless children and raise money for Unicef. They called their collaboration the “Invisibility of Poverty”, showing the problem was right in front of us, but faded into the background.

I found this in an article by Arnesia Young of

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Lazy Monday

Barbara Trauch

This shows you how I feel today. I’m not aware of any sleeping problems last night – I just feel incredibly lazy today.

I made two phone calls this morning first thing –

  1. to our local library to see if they were now taking book donations. We’ve always made a point of taking our books to donate for their book sale/fund raisers, but during the pandemic they stopped taking donations or having the sales. The librarian sounded pleased I called, so I’ll turn my sights toward gathering a good donation.
  2. to our local propane supplier for fill-ups on our two propane tanks. We got one tank for the house when we built it in 1987. We got just another small tank years afterward to power the heater in our shop. We top both off once a year. In the last year they have gone to a phone tree system that is apparently service-area wide. Between bad choices and then too-loud music on hold, it’s quite annoying to get to a real person. THEN – that person is apparently in a call center, judging from the background noise, and English is a second language. It took me 20 minutes of giving information and answering questions to schedule the fill-ups for some time in the coming week or next. Nothing is easy anymore.
A Celebration of Reading

I’m pretty much deciding that my next big project will be getting my books under control – going through what I have, deciding what can be donated, and reorganizing the rest. I’ll continue what I have started upstairs and work my way down. We have books in almost every room, so this will take awhile.

fb/barefootfive – brooke hampton

I wish you a good Monday.

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Wherever You Go… –


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A Gift

Jo Wessels

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Lovely Gift

One of the gifts I received for my birthday recently was this beautiful pot of “Mime” roses with the solar-powered glass hummingbird. I finally was able to get some pics at night to give you an idea of how much fun it is.

It changes color very rapidly, but I tried to show you many of the colors.

I love the way that the hummingbird lights up, and then you can also see the reflection in the window.

Wonderful friend – perfect gift!

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A “Proper” Birthday Celebration

My sister-in-law told me this morning that she and her Mah Jongg group helped their friend John celebrate his 80th birthday. She said, “He dressed up with a walker and shawl and scarf to get in the spirit of the moment. Lots of good chatter and neighbors honking as they passed. We think we gave him a “proper” 80th birthday.”

This is a beautiful example of the goodness of people even in the midst of the horrible pandemic, and I’m proud to be on the same planet. John’s wife was in the group originally. She passed away and her husband John was inducted into the group by this caring bunch of people. What a happy way to show John he is valued!

May we add our “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!” to the celebration.

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Give – Keep

Zig Ziglar –

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Best Exercise for the Heart

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December 10, 2020 · 11:25 am


Maya Angelou –

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Source Unknown

Hahahahahahhaha! I love this. :0)

Today is a nice day.

I just finished chatting with our son, who lives in Thailand. He is such a good communicator it’s almost possible to forget how far away he is. The last time he came home, the trip took 24 hours, with the flights and layovers. :0(  We talk almost every day, chatting about this and that, and it adds so much quality to my life. I’m very lucky to be so close to him in all ways except geographically.

It’s cool enough that we still have the doors open, front and back, creating a nice breeze. We will have to close up soon, but I love to air the house out!

Today’s project is gathering more things to donate to Veteran’s Thrift Town in Fort Smith tomorrow.  I’m hopeful that we can make several more donations as I try to go through the house with an eye to getting rid of stuff again.

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday.


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In a few minutes I will drive down to get our mail and put out our trash. When I get back, I’ll spend some time on the elliptical trainer in the garage. I’m HOPING to do 20 minutes today, but I’ll do what I can and call it a win for the day. My motivation is high today. I was planning to do the elliptical MWF this week, but I’ll see what happens. :0)

My husband wanted to eat some of the South Beach pancakes this morning. The last time was a disaster, so we decided that the NEXT time we tried them, “I” would be the one who caused it. I mixed up the two packages (one for him and one for me) according to the directions. The batter was too thick. I added 2 more tablespoons. The end result was good. We used a little butter and some sugar-free syrup. It was a nice way to start the day.

I will check the garden and also see if we have ripe tomatoes to gather. It has been so hot that I have spent the minimum amount of time outside as possible. We have a 50% chance of rain today – particularly this afternoon – so I’m hopeful for a bit of a reprieve.

I am trying to choose something in the house that needs ‘healing’ (cleaning out, reorganizing, cleaning) each day. I’m not sure what today’s project will be yet. So MUCH to choose from! I’m working on large leaf bag #3 of things to donate to the Disabled Vets.

I’m re-reading book # 47 (out of 49) of the J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) “In Death” series. #50 in the series has been ordered and will arrive soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



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Three Things

Henry James –

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Welcoming May 2020


And we welcome May 2020, appreciating Hamish and Trey of one of the firefighters in Australia and a sweet dog.  I have to tell you that this donation to buy the calendar has been a source of much drooling by me each month. It’s only a detail that these gorgeous guys are probably young enough to be my son. I still have eyes and the heart of a young woman. :0)

So, HAPPY MAY to you.

Hopefully, this month will bring many improvements all over the world.

Stay safe.

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Nature Valley via Penny Yaffe Krakow

Cancelling appointments and not-strictly-necessary errands, social distancing, plus worry for economic repercussions from the coronavirus have me feeling stressed and a bit nuts. I find myself feeling overwhelmed, but having trouble actually sitting down and finishing tasks. I get started, then I think of something that might be more important. I switch to that, and think of something else. I definitely need a button I can push that allows my body – and particularly my brain – to ‘reboot.’ I feel like the sweet dog in the photo who has gathered all the sticks, but now isn’t sure what to DO with them…

One positive thing I’m doing is gathering another donation for the Veterans Thrift Town in Fort Smith, AR.  We have been donating to them for years now. Every time we go with a donation, they are very friendly and helpful. Someone helps me get the bags and stuff out of the vehicle and happily give a receipt. The store is clean and well organized. I am happy we found this good group.

Another positive thing today is that we drove to Ft. Smith first thing this morning to sign our tax returns. I always breathe a sigh of relief that it is over for another year. We dashed into Walmart on the way back and are now in for the day.

I’m adding to my online shops. I’m making sure my shops are up to date. I’m thinking of starting a new one in the next few days. People are staying home more due to the coronavirus and might do more online shopping as a result. Right now I have –

Hand-painted wooden earrings

Hand-painted tote bags

Hand-painted note cards and stationery

and ArtFire – with everything else I make.

I’m thinking that I will start a new Etsy shop with my hand-painted glassware.

Meanwhile, I start to the kitchen to get a refill on my coffee and notice a ball of white hair on the tiled floor next to the back door. I also notice that the cat has pulled my hair-washing towel down on the floor. I pick that up and hang it on the chair back again. I put the cup down, go get my cordless vacuum, and end up vacuuming not only that area, but two half-baths, the dining area, the kitchen, the utility room, and the walk-in pantry.

As I walk back from hanging up the vacuum, I stop, pick up the hair washing towel and hang it back up on the chair  and put the lunch dishes in the dishwasher. Then get out pork chops to thaw for dinner and pick up the hair washing towel again. At this point, I put the cat out, get my coffee, and come back to the computer…

I hope that YOUR day is more productive than mine. I MEAN well, but the results of my activities so far are less than desired…

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Boynton via Penny Yaffe Krakow

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Happy March 2020!

I have to tell you that, since I bought a calendar that is supposed to help support the firefighters in Australia, my year has been considerably brighter. Of course, I made the donation out of the goodness of my heart – NOT because there are gorgeous guys with puppies looking out at me each month…. :0)

2020 is shaping up to be a beautiful year. Let’s review –

This is Nathan and George – They were on the cover of the calendar.  I keep trying to read the words across his gorgeous chest – Nathan’s, not George’s…..


January was Ben and Nullah.


February has been Tuva and Milo.



And today we start March 2020 with Lloyd and Ollie.

My husband has remarked a couple of times about these men. I continue to point out that buying the calendar helped the firefighters. He KNOWS I love dogs, and the gorgeous guys are just an extra…..

Happy March!

*If you want your own calendar, this year or next year, the URL is 


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Thoughts on a Saturday 2-29-2020


Happy Leap Year – February 29th, 2020!

We have had a busy day so far.

We figured out a way to move the big rock that we dug up when the water pipe in our front yard sprung a leak.

It doesn’t look very impressive here, but the rock is about 18 inches long and HEAVY. We managed to turn it sideways, working with a shovel and moving it about an inch at a time. Then we worked together to heave it over, and over, and over until we finally got to the edge of the yard. It went down the slope into the trees. We then got a bag of potting soil to work on filling the hole. We’ll see where we are after the next rain.

I went through my jewelry today. I LOVE jewelry, particularly earrings, but followed closely by necklaces. I have WAY too much for any one woman, so I decided to get fairly ruthless, putting anything I hadn’t worn in the past year into baggies for each jewelry type to donate to the Disabled Veterans Thrift Store. I STILL have too much jewelry for any one woman, but I made significant progress. I went through my closet quickly, too, finding some purses, scarves and belts to add to the donation. I have just finished listing everything and getting the bags ready to take for donation next Tuesday.

We’re going Tuesday because on Monday (between 9 and 5) we are supposed to be getting significantly faster Internet service provided by CenturyLink. We have them now, but the service they were advertising on a flyer recently really got our attention. We live in the sticks and have to be content with the best of whatever is available. Our son – who has one of the greatest senses of humor on the planet – goes into a whole ‘schtick’ mocking our service each time he comes home. I laugh until my stomach hurts. Fingers – and all other appendages – are crossed that the new service actually IS significantly faster than what we have now.

Also on Tuesday, thanks to YOU – I am getting a lobster tail lunch at Red Lobster after we make the donation – because my subscriber list hit 1400 officially today. I’m thrilled and I thank those of you who signed up. :0)

My to-do list is long today, but I am making progress. I hope that your day is happy and productive, too.


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Thoughts on a Saturday 2-15-2020

The sun is ALMOST shining today and it’s warmer, so I’m a happy camper.

We just got back from running errands. We have two main things on our list today –

THING ONE – getting a replacement collar for the shock collar we use rarely with our 94+ pound yellow lab, Amber. The shock part is still working, but the collar is too short now. Once we get one we can use, we’ll start working with her again in the yard. We need to be able to take her to the vet, for example, without worrying about her pulling my husband or me down and making us face surf on the ground. Our biggest problem is that she minds well when we are by ourselves. She looks at us as if she has never seen us before and is totally deaf when we are out in public.

THING TWO – adjusting a door knob assembly so that the door to the guest room closes and stays closed, rather than opening with the nose of a dog or cat.

I told you that we don’t really celebrate any holidays like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc. My husband was raised without big celebrations and I don’t want him to feel obligated to get me something just because of the calendar.  When we find something we think the other will like, we get it and give it, regardless of the day.

I have also told you that I’m a very happy, spoiled lady who is treated better than I deserve 99% of the time. Two examples –

He bought me these earrings a couple of weeks ago. I just love them. They gave me some trouble trying to actually get them into my ears, though. The post is curved and didn’t want to go through the hole in my ear. I kept trying. I finally decided to wait until my earlobes were completely happy and THEN try them. I wore them yesterday!!!! My husband was a bit disappointed, saying they were ‘small,’ but they looked pretty. I tried to get a pic of them with me wearing them, but I wasn’t able to.

TODAY I opened a package in the mail to find these –

The picture doesn’t show how sparkly they are. They are called, “sidewinders” or something similar because you see the whole circle while they are in your ear, not just an outside edge. I will put them on and try to get a picture. Fingers crossed!

See what I mean about being happy and spoiled?

After several days of running like a nut, I’m fairly caught up today.

I am planning to –

  • Bake a loaf of keto bread
  • Get back into exercising – with my elliptical trainer in the garage plus a session of yoga later today.

I hope that YOUR Saturday is a fun one!


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Thoughts on a Tuesday 2-4-2020


We’re having a cold, rainy day today, to be followed by a wintry mix tomorrow. We were spoiled by two days of absolutely gorgeous, sunny weather lately, so I guess this evens things out.



Yesterday I finished taking my warm weather stuff out of my closet and putting it into our guest room closet. I had my cold weather stuff in a big tub that I stashed in my art room because we were trying to have a clear closet for the foreign student we hoped to host. My husband’s stroke changed our plans, the foreign student won the lottery on host families elsewhere – finding a perfect one for him. Yesterday I pulled the tub into our master bath where my closet is.

I was determined not to just pull things out and be done with it. I tried each thing on and then decided whether –

  • It was good and could be hung up
  • It was good, but needed to go into the dryer for a few minutes to get wrinkles out
  • It was now too large and should be donated (HOORAY!)
  • I really didn’t like the way it looked on me and should be donated
  • It was still too small and should be donated

I finally got to the bottom of the tub. I took the clothes that needed the dryer, along with hangers, downstairs and began running loads with a few things at a time. I took a pad of paper, pen, and large leaf bag back upstairs, listing what I was donating and filling the bag. I brought both downstairs. Then I brought the stuff that was now wrinkle-free and on hangers back upstairs and hung them in my closet. Today I will document the donation and the next time the weather is cooperative, we’ll drive to Ft. Smith to the Veterans Thrift Store.

Today’s project, thanks to Mother Nature giving us a cold, rainy day, is scrubbing my kitchen. Things have been cleaned out in both our walk-in pantry and the kitchen, and today I’ll do the deep cleaning it has been needing. So far, I have the top-of-the-stove parts in the dishwasher.

We went bowling with our good friends last night. We got to catch up on what each of us had been doing – with good conversation and laughs. My husband beat me the first game, but I beat HIM the second. We ALL enjoyed going to Braum’s after for ice cream. My husband wore the new tee he bought – giving both of our friends a good laugh.

I hope that you are having a good Tuesday. ENJOY!


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2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar

I ordered an Australian Firefighters Calendar for 2020 in a win/win celebration of the new year. It was a way to support the firefighters – although I had no idea that Mother Nature would deal such a terrible blow to the country. Apparently they create a calendar each year showing truly magnificent looking men and cute animals so that they can raise needed funds and so that people like me can enjoy welcoming each new month. :0)

To review our handsome year so far –

This is the cover of the calendar, with Nathan and George.  This alone would be worth the price of the calendar, as far as I’m concerned, but there is more!


All through January I have been enjoying looking at Ben and Nullah.  (I now have to admit that I missed the tip for handling burns here….)


And today we celebrate the month of February with Tuva and Milo.  (there is the URL for the place to go to order a calendar for yourself for this – and/or NEXT year….

The older I get, the more quickly time passes. We barely start a new year and the months start flying past me, making my hair blow.

Thankfully, I’m not dead yet, and these gorgeous men give me another wonderful reason to enjoy each day.

Happy February, everyone!


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New Mantra

Joshua Becker via becomingminimalist

Two years ago now, I made a donation to the Veterans Thrift Store in Fort Smith at least once a month, every month, in an effort to declutter our home. I made a lot of progress, but I’m trying to get started again.

This month so far we have made one donation – a whole bunch of glasses – glass and plastic – that were cluttering up our kitchen cabinets and pantry. I was truly amazed when my husband brought a 5 foot long box in from the shop to use. I was amazed when we filled it almost to overflowing!  We added a trash bag with an old crock pot and an old juicer, and that it was the first donation.

I’m going to continue in the kitchen/pantry/dining area for now. Since we are eating keto now, I’ve changed the way I’m cooking. I’m going to reorganize, so that the things I use the most often are in the prime storage spaces – or, at least, that’s the PLAN. :0)

It feels good to gather things others can use and donate them.

This year I’m not going to try for any particular number of donations. I just want to make steady progress in my effort to only have things around that I use and enjoy.



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Thoughts on a Thursday 1-9-2020

New Animalbook

We are getting rain. We had some last night, we’re having some today, severe weather possibly tomorrow, then maybe a wintry mix Saturday. I wish that Mother Nature could do this moisture over Australia…

Between storms, my husband and I drove to Ft. Smith this morning to leave our first donation of the year to the Veterans Thrift Town Store. I am really impressed with the people who run this place. The store is always clean, and the people who work there smiling and helpful. The people in the back who help us with our donation are always really nice. We now donate most everything we have there.  If you live in the area, their address is 3500 Jenny Lind Road, Suite B, Fort Smith, AR 72901.  Their phone number is (479) 783-7225. They are open Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

I am doing better with my keto eating plan efforts and my exercise.  I just took one of our favorites – an egg/sausage/cheese bake – by Suzanne Ryan – out of the oven for our dinner tonight. My husband actually requests this dinner. I serve it with a side veggie or a salad. Delicious. I’ve been doing lots of yoga lately to try to straighten out my back. It’s working. I’m almost back to normal now. A twinge, when I bend forward, like to pick something up off a table, but otherwise good. I’ll try to add my elliptical to the mix very soon.

I’m going to try another keto bread recipe probably tomorrow. The loaf I’m finishing is fine, but my husband doesn’t care for it. I would LIKE to find one that both of us enjoy. The search continues…. oh- I almost forgot to tell you! I’m on the hunt for Crepini Egg Thins with Cauliflower. Walmart usually carries them, but is out of stock at the moment. I’m planning to try using them as a wrap in place of sandwiches, since trying to eat things from rolled up lettuce isn’t really working for me.

It is dark outside, and it’s only 4:30! Looks like we’re in for another storm.

I hope you’re having a good day.



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Thoughts on a Tuesday 1-7-2020

Varya and Weiss – Andy Seliverstoff


Today is a beautiful day in Greenwood, Arkansas. It’s 43 degrees and sunny. It’s supposed to get up to 57 this afternoon. Hard to believe it’s January. I’m lovin’ it!

I’m delighted to report that my back is ALMOST back to normal this morning. I hurt myself three days ago, trying to put a big tub of Christmas stuff under our stairs. I had asked my husband for help. He said the tub would not GO under the stairs. I told him I knew it would because it was under there when I took the tub out in order to decorate. He continued to scoff, so I got angry and tried to PROVE to him it would go under there by doing it myself. STUPID MOVE. My anger resulted in 3 days of really bad back pain.  I have spent those days taking Tylenol, then switching to Ibuprofen, using Arnica gel on my back, using the heat pad most of the day and night, and doing multiple sessions of very careful yoga stretching. This morning I am MUCH better. Not 100% yet, but MUCH improved. My husband told me to punch him in the mouth – rather than hurting myself – the next time I get mad at him. :0)



I wracked up a lot of gold stars with all the yoga sessions the past three days, but the best thing is that I learned how I can help myself feel better through my practice. I was mainly thinking of it as a good way to loosen myself up, increase my flexibility, etc., but now I know it’s therapeutic and can help me get through an injury or insult to my poor back.

I had started gathering things to donate to the Veterans Thrift Store in Fort Smith before I hurt myself. So far, we have filled a long box with glasses that were cluttering up our cabinets and the pantry. The work was put on hold while I tried to recover from my stupidity, but I will GINGERLY continue with that today. I’m concentrating on the kitchen, pantry, and dining area (since they are all connected)  first. Hopefully, we can take our first donation by the end of this week.

I hope that you are feeling sassy today and enjoying nice weather.



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Happy New Year 2020

We had a quiet evening last night. We ate some keto chili, and I celebrated by eating some no-sugar-added ice cream to end the old year happily.  Being old folks, we went to sleep right before midnight, so we don’t know if our backyard neighbors down in the valley shot off fireworks or not.

I found a wonderful way to celebrate each month of 2020.  Out of the goodness of my heart :0)  I bought an Australian Firefighters calendar. This is a fundraiser for them, and being SUCH a good person, I wanted to help. I’m going to share the photo each month, so that YOU can benefit from my donation, too.


And here we welcome January with Ben and Nullah. I hope you share my enthusiasm for the new month. You’re welcome! :0)


This is my newest group of note cards created with Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze and grey webbing spray. I’m calling it, “Branching Out.”

I hope this is a wonderful day for you – the first day of what will be a great year for you.



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Christmas 2019

Alex Howitt

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Christmas Honors – Fort Smith, Arkansas – 2019

In 2009 a local program was born – Christmas Honors. A group of founding volunteers decided that every headstone in the Fort Smith National Cemetery would receive a wreath. In 2009, over 1,000 volunteers participated in event. 12,000 wreaths and ribbons were needed to decorate each and every grave site.  In 2019, the number is around 18,000. It’s a small thing our community can do to honor the men and women who have served our country.
This is one of the wreaths and the bow we were tying on each wreath. What doesn’t show in my picture was the wreath glistened with silvery shiny stuff. Pretty!
This is the third year my friend, Carla, and I have participated in this. When I walked into the convention center, I was completely overcome by how MANY, MANY people were there – all to get the wreaths ready to put on the veterans’ graves. Tears came up and spilled over, that – with all the negativity in the world – THIS could happen.
There were people bringing in box after box of wreaths. Others bringing in boxes of red bows. Others walking around with bamboo type poles, where they gathered the finished wreaths and took them out to trucks behind the convention center. The picture below shows a cart used to gather finished wreaths.
Carla and I worked as fast as we could from 9:00 until 2:00. Thankfully, there was a chair we could share to plop down and rest for a minute or two every once in awhile. It felt good to be working together surrounded by a big, noisy room of others all dedicated to the same goal – honoring the men and women who have served our country. Christmas music played and we sang along.
This is my lovely friend, Carla. She simply exudes kindness from every pore.  She is also my partner in the booth in the local shop in Greenwood. We love being together, and it’s doubly good when we’re doing something for others.
Here I am. We didn’t work long before outer jackets came off and were tied around our waists.
Each hour we would stop and sing our National Anthem, standing, with hands on our hearts. The whole room was full of voices, filling our hearts.  About the half way point – 12:30 – the man at the microphone said we were behind schedule on getting all 18,000 or so wreaths finished, and asked some of the people doing other things to pitch in on tying bows.  We accomplished our goal.
This coming Saturday at 8 a.m.the wreaths will be available to family members who want to place their wreath privately, having a bit of privacy.  Then, at 11:00 there will be a ceremony where all the rest of the wreaths will be placed on each grave by still more volunteers.
The wreaths will stay up until the middle of January, I think. Then, still another group of volunteers will gather up the wreaths, take the bows off, and store bows and wreaths until next year.
A really nice tradition – Christmas Honors.

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Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Repost From of Wonderful Idea by a 9-Year-old Boy

This 9-Year-Old Russian Boy ‘Sells’ His Custom Pet Paintings For Food And Supplies For Shelter Animals

Not all heroes wear capes but their good deeds speak for themselves. This is yet another story to prove that even the smallest of us are capable of changing the world for the better and restore the faith in younger generations. Children come up with the most brilliant ways to solve problems that adults often fail at.

How to combine a love for art and help for stray animals? A kind-hearted 9-year-old Russian boy Pavel Abramov has the perfect answer to this question. The young artist from a small city of Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod has been painting beautiful portraits of pets and not to make money for his toys or a new phone, as you would expect. He exchanges his lovely portraits for animal food and supplies and donates it to a local shelter. Everyone can help in their own way.

More info: | Instagram

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Pavel and his mother Ekaterina Bolshakova started this project called “Kind paintbrush” about a year ago. This idea originated in Pavel’s brilliant mind when the loss of a four-legged friend hit the family and he could no longer ignore stray animals wandering the streets of the city. He needed to take part in making a change in memory of his dear Barsik and he definitely did; in the most creative and generous way.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?


Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

But this wasn’t the start of their volunteering journey of helping animals in need. The duo has been managing a group on Russian social media site, VK, called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” which has been proving time after time that a little human being can bring a positive change and the others will follow. The young altruist doesn’t have a helping hand from funds and organizations; he doesn’t have managers and employees– but he has a huge heart and an undeniable talent.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Pavel paints real pets of owners who are ready to sign a deal to provide kilograms of porridge, meat, and supplies in exchange for a portrait of their beloved animal. He knows each of his models by name and often meets them when the painting is finished. He paints based on pets’ photos and is always interested in how owners met their furry family members. Pavel is deeply touched by the heartwarming stories of pets rescued from the cold streets and this is probably what makes up for all his efforts.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?


Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

This brave social initiative has already spread beyond Arzamas city. Animal lovers from all over Russia and even abroad want to have the portraits of their pets made while taking part in a charitable mission. Artwork made by Pavel’s kind paintbrush has traveled to Spain, Germany and more to come.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Pavel is the youngest volunteer of the only animal shelter in Arzamas that currently houses over 100 dogs. In exchange for his paintings, he asks for food, household supplies, accessories, depending on what the shelter needs at that particular moment.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Chuck’s portrait went to the customer in exchange for 5 kg of buckwheat, 10 cans of canned dog food, and skin medicine.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Charming Ksyusha’s portrait was exchanged for 6 kg of buckwheat, canned dog food, bandages and medicine.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Timofey’s portrait has been exchanged for a set of medicines and dog collars.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Jesse’s portrait was exchanged for 7 kg of offal and 3 kg of buckwheat.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Cheerful hamsters were presented to an owner in exchange for 4 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of dry food, a leash, and a toy.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Portrait of cute Onyx for 3 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of oatmeal, 4 kg of pearl barley, treats for dogs and household supplies.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

A portrait of these three girls in exchange for 15 kg of beef trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Exchanged for 15 kg of selected beef delicacies for the shelter.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

The portrait of Rex, Tuzik, Keks and Lusya exchanged for 5 cans of canned beef, 1 liter of milk, 3 kg of cereal, a pack of dry food, and 5 kg of trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

The portrait of handsome Basi went to Natalia in exchange for 10 kg of buckwheat and 10 kg of pearl barley.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

10 kg beef bones for this portrait of lovely Sonya.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

This portrait of Mr. Puzan was exchanged for 15 kg of beef bones and trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

“Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time,” the boy’s mother Ekaterina told Bored Panda. Pavel dreams of becoming an architect and building a big shelter in the future, and for now – he will contribute as much as he can with his art and humane initiatives.


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The Age of Enlightenment via Janet Melendez – LinkedIn

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Been There…

The Literacy Site via Cathy Ruggiero

As we were getting ready to leave the bowling alley last night, a man came up to us. He apologized for bothering us, but asked if we knew anywhere he could get money. I won’t go into all the details, but as we all listened, he told us if he didn’t get to Houston by 8 am this morning, his daughter would go into foster care. He was desperate. He needed gas for his truck and didn’t have the money to fill up his tank and then get back again.

He told us he worked in Fort Smith. At first I thought it was a scam, but noticed he WAS wearing the shirt of a local business.  We asked how much he needed. He said it was a loan and he would pay us back, asking how he could find us. We just told him we would probably be at the bowling alley next Monday evening and he could pay us back then.

We have been in similar positions, needing and not finding help. When we needed money, there weren’t ATM’s and the local banks were closed, of course. Now we have credit cards where we could pay now and then worry about how to pay later – but he only had a debit card and it was all used up. He would get his paycheck today at noon – too late. We’ve been in the position of needing surgery and not having health insurance. Of needing medicine and not finding a pharmacy open or having cash to pay for it. Of not only trying to live paycheck to paycheck, but having to choose which bills to pay with what we had. We’ve been without jobs, selling whatever we had to make enough money to keep our home.

It made us feel good, though, that if he was telling us the truth, we were in a position to able to help him at least a little bit. I’m hoping, as I type this, he and his daughter are together now, on their way back to Fort Smith. I hope he can pick up his paycheck tomorrow at work – not in trouble for having to miss.

We don’t expect to see him again, but it would be really nice – restoring my faith in people – if we do.


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Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

I absolutely LOVE this photo – especially the bird sitting on the man’s head. :0)

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