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Reaching Out

My husband saw a piece in GUNS magazine about the various branches of the service needing basic things to make their service in Iraq and Afghanistan a bit more comfortable. Since we were heading to the grocery store this morning, we included a list of things listed by some Marines. by Lance Cpl. Monty Burton)(Released)

The pitch in the magazine was for Christmas, and we’ll probably do that, too, but we wanted to get a package in the mail tomorrow. The group handling this is called, with branches under it, such as You can see a list of what they would appreciate most.

We shopped for

  • electronic chargers
  • earphones
  • small speakers
  • snacks
  • hygiene needs, such as baby wipes
  • tweezers
  • clippers, plus
  • sudoku, crosswords, wordsearches.
  • we also included mechanical pencils, markers, tootbrushes and toothpaste, etc.

We personally decided to stay away from food or things that might leak, not knowing in what condition packages arrived. Maybe we can find out more for the next package, including how to pack liquids and snacks so they arrive in good condition.

My husband included an extremely short note in the package, telling them that his weapon when he was in the Marines was a stone axe, but that he appreciated their circumstances and hoped the things we sent would make their time there a bit easier.

We’re hoping that a lot of others are answering the call and that lots of service men and women will get things from the packages that will give them a bit of  a boost.


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