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I Prevailed!

Pond 5

I think I told you yesterday that we tried to get our flower planters/tomato planters watering system going and failed. My husband was able to change the batteries in one of the timers, but he gave up on programming it. This is one of the many things he has always been good at doing – making me feel inept – but now “I” am the go-to technical person. YEAH.

I tried to do it yesterday, but it didn’t run. I decided to see if I could find the paperwork and try again today. This morning I went out and started from scratch, completely resetting both timers to run 15 minutes apart. I set my alarm so I wouldn’t forget to check to see if they actually ran this time.

I’ve just come back in and I prevailed! I had time to go around to all the planters – including the tomato planters – and make sure all were getting water. I tweaked the amounts, since we had shut things off tightly for the winter and there was still a lot of air in the lines. Once I finished that, I cam around the front and the 2nd system was working!

I think I have most going fine. We’ll check for any breaks in the lines and keep tweaking how much water each of the planters is getting, but the main system seems to be going fine. I’m really relieved. Can you see me grinning?


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Thursday 2-17-2022


The weather experts were right. I’m not aware that we got the ‘heavy downpours’ that were predicted, but we have the rain, and the cold front is moving in today, changing us from the high 40s now to the 20s this afternoon with a wind chill in the teens. BRRRRR! Did I mention I’m more than ready for spring?

I brought some of the sweet daffodils inside so we could enjoy them, particularly since the ones outside blooming or budding now will freeze today. :0( I’m glad I saw these so they could be appreciated.


Yesterday was a 2-Star day. The first star was for finishing the ‘cleaning-out-and-finding-my-desk’ project. The second star was for the combination of my yoga practice, the fact that I ate nothing between lunch and dinner yesterday, and am weaning myself off of no-added-sugar ice cream, resulting in the loss of almost a pound. Hopefully, I can build on that today.

We’re going to go out – probably after lunch – to run errands. We’ll get our mail, buy replacement tarps to cover the garden raised bed planters again, and stop at Real Food to see if they have some good dinners for us. After that, we’ll ‘hole-up’ in our warm, dry house and enjoy being out of the weather.

I hope you’re safe from the weather, too.

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