My name is Linda Lewis. I had a  website called Creative Artworks! for about 17 years which celebrated handmade, hand  painted, personalized items plus fine art.  My son created my website in  2000 with only my own work. Then I  discovered I could show the work of other artists without increasing my  costs, so I opened the site to others. I closed the website in June of 2017 because it was time.

I now list my own work on HandmadeHavenByLinda on Etsy.

Handmade is superior to any off the  shelf, squeezed-out-of-a-tube product,  no matter how nice the latter is. “Handmade” is created by a real person who stands behind his or her work. Many times it can be personalized for added value.

Technology is great, but we should never be in such a hurry that we bypass real greeting cards made by hand one at a time; stationery or note cards that have been hand painted; glassware for a particular season, holiday, or life event personalized by the artist; items for our kitchen or dining room that will make eating an event; original paintings or photographs that will transform the focus of a room, showing our passions.

I love sharing wonderful photographs and art work that I find. I have a very eclectic blog, sharing jokes, funny pictures, favorite quotes and more.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this. Your comments, ideas, and/or suggestions are most welcome!  Please follow the blog today. I look forward to hearing from you!

Linda Lewis

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  1. I nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award! Thank for all your work!
    Details here: http://snole.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/blog-awards-for-inspiration/

    • Thank you very much! That’s quite a compliment. I wish you luck on your nomination. :0)

    • Anonymous

      I was trying to find a picture of the bird made out of a shovel but none of your pictures want to open. I tried everything and they won’t appear, so I gave up.

      • I’m sorry the pictures aren’t coming up. I’ll see if I can edit the “Lewis Metal Critters Gallery” and get them showing again. I have NO clue why they aren’t coming up. Thank you for letting me know.

        • I deleted what I considered old images when WordPress told me I was reaching my limit. That caused broken links in my posts. I’ve written to see if anything can be done, but I might have to simply get rid of everything and start over on the blog. The Lewis Metal Critters Gallery will be one of the first things redone. Meanwhile, I’ll do a post asap on our shovel birds. Sorry for the aggravation.

  2. H!

    I enjoy your blog so I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  3. Your blog makes me smiling – Thank you!

  4. Marcie

    Hi Linda, We are cleaning out my husband’s grandparents’ home, and have found what seem to be two original Martha Efurd paintings. I was hoping to maybe email Martha, to see if this is really her work. It is a bit different than what I’m seeing on your site, but still appears to be her work. It looks like she might have dated them with Roman numerals. I happen to love the paintings regardless of worth, but we’d like to also know more in that regard. Thank you for any help you can provide!

    • Hi, Marcie. How exciting! I’ll contact you via email with Martha’s email address, and I’ll let her know to expect your email. Thank you for writing, and I envy you!

  5. I enjoyed looking around your blog. I love handmade things. We often try to make things for gifts.

    • Thank you, Peter. I’m glad you try to make things for gifts. They mean so much more to both you and the recipients. I’m glad you enjoyed looking at the blog.:0)

  6. You have an interesting blog here, keep on the good work.

  7. Dear Linda, your blog is such a nice mixture. I have nominated you for the: Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Some more information for you: http://tuttisworld.wordpress.com/awesome-awards/ HAPPY BLOGGING TO YOU Tutti

  8. Thank you, Irene. You’ve made my day. Congratulations on YOUR award!

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  11. Annette Watt

    Hi Linda Newbie from Australia . First reading of your blog . And really enjoyed the eclectic mix of things . And the feelIng coveyed – that you enjoy lIfe so much ! Annette

  12. Anonymous

    https://www.facebook.com/umjetnost.sibica I am artis Tomislav Horvat from Croatia, and this is my work of matchistick.

  13. Linda, I have nominated you to take part in the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Feel free to participate. For details regarding this challenge, please visit: https://fromfoodstampstoafuture.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/3-day-quote-challenge-day-two-3/

  14. Linda, I am a Webmaster for a propane gas company and I wanted to see if you would mind if I posted one of your pictures on our Facebook page for Thanksgiving. I really love the turkey picture you posted here: https://creativeartworksblog.wordpress.com/category/lewis-yard-art/

    I would make sure you receive credit for the photo and have a link back to your page.

    Thank you for your consideration!


    • Hi, Matt. Thanks for contacting me. What a nice compliment! My husband and I made this turkey together, so I would appreciate it if credit included Linda and Harvey Lewis, Greenwood, AR. and linked it back to the page. Thanks so much for the nice feedback! Could you please give us a link to the website when it’s published? It would be a nice surprise for my husband. :0)

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  16. Sarah Young

    Hello, my name is Sarah Young and as much as I appreciate you posting my string tree design on your blog and even listing my business name underneath, it has actually created some problems for me. People have been finding it on google and pinning it to Pinterest where they are then copying it and selling it as their own design not realizing it is a copyrighted design. Could you please remove the string tree photo from your blog. Thank you for understanding.

    • Dear Sarah, I’m sorry you were upset that I posted your beautiful string tree design on my blog. I got it from the net, just googling, “String art,” so anyone is able to get it. I’m sorry they’re not giving you credit for the design. I have, of course, honored your request that I remove your picture from my blog post. Linda Lewis

  17. Xkl

    Do you have or could recommen a book on thread art?

  18. Dear Linda, I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful work and thank you for honoring me by posting my work! I really appreciate it and I am very humbled by your compliments! Sending you my best wishes!

    • Dear Marina, I am in awe of your talent (painting water is impossible) and I am so pleased to be able to share it with the readers of my blog. Thanks for the encouragement. There are absolutely no limits for you. Best wishes to YOU, too.

  19. Excuse me if I’m out of line, but do you allow outside work posted to your stay site? I do wood burning, glass etching, and carving. Just started last year and don’t have a clue where to sell my art.

    • Hi, Troy. Thanks for writing. I don’t have a website where I can list my own work or that of others anymore. I list my own work on Etsy. You might check that out and see what you think. Best of luck!

  20. phil cranford

    hi linda,
    my name is phil cranford and i’d like to show you some pieces of artwork a little odd for some but i think you’ll enjoy them .please foward me an email address where i can send some samples,thanks ,anxious to hear from you …

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