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The World of J.D. Robb

I’m starting to re-read this one today. It’s # 51 in the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts). I only have 4 more before I dive into the newest paperback in my collection, “Desperation in Death” #55. #56, “Encore in Death” is due to be out in hardback at the end of this month. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait – 6 months at least, before they will allow me to pre-order the paperback. It’s another character-building exercise for me. :0)

In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying the world of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, futuristic murder cop in New York.

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Book Number 55

I pre-ordered the paperback several months ago. It came out finally on Dec. 27th and I received it yesterday. I have carefully put in on my desk, waiting for me to enjoy re-reading my way up to diving into the latest installment of the J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) In Death Series, Desperation in Death.

Nora Roberts has created a future world cast with characters that I find down-to-the-ground wonderful. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a lady who embodies courage, commitment, and determination to be the best, to get justice for people who have been murdered. I couldn’t admire her more. All the people in this series are fleshed out more and more as you read. You feel as if you could walk up to them and start a real conversation, knowing their backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses, considering them friends.

I’m starting to re-read the 13th book in the series, Seduction in Death, today. The newest one is #55. Nice way to spend part of the new year.

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“Lovers and Dreamers”

I’m in the middle of a wonderful trilogy by Nora Roberts called, Lovers and Dreamers. The trilogy includes Daring To Dream, Holding the Dream, and Finding the Dream. Three women who were raised together, though one is the daughter of the housekeeper, and one was adopted as a child when her parents died, all have dreams that are quite difficult to achieve. It’s wonderful to see how they challenge each other, support each other, and love each other in their quests. Of course, they each find intriguing men they can’t resist. :0)

Terrific huge trilogy in one book for escape from whatever is bothering you. In reading about these three women, you are encouraged to have your own dreams, as well.

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Favorite Day

I’m enjoying working my way through some biographies of people I find fascinating. I’ve read one on Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn, so far. I’m reading one of Cary Grant now, and I have one on Johnny Carson and another on Rush Limbaugh waiting. I got these from the library book sale and they are a wonderful change from my usual reading.

I ordered some used books from recently and they should be delivered soon. I feel rich when I have books on the way or have just received a good handful. :0)

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Character-Building Exercise – Patience?

I received the paperback The Becoming, Part 2 of the Dragonheart Legacy trilogy by Nora Roberts about a week ago. I reread, The Awakening first, then dived into The Becoming. I finished it and now I wait.

The hardback edition of The Choice is out this month. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait for the paperback, but I’ll pre-order it as soon as it shows as available to do that.

I’m really caught up in the characters and story of this trilogy and I really don’t want to have to wait to find out what happens. That’s where the character-building comes in. You’d think with as old as I am, I would have developed more by now…

Meanwhile, The paperback edition of Desperation in Death (# 55 in the series) by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) will be arriving at my door around December 27th, a wonderful Christmas present for me. I may decide to reread all the previous books before the new one comes…

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Book Delight!


I preordered a paperback of one of the Nora Roberts’ trilogy The Dragonheart Legacy books SEVERAL months ago.

I had the first one, The Awakening, and loved it. I had preordered the paperback of the second one – The Becoming.

I received it yesterday. I will re-read the first one before I dive into the second.

The third one – The Choice – won’t even be available in hardback until November. I’ll check in December or early next year to see if I can preorder that paperback.

I feel very lucky to be able to look forward to continuing this adventure.

Note: Speaking of lucky – I think I have another J.D. Robb IN DEATH series paperback book arriving at the end of December!

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The Joy of Reading

I was on looking for more paperbacks by Linda Howard and discovered, to my delight, books I hadn’t read by Nora Roberts! I didn’t think such a thing existed!

Now I have used books coming by BOTH and I feel quite rich in anticipation.

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Delight on the Way!


Linda Howard writes wonderful books into which I can escape – a priceless thing. I can immediately immerse myself in a world she has created, shedding my concerns, relaxing, and restoring.

Between Thrift Books and Amazon, I can get good prices on used paperbacks. I just bought 6 books online for the price of ONE hardback book. When I buy 4 or more, I can get free shipping from Thrift Books, though they take longer to arrive than if I order from Amazon. I just plan ahead so I don’t run out before I receive my next treasure trove. :0)

I’m saving these books because I know I’ll enjoy reading them again. I have so many I have a list in a spreadsheet on my computer so I don’t mess up and buy a duplicate. I refined my list today by alphabetizing the list, instead of just listing them in the order I’ve purchased them. Upstairs I’m shelving them by publishing year, so I can enjoy her earlier work first when I re-read. I also have any series of books she’s written placed together on the shelves.

I almost lost my love of reading when I was in school. I was forced to read so MUCH, having to regurgitate it in what passes for ‘learning.’ By the time I had my Masters’ Degree as a reading specialist, I read everything as if I would be tested on it, give a synopsis of it, discuss the symbolism, or other such drivel. I taught reading in public schools in Tulsa, OK for eight years and then in my own private reading clinic for another three. My students got me excited about teaching THEM the joy of being ABLE to read, and read for pleasure, but it took ME several years to believe it again for my own reading.

One grateful lady here that I got it back!

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Remember When


My SIL told me about “Remember When” – a book written half by “Nora Roberts” and the other half by “J.D. Robb.” I was unaware of this book and so searched, found, and ordered it. I’m reading the first part now.

The synopsis is – Remember When (2003) is a novel by Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb (the author, writing under two of her pseudonyms). The second half of the book is part of the In Death series, taking place between Imitation in Death and Divided in Death. The plot follows a diamond robbery, over a span of 56 years.

I’m not sure whether Nora was trying to introduce more of her readers to her pseudonym J.D. Robb with her In Death series, or was just intrigued by unsolved crimes. I’m finding it fascinating.

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Never Too Late

Turn the Page

I’m still enjoying my discovery of Linda Howard. She writes sensual thrillers, I guess you would call them. Her characters are strongly drawn, with the main character a strong woman facing character-building/scary situations. I get Amazon and Thrift Books websites up at the same time, seeing what each has to offer on her used books.

I finally finished cleaning out and reorganizing my bedroom bookshelves upstairs (HOORAY!) , and so I now have room for my new collection.

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Pat Hall
Hanford Sentinel

I read this book yesterday. I would LIKE to believe that Tyler Henry is, indeed, a medium and that he CAN be a conduit for people. I will remain skeptical until I can get my OWN reading by him, and that won’t happen. It is an interesting book. I was hard-pressed to put it down yesterday. I felt a push to read what he had to say. I will probably read it again soon, more slowly, trying to digest some of the profound things he said. A lot to think about. I will also get his second book, Here & Hereafter, when it becomes more affordable.

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Lazy Monday

Barbara Trauch

This shows you how I feel today. I’m not aware of any sleeping problems last night – I just feel incredibly lazy today.

I made two phone calls this morning first thing –

  1. to our local library to see if they were now taking book donations. We’ve always made a point of taking our books to donate for their book sale/fund raisers, but during the pandemic they stopped taking donations or having the sales. The librarian sounded pleased I called, so I’ll turn my sights toward gathering a good donation.
  2. to our local propane supplier for fill-ups on our two propane tanks. We got one tank for the house when we built it in 1987. We got just another small tank years afterward to power the heater in our shop. We top both off once a year. In the last year they have gone to a phone tree system that is apparently service-area wide. Between bad choices and then too-loud music on hold, it’s quite annoying to get to a real person. THEN – that person is apparently in a call center, judging from the background noise, and English is a second language. It took me 20 minutes of giving information and answering questions to schedule the fill-ups for some time in the coming week or next. Nothing is easy anymore.
A Celebration of Reading

I’m pretty much deciding that my next big project will be getting my books under control – going through what I have, deciding what can be donated, and reorganizing the rest. I’ll continue what I have started upstairs and work my way down. We have books in almost every room, so this will take awhile.

fb/barefootfive – brooke hampton

I wish you a good Monday.

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Thursday 8-18-2022


Hi! We’re having another ‘cool’ day, at 86, for the high this afternoon. We tried to just have open doors and ceiling fans yesterday, but it was too humid. It’s humid again this morning, so we’re going to keep the a/c on, but I’ll take it. Such a nice relief.

Active Babies – Smart Kids

I had a good time in the art room yesterday and finished the cards that I hope my friend will like. I sent her pics to see what she says.


Today is DAY 34 of my daily yoga practice. I’m having to push myself again, because my hips and knees have been talking to me for the past several days, but I’m concentrating on slow and steady, with fewer reps to get me through it.

Times of India

I’m now muttering to my scales that I don’t appreciate “sarcastic scale humor” whatsoever, but mine is delighting in its newfound ability to smirk and laugh at me. One of these days, I’ll wipe the smile off its face.

Nizar Fahmi

Just as I’m finishing my ‘last’ Linda Thomas paperback, I received part of my new order of her books yesterday. It’s getting harder to find used paperbacks by Linda Thomas, but I’ll redouble my efforts when I start getting low again. Right now I feel rich in books. :0)

One of the things on my to-do list today is to work on reorganizing some of my books. Hopefully, by the end of the day, I’ll have a better handle on things.

Have a wonderful day.


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One Box

sent to me by a friend

Reading for pleasure is a very personal thing – unique to each individual.

My husband and I don’t even use the same SALT, so it hasn’t surprised me that our reading tastes are so vastly different.

We do agree on a few authors – Robert B. Parker and Lee Child – to name two just off the top of my head. I was surprised, though, that my husband decided to try one of Linda Howard’s books recently. She is a ‘new’ author to me – recommended by a friend – and I enjoy her writing a lot. I’ve just ordered my third ‘tranche’ of used paperback books by her. My husband likes her work, too, and so now we have a new thing so we can keep track.

I have a list on my computer of the books of hers I have ordered and read. We keep the actual books I’ve received on our communal desk area in the middle of the room between our computer areas in our office. They stay there until both of us have read them, and then they find their way upstairs. We have agreed to check with each other before the books go on the stairs to be taken up. :0)

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sent to me by a dear friend

I just ordered more Linda Howard books. My husband and I are both enjoying them. I’m keeping a list of the ones we have and have read, and ones we have ordered so it makes it easier when I’m trying to order more.

Since we try to watch our money, we buy used paperbacks or the Kindle versions when applicable. I toggle back and forth when I find a book we don’t have, seeing what it costs used on Amazon vs Thriftbooks, buying from both sources.

I feel rich when we have more on the way. :0)

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I Got It, Read It…

forward from a friend

One of the packages that I told you the UPS driver left on our robot on Wednesday to spend the night outside before we found it and another package before the rain started Thursday was the “Abandoned in Death” book by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) that I pre-ordered in February for when it was available in paperback.

I was in the middle of another book, but dived into my much-anticipated book as soon as I could. Once I started it, I found it very hard to put it down. Life and obligations kept getting in the way, so I found myself last night reading in the living room until early this morning to finish it.

It was like a reunion with old friends you feel as if you haven’t seen in forever. As usual, the ‘crime’ was all encompassing. I can never figure out who the perpetrator is, no matter how much I think about it.

The next book in the series, “Desperation in Death” will come out in paperback in December of this year, and I’ve pre-ordered it. There is another – #56 – “Encore in Death” – that will come out in hardback in February of 2023, and will probably be available in paperback sometime late in the year.

I always feel a bit sad when I’ve read all available paperbacks for awhile. It’s good that she’s such a prolific writer that I have something to look forward to.

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Funny Problem


I’ve told you I discovered Linda Howard’s books recently, due to a recommendation from one of my dearest friends. I’m purchasing them for my Kindle, plus used copies of paperbacks, which I prefer.

I told my husband that I really liked her work, and he decided to read one.

Our funny problem is that – even though I just purchased 6 or 7 books lately, he had read all of them – before me – except the one I am reading now. :0)

I’ll probably finish it today, but we’ve both been given a nice gift by my friend. I’ll have to look for more good deals on used books so I can keep my husband supplied!

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Nice Afternoon


I’ve had a very nice afternoon.

I turned on the a/c upstairs – it’s 104 F. actual temperature – who knows what the heat index is – and painted for a couple of hours this afternoon. Things are definitely coming together on the Christmas gifts I’m painting. I listened to some of my favorite music while I painted and had a great time.


I came downstairs and was going to read, but ended up asleep in my recliner with the book on top of me. :0) I feel much more rested now.


Then it was about 5:00 and I hadn’t done my yoga practice for the day, so I did that, and earned my sparkly star on my calendar.

Now I’m enjoying time on my computer and will soon fix dinner for us.

NICE afternoon.

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When I went to find more Linda Howard books, I couldn’t find used paperbacks, so the best option was to download them on my new Kindle.

I found her “Western Ladies Series” – A Lady of the West, Angel Creek, and The Touch of Fire.

Though I really prefer to have real books in my hands, I love the speed of acquisition of the Kindle. I just hope that these are going into the cloud somewhere so if my Kindle gets wonky, I don’t lose my collection. I only keep books on there that I want to read again sometime in the future.

Sent to me by a dear friend.


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Talking to Myself

from my friend, Cathy.

The only thing better than reading a book is reading more than one at once, as I was doing yesterday.

I finished this one and will start another of her “CIA series” today.

And then, since I got my new Kindle reader yesterday, I read the introduction to this new cookbook and will start browsing through the recipes today. I really hope this has nice, basic, easy recipes.

Yesterday I looked at one recipe on the net that sounded like it might be good. I stopped reading when I counted FIVE ingredients my husband wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole…

I MAY have to just concentrate on adding more veggies and fruit, serving less red meat, eating more fish, rather than trying to follow any particular recipes, but I’m HOPING to get a bit more help than that.

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Book Recommendation

sent to me by a friend

I’m thoroughly enjoying reading another John Grisham book. It’s called, “Sooley” and it’s totally different than any book by Grisham I’ve ever read. It’s about a South Sudanese boy who is trying to better himself and help his family by playing basketball.

I’m not a huge basketball fan, but you don’t need to be to thoroughly enjoy this book. You’ll find yourself pulling for Sooley, tearing up at what is happening with his family and his reaction to it, thoroughly immersed in this sensitive, beautiful book.

I don’t know how it will end, but I consider this one of Grisham’s best books.

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A Day of Food, So Far

I JUST finished getting the ingredients for beef stew in the crock pot for dinner tonight, and eggs hard-boiled. I cleaned the fridge out a bit, too, and am now running the dishwasher, having filled it up already this morning. In a few minutes it’ll be time to fix LUNCH. Too much time around food!

I plan to be lazy much of the rest of the day, unless it actually rains and cools off. I finished a Lee Child book yesterday, Past Tense. It was the usual very well-written Reacher series book. Lee is writing with his son, Andrew, now. I’m not sure what that will do to the quality and flavor of the books.

Today I’ll start enjoying a Grisham book my husband passed to me recently.

Hope you’re staying safe and cool.

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New Author to Me

Reading Boy

My friend Marsha recommended Open Season by Linda Howard. I’m reading it now.

For some strange reason, I tend to try a new author with intense skepticism, assuming I won’t like him or her. This seems to be a gut-level response and I can’t talk myself out of it. But I force myself to try the new author anyway, and many times find I’m really glad I did.

Linda Howard has a great sense of humor. Though it took me awhile to warm up to the main character, I like her now. She is encountering danger now, though she isn’t aware of it yet. The fact that you, the reader, ARE aware is a good technique. I’m drawn in more and more as I read. I want to know what happens now.

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Enjoying Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker – Penguin Random House

I have finished re-reading the Jesse Stone series, and the Spenser series. Now I’m re-reading the Sunny Randall series. Once I finish those, there are only a few books left – some wonderful westerns and other stand-alone books.

It makes me a bit sad to be coming to the end of the re-read, but I’m delighted to have the collection so I can enjoy it again whenever I would like.

Some good friends have recommended authors new to me, so I’m looking forward to diving into some new worlds soon. :0)

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Emeshed in the Spenser Series

Petr Vaclavek –

I’m re-reading Hush Money book # 26 (of 40) in the Spenser Series by Robert B. Parker. Re-reading the collection in order gives me a fuller experience, a richer appreciation of his writing style, enjoyment of the evolution of Spenser’s relationships with the other continuing characters, and admiration for his rock-solid beliefs about honor, integrity, keeping your word, finishing the job no matter what the cost.

I feel so lucky to be able to dive into his world, letting my concerns fade, fully relaxing, enjoying escaping for awhile. :0)

Who are your favorite authors and why do you love them?


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I’m really enjoying re-reading my collection of Robert B. Parker books. I read the “Jesse Stone” series again, then moved on to the “Spenser” series. I’m on book #20, I think, “Double Deuce” now. Parker’s writing was so CLEAN. You’re never aware of the way he writes, unless one of the characters is poking fun or making a snide remark. He describes things so you can see or feel them clearly, yet you just ‘absorb’ the characters and situations. I find myself reading along, and then he says something so subtle that it takes me a sentence or two to react. And then I snort, or smile, or both, to the point my husband says, “What.” (He appreciates Parker’s dry sense of humor, too, and so understands with little explanation. )

When I finish reading the collection, I think I’ll start on our collection of Lee Child next, with his books about Jack Reacher. I just read that Lee Child has stopped writing Jack Reacher books and is passing the series to his brother, Andrew Grant. (In the media, I prefer Alan Ritchson in the TV series, rather than Tom Cruise in the movie versions. This is nothing against Tom Cruise, really. Lee Child is so good at getting the reader to ‘see’ Jack Reacher, though, that I laughed aloud when I discovered who would play him in the movies. Alan Ritchson in the TV version seems perfect for the role. I hope they continue the series.)

I would go nuts if I weren’t able to enjoy time reading each day.

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Enjoying ‘Parker Land’

Karen Bellandi

Yesterday I finished re-reading my collection of Robert B. Parker’s “Jesse Stone” series. There are 9 of them written by the author himself. I watch the movies made beyond that – having a huge crush on Tom Selleck – but don’t read the rest.

Today I’ll start re-reading his “Spenser” series. I absolutely love the combination of quiet toughness, competence, humor and wit of Spenser. He has a very low threshold for pomposity, self-importance, and lies. He also has a soft side that melts me into a puddle. You get to know him better book by book, situation by situation. I love it.

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Jesse Stone Series

Brass Baron Dorothy
Robert B. Parker – Penguin Random House

Robert B. Parker is one of my favorite authors. I think I have all of his books.

His “Jesse Stone” series is wonderful. I have the books AND the movies. (The fact that the main actor in the Jesse Stone series is ANOTHER favorite – Tom Selleck – lets me win twice. :0)

“In 1997 Robert Parker introduced the world to Jesse Stone, who comes to the small town of Paradise to serve as police chief, running from a past in Los Angeles where his alcoholism led to a failed marriage and a failed career in law enforcement.”

He’s a flawed man, but honest and strong and admirable. You want him to get through his problems.

I’m re-reading the books now, savoring the way Parker can say things in a very straightforward manner where you forget the ‘writing,’ concentrating on the characters and the story. He has quite a sense of humor, a dry wit, having his characters see the humor in a situation, providing sparkling dialogue that sometimes makes me laugh aloud.

Night Passage (1997) Trouble in Paradise (1998) Death in Paradise (2001) Stone Cold (2003) Sea Change (2006) High Profile (2007) Stranger in Paradise (2008) Night and Day (2009) Split Image (2010)

I will continue to buy and watch the Jesse Stone movies created by Tom Selleck and Michael Brandman, but I consider the ‘continuation of the book series’ by Ace Atkins or Reed Coleman a nice honor, but pale-in-comparison imitations of the master.

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About the only thing I don’t mind about being snowed and iced in again is that I have plenty of good books to enjoy.

I’m on book #50 Golden in Death from J.D. Robb’s (Nora Roberts’) In Death series. I’m re-reading the whole series in preparation for enjoying my newest paperback addition, #53 Forgotten in Death. I’ve pre-ordered the next one, #54 Abandoned in Death, which comes out in paperback in July.

The thing I’m particularly enjoying this time through is all the ‘extras’ that wind their way through the series, the poignant things people say and do that define their strength, humanity, vulnerability, love, and more. They make me tear up, adding so much richness to the series.

If we get all the rain/wind/sleet/freezing rain/snow forecast tomorrow, picture me, curled up in my recliner, heat pad on low under me, throw over me, coffee on my warmer beside me, cat in my lap, book in hand, appreciating the luxury of my life.

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Reading Richness

Unknown – Pinterest

“To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.” A. C. Craying

Unknown – Pinterest

“The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Unknown – Pinterest

“To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company.” ~ Andre Gide

Nuria BA depositphotos

“Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms.” ~ Angela Carter

Moore KidsBooks

“He that loves a book will never want a faithful friend, a wholesome counselor, a cheerful companion, an effectual comforter. By study, by reading, by thinking, one may innocently divert and pleasantly entertain himself, as in all weathers, as in all fortunes.” ~ Barrow

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Life Force

I’m reading “Life Force” by Tony Robbins. It’s a compilation of information by 100+ physicians speaking about ‘precision medicine that can transform your life.’

It’s interesting. I’m not sure that I particularly want to live that much LONGER, but I AM interested in improving the quality of my life as much as possible.

You might be interested in checking it out, as well.

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