Why Buy Handmade?

Our country provides an endless variety of nice things to buy to furnish your home, give as gifts, and more. So, WHY should you buy handmade?

Hand-Painted Personalized Note Cards by Linda Lewis

Hand-Painted Personalized Note Cards by Linda Lewis


  Something made one-at-a-time by an  artist who signs his or her name to each  piece created makes what you’ve bought  SPECIAL.

You won’t find the piece everywhere you  go.  For example, this baby plaque is a  sample of one made by my husband and  me in our shop.




We cut out the wooden plaque, (8.5″ x 8.75″) scrolled and sanded the edges until it was smooth all over. Then the plaque was hand painted – first with white all over as a background, and then blue for a boy or pink for a girl, with “gold” added in the pot at the top and the gold ‘coins’ drawn into the gold paint. The pot’s handle is black. My husband put a metal hanger on the back of the plaque. Finally, when the piece was purchased as a gift for new parents, I hand lettered the baby’s name, date of birth, length, and weight onto the front of the plaque. When all was dry, the whole plaque was protected with several coats of polyurethane.

I’m happy to say that the people who purchased the plaque were pleased when they held it in their hands. What was REALLY special was that they emailed me AGAIN – after giving the plaque to the new parents – to tell me that the new parents were thrilled, and had decided to decorate the baby’s room around the “Pot of Gold” theme!

So much in our world now is disposable and boring. The artists I’ve collected on Creative Artworks will show you how much FUN it is to celebrate a season or a holiday with hand painted glassware, place mats, tote bags, ceramics, handmade wreaths, original art, and more.

Handmade or hand painted pieces are

1) fun

2) SO much more personal

3) allow you to express your unique personality with things that make you smile

4) give you pleasure as you give a gift that has been personalized for the receiver, that they can’t find many other places, or – in some cases – anywhere else!

5) Many things, such as handmade or hand painted cards, are framed and kept as treasures by the recipients.

If I haven’t persuaded you yet how much more valuable handcrafted items can be, please make it a point to spend a few minutes looking at the original art and handmade cards, furnishings and gifts by the artists of Creative Artworks. You can find us here

Creative Artworks!   http://www.creativeartworks.cc

We’ll show you a few thousand reasons you should buy handmade!

Once you’ve seen what we have to offer, please make the change to buying handmade – whether it’s

  • handmade cards for Christmas and other holidays;
  • hand painted, personalized note cards & stationery;
  • wearable art;
  • original artwork or photography;
  •  gourds, mosaics, baskets;
  • hand painted plaques, signs, calligraphy;
  • portraits of your home, treasured people, beloved pets;
  • handmade purses, tote bags, memory boxes;
  • more – more – more!


3 responses to “Why Buy Handmade?

  1. Rosie

    I would love to buy that plaque or poster “Your time as a caterpillar”…
    Do you know where I can find it?

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