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Thoughts on a Saturday 5-30-2020

“Zeus – Whose Eyes Contain Galaxies” – Micaela Rakos-Journalist via Penny Yaffe Krakow

I can’t say enough about this photo. I get lost in his eyes.

Mother Nature is smiling as us – giving us a perfect day today! The sun is shining and it is 72 degrees F. right now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

I will go out soon and see what’s what in my garden.  My friends at Lunch Bunch, plus the 2 waitresses at The Pizza Barn, were pleased with the lettuce I gave them yesterday. We may already be at the end of the early spring garden, though. The lettuce and spinach are starting to bolt, signaling the end. (Lettuce and other greens are cool weather crops. When the warm temperatures come, lettuce moves from leaf production to flower and seed production. Very often the flavor of lettuce changes and it becomes bitter.)  I’m going to salvage what I can and pull out the rest of the plants.

Bolting Lettuce – Gardening Know How

I’m still dancing around, 3 inches off the ground, because I sold a vase on my SassyGlassByLinda shop on Etsy.  (I sold the daisies one in the middle.)

My customer should get her vase Monday. I’m enjoying nice mental pictures of her unwrapping it. It’s the highest compliment there is when someone likes what you do enough to want it for their own, or buy it to give it to someone who means a lot to them. :0)

It was GOOD to see our friends at Lunch Bunch yesterday. We have been having lunch every Friday for over 17 years now – only interrupted by the Pandemic. The Pizza Barn put out some picnic tables with benches and umbrellas in their parking lot so that they can offer not only carry-out, but also the ability for people to eat outside until the restrictions are fully lifted and we can eat inside again. It is priceless to be able to actually share a meal in person with people you care about, catch up on what has been happening, eat and laugh together once again. (Next time I’ll try to get pics so I can share them with you.)

I am hoping that the space launch will happen today. I have watched, glued to my seat, each time we attempt a launch. I still remember watching the grainy, incredible pictures of our astronauts actually walking around on the moon. (That happened in 1969 – the year my husband and I married.)  I’m hoping the weather in Florida will be cooperative today, giving us the chance to send our astronauts to the space station ourselves, rather then having to rely on others.

I hope that you have a beautiful Saturday, too.



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Mother Nature Makes Harvesting a Challenge

First thing this morning I went out to harvest some lettuce so I could take it to Lunch Bunch and share some with Linda, Kay, and the two waitresses at The Pizza Barn, Susan and Mikey. I knew we had rain forecast for today, but it looked like it might hold off until we could share lunch at the picnic table in the parking lot before it started.

I brought the lettuce in and dumped it all into the sink. 45 minutes later, I had several small heads of lettuce and a lot of extra lettuce leaves ready to put in bags.

About an hour ago, Kay called, telling me the forecast now said we would get at least two waves of storms – each possibly severe – with hail. We agreed to call off Lunch Bunch for today.  :0(

I let Amber into the truck and we went down the driveway to get the mail. Just as we pulled into the garage after getting it, the rain started. We haven’t had hail yet, but it’s obvious we are in for the day now.  The sky is dark, almost like night. The garage door is shut to protect our vehicles.

Now we appreciate being able to stay inside a warm, dry house and hope that we JUST get rain today.

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Life of a Slug


Yesterday I emulated a slug.  It was a wonderful day.


Life Time Athletic

Arkansas is reopening, so I was able to have my first massage in three months. AHHHHHHHH! Each part of my body let out a big sigh as my therapist, Lynn Moody, found another tight or sore spot and eased our the kinks. I tried to get her to just let me sleep there when she finished, but she calmly, sweetly, told me I had to get up and go home, and gave me an appointment for next month. :0)

When I got home, I fixed lunch. We ate, and I thought I would drink a cup of coffee and watch the news on TV. The next thing I knew, it was an hour later.

I did only what was needed yesterday, taking another nap in the afternoon. The life of a slug is sweet!

Today Lunch Bunch is trying to meet at the Pizza Barn. It rained overnight, and it’s looking like it might rain again. We were planning to eat at one of the picnic tables they have put in their parking lot, but that might not be in the cards. Kay is calling to find out if it would be possible for us to eat inside if it’s raining. The jury is still out on whether we can finally enjoy a meal together or not. I usually hug them – but I’m learning to hold my hands behind my back to remind myself to take care of each of my friends.  If not this week, then maybe next week. Till then, we’ll just have to say, “Hi” on the phone.

I’m hoping to get up to my art room this afternoon, since it looks like the work in the yard and the garden might not be possible. I want to start painting a new group of wooden earrings – these with posts – so I can add this option to my Etsy site, Eyecatching Earrings .  I’ll show you pics when they are listed.

Today is rainy, windy, and raw. I’ll get together the makings of keto chili in the crock pot for tonight.

I hope you can find some joy today.

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Thoughts on a Friday 2-7-2020

Timeline Photos via Cindy Pasqualini

There is a bright, round shape in the sky lighting up everything around here today!  It’s 34 right now and is supposed to get to 50. You can’t ask for much more for a day in February!

We are about to leave for Lunch Bunch, our every Friday celebration of friendship. Usually there is Linda, Kay, Kay’s husband, my husband, and me. Sometimes relatives of ours join us. Sometimes other friends. It’s good food and good conversation with hugs and laughs with caring friends.

After Lunch Bunch, my husband and I will go to Ft. Smith to leave another donation with the Veterans Thrift store. This time it’s a lot of clothes, shoes, and purses.

Today’s Project – scrubbing bathrooms. We have two full baths upstairs and two half baths downstairs. Since I’m a lousy housekeeper, they all need work.

I’ve been trying to get up to my art room, but time and energy run out before I can get there. When I get things a bit more caught up, my priorities will change.

I hope you have a glorious day today, too.






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Thoughts on a Friday 1-10-2020

Soul Alchemy

I’m really sad about the loss of animal life in Australia. People are trying to save as many as possible, and I’m grateful for that. My heart goes out to the people who have lost so much.

We are getting ready to go to Lunch Bunch, our weekly lunch with long-time, treasured friends. It will be good to be out, especially because we are due for some severe weather later today – high wind, chance of tornadoes, strong wind, hail, heavy rain, and flying hair balls. It’s supposed to start at 2 and last throughout the night, changing to sleet tomorrow. I’m about to suggest dances and songs for Mother Nature – trying to get on her good side…

I had a nice online chat with our son in Thailand yesterday. I always feel so good after talking with him. The fact we can type back and forth whenever we would like makes me almost forget he’s half a world away. :0)

I’m trying a new keto bread recipe this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful day, and stay safe.



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Thoughts on a Friday 12-27-2019

Photographer Unknown via Penny Yaffe Krakow

I’m especially happy today.

I’m excited about sharing a booth in a local shop with one of my best friends. It’s fun to see what sells, to plan what I want to add to the shop, to make new things for it. The owner of the shop is Joanna Brandt, and the shop’s name is Rags & Roses Collective. She has divided the shop into booths so that lots of people in the area have a chance to show and sell their wares. Our booth is called, “Blasing Bright.”  I have a group of new things to put in our booth today. The shop will be open today until 5:00, I think. Then Joanna will take a well-deserved vacation and will reopen Jan. 6th.

My family is doing well.

We will go to Lunch Bunch soon, joining our good friends for conversation and laughs.  It’s good to be able to share the good times (and help each other with the bad) as we watch one year turn into another.

My new shop – EyecatchingEarrings on Etsy – is coming together. I’m hoping to have it fully up and running by the end of the weekend, though the shop is open for business now. :0)

I hope you had a happy Christmas and that 2020 will be a wonderful year for you.



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Bitter Sweet Lunch Bunch


We have been sharing lunch on Fridays for over 17 years now. Sometimes, it’s just the three of us. (My husband is an honorary 4th member.) Other times, we are happy to have others join us.

Today it was Kay’s husband, my husband, and our son, plus a good friend of the group, Alice. Alice is a woman who makes everyone feel special. She remembers  everyone’s name, everything you say,  and you take right up with her like it hasn’t been a long time since you saw her last. Priceless.

Today’s Lunch Bunch was bittersweet. Our son is going home to Thailand tomorrow, so much of the talk was about his travel plans (the fact he’ll be traveling for 30 hours from our door to his), etc.  I’m trying to stay busy today so I don’t tear up over and over about him leaving. We won the lottery on sons.

This morning has been a beautiful celebration of family and friendship.


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Thoughts on a Friday 9-20-2019


I’m delighted to tell you that Mother Nature finally smiled, and it’s raining!  She smiled on us a bit yesterday afternoon while I was playing in my art room, and we woke up to rain this morning. I was tempted to play in it when we walked from the car to the restaurant for Lunch Bunch, but I resisted the urge. :0)

Lunch Bunch today was a whole table-full. One of our long time good friends lost a son this past week. Family came in for a memorial yesterday and came to Lunch Bunch today. Another good friend joined us. Though the reason for the family gathering was heartbreaking, the love – and even some laughter – flowed. Over the past 17 years we have celebrated the good things and helped each other through the bad things. Our core is strong.

I am on Day 18 of practicing my yoga daily. Though my back is still complaining, I can FEEL my body loosening as I practice. I can’t say I look FORWARD to my sessions, but I feel GOOD that I’m doing something daily that will improve my health, flexibility, and general attitude.

This is Day 3 of my ‘getting serious’ about staying at 20 carbs or under daily on my Keto eating plan. On Wednesday I stopped eating the no-sugar-added Blue Bunny Freedom vanilla ice cream. I’ve been having a scoop for dessert nightly while my husband has been having strawberries and cakes with his. I quit playing ostrich and looked at the label – 16 grams of carbs – EEEEK! – and I get 20 or less for the day. I have now substituted a small handful of pecans. I don’t know if I’ll have the “Keto-Flu” or not. I know I’m NOT walking around with my stomach thinking my throat has been cut, so that’s a HUGE good thing for me. I’m also trying to get serious about drinking lots more water. I’m mostly there, but fudge the numbers sometimes. I’m also taking Magnesium Glycinate, 400 mgs, one tab daily for Bone, Cardiovascular, and Muscle support.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to report that I’m finally off the plateau and on the downward slope again.

I started painting a long-sleeved tee in my art room yesterday. I have a nice design in my head. The jury is still out as to whether the end result will bear any resemblance or not to my plan. I’m going to get back upstairs in a few minutes, turn on my music and PLAY.

May you have rain – if you need it – family, friends, and FUN in your day today.



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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

Tail and Fur

“It’s raining, it’s pouring;
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and he
Bumped his head
And he couldn’t get up in the morning.”    ~ Nursery Rhyme

We’ve already reached and broken the record here in Arkansas for rain in August, and it’s raining again. We may get another 2 inches today to add to the over 11 for the month.

My husband has been gritching all summer because USUALLY we get to a point where it’s so hot with no rain that our lawn becomes ‘brown and crunchy’ (his favorite) and doesn’t need mowing. No luck for him this year. Happily, we have a nice used riding mower to make the job as easy as it gets.

I did a good job on weed whacking yesterday, going all the way around our garden, the propane tank for our shop, and behind the shop, plus the front yard, plus the area between the front yard and the driveway pad. I was planning to work on the back – and around the greenhouse today – but it looks like an inside day for us.

We’re getting ready to enjoy eating with our long-time Lunch Bunch friends. I think we decided recently we had been meeting every Friday for at least 17 years. I’m thankful to have such good, long-time friends. We’ve shared laughter and tears through the years, celebrating, or helping each other through hard times. Today our son plans to come with us!

After errands, we’ll settle in, enjoying a dry home, family, and pets.

I hope that you are enjoying your Friday.




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Happy Fish?

Because of life getting in the way lately, I’ve gotten behind on my responsibilities around the house.   Yesterday I finally vacuumed our first floor – first the tiled areas and then the carpeted ones. I have a very nice vacuum. The only thing it could do better would be for it to run itself. (We actually HAD one of the round turn-it-on-and-it-runs-around type thingies at one time. It would regularly get stuck under something or wedge itself into a corner, or choke itself to death on the dog and cat hair, so we gave it up.)

Another thing I had neglected was the aquarium. I finally cleaned that out yesterday, putting in different decorations, clean water, new filters, etc. The fish didn’t say anything, but breathed sighs of relief when I put them back in their now clean home.


Here you can see all four of the fish. We have one that has gotten huge – they were all about the same size when I bought them – about an inch long. The largest one is now at least three inches long in the body, and then has a long tail. All seem to be doing fine.


Somehow, the girl-in-the-bathtub’s feet broke off quite a while back. I glued them back on and the fish don’t seem to mind it that she isn’t perfect.

I’m not sure if the weather will cooperate and I can finish getting the garden back in control or if I’ll have to tackle more projects in the house today.

The best thing is that we have Lunch Bunch – our every Friday meal with long time good friends in about an hour. Our son will go with us today, and it’s been years since our friends have seen him. I look forward to the reunion.

Have a happy day!


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Lunch Bunch


It would be NICE if the Lunch Bunch gruesome threesome actually were this young and were actually at the beach, but we’re grateful for what we can get. :0)

This is closer to what we ACTUALLY look like, but it’s what’s in your heart that counts. :0)

Today will be a special Lunch Bunch because, besides the three of us and my husband – who pretends to preside over his ‘harem,’ sitting at one end of the table, Kay’s daughter, LaDonna, is visiting from Albuquerque, and Kay’s husband is taking the week off from work – a VERY unusual thing – so it will be even more fun that usual!

We’ve had severe weather this week, with our friend Linda the closest to the actual tornado that touched down. I don’t think any of us had any damage, although another friend of mine lost a maple tree in her back yard.

So we’ll celebrate being together, being alive, and feeling feisty today!

I hope that YOU are weathering the storms, tornados, wind damage, flooding, and flying hairballs well, too. My heart goes out to all the people who are having to pick up the pieces, trying to put things back together.

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Glorious Day!


The sun is shining brightly today after several days of rain, chances of severe weather – (sleet, hail, flying hairballs) – and gloom. It’s cold today, but the sunshine is bringing up my spirits.

My husband and I are getting ready to go to Lunch Bunch, our weekly meal with long-time good friends, Kay and Linda. Sometimes others join us, but this is the core group. We catch up on what has happened the past week, what is going on in town (Kay and Linda usually are in the know), and what is coming up for each of us.

My husband describes Kay and Linda as ‘good ole hides,’ his highest compliment about women. This description includes women who are interesting, gutsy, down to earth people you can rely on, real friends. He was allowed into this formerly all women gathering as an honored member several years ago – as long as he behaves.  :0)

We share news, good and bad; try to support and help each other through the bad stuff. We celebrate the good things, laugh a lot, and have grown to love each other almost as sisters over the years.

Lunch Bunch is one of the high points of our week – a core of caring.

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My friends made me feel special today.

I’ve told you about the Lunch Bunch, and how two good friends (and sometimes others) meet me for Lunch every Friday. My husband has been made an honorary member of the group. We share what is happening with each other as we eat.

Recently we exchanged Christmas presents. My friend Kay gave me this gorgeous scarf. It’s a southwest design with lots and lots of metallic copper shimmering all through it.

When I told my friend Marsha about the pretty scarf, she had me choose from some copper earrings she made to wear with it! I received them this week and wore the scarf and earrings to Lunch Bunch.


I loved wearing the combination of the scarf, my furry brown vest, and my hammered copper earrings!

My friends made me feel special – another gift.



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A Very Special Group


I’m lucky enough to be a part of what I call, “Lunch Bunch.”  These are friends who meet every Friday for what they call, “lunch” and I call, “brunch.” We meet at the Pizza Barn in Greenwood to catch up with each other. Life happens quickly, and it’s amazing what can happen between one Friday and the next. We’ve done this for years.  “Lunch Bunch is mainly three – Linda, Kay and me. My husband has been inducted in the group as long as his behavior warrants. :0)

We’ve shared it all on these Fridays over a period of years. The main group remains the same, although we have others who join us from time to time. I look forward to finding out what the others are doing, celebrating the good, supporting and weathering through the bad.

I hope that you have people in your life who make you feel rich in friends.

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Winter is Here


In about 45 minutes my husband and I will go to Lunch Bunch – our long time, every-possible-Friday lunch with good friends. We’ve been doing this for years and I really miss it if we don’t go for some reason.

It’s 21 degrees F out there right now. I’m not even sure if I should just leave my lettuce covered up with a sheet until it gets above freezing or not. The high is supposed to be 42, I think. This may be a moot point, since my sweet lettuce plants may have croaked last night – sheet or not sheet. When it gets this cold, it’s beyond the frost or light freeze stage. If it’s gone, I’ll be a bit sad, but we’ve had a really nice crop this year and I shouldn’t be over-greedy. I’m looking forward to the spring when – hopefully – I’ll have some robust, healthy plants grown in my greenhouse ready to go into the garden.

I’ll see what the temperature is when we get back from lunch and errands and then make the decision whether to uncover the plants today or not.  I’m looking forward to seeing what mischief I can get into the rest of the day.

Stay warm and dry!


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Lunch Bunch


I love this picture. This isn’t Kay, Linda, and me, but it MIGHT be. And the picture should show my husband, an honorary member of “Lunch Bunch.”

The three of us – with others coming and going – have been sharing lunch every Friday possible for some 30 years now. We’ve shared our lives,with their ups and downs, triumphs and pain.

Today is one of the happy times. It’s Linda’s birthday. (Actually, her birthday was yesterday, but we’re celebrating her today.)  We’ll eat, have the pleasure of watching Linda open presents, share what’s been happening the past week, discuss possibilities for the future, share laughs and hugs.

I’m happy to know these ladies. May we have many more happy times together.

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Quick Updates

This is the first time I’ve been at the computer all day and it’s almost dinner time!

We enjoyed our good friends at Lunch Bunch this morning, then went to a friend’s house, taking her a spare computer on which my husband had loaded Windows 10 and all the updates. (Her computer was acting wonky and she doesn’t know if she wants to buy a new one outright or have my husband tell her what to buy so he can build her a custom computer. ) We spent much of the day there, trying to get her computer to stay up long enough for my husband to transfer her personal things to the computer we brought. After fighting with it for several hours, my husband had tried all he could do. We left the spare computer set up and ready for her to use while she takes hers to Best Buy to see if they can get it running again. We’ll try the transfer again if the Best Buy people are able to resurrect her computer.

Yesterday I told you that we had our fingers crossed that we could get a riding mower for less than half price through Craig’s List. We did it! We met in the parking lot of one of the Fort Smith WalMarts and transferred the mower from the man’s trailer to the back of our truck with the use of metal loading ramps we had, plus a good tie-down strap to hold the mower in the truck bed.

mowerWe now have a used version of this one. Thanks to my husband’s smarts, we got the mower out of the truck without injuring it or us in the process. It needs a little care, but my husband doesn’t think it needs anything major. He found the model number and found a nice manual he downloaded from the net. This gives him good wiring diagrams, all the parts and ordering numbers, etc. He’s very happy with that. I’M happy that with some guidance, I should be able to mow the yard by myself, if needed, with a riding mower that’s easy to start. I’m delighted with our quality of life change for the better, even if our ‘new’ mower isn’t new or shiny. :0)

Our animals all greeted us happily when we got home. We rescued one cat (Smoke) who went into the shop last night. The animals who were out are now in and vice versa, and all are happy. Even my fish smiled at me. :0)

We’re going to have a very quiet, lazy evening in front of the TV.

I hope YOU had a happy day, too.

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Riches and Roadrunners

Friends at Lunch - Pinterest

Friends at Lunch – Pinterest

I’m feeling rich today. It started with Lunch Bunch – a group of friends that my husband and I enjoy every Friday at the Pizza Barn in Greenwood, Arkansas. I don’t know how many years we’ve been doing this. The group started with just three of us – three ladies having lunch. The group has gotten larger, and then smaller over the years, but my husband became an official “Lunch Bunch Member “several years ago. It’s a great time to catch up on what has been going on. We give comfort when needed, and share laughs a lot.

We did our errands and came home. I noticed this as we drove into the garage –


Purple Iris

Purple Iris

We have beautiful iris, some of which bloom twice each year, but I don’t remember any blooming in February before….




This bunch of daffodils was blooming in the back yard, close to the place where our land stops being a yard and begins being woods.




While I was taking pictures, a roadrunner came into sight. (I couldn’t act fast enough to capture a picture, but the one above gives you an idea.)  He would run a few steps, then stop, His tail would come up and his head would come up. He would hold the pose a few seconds and then put his head and tail down and run a few more steps. He did this wonderful dance all the way across my line of vision as I held my breath.



The spinach seeds are sprouting! These are the seeds that I soaked in water for 30 minutes before planting. I don’t know if the sprouts will continue to grow, or if I’ll have something to plant, but I’m excited that I finally got some sprouts!

And finally – I’m feeling rich because I’m going for a massage today.


My wonderful massage therapist fell and broke her arm badly last year. She has had to have three surgeries since then. She faces a fourth surgery in the near future to hopefully get things finally back to normal with no pain. She is now giving one massage a day and I lucked into an appointment for this afternoon.  My body is already sighing in anticipation!!!

What a rich lady I am!

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Friendship Day?



I don’t know when the ‘designated’ day is, but I suggest that EVERY day is Friendship Day.

We’re just about to leave to join OUR long-time friends for Lunch Bunch. We’ll catch up on Thanksgiving stories, how they’re doing, what their plans are, and share a meal.

How could friendship be better celebrated than this?

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Good Morning!

"Yaaaawn" - cutestpaw

I set our alarm for 9:30 this morning, thinking that it was a silly thing to do. Of COURSE we would be up and around by then…

It seemed like the middle of the night when the alarm went off. My  husband and I had met downstairs last night/this morning when one thing or another made it so we were having a hard time sleeping. I read for about an hour and went back up. My husband stayed downstairs longer.

On Fridays we enjoy Lunch Bunch with our good, long-time friends of about 30 years now. It’s a time to catch up with what happened during the past week and share plans for the future. Everyone was doing well today, so we had a very happy lunch time. (breakfast for us).

Our to-do list is long, so I’m going to get at it soon. But I MIGHT try to sneak in a nap this afternoon…..

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