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Lewis Critter Relocation Service Hits a Snag

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We have caught and relocated 5 raccoons this year – so far. Last night we caught a possum. This is the first one we have caught in our humane trap.

We discussed relocating it, as we do the raccoons. My husband went out on the deck and the possum immediately had a FIT inside the cage – hissing, spitting, flipping around, etc. This is not something we want to ‘relocate’, when it was exhibiting worrisome signs. We do not want ANY chance of releasing a possibly rabid critter anywhere.  I’m sad when we have to kill a critter, but this one left us with no choice. Sad way to start the day, but now we don’t have to worry about him biting our animals (he is the same size as our elderly dog, Molly) or children who live in the valley behind us. This is something we have to deal with, living outside the town.

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