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Revisiting Matt Dixon Art

Matt Dixon

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No Foolin’

The day is finally warming up quite a bit. It’s now sunny and 67 degrees, according to my computer. I’m still washing the wet sheets I brought in from the garden freeze cover up. The last load is in the dryer now.

I took a nice nap on my heat pad and then took some more Tylenol, so my back and hips are starting to ease up. I added a longer a session of yoga stretches and that should let me feel more myself tomorrow.

I keep hoping that we have seen the end of winter. THEN, sooner than I would like, I’ll start to gripe about how HOT it is, when I burn my arm on the car door… :0)

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Robot Art by Matt Dixon

Cold Companion

Matt Dixon – illustrator – gaming industry

Transmissions 4 is his new book of robot art.

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