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Good Morning!

We’re having a quiet, wet, cool morning here in Arkansas.

It’s 50 degrees, and there is either a ‘heavy mist’ or a ‘light drizzle,’ making it feel a bit raw if you’re out walking the dog.

Speaking of the dog,

Amber is 8 months old today. Last night she was doing her “lap dog” trick, climbing up onto my husband while he’s in his recliner.( This is pretty impressive because she weighs around 70 lbs now. )  I looked over at them and said, “Oh, you look like a happy girl!” and suddenly she JUMPED from my husband’s chair to MINE! Her paws or toenails grazed my arm as she landed; so, not only was I sitting, completely squashed by a dog desperately trying to lick my face, but I was yelling for my husband to bring band-aids! I wasn’t hurt badly, and I’m used to wearing band-aids as a fashion statement, although it doesn’t happen often anymore.  Needless to say, we will discourage this ‘trick’ in the future.

In a couple of hours we’ll meet our good friend, Carla, for lunch in Greenwood at the new restaurant that just opened, called, “Shipwrecked.” They specialize in fish and chicken. I’m excited to visit the new place!

This afternoon I’ll be up in my art room, working on making Christmas presents for friends.

NICE day. I hope yours is fun, too.



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Working Outside Again Today

I LOVE this sign! Maybe I’ll steal the idea and paint one similar this winter to put up on the driveway this spring…

We’re supposed to have good chances of rain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday next week, with highs in the 50s and 60s, but no freezes. Right now it’s 80 and is supposed to get to 83 this afternoon, so I’m planing to try to finish my spraying for weeds. It might not be the perfect day for it, but it’s the best one I’ll get until the winter is over, probably.

We remembered about changing our clocks for Daylight Savings Time, but our dogs were still on ‘regular time.’ They woke us up, saying they were going to pop if we didn’t get them outside. We did that, but then waited until almost the regular time to feed them. Hopefully, this will be the only time they roust us.

We just got back for the weekly shopping for groceries. I notice that, even in a small town like Greenwood, Arkansas, as more and more states adopt higher and higher minimum wages, the companies are opting for more and more automation, in effect saying, “Yes, we’ll pay $15.00 an hour minimum wage, but we’ll hire a lot fewer employees.

Example – The local McDonald’s was torn down and replaced with a brand new model, even tearing out the concrete around it and replacing it. They used to have at least 3 or 4 people at the front counter to take your orders, make change, etc.  The new one here has several ordering kiosks and only ONE employee in the front. There are a few tables where one can eat there, but clearly, the majority of the customers order to carry out or go through the drive-through. I guess there is one employee handling the drive-through traffic. All the rest of the employees are in the cooking or prep section that is closed off from the regular public part.

The local Wal-Mart closed down at least half of the check-out counters, replacing them with check-yourself-out machines. There is one person there who can help you or answer questions. It wouldn’t surprise me if they close down more check-out lanes in another 6 months.

I hope that you’re having great weather where you are today, and that you’ll either do something fun with the rest of your day, something productive, or both.

Happy Sunday!




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Good Thursday Morning

Once a month I have a wonderful massage. I look forward to the next one just as soon as the one I’ve had is finished. My massage therapist is the best. Lynn Moody has the Town Square Day Spa in Greenwood, Arkansas. If you’re in the area, the spa address is 320 South Coker Street in Greenwood. Her phone number is 479-629-7601 and her email is  If you’re not in the area, I’m sorry. You’re missing a really class act.  She listens, she cares, she is an expert at helping you when you hurt, and makes you feel absolutely relaxed and good if you’re just needing a good massage. She is worth her weight in gold.

I used to feel massage was an expensive luxury. If the bottom fell out of the world, I would have to give it up, but otherwise, it’s high on my list of wonderful things to do for myself. I feel good. My attitude is so much better. It definitely keeps me healthier. If you’re wavering about the whole idea of massage, my suggestion is to dive in and prepare to love it.


When I came home, my husband was in the ‘check-off-stuff-on-the-get-ready-for-winter list’ mood.  We decided to change the tires on the truck – from the regular tires to our snow tires. We do this ourselves in the shop. When we bought the Honda Ridgeline truck in 2006, we bought 4 extra wheels and 4 snow tires. We had the tires mounted on the wheels and stored them in the garage. Today we did the change in about 45 minutes from start to finish. We both get a lot of exercise, and we save money not having to pay someone else to do the tire change. We’ll change back to the regular tires in mid-March.  About half of the time was moving stuff in the shop so that we could drive the truck inside, and then putting things back to rights when the tires were on and the truck was outside again. We did about the best we’ve ever done. No yelling, no injuries, no tears, no problems with equipment not working, no surprises. YES!

This afternoon we have our geothermal guy coming out to check our equipment to make sure all is good for the fall and winter. We had a geothermal heat and air system installed retroactively in 2010 and signed a contract with Air-Pro Heating & Air Conditioning Incorporated to come out in the spring and then again in the fall to be sure things are working as they should.  This is a great company. The men are knowledgeable, know exactly what to check for, and are very nice, as an added bonus. If you need anyone to come and help with problems, their phone number is 479-646-9699, and their address is 9109 Zero St., For Smith AR 72903.  They can fix any problems they find and you feel safe after they finish looking at things.

A great morning and a good day. Great weather, too!

I’m planning to make us some lunch and then see if I can do any good with our push-around weed whacker this afternoon. My husband has running that out of gas for the winter on his to-do list, too…

Have a wonderful day!


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its always about love-inspiration corner

My husband suggested we go to town to get KFC last night because I was hurting. On the way home, I told him I knew I was really spoiled and that I loved it. He said, “It’s because I’m spoiled and I love it, too. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” Definitely a keeper.

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Good News and Bad News

The Bad News is that we didn’t win the Powerball Lottery last night. It’s the first one we’ve both tickets for in a long time. It was up to $437 million, so we bought 5 tickets.

The Good News is that no one ELSE won the lottery last night, either. It’s gone up to $650 million now, and the drawing will be Wednesday night. Guess who will buy 5 more tickets!

  • I have a whole list of people I would like to give a boost.
  • I’m making a list of charities who actually help people, with most of the money they collect going to the people, not admin and heads of the groups.
  • I would like to give a boost to hard-working people who can’t seem to catch a break.

The odds of me winning are something like 1 in 292 million, but one can hope…


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Good Morning!

Mary Frey

It was really foggy when I went out to walk Amber – our maniac puppy – this morning. The spiders had been busy making webs anywhere they could find. The light caught them just right, making them sparkle. Even if I had had my camera with me, the morning walk with Amber is much too intense for her to allow me a moment to try to capture the beauty of nature.

The ground was super wet, and special spiders had gone to work there, too, with white irregularly-shaped webs in the grass. Amber had no respect for their artistry, though, crashing through them in her quest to chase the new smell or sight.

Today would be a good day to try to put the film on the greenhouse, except we have an appointment in Fort Smith this morning. We’ll lose too much time while the temperature isn’t set to roast whoever is dumb enough to be out in it this afternoon. It looks like tomorrow will be a good day to tackle a project that – once started – there aren’t many good places to stop and take a rest.

Today we’ll probably put up the last of the framework on the greenhouse and then get set up to put the film on. The other day I cut a bunch of pieces of 1×2’s so that we can wrap the edge of the film around each and then screw the combination to the foundation boards. At least, that’s the plan.

We bowled last night – for the first time in a LONG time, due to our mens’ surgeries – and we had a blast. We didn’t set any records with our scores, but we caught up with what’s been happening to each of us, PLUS had ice cream at Braums afterwards. :0)


Please remember to take a few moments to honor the veterans of D Day today. Without their sacrifice, our world would be a much different place today.


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Beautiful Day – This and That

We’re having a stellar day here in Greenwood, Arkansas today. It’s 55 degrees and sunshiny right now. We were just out to run errands, and I find it hard to believe it’s January.

We mailed my order of stationery and note cards today. I cleaned up my art room (surprise, surprise!) and it’s now set up for me to play with my ideas for Christmas cards and wooden ornaments. I’m excited about FINALLY getting the ideas rattling around in my brain down on paper and wood!

I’m planning to try Practice # 4 on my new “Gentle Yoga Flows” DVD from Sixty & Me this afternoon, plus we’re going bowling with friends tonight. It’s hard to think of a nicer way to spend a beautiful day.

By the way, we discovered a TV show that’s new to us, called, “Outsiders.” We found it is starting Season 2 tomorrow night. We were able to DVR a marathon showing of the whole Season 1. We – like idiots – stayed up ’til all hours for two nights (3 a.m. this morning) watching the episodes. For us, it’s reminiscent of “Sons of Anarchy” with strong characters and lots of action. I’m impressed with the acting. We look forward to starting Season 2 tomorrow. You might want to check it out.

Have a wonderful day!

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Getting on in Age – Take 1

Email from Marsha Koenig via Email from Marsha Koenig

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Making a Difference – Take 1


This barber gives haircuts and shaves to the homeless – price? A single hug.



Thanks to Bill Lites for his email.

People going out of their way to do something for others brings tears to my eyes. Each kindness is different. Sometimes it’s giving of your talents at no charge. Sometimes it’s spending your time and money to say ‘thank you’ to others. These people are making a difference – making their part of the world better. This kind of generosity should motivate US to think about what WE can do in OUR part of the world.

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Think Life Differently – Take 4


Jane Austen via Higher Perspective via Bill Lites




Jimi Hendrix via Higher Perspective via Bill Lites

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Think Life Differently – Take 3





Higher Perspective via Bill Lites

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Good Thoughts – Take 5








Thanks to via Marsha Koenig

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Good Thoughts – Take 3


This seems, to me, to be a good goal, though I’m far from it now.




As my husband and I age, I feel this more and more.



Source: via an email from Marsha Koenig


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Good Thoughts – Take 2








Thanks to via Marsha Koenig’s email.

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Good Thoughts – Take 1


Diane Grant via via







Thanks to an email from Marsha Koenig

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