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It’s in your hands most of the time. Sure, things happen suddenly that swamp us, but most of the time we can choose how we view and live life.

I made a promise to myself awhile back, to include some joy in every day, no matter what else is happening. My happiness comes from within ME. It’s up to ME to splash some paint around.

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Be Happy

I truly believe that you create your own happiness. That doesn’t mean at all that when bad things happen you should plant a false smile on your face and pretend all is well. I’m talking about a basic decision you make deep inside to lean toward the positive in life and have the happiness come FROM you, rather than merely reacting to what is going on around you.

Remaining curious, learning new things, reaching out are all part of the same basic core idea that it’s your life and your decision how you spend it.

Part of my own personal happiness is discovering yet another talented person – in-person or online – whose gift takes my breath away. I’m so glad to live on the same planet as the people creating beauty in music, art, photography, and countless other media. My biggest regret is that my life is finite and I won’t be able to experience all of the beauty. What a way to go, though! :0)

Shelley and Michael Buonaiuto

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“And I’m HAPPY…”

EF English Live

I got a call awhile ago from the installer who is bringing me a new dishwasher! This was rescheduled once, but apparently, unless he is captured and spirited away by a herd of elephants, the installation is happening this morning! YEA!!!!!

My old one has been acting persnickety for quite awhile now. I start it, it whooshes a bit of water and then the lights go off and it stops. I’ve had to restart it up to 4 times to get it to run. THEN, a new thing, it starts, runs for quite awhile, and THEN stops, with water in the bottom of the dishwasher and has to be started again. For someone who is so spoiled, it’s been pretty aggravating, so I not sure what I’ll do if I can just start it and have it RUN with no further thought… :0)

I cleaned out the cabinet beside the dishwasher so they can have free access to the water controls. We moved the truck out of the garage and swept. We took down Amber’s dog gate between her area in the utility room and the dining area, so they can get from the garage to the house. I moved bar stools and a dining area chair so they’ll have a free path from the doorway to the kitchen.

The installer just called. I thought he was going to tell me he wasn’t coming. He said they had trouble finding our dishwasher at the store, but that they finally found it and are putting it in his truck. He will get gas and be on his way here. HOORAY!!!!!

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