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Tired Sunday

My husband and I were up most of the night. Something didn’t agree with him and he was really sick. I finally got some Alka Seltzer into him and that settled his stomach enough that he could finally sleep. I stayed up for a couple more hours after he went to sleep to keep a careful eye on him, then rested as much as possible, alert for any movement, the rest of the night. He’s weak and a bit shaky this morning, but is in his chair resting now and reading or watching TV. I’m hoping he’ll take a nap and rest. I’ll be relieved when he’s his normal, ornery self again. Meanwhile, I’ll watch him like a hawk.


Our snow is melting fast. I’m waving ‘bye-bye’ without the slightest regret, silently telling winter not to let the door hit it in the butt on its way out. :0)

I wish you a happy Sunday.


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Winter Wonderland Not Welcome

Our ‘Winter Wonderland’ is forming, just as our weather experts forecast. The snow seems to be coming down faster as I watch.

At least Amber is enjoying it. She actually stopped in the yard and put her face up, seeming to taste it as it fell.

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Weather Resentment Syndrome

I’m in a whine-and-cheese frame of mind this morning as I watch our weather deteriorate. I’ve been so happy seeing signs of spring, shoots coming up through the debris of the winter, daffodils blooming, our tulip tree full of buds and starting to bloom. All this comes to an end now – at least for awhile – as the temperatures fall and LITTLE BITTY white pellets start to fall.

I was just outside for several minutes, taking pics and realizing that the white stuff the weather people predicted has begun. I had to really concentrate, holding my head very still to SEE it. I FELT it falling on me, though. The wind has picked up and the temperature is really BRISK out there!

I really love our tulip tree. It’s quite fragile, though, and so you have to keep an eye out for the buds and then blooms because they don’t last long in the best of weather. They really lift my spirits, though, for however long I can enjoy them.

Usually it doesn’t snow here after my birthday (March 9), so I’m fully into ‘weather resentment syndrome’ considering this a personal insult to my embrace of spring.

Hopefully, this will be a really quick last gasp of winter that will melt quickly and won’t kill everything. All appendages are crossed.

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Thoughts on a Mild Monday 3-7-2022


We came through the night – with threatened severe storms – just fine. The cold front came through and now it’s 31 degrees F. We have another chance at a ‘wintry mix’ Friday, but I’m really hoping the back of winter has been broken and that we’re moving on to spring. I’m also hopeful that Mother Nature receives the memo and acknowledges the official beginning of spring on the 20th, if not unofficially, before.

My spring garden of veggies is still only a bright spark in my mind. I’ve decided to wait out this week and see what happens Friday. I want to uncover at least some of my raised bed square foot planters and fill them with early spring plants of spinach, lettuce, and broccoli, if not more. (Ours looks much like those in this photo, except we built them up at my chest level, on metal table-like supports, so I don’t have to bend over double or get up and down from my knees.

Meanwhile, our daffodils are determined to put on bold, happy faces no matter what our weather is doing. I’ll gather some more to bring in the house today.
Free Arts

I’m definitely starting to have ideas rattling around about playing in my art room. I’ve been finding artwork all over the net that is getting my juices flowing, particularly involving mixed media stuff.

Have a safe, happy beginning to your brand, spanking-new week.

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Fun Friday


I’m in awe of people who create ‘felted’ animals. SO much patience and talent involved. This elephant melts me into a puddle.

This is a happy Friday.

First, the weather, which has been so challenging lately, is truly beautiful. Our high temperature is supposed to the in the 70’s today with lots of sunshine! We JUST celebrating the last of the ice on our driveway. It’s still in the ditches along the north sides of the road to town, but it’s finally gone otherwise. I happily waved, ‘bye-bye’ to it. :0)

I immediately wanted to go get some plants, but will need to be careful to watch for freezes in the next couple of weeks if I do find plants to put in my square foot garden.

We have Lunch Bunch today. If all goes to plan, all of us except one will be there today for the first time in about 3 weeks or so. It’ll be great to catch up with our friends.

After, maybe we’ll check to see if there are early spring plants available. I’m particularly looking for lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. We’ll see.

I am actually caught up with all the pesky bookkeeping/taxes/filing etc that I truly hate. Yesterday I updated an ‘important’ spreadsheet for our son that lists information he would need in case both my husband and I croak. I was able to send him the link to it via our chat program. AND my desk is still clear!

Have a fun Friday!

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It’s Monday

Under ‘character-building exercises,’ I have been dealing with our main credit card being frauded, then cancelled by the credit card company, then receiving the new card (my husband slogged CAREFULLY down our steep driveway Saturday to retrieve them from the mailbox, since the UPS guy couldn’t get up our icy driveway, and we then began notifying the people and places who need to know the new information. My husband quickly got frustrated and angry, so I told him I would do it. UGH. I’m finally down to 2 places and hopefully I can get through to them today.

We are getting a lot of melting where the sun can reach the ground easily now. Our driveway will, as usual, be the last thing to thaw, being long, steep, bordered by trees, and on the north side of our property. I heard our driveway alarm and found our truck gone from the garage. I swept out that side of the garage and my husband came back up with the mail, plus Amber happily riding in the bed of the truck. We’ll be able to take our trash down tomorrow morning, retrieve our mail, and run some errands!

I’m more than happy to start a new month tomorrow, particularly one that includes the beginning of SPRING! :0)

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


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My husband laboriously negotiated our ski slope of a driveway to get several days worth of mail yesterday, then again when he received an email that UPS had left a package for us at the bottom of our driveway. Since our driveway is STEEP and 650+ feet, it was quite a bit of exercise. We have sunshine today, and our afternoon temperatures are supposed to be above freezing (33 degrees F. now), so we may finally start getting some melting. I figure it’ll be another day or two before we have our freedom to come and go as desired again.


I’m ready to put winter and February behind me. My heart is in the garden, playing in the dirt, envisioning colorful flowers and veggies. Maybe in another 2 or 3 weeks, I can think about finding some early spring plants to get going.

Otherwise, one of my dear friends made me feel really special yesterday, and I’m still glowing from it today. She creates drool-worthy jewelry, mainly from silver. She branches out from time to time into copper, one of MY favorite metals. Yesterday, in the mail my husband retrieved, there was a package from her with SEVERAL pieces of copper jewelry – earrings, a bracelet, and two necklaces! A feast for the eyes, I keep changing which is my favorite. I can’t wait to show them off to my Lunch Bunch friends. :0)

I hope you are safe and well today.

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Cold Shoulder


No one is negotiating our driveway until Mother Nature quits giving us a cold shoulder. We’re still iced in, though our temperatures are supposed to get above freezing today, and things are supposed to start melting. I’ll believe it when I see it. We have mail waiting, plus deliveries scheduled – but all will have to wait until further notice. It’s 28 and a world of white ice right now.

We had a comfort food dinner of chicken chunks, mushrooms and onions in cream of mushroom/chicken soup over rice last night. I got TWO compliments on it while we were eating and help cleaning up the kitchen afterward, so it was a definite success. :0)

I was really happy to hear our generator come on last Thursday, doing its automatic weekly testing, in the middle of our being stuck up here on top of our hill. Thankfully, we haven’t needed it, but I can’t tell you how grateful I am to know it’s there if needed.

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Too Much Comfort!


Being iced in and eating comfort food is making my scales smirk at me again. Can you say, ‘Yo-yo?”

It’s 23 now, but it’s supposed to get to 40 this afternoon, with a slow warming trend in the coming days. Our driveway looks like a ski slope, and when we’re stupid enough to try to walk on it, where we walked doesn’t show, as the ice is still much too solid to allow footprints. It’ll be at LEAST another day or two before we venture out – at least I HOPE my husband doesn’t decide to be all macho about it.

When I looked out this morning, my eyes actually hurt, looking at the bright sunshine bouncing off the ice-covered EVERYTHING. It seems as if you can see every branch on every tree. Very pretty, but WAY too cold for me.

My husband requested that I make chicken chunks, onion, mushrooms, and soup over rice for our dinner this evening. I can FEEL the scales smirk. At this rate, a crane will be needed to pull me up out of my chair…

I HAVE been doing my yoga, though, so I’m starting to loosen up, and THAT feels wonderful. I’m doing a session each afternoon.

Since we’re still iced in, no Lunch Bunch today. I called each of my friends, and we visited a bit. Hopefully, NEXT Friday will be a time we can get together again.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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Thoughts on a Thursday 2-24-2022

Texas A&M Today – Getty Images

It LOOKS like it snowed outside, but it’s SLEET. We’re lucky about that, since according to what I’ve read, sleet doesn’t accumulate on power lines. Today the forecast is for sleet, freezing rain, and rain. I really didn’t know the difference between ‘sleet’ and ‘freezing rain’, so I looked it up. ‘Freezing rain’ falls as rain and pretty much freezes on contact. ‘Sleet’ falls as already-frozen pellets of differing sizes. I guess the difference between ‘sleet’ and ‘hail’ is the size of the pellets. Not sure what the dividing line is between the two – WHEN ‘sleet’ becomes ‘hail.’ At any rate, it’s all white, all cold, and is a problem when it’s on the ground.

When my husband took Amber out last night, he remarked that he didn’t leave any footprints in the white stuff. It was solid and really slippery. UGH. It’s supposed to start warming up tomorrow.

“Squirrel Squeeze” – – Hiroshi Takeda

We’re lucky we have a warm, dry house, power, food, and water.


Since I am powerless to do anything about most of what’s happening in the world, I am again basically hiding from it and trying to not drown in despair. I hate that there are power hungry tyrants in the world making innocent people suffer. I hate that so many decisions are based on people trying to get and maintain power and control others. If I had a magic wand, I would sure be waving it right now.

Dr. Axe – Shutterstock

I’ve been happily finding more evidence of more of the talent and creativity in the world. It’s truly wonderful to be able to type in a few words and be taken to more places than I have time to research, finding jaw-dropping things that people have created that I’ve never seen before. I’ve decided that almost ANYTHING can be made into art. Just put something out there. One person with vision will see it differently – will see the potential of it – and will create something breathtaking.

Yesterday I found some wonderful things I’ll be sharing with you during the coming days. I hope you’re able to stay safe, warm, dry, and smiling today.

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Our Stories and Perspectives

We awoke to sleet. When my husband went out to fill up our birdfeeders, he said we were having ‘ice balls.’ It’s 18 degrees. You can HEAR the sleet on the windows. I stood on the porch to get the feel of things and decided we’re very lucky to have a warm, dry house. (I just looked out the office window from my office chair. There is a bird feeder in the window, and I could SEE the balls of sleet bouncing off the feeder.) This is supposed to continue until TOMORROW evening, so things could get bad. We still have power, and our generator test worked LAST Thursday, so hopefully we have back up. I THINK I might have mentioned that winter is NOT my favorite season and that I’m MORE than ready for spring…

I’ve been enjoying listening to lots of music lately. I’m a sucker for The Voice, American Idol, and The X Factor, or ________’s Got Talent. I watch the clips on my computer. It’s heartwarming to see how much talent there is in the world, how many truly unique voices and styles they have. I wish all of them could go on to great success doing what they love. I’m also newly in love with Merrick Hanna, whose dance audition several years ago brought me to tears.

Since we’re stuck in the house, I’m trying to bounce between listening to music, reading, cleaning something, exercising, and back again over and over throughout the day.

I hope that the weather where you are isn’t bad. If it IS, I hope you can stay where you are safe, warm, and dry.

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Thoughts on a Wet Tuesday


The rains started last night with a lot of thunder and lightning. They continue today. I’m not griping TOO loudly, though, as this is much better than what we’ll have starting tomorrow – ICE. Ugh.

We’ll leave in about half an hour to run errands, keeping appointments and picking up supplies for the coming winter storm.

I’m very happy we have a warm, dry home to ‘weather’ the storm in. I have to admit I’m more than ready for spring to arrive, though. Yesterday we saw veggie plants for sale at the local hardware store. Just too soon to plant, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to have to cover the plants every night from now to mid March – though I really felt drawn to the plants…

Stay warm and safe.

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AND Flying Hairballs!

Mother Nature is trying to give us a lesson in humility, and not taking her for granted in the next few days.

This morning, while the weather was nice, we went to Ft. Smith to leave our tax stuff with our wonderful CPA. While we were there, we were able to swing by and see my good friend Nora, who is office manager at an insurance agency. I hugged her neck quickly, then again, because we don’t get to see each other often.

Tonight Mother Nature is serving us some possibly severe weather. Tonight-into-tomorrow, heavy rain and thunderstorms, some possibly dangerous. Heavy rain tomorrow, and then ice and snow Wednesday and Thursday. Great week, huh!

We will do errands tomorrow and pick up supplies in case we’re stranded up on our hill again. I rescheduled my massage that would have been Thursday, so that won’t be a worry anymore.

Yesterday I gathered a few more blooming daffodils for us to enjoy inside. They were lying on the ground, but still pretty. My favorite is the one that dares to be different in the center of the pic. I wish I could bring them ALL in. Hopefully, there will be more after the freeze, ice, and snow of Wednesday and Thursday.

Stay safe and warm!

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Ah, Sunshine!

It’s chilly now, but it’s supposed to get into the 50s this afternoon. Ahhhhh. Nice weekend ahead for us and I’ll take it. I’m afraid I’ll have to reschedule my happily-anticipated massage on Thursday of next week – if the weather people are right – due to forecast ‘wintry mix,’ (especially ice), on Wednesday and maybe Thursday, as well. Did I tell you I’m ready for spring?

I’m feeling good today, having lost a bit more poundage – almost 4.5 lbs this week – and I did my yoga practice again yesterday. I’ve decided I will try to do my yoga each afternoon. I’m feeling less stiff and sore and hope to improve my practice each day.

I thanked my lucky stars when I discovered Cat Kabira a couple of years ago. I found her on a website called Sixty and Me. I bought the DVD they were selling to get seniors into yoga. I didn’t want to wind myself into a pretzel shape or fold myself into a paper airplane, but I did like the idea of getting and staying more flexible, alleviating pain, and improving my balance.

I now do my own thing on yoga stretches, but the thing that Cat stressed was that no one gives you awards for putting your hands flat on the floor after touching your toes, or bending forward while sitting and putting your face on the floor in front of you. (Good thing!) :0)

The thing that is important is that you stretch yourself in that DIRECTION and then breathe into it. You will improve as you learn to relax into the positions and you will get the same benefit as if you HAD touched the floor. THAT freed me from feeling defeated before I started.

As I’ve told you, I’m a champion hard-head, so I have to keep reminding myself that the benefits don’t continue if you don’t practice. So now I’m almost starting at square one, stretching TOWARD where I would like to go, trying to get my poor, sore and stiff body to relax into it once again. I AM starting to feel a difference, and my husband noticed I was doing better yesterday.

I’m on a roll with my determination to ‘shut my mouth and practice yoga daily.’ Hopefully, I can keep this going.

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2 of 3

The Economic Times

I was able to get and print 2 of the 3 things I need from our investment accounts this morning. As soon as I can get the third, we can bag up or tax stuff and take it to our CPA. I always feel so much better when my part of this is done for another year.

I have all appendages crossed that our weather cooperates with me so I can get my massage next week. We’re supposed to get rain Monday and Tuesday, with a possible ‘wintry mix’ Wednesday, just in time for my massage on Thursday. My body would really be grateful if we can keep that appointment.

I’m doing better with my yoga, though. I’m starting to loosen up again, although it will be awhile before I get back to where I was. Why do I have to prove to myself over and over again that this old woman really NEEDS these stretches? I could win a prize for ‘hardest head’ I think. I’m also doing better at keeping my mouth shut this week. I’ve lost 2.5 lbs and hope to continue this, earning gold stars on my calendar. :0)

We’ll leave for Lunch Bunch in about an hour. It was SOOOO good to finally have most of us there last week. I just got a text saying two of us won’t be there. :0( Hopefully, Kay will be there.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday.

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Thursday 2-17-2022


The weather experts were right. I’m not aware that we got the ‘heavy downpours’ that were predicted, but we have the rain, and the cold front is moving in today, changing us from the high 40s now to the 20s this afternoon with a wind chill in the teens. BRRRRR! Did I mention I’m more than ready for spring?

I brought some of the sweet daffodils inside so we could enjoy them, particularly since the ones outside blooming or budding now will freeze today. :0( I’m glad I saw these so they could be appreciated.


Yesterday was a 2-Star day. The first star was for finishing the ‘cleaning-out-and-finding-my-desk’ project. The second star was for the combination of my yoga practice, the fact that I ate nothing between lunch and dinner yesterday, and am weaning myself off of no-added-sugar ice cream, resulting in the loss of almost a pound. Hopefully, I can build on that today.

We’re going to go out – probably after lunch – to run errands. We’ll get our mail, buy replacement tarps to cover the garden raised bed planters again, and stop at Real Food to see if they have some good dinners for us. After that, we’ll ‘hole-up’ in our warm, dry house and enjoy being out of the weather.

I hope you’re safe from the weather, too.

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Thoughts on a Wednesday 2-16-2022

Petr Vaclavek –

We have some interesting weather here in Arkansas the next couple of days. We have a ‘wind advisory’ today – even warning about being watchful of gusts when driving! THEN we have ‘heavy downpours,’ ‘thunderstorms,’ and possible severe storms late this afternoon and overnight, a cold front moving in tomorrow, with possible FLURRIES (It’ll be in the 60’s today…). It’s ‘hold-onto-your-hat weather!

I MAY finish the infamous ‘Find-My-Desk’ project today. My husband mentioned that he saw there was a piece of furniture under the piles yesterday, but then his intelligence kicked in and he wisely shut his mouth rather than adding to his observations. :0)


My simultaneous ‘Shut-My-Mouth-and-do-More-Yoga’ project has a good start now, though the results may not show for quite awhile.

A third project I’m beginning to think about is my Raised-bed, Square-foot Garden project for the spring. I’m getting out my grid paper and will start to plan what I’ll plant and where I’ll put it in the garden. This is all based on where I put things last year, so I’ll have reasonable crop rotation, and then I want to have a ‘square’ between like plants (like I don’t plant broccoli plants in adjoining squares) so cut down on any disease problems. I use up lots of grid paper as I dream, making notes on when I should start looking for plants in our local stores. I want to be ready to plant broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and spinach, for example, as soon as I can get them into the ground. I’ll group them so I can cover them each night with tarps until the weather is more cooperative, making their growing season as long as possible.

As soon as I finish at the computer, I’ll get to work on my desk again. I’ll post pics when this project is done. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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“Cat in Fall” via cathy ruggiero via cathy ruggiero


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Glorious Rain!

It looks like fall in my yard, it’s so full of leaves fallen from trees that have finally given up. They’ve been so parched they’re shedding their leaves to try to live through the intense heat we’ve been having this summer.

The past two days we’ve enjoyed some glorious rain. The first day we danced in it, laughing while we burned the backlog of trash in the shop. Today we got caught in it while we were grocery shopping. We were drenched, and never stopped smiling.

We had lots of thunder this afternoon. I sat in my recliner with a cup of coffee and my current book. Later I woke up, refreshed from a wonderful nap.

I can almost hear all the plant life outside saying, “AHHHHHHH!”

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A Heat Index of WHAT?

Our temperature this afternoon is supposed to reach at least 100 degrees. Our humidity is 61%. Just for giggles, I decided to look up the heat index (what it FEELS like) and it said 131 degrees F.   WHAT!

My husband and I have been going out about 8pm and doing what we can in the garden. Last night we got the metal support up for the 3rd raised garden bed box! Tonight we’ll try to put the wooden garden box into the support and fill it with Mel’s Mix. (At least we can put in the mix that I put in the trash cans. With all the asparagus roots I dug out of the garden, I didn’t come up with nearly as much Mel’s Mix to reuse.).  I may have to wait until Sunday evening to mix up enough to fill the new box. When we get it filled, I’ll take pics.  We also need to change the bulb in a yard light on the shop, if we can.

Meanwhile, if you’re in one of the dangerous or extreme heat areas today, please take care of yourself. Heat stroke is no laughing matter.

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Hunkering Down

"Storms Come and Go" - Eric Thomas

“Storms Come and Go” – Eric Thomas

We’re about to start a group of storms carrying high, gusty, damaging winds, rain, and probably hair balls. This morning my husband got out before breakfast to finish mowing the lawn. I’ve just come in from

  • gathering ripe tomatoes
  • weed whacking around our garden and shop, and
  • weed whacking the front yard

It was almost non-stop thunder when I finally called it quits. I really would have liked to weed whack in the back, too, but I decided to come in. It’s really DARK outside now and the trees are blowing around as I type. I got all the animals in and closed the garage door, and will hope for the best. We really need the rain, but it would be nicer if it were a gentle, soaking rain….


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What the Heat Index Means

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.28.26 AM

With the actual temperature at 92 degrees F, and the humidity at 74%, that means it FEELS as if it’s 116 degrees F outside. I took the dogs out, and my husband walked out to the shop and back, and we decided that’s enough for today, except for grocery shopping.


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