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Progress Report? – Almost End of Week 2



  • No change in measurements yet almost at the end of Week 2. Down 28.7 inches overall since my heaviest. Hopeful to see changes by the end of April.
  • Down 1.6 lbs this week. Down 28.4 lbs since my heaviest – first goal is trying to get down to -30 – where I was pre-pandemic, then on from there.
  • Exercise level is way up. Still fighting sloth. Am doing yoga session each day. Also an online video on exercise with weights for seniors. Also working in the yard each day the weather cooperates.
  • I’ve read that it takes 66 days to build a ‘habit.’ I’m hoping that by the end of May my new way of eating, drinking, and exercising will have become ‘routine,’ ‘habit,’ or ‘regimen,’ – whichever word describes it most accurately. One day at a time.

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Thoughts on a Saturday 3-19-2022


I’m reading Life Force by Tony Robbins. One of the suggestions is that you drink half your weight (in ounces) of water daily. My eyeballs are already swimming, but I’ll work on it. (He says that coffee actually dehydrates you. Since I’m a coffee-a-holic, this is a sad thing to hear.) So I’ll try to cut back on my coffee and TRY to drink even more water.

Another is to eat a more plant-based diet. My husband tends to dig in his heels, so I just talked to him, telling him I will include more veggies in our meals. Since he told me last night he LIKED the way I cooked the broccoli, I’m encouraged that I can do more of this type thing without riots. Small, gradual changes in a good direction.

I’ll go out later to visit our new early spring garden to see how our new plants made it through the latest rain. I’m hoping that the rain was greedily slurped up and that all are feeling happy. I’m reading about growing cauliflower better, since I’ve only been minimally successful, growing very small heads before having to harvest. Fingers crossed. I’ll take some pics.


I’ve been neglectful regarding saving stuff on my computer lately. SO neglectful that I actually had to refer to my NOTES on how to make a new system disk and save my data to another. I’m embarrassed, but I got it done. I’ll put it on my calendar now so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Norman Machine Tool

I told you that our air compressor suddenly quit working. My husband took apart the top of it, finding the part that he thought was causing the problem. He ordered what he HOPED was a replacement part, and it arrived yesterday. So when we got back from Lunch Bunch, he took it out to the shop. He spent a couple of hours, and he FIXED it! He replaced the part, put everything back together and tested it. It worked perfectly. So now we’ll be able to change our snow tires on the truck for the regular tires once we really believe we are finished with snow and ice for awhile. :0) Another wonderful thing was that he fixed the compressor for around $80. If we had had to buy a new one, a much smaller one would have cost around $450 plus tax, plus shipping. He’s a miracle worker.


I’m starting to feel a difference in my efforts to move more. I’m feeling less creaky in my afternoon old lady yoga practices, and the working in the garden is definitely getting me moving more. I’m going to see if I can increase this as the weather improves.

Wishing you a happy Saturday.

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In spite of my efforts, I gained back two pounds. UGH. I didn’t do it like this sweet doggie, by eating popcorn or anything on the deliciously bad list. My scales are laughing at me. I can feel it.

I will continue to be ‘good,’ and see if those two, plus some more, will come off.

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Yo-Yo Expert

Super Fast Diet

My appetite is hale, hearty, and killing me.

I start each day determined to keep my mouth shut – and then life happens.
Choose whatever excuse and it applies to me. I have AGAIN gained some poundage and AGAIN am getting it off.

When I was young and living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we knew a lady who owned a nice small women’s clothing store in an outdoor mall. She was very overweight. She was a really nice woman who made you feel happy you had entered her store. (She actually HIRED me to play my guitar and sing there, trying to draw customers in.) Later, I heard that she had entered the hospital and had had her mouth wired shut (REALLY – I’m not kidding) in an effort to lose weight. It worked. I don’t remember how long she was there. The next time I saw her she was slim and looked really nice in a beautiful dress, heels, etc. It wasn’t a good thing, though, because she wasn’t healthy. I don’t remember the details. I just remember the shock when I read in the paper that she had died suddenly.

That’s the first time I remember being aware of weight, as such. At that point, I had no problems. It wasn’t until I finished getting pregnant and having babies that I had trouble losing the lard. Now I’m older than dirt, have lost 30 lbs. and have become the world’s best ‘yo-yo’ expert – losing and gaining the same 3 or 4 lbs.

So, I’m a bit disgusted with myself at this point. So far today, I’ve done well. I will eat my normal lunch with my husband and then the temptation for the day begins. :0)

I have always had an extremely healthy appetite. I wish I were the type of person who ‘forgets’ to eat. Maybe in my NEXT life…

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Losing the Lardage

The use of cronometer and tweaking resulting in losing a couple of pounds in the past two days, although FIRST feedback from the scales yesterday showed the opposite. This morning the scales were smirking at me a bit less – always a good way to start the day.

I listed the typical foods I eat everyday with the app to see where I was on sticking to 1200 calories or less per day – what cronometer suggested would result in less lardage. I found that although my calorie count was good, I seemed to be eating too much fat. Since my weight has been yo-yo-ing lately, I decided to try some tweaks to get my body’s attention.

This seems to be good strategy! Fingers crossed that the ‘downward’ trajectory continues!

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Lard Progress Report – 7-31-2021

Short answer: I lost an inch off my hips and a half inch off my thighs since the last time I measured, a bit over a month ago.

Total loss to date since my heaviest: 30 pounds and 28.7 inches.

Ongoing focus:

  • IF I eat in-between meals, have plenty of ‘approved’ snacks READY
  • Concentrate on my exercising, since it seems to be yielding results
  • Monitor scales, but don’t look to them for applause

General: We are eating carefully at lunch, and then eating a frozen meal from either Real Food or Stu’s Clean Cookin’ in Greenwood. We are happy with the variety, and we’re eating controlled portions.

I’m trying to do a session of yoga stretching daily, plus work with weights M-W-F, plus a session on the elliptical T-Th-S – unless I’ve been outside doing yard work. Then all bets are off.

Grand View Health

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Laugh and Hug

I’m giving myself a hug and smiling right now. I just had two sales (one yesterday and the second this morning) from my HandmadeHavenbyLinda Etsy website! A really nice start to the day and a spirit-lifter, for sure. :0)

I’ve been having fun in our shop, refurbishing 4 “emu” planters this past week. I need to paint their legs, and then they can go back outside when they are dry.

I’m feeling very motivated on my weight loss and exercising goals. I’ll do two sessions with weights today – one with 5-pound weights, and a second with 3-pound weights, where I follow a short video online. Then I’ll do my regular session of yoga stretching and abdominal exercises later today. I’m trying to drink FOUR bottles of water daily (trying to ignore the fact that my eyeballs are floating as I get more movement in) – running to the bathroom. I’m eating some raw veggies and a bit of dip mid afternoon as a snack. Keepin’ on keepin’ on. (So far. 30.2 pounds down and 26.2 inches off).

I’m finding lots of wonderfully creative people on the net who have created artwork that makes my mouth water. I’m so grateful I live on the same planet and can enjoy their work and share it with you.

Have a wonderful Monday.


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Today is DAY 4 of my new motivation to lose my lard and increase my flexibility and stamina.

I’m feeling good about things, even though I didn’t shed any weight yesterday. I will ‘keep on keepin’ on,’ one day at a time, looking at each one as a day to maybe lose a bit and work on getting stronger.


I’m doing my yoga-snack-water thing each afternoon. I have some sore stomach muscles in particular, a sign that my body recognizes a change. That’s GOOD. I’m finding it easier to get out of my chair, get my yoga mat and get started. Once I finish, I get my husband his bagel with cream cheese, chives, and onion, and I get MY snack of some raw veggies and a bit of dip, plus a bottle of water.

My husband, of course, isn’t even trying to lose weight at this point, or exercise, but is ahead of me on weight loss. I’m trying to be adult enough to realize that each person is different, that men seem to lose weight more easily than woman, and hitting him in the mouth won’t solve my problems. :0)

I have my desk calendar set up to get my stars for doing what I should today, and it makes me smile when I earn them.

I am feeling more in control of my habits and I’m pleased I’m doing some good things for my health.

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A Bit of Success


I finally had a bit of success on losing the lard. I’m almost back to 30 pounds down since my heaviest now – hoping to hit that officially in the next day or so. I’m learning once again how much easier it is to put it ON, rather than taking it OFF.

Yesterday I was moving most of the day. I was in the shop working on the refurb of our Box Turtle Yard art piece. It was hot in there, but I had a fan. I was up and down, pulling and hauling. After resting a bit, I weed whacked, doing two sessions that I had to stop when the weed eater started to smoke! My husband will look at that today to see if it is salvageable. Anyhow, it was a lot of work out in the hot, so I guess that helped finally shed a bit more of the lard.

Today I’m going to put the refurbed box turtle back where he lives in the yard, take pics to show you, start work on another piece, use the leaf blower to clean up the two sidewalks and garage pad, and then cut up lots of veggies for the “kielbasa and veggies” cookout for tonight.

I hope you have a happy Sunday, too.

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Interesting Thought

Signs of Wisdom

I am practicing a number of things, trying to get the lard off.

For several years now I have tried to get taller. I figure that if I grew several inches, I wouldn’t have to be so concerned about my weight. As it is, even though my wonderful massage therapist has TRIED to help once a month by pulling on my appendages and head, it isn’t working. So the concern remains.

  1. I fast between dinner the night before and lunch the next day
  2. I eat very careful lunches and dinners. My husband and I fix the meals together so we can ‘watch’ each other and encourage each other. We eat a lot of healthy individual frozen food dinners from Real Food and Stu’s Clean Cookin’ in Greenwood.
  3. I’m trying to move more and – if I eat between meals at all – I try to snack carefully.

My biggest problem times are about 4 in the afternoon and in the middle of the night if I’m having trouble sleeping.

We eat lunch at noon. We eat dinner around 7pm. Around 4 I am hungry. I’m really trying to have healthy snacks on hand and eat one of them carefully. In the middle of the night, all bets are off.

So, overall I’m losing some of the lard, albeit V-E-R-Y slowly. I yoyo a bit because of any extra eating I do. As long as the general trend is downward, I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about lapses.

Each day is a new day.

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A Week’s Progress

Spoon University

I have finished Week 1 of again trying to stay motivated and lose the lard. I concentrated on controlled portions for lunch and dinner, and very few, if any, snacks. At Lunch Bunch I asked for a to-go bag when I ordered, ate half, and brought the other half home. I cut up the leftover chicken fingers in our dinner chef salad last night, with lettuce and spinach from our garden.

I’m happy to report there are 3.8 lbs less of me than there were last Monday. My goal is to lose 2.5 lbs per week. I may not reach my goal each week, but if I’m down at ALL I’ll consider it a success.

And so starts Week 2. Concentration will be on doing my yoga stretches each day.

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A Bit of Progress

I am FINALLY making a bit of progress on my efforts to lose the lard. My new goal is to try to lose 2.5 lbs each week. That should be doable. I am concentrating on eating controlled portions and not snacking in-between, drinking lots of water and staying active, moving as much as possible.

I was working a lot outside, trying to get my veggie garden going, so I haven’t been ‘exercising’ as I should. I will try now to get back into my yoga practice.

I’ll plan to bring you a ‘progress’ report or two. Fingers crossed.

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Eating with Winnie the Pooh

A. A. Milne – E.H. Shepard – Winnie the Pooh – DreamsQuote

Last night I gave into our desire for comfort food, since our weather has been gray, cool, and rainy lately and made hamburger patties and macaroni and cheese. It hit just the right note with my husband, and he declared the meal ‘delicious’ several times.

Mostly we are trying to watch what we eat in an effort to lose our lard, get as healthy as we can, and be able to continue doing most of what we would like to do. We have found two places locally who are offering REAL FOOD and STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’ – individual frozen dinners with few ingredients – all of which you can pronounce and understand – with measured portions that are GOOD for us. We feel as it we have found a treasure trove.

Particularly when the weather is good, I like to spend a lot of time outside – working in our veggie garden, gathering harvests of lettuce, spinach, radishes, yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, onions, and tomatoes each time I can for us to enjoy right from the garden. Much of the time I am helping with the lawn or weeding my flower beds, so it’s nice to have veggies from the garden and a good-for-us delicious dinner that only has to be nuked to be ready to eat.

As soon as I finish here, I’m planning to go out and take pics to share with you, hopefully harvest my first gathering of veggies, plus get things ready to cover the plants for some possible freezes this week.

I hope that you are well and happy this morning, and that your Sunday is a nice one.

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Open Mouth…

Food Network

Since I’m not having much success with not eating between meals, I’m trying to gather some things that will be better to snack on than others.

I cut up celery and radishes yesterday. I have baby carrots and some cherry tomatoes. I can make a pretty, colorful, healthy snack for myself now to enjoy with a bit of dip.

My husband and I usually have something before bed. I know we shouldn’t do that, but I feel really deprived if he is eating and I’m not. I got some Sweet Freedom No-Sugar-Added Ice Cream Bars that are doing the trick.

My eyeballs are floating from all the water I’m drinking each day, and I’m adding to that since I’m working outside now.

I’m hoping that I can report some progress soon. :0)

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 3-23-2021

Camelot Care Centers

There are lots of reasons to be down these days. Some of them we share. Others are personal. I think it’s more important than ever to be grateful we are HERE and ALIVE, and live with enthusiasm for the gift.

I just went out to check our spring garden. The plants are totally unaware of any possible problems in our world. I’m not advocating being UNAWARE. I guess I’m advocating living as IF “heavy, heavy” isn’t hanging over our heads. Much of what is happening is beyond our control. We can be aware of those things, but concentrate on the things over which we DO have some control.

My spirits rose today as I saw that my garden plants – well watered from an overnight rain – seem to be thriving. On the other side of our property, our tomato plants are also looking good. I stopped to remove the PVC irrigation pipe that was shattered on one brick planter during one of our last winter storms, saving the faucet part that we can reuse. There are many things to be done in the yard, and I’m happy for the normalcy of that.

I’m taking a new direction in selling my craft products. I’m concentrating my efforts on my page on Amazon Handmade, listing new stuff in a steady stream. Linda Lewis Artworks If you happen to visit, I would very much appreciate your honest feedback.

My husband and I are both in reasonably good health at this point, although our bodies remind us that we might have taken on too much sometimes. :0) We are trying to get the lard off, and I am trying to exercise and move more on a daily basis to stay as healthy as possible. We will both get our 2nd COVID shot next Monday. I will feel relieved that two weeks after that, we should be as protected as we can be and will not be a source of the virus for anyone else.

Today we are scheduled to have some windows replaced. Several years ago we had all of our windows replaced by Window World. We have lived in our home since we built it in 1987. Obviously, some things have really gotten better since then. Replacing our windows made a big difference in our energy bills, but also in the QUIET. Many times we get a hard rain and don’t even notice it! We are very pleased with this company. It has taken a long time for us to get the replacement windows, but we are lucky we are all in a position to do this at all. Hopefully, it will happen this afternoon.

Everett Ruess via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Seasonal Help with Eating

I’m grateful for spring also because this season of the year helps me in my efforts to lose the lard.

I’m growing leaf lettuce, head lettuce, radishes, yellow squash, zucchini, red onions, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, and celery. Being able to look forward to harvesting some of this straight from the garden to our table at night makes a big difference in my eating. I can throw off the comfort food of the winter and embrace being outside longer each day and eating big, healthy salads for our dinners.

All of my outside activities encourage me to drink more water, as well. My pedometer takes notice of my increased mobility and that encourages me to do even more.

Fingers crossed that this all comes together and I can make some good progress on my efforts to get healthier, stronger, and more flexible.

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10 Thoughts

The Weight Loss Mindset: 10 Thoughts that Are Keeping You Fat and How Changing Your Mind Can Change Your Body Kindle Edition by Sarah Patterson

I read this book last night. A lot of it I already “knew,” but zeroing in on the mind games I’ve been playing with myself hit me right between the eyes.

This is a well-written book that doesn’t waste your time. It’s straight-forward, explaining the 10 “thoughts,” but not beating you into the ground with them. Two of them in particular grabbed me. I will keep reading this book again until I really SEE how I’m sabotaging myself, kidding myself, and slowing my efforts to be as healthy as I can be.

Another thing I like is that the purpose of this book is to really talk to you – NOT sell you a product. She says straight out that you will get from it as much as you are willing to put into it.

No nonsense. No fooling.

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Charles Schultz – Peanuts –

Spring officially starts tomorrow. I’m hoping to be able to get some veggie plants for my garden today, kicking off my season of being outside every possible day, kicking up my activity level, cutting DOWN on my comfort eating!

I will also look forward to eating fresh stuff from my garden. I always try to grow lots of spinach and lettuce, radishes, onions, and broccoli, and then whatever else looks interesting. In two other planters, I plant tomatoes. Availability varies, but I LOVE watching things grow, taking care of my plants, and then harvesting the results.

Some years I’m really successful and I can take fresh food to my friends. That is the BEST. :0)

Each year I feel renewed hope for the growing season – a new lease on life.

It’s especially welcome this year, and I look forward to sharing my efforts with you.

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And My Scales Said, “Ah!”


I’m beginning to see a welcome difference when I step on the scales each morning. Not a huge one, but a good one, nonetheless. (I know, some people say you shouldn’t weigh every day. Each person has to do what works for him or her, though, and being accountable every morning seems to help motivate ME not to stuff my face.)

I’m still RE-losing, but soon I will be at a new point in my losing-the-lard efforts. I’m earning gold stars for my exercising, too.

I also decided to start using again, since we have moved to frozen meals coupled with our own, and I need to be more mindful of my eating – particularly of snacks – which can get out of hand quickly.

It’s good to finally feel things coming together to make a difference.

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After Christmas


My husband and I are in the middle of a gigantic splurge that we hope will cure us of the ‘wanting-to-make-up-for-all-the-things-we’ve-been-missing feelings we’ve been harboring for about a year now. We accept that the scale is laughing at us – sometimes holding its nose in derision – but the feelings have been strong.

The dog helped us toward getting temptation out of the house last night. I had fixed fried chicken for the first time in a least two years of abstention. I overcooked it, so we were less than delighted with the meal, although the deviled eggs were wonderful. My husband took his plate to the kitchen giving our 95-pound yellow lab, Amber, the remaining bites of chicken on his plate.

The next thing I knew, I was hearing ‘noises’ from the kitchen area. Amber had not only taken care of the remaining bites of chicken on his plate, but the remaining two PIECES of chicken on a platter on the island, plus TWO packages of cookies we received – his and hers – from the counter. The only thing left was the containers and a mess on the floor. My HUSBAND was in the dog house for leaving Amber in the kitchen, rather than watching her eat the largess from his plate and then bringing her into the living room with the gate to the kitchen closed – a lesson we have learned before.

We are giving ourselves until the end of the month to cure our longings and find our intense motivation again to get the lard off…


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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fatness


Cookies, candy, bread. Chocolate, apple fritters, peanut brittle. We’re surrounded, and we’re eating our way out. It’s delicious. I’m telling my husband that all this ends VERY SOON – as we stuff yet another wonderful thing into our mouths. It’s been a year or two since we have eaten some of this stuff. I’m blaming it all on our generous friends who GAVE this to us, but WE’RE the ones who are stuffing our faces.

I’ve decided that, since we’re adults, we are merely getting all this gorging out of the happy way, and that once it is over, we will EAT like adults again. We are talking about the fact that anything ELSE that finds its way into our house and is not a gift is on US – and should not happen. (I’m also reminding myself that “I” am responsible for what goes into MY mouth. So even if my husband continues this holiday splurge, “I” will not.

I will not.

I will NOT.


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Weight Loss Motivation

Rebel Circus

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New Weight Loss Program


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Dead Eye

I finally saw some progress on my scales this morning. My husband and I have been eating well, enjoying individual frozen meals from Real Food and Stu’s Clean Cookin‘ in Greenwood.

The problem is that we’ve been enjoying too much OTHER food that isn’t so good for us. The pandemic is our latest excuse, but the real problem is us.

I have decided – once again – to be responsible for my OWN eating, letting my husband stuff his face with ‘sticky buns’ – his latest indulgence, while I drink more water, eat some raw veggies with Ranch dressing as a dip, and hopefully continue to see results on the scales. The fact that HE is also seeing results is maddening – but I’m too old too whine and pout – MUCH…

I will concentrate on doing my elliptical trainer this morning, my yoga this afternoon, eating my raw veggies and drinking water, and looking forward to the scales being impressed with my efforts.

Please wish me luck.

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Weighty Exchange


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The “Lighten Up” Diet

I no longer feel ‘grim and determined’ when I think of my efforts to lose the rest of my lard.

My husband and I have become totally spoiled by two new companies that have come to Greenwood AR recently: REAL FOOD and STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’.

Both offer really TASTY, healthy individual frozen meals that can be ordered online and picked up.

We eat frozen meals for dinner 5 days out of the week. I cook carefully on the weekends. We eat a light lunch, with a break on Fridays when we join our good friends.

The convenience of the already prepared, portion-controlled meals that actually taste good being the main meal of the day allow us to enjoy eating again without overdoing, concentrating on the other things we’re doing each day and not spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

We are spending less than half of what we were spending for commercial diet programs. Ordering each week, if we happen to find something that we don’t care for, we aren’t stuck with a month’s worth of meals we have to grit our teeth to eat.

I actually can joke about my efforts to lose my lard again, with the determination still there. We can ‘lighten up’ on both our meals AND our attitudes!

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Good ‘Eats’ Result in Less Lardage

“Caught Red-Pawed” – Audrius P. – Bored Panda

My husband and I really tried with the prepared meals weight loss folks – Nutrisystem, South Beach, and BistroMD – and we lost some weight, but it was grim. They either discontinued the food we really liked, we weren’t happy with the meals, or the food tasted so bad we just couldn’t hack it.

My husband was almost to his goal weight, so I was trying hard to make the keto diet work for us. We really like the recipes by Suzanne Ryan in her cookbook Simply Keto. The biggest problem with that was that we tended to eat more of whatever it was than a ‘portion.’ It was totally a self-discipline problem.

We lucked out when two new companies came to Greenwood AR recently – The Real Food Company, and Stu’s Clean Cookin’ – both offering frozen meals that are individual portions, heat up in the microwave, are good for you and TASTE GOOD!

We are happy as clams now, continuing to lose weight by declaring the frozen meals, individual portions, our main meal of the day, having tuna salad or the equivalent for lunch, and no breakfast. We are trying to limit our snacks, as well, eating healthy things – though my husband uses it as an excuse to splurge. Since HE is at his goal weight and his blood sugar numbers are now better than mine, I should look to HIM for advice…

I am continuing to drink as much water as I can without my eyeballs floating too badly, and I am trying to get in both my elliptical trainer and yoga stretches daily. My weight loss is slow and steady.

We are looking forward to our meals now, instead of gritting our teeth and making do while resenting the fact the food costs so much. Tonight, for example we are looking forward to trying “Teriyaki Chicken Lo Mein” from The Real Food Company.

Bon Appetit!

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Dolly Parton – – QuotesGram

Nutrisystem, South Beach, BistroMD – all helped, but we stopped, feeling the same as this wonderful quote by Dolly Parton above.

Now we are lucky because two new companies started businesses here in Greenwood – REAL FOOD and STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’, both offering healthy frozen individual portion meals at reasonable prices.

We plan around eating their meals 5 days a week. I then fix a keto-friendly meal that has enough for the weekend, and maybe even a lunch the following week. We eat a frozen meal at night, usually tuna fish salad for lunch, and as few careful snacks as possible the remainder of the day. It’s working for us, albeit slowly.

My husband is basically at his goal weight now. We are trying to be very careful of his sugar, since he is Type II diabetic. I still have about 30 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. I’m losing more slowly, am the one who is actually exercising, and does all the orchestration of our eating. I would bite my husband in the leg, but basically like him too much to do that just because he seems to lose weight effortlessly. (If he gives me another reason, all bets are off.) :0)

I really like not having to figure out what to cook every day. I also like the fact that we are eating good, healthy food with portion control that actually TASTES GOOD. We can still go to Lunch Bunch to meet our friends each Friday without losing the ground we’ve gained during the week.

I am hopeful that if we ‘keep on keepin’ on,’ (‘holding our mouths right’ as we say in Oklahoma and Arkansas) maybe I will eventually meet MY lard-loss goal, too.

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Today’s Weight Loss Tip


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A Little Progress


I’ve told you that we have changed our eating habits, trying to make sure we control our portions while actually enjoying our food while trying to lose the lard.

I also told you that my husband has essentially reached his weight goal. We are still watching his sugar like hawks, since he is Type II diabetic and I am trying to encourage him to exercise – something for which he just gives me a long, long look.

I just weighed and measured this morning, hoping for some progress. I’m delighted to report that both the scales and the tape measure were only smirking, rather than laughing at me! :0)

I am now down 42.4 pounds from my lardiest, and there are 42.95 inches less of me. I would like to lose another 30+- pounds.

I haven’t just picked a number from a hat. It would be the middle of the BMI healthy range for my height. I also read an article that said, although the BMI charts may be ‘obsolete,’ your waist circumference is a good indication of your overall health. I would like to lose 3 more inches from my waist. (I’ve lost 9 so far).

My yard work, elliptical trainer, and yoga stretches are helping me get more flexible and improve my balance. I’m hoping to be able to report more progress at the end of the month.


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Happy Campers

Last week we received the regular follow-up email REAL FOOD CO sends after we pick up our order, asking for feedback. This time I wrote a comment that I would really like to order the olive bread, rather than waiting for it to show up on the website as an offering for the week.

Stacy ANSWERED, asking me how many half loaves I wanted to order! I replied, and we can pick them up next Monday! HOORAY!!!!!

We went from having only restaurants – and most of them having to offer mainly take-out – to having TWO places who offer frozen meals that are good for you and taste good, too.

The other new place is STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’.

Between the two places, we are very happy campers. We have a frozen meal as our main meal of the day. The controlled portions and convenience makes it easy to stay on our new way of eating 5 days per week.

The other meal is tuna fish salad with a side of sweet pickles for my husband and green or black olives for me.

My husband has several snacks each day. I try to LIMIT mine, drinking lots of water instead, in an effort to lose my lard.

The other two days we eat something I cook. This week I’ll fix “Keto Chili” with a recipe by Suzanne Ryan of Simply Keto. That will last us all weekend.

I still have a long way to go to get to my goal weight, but my husband has pretty much reached his goal.

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