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Forwarded by my friend Marsha

She and I are trying to encourage each other in our efforts to lose the lard and exercise.

She has lost a pound or two already recently and purchased a peddler that she can use several times a day, rain or shine, to try to build muscle and stamina. Huge kudos!

I, on the other hand, am a dismal failure. I do pretty well, and then my husband, trying to be nice, brings me a dish of ice cream with chocolate syrup. Or, failing that excuse, I decide I’m starving to death mid afternoon and have some pretzels, even after drinking a bottle of water first and waiting to try to curb my hunger. I’ve also been using my meager yard work as a substitute for my yoga practice. Bah. Humbug.

I’m trying to do one day at a time – even one morning at a time. I’ll try to get my act together VERY SOON – if not TODAY…


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The Ouches Have It

Cornerstone Naturopathic

My husband and I had a contest yesterday (of which we were unaware) on who could mess up their back more. I was doing more weed whacking sessions in the yard and he was doing something in our shop.

We finished up about the same time. He helped me wind up the long cord for the weed whacker and put it away. We each got a drink and rested. I was stiff and sore, but was too lazy to try to do my yoga, as I knew I should.

He explained that he was pulling on something in the shop and heard a ‘pop’ in his back. He decided that was it for the day and came in.


He was sorer last night, but took some Tylenol and rested on the heat pad in his chair. He is still quite sore today, but doesn’t want me to take him to the doctor. He is in his chair on the heat pad, and I just took him some Tylenol. I guess this is yet another lesson that we are no longer 30 and need to be more careful. There isn’t a ‘good’ person between the two of us today, but I’m a spring chicken compared to my poor husband. I’ll watch him like a hawk.


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Therapeutic Yoga


Running out of excuses for not doing my yoga sessions lately, I did a session of careful stretches yesterday, trying to straighten out, stretch, relax into old lady poses, and generally give myself a chance to heal.

Why I need to convince myself from time to time that it really HELPS me to do this practice remains a mystery. General laziness, I guess.

I had been feeling creaky, sore, stiff, etc. from yard work, helping my husband change the tires on our truck and more, and I was basically doing the minimum movement needed.

Being dumb is not something I cultivate, so now that I’ve proven it to myself once again, I’ll try to do at least half an hour daily, no matter what else I’m doing.

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Mountain View Animal Hospital

I’m just back from my massage. I feel limp as a noodle. I’ll drink lots of water with lunch and probably take a nap after.

I told Lynn that it was hurting to lift anything with my right arm – on my inner arm just above my elbow. I don’t know what muscles are involved, but I think it’s my biceps. She zeroed in on that and found a pretty decent-sized knot that she kneaded, trying to get it to release. It was definitely a case of ‘it-feels-so-good-when-she-stops’ :0). She also recommended a cream she has found that helps her and her family. It’s called Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy – Inflammation Formula. I’ll google it and order it online as soon as I finish this.

I’m so lucky that I can get a massage once a month. It is really good for my health. I would probably be curled into a ball if it weren’t for Lynn.

If you’re in the Greenwood/Fort Smith area, her name is Lynn Moody, and her phone number for an appointment is 479-629-7601.

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American Kennel Club

I’m leaving to get my monthly massage this morning, and boy – am I ready!

I’ll tell Lynn, my magnificent massage therapist, about a couple of places that could use some particular attention, but she’ll find several others I wasn’t even aware of.

When I’m home again, I’ll be wonderfully loose and relaxed. I’ll drink a bunch of water, probably nap this afternoon, and my therapy will be complete.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Lucky lady.

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Sick on Sunday 1-22-2023


I am feeling less than stellar today after being ill most of the night. I wish you a wonderful Sunday and will try to talk again tomorrow.


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Quasarphoto-Getty Images-iStockphoto-Thinkstock Photos

I’m home from my massage. Lynn Moody, my miracle worker, really gave me a deluxe massage today, zeroing in on my arm, too. I almost came up off the table when she first started, but she really got the blood moving. She suggested I continue the muscle gel for pain and also heat. I feel MUCH better right now. I just finished drinking a bottle of water and will use the heat after lunch.

I’m so lucky to have Lynn to take care of me. Ahhhhhh!

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Benefits of Massage

American Kennel Club

I just came home from getting my November massage. Ahhhhhh!

I really used to think it was just a luxury. A nice way to pamper yourself.

After doing medical transcription and bookkeeping in Ft. Smith for 8 years, I was a mess. I had so much tension in my shoulders, neck, and back I was unable to pull a T-shirt off over my head. I didn’t sleep well and would just push myself harder and harder to get the work load done. (I did transcription for 8 busy general surgeons plus all their bookkeeping. I finally got some help, but my tension problems remained.)

I went to a doctor who recommended massage. My insurance didn’t pay for it, but I did it anyway, desperate for some relief. After weekly massages for 8 weeks, I was finally back to ‘normal.’ The therapist saved my life.

Then, I stopped working in Ft. Smith and so lost my easy access to a gym after work, and didn’t continue the massages.

I don’t know when I was lucky enough to find Lynn, my massage therapist, but I changed my labeling of massage as a luxury and pampering (though they are both of those) and started considering them in the light of taking better care of myself – something I needed on a regular basis – a way to stay healthier.

Benefits of massage

  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation.
  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension.
  • Improving circulation, energy and alertness.
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improving immune function.

This is according to the Mayo Clinic, if you needed more convincing.

Selfishly, I wish I could get one more than once a month, but I’m very, very grateful for Lynn’s wonderful care.

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27 Seconds


I’ve added trying to hold the plank pose to my daily yoga practices. Opinions vary as to my efforts thus far.

GLASS HALF EMPTY: Pathetic that I’m only able to count to 27 while holding the pose. AND I’m probably counting too fast.

GLASS HALF FULL: I started with a count of only 10 and am now able to hold it to the count of 27 before collapsing. It’s all relative.

GLASS IS REFILLABLE: I’m slowly building a bit of strength in my core. Just like everything else at my age, it’ll take awhile to get to anything reasonable. I remind myself that when I first started with yoga stretches, I was unable to –

  • Even THINK about bending over and touching my toes
  • Put my hands over my head and onto the floor while lying on my back
  • Get down on the floor and up again without the use of a crane (or some furniture)
  • Get close to doing a sit up or other abdominal exercises or poses
  • Even THINK about sitting on my knees

SO –

Today is DAY 125 of my daily yoga practice. I’m about to leave to get a glorious massage. I’m about the luckiest old lady on the planet. :0)

I hope that you are doing good things for yourself, too.

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Happy Thought


Today will be DAY 26 in my efforts to make practicing yoga daily a HABIT/ROUTINE/REGIMEN, rather than merely something I “should’ do.

I managed to do my practices this week in spite of being under the weather. I did a somewhat abbreviated version, not doing as many repetitions as I do when I’m feeling well, but I did the whole routine and felt better for it.

I’m starting to believe that I can actually get to the point where I don’t even THINK about making time for it – I just DO it.

Jim Rohn – http://www.wow4u.com – Inspirational Words of Wisdom

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Dogs, Cats, Pets – Dr Winnie

Feeling crappy. Take care and have a good day.

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Splurge in Moderation

Eat This, Not That

Most diets and diet cookbooks spend a lot of time and energy creating sweets to eat instead of the things you shouldn’t eat a bunch of, particularly if you’re trying to lose the lard.

I have a complaint – it seems that almost NO time is spent on the salty food group. They only say, “avoid,” or “don’t eat.” When time is spent producing a food that might satisfy the ‘crunchy food group,’ it doesn’t include SALT.

I can avoid sweets. I can avoid white, starchy food. I can avoid sugar. I can watch my portions. I can avoid added salt, but the essentially salty food group CALLS to me.

I have a raw veggie tray in my fridge right now. It’s beautiful, with carrots, broccoli. snap beans, cherry tomatoes, and cauliflower, all ready to chomp with even a dip included.

What do I crave? Pretzels. Fritos. Potato chips.


Healthy Alternatives to Salty Snacks

  • Nuts and Seeds. Adding unsalted nuts and seeds to your diet in moderation can be a great way to combat your salty cravings. …
  • Kale Chips. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the crunchy, salty goodness of potato chips, just try using kale instead. …
  • Edamame. …
  • Hummus. …
  • Popcorn.

18 Flavorful Salt Alternatives

  • Garlic. Garlic is a pungent spice that boosts flavor without increasing sodium content. …
  • Lemon juice or zest. …
  • Ground black pepper. …
  • Dill. …
  • Dried onion or onion powder. …
  • Nutritional yeast. …
  • Balsamic vinegar. …
  • Smoked paprika.
  • _______________________________

All this is lovely, but it just DOESN’T take the place of a nice salty pretzel, or a bunch of fritos, or potato chips…

My good friend and I were talking about cravings the other day, and we came up with a new meme –

‘SPLURGE IN MODERATION.’ Think it’ll catch on?


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Yesterday it took me three sessions, but I finished the weed whacking all around our house. I was super hot and tired, even with breaks and lots of water, so I took a shower before lunch. I sat on the couch under the ceiling fan in the living room to continue bringing my temperature down. Then we had lunch and I took the liberty of a nice nap afterwards.

Today I have my reward for pushing it yesterday – my monthly massage. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I think Lynn Moody is the best massage therapist on the planet. I can totally relax, talk or not talk, while she finds and fixes all the sore spots I had, and even the ones I didn’t know about. I leave limp as a noodle, grinning from ear to ear.

Today will be an inside day. I’ll do laundry and some other stuff, but no big pushes to get anything in particular accomplished.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, too.

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 4-26-2022


Good morning! I just have time to say a quick, “Hi” before I leave. I’m doing exciting stuff, like take the trash down to the bottom of the driveway, get the mail, and go get a haircut. Wow. I hope my heart can take it. :0)

Actually, I’m very grateful for quiet, calm days without a big schedule these days. Since my husband had a couple of strokes last year, I don’t make many plans. I take things one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, and – on rare occasions – one MOMENT at a time, dealing with the changes and some new challenges. He is still ‘in there,’ but sometimes he’s hard to find.

So, quiet, calm, low-pressure days are more than welcome.

Each of us deals with poor health, challenges, fears differently. Respecting our differences, and taking as much time as possible to meet our own needs is key. Love is at the base of it all, and will ever be.

Today is bright and sunny. Our weather will be stellar. I’ll take our wonderful hair stylist a big bag of home grown lettuce as an extra thank you for being there for us.

I’m hoping I can spend some time outside this afternoon, working on the planter I started cleaning out a couple of days ago, checking on the tomatoes.

I hope that YOUR Tuesday is a happy one.

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Progress Report? – Almost End of Week 2



  • No change in measurements yet almost at the end of Week 2. Down 28.7 inches overall since my heaviest. Hopeful to see changes by the end of April.
  • Down 1.6 lbs this week. Down 28.4 lbs since my heaviest – first goal is trying to get down to -30 – where I was pre-pandemic, then on from there.
  • Exercise level is way up. Still fighting sloth. Am doing yoga session each day. Also an online video on exercise with weights for seniors. Also working in the yard each day the weather cooperates.
  • I’ve read that it takes 66 days to build a ‘habit.’ I’m hoping that by the end of May my new way of eating, drinking, and exercising will have become ‘routine,’ ‘habit,’ or ‘regimen,’ – whichever word describes it most accurately. One day at a time.

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Keep Moving!

My SIL has this at the bottom of her emails, and I’m trying to embrace it as my mantra.


Since the weather has warmed up, I’m having an easier time of getting myself moving. Yesterday was rainy, so all I did was my afternoon yoga stretching session. Today, though, the sun is shining. I’m planning to weed our rock beds that run all the way along the front and back sides of the house. All that moving, bending, etc, plus the yoga will be a good amount of motion today.

I’ll also walk out to check on our veggie garden. We had quite a bit of rain a couple of nights ago, with rain most of the day yesterday, so I’m HOPING things are good out there. Fingers crossed.


I’ve become a master at making excuses, but this week I’ve done a good job of balancing sedentary activities with getting up and moving. I’m hoping that I can get into the HABIT of including exercise in my day EVERY day. I won’t worry about specific exercises, though. At this point, concentrating on stretching, flexibility, balance, and relaxation is my goal. The research I’ve done says that it takes 66 days to build a habit. Today is Day 4 for me. One day at a time…

sent via email by a dear friend

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I Must Be Feeling Better


My husband says I’m getting snarky, so I must be feeling better.

The fact that I CAN be snarky is a very good sign. I’m very quiet, docile, and SWEET when I’m sick. My husband has trouble handling that and is doing all he can to get his ‘real wife,’ (the one he describes as, “mean as a snake,”) back. :0)

We’ve had all the vaccines, including the booster, but we MAY have gotten the Omicron variant anyway. Our symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, headache, fatigue, and sneezing. At least with this illness you aren’t bored. You’re very busy sneezing, (and I start saying bad words after I’ve sneezed 75 times in a row) using up boxes of kleenex, taking Tylenol, sore throat lozenges, etc. At least neither my husband nor I had to go to the hospital. We could just stay home, gripe, and take care of each other.

AND we had this one at a time so the other could take care of the one afflicted. Pretty good, as illnesses go.

I’m more and more snarky each day. Sore throat mostly gone – just down to cold symptoms.

Since we’re in the high risk group for Covid, I’m thankful that we got the shots, and then waited until it was much safer for us to get it – IF, indeed – that is what we have.

Stay safe.

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Less Than Stellar

Pet MD

My husband was sick last week. He started with a sore throat, then had sniffles and generally felt bad for several days. He is now feeling, “Fine as frog fur,” thankfully.

Trouble is, he apparently was generous enough to pass it to me. I got a sore throat a couple of days ago. Since I’m still feeling bad, I’m resting a LOT, basically asleep in my chair on and off most of the day, useless on getting anything done.

The saddest thing is that we’re having a truly beautiful day today. It’s supposed to get into the low 60’s today! In January! I may force myself to walk around the yard this afternoon to not completely waste it. (A cold front will bring the high down to the 40’s tomorrow.)

I wish you a great week.


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I am now researching good ways to increase the fiber in my diet going forward. It’s easy to find good lists of high fiber food on the net, thank goodness. A harder thing is to figure out how to add these while trying to lose the lard while trying not to alienate my husband.

So far, I’ve figured out that I can –

  • surreptitiously add some things to the stews we like that will increase the “healthy” and won’t change the flavor.
  • I can eat a pear, for example, as my mid afternoon snack
  • When I make main meal salads, I can add chick peas or beans to MY salad after serving my husband
  • I can eat raw veggies, including cauliflower and broccoli and carrots as my snacks on days when I’m not eating fruit

It looks like I will be trying to eat 25 grams of fiber per day. I’ll see if my cronometer.com site will help me track how many grams of fiber I’m eating.

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The Waiting Continues


Only one post today. I’ve waited and worried for a month to get the exam. It was done today. The doctor and others at the hospital were more than kind to me. My husband drove 45 minutes to get me there before 7am. He sat and waited while they whisked me away. We got home just before noon.

I had soup for lunch – delicious!

I practically froze to death at the hospital, although they brought me a couple of heated blankets. I was like a human sandwich after lunch, wedged between my heating pad and my throw – kind of a human sandwich of warm. The chill is now gone and I’m mostly alert (I think. ) :0)

We will get the results from Pathology

by the middle of next week – so the waiting continues.

Hope you’re having a great day.

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Rough Week

The Pony Detectives on twitter.com

My posts tomorrow (Friday) will be delayed. I’m having an exam in the morning and will be out of commission until the afternoon. I’ll write again when I can.

Have a wonderful evening tonight and an even better day tomorrow!

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I’m of Two Minds…


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Challenges – Changes


Trying to eat right and take care of yourself becomes more and more complicated as you age. If you are married, the complication explodes because you are dealing with not only different health needs, but also different ideas of what ‘good food’ is, how seriously needed changes should be taken, etc. My husband and I are in the process of yet another adaptation since I had an ultrasound of my carotid arteries.

I’m lucky, in that the problem in my carotid arteries is not to the point where any procedures are necessary, but I am trying to adapt my eating to include food and drink that dissolves, lessens, or prevents plaque. I’m ornery enough now without having strokes! Happily, I found an article on the net that lists 16 things I can include in my diet. I have several of them already and eat them. Yesterday I started drinking one glass a day of green tea (I found sugar-free). Since beets are on the list and I can’t face eating them, I’ve ordered supplements for that. I’m making a grocery list to get other things. I’m feeling very lucky that there are things I can do about this situation that may improve my chances to continue being ornery… :0)

A downside that complicates things a bit, is that I gained a couple of pounds yesterday. I refuse to worry about that yet, though. I will try to include the new food and drink, continue to exercise at least three times a week if not more (elliptical trainer and yoga stretches), and will give the changes some time before I worry again about lardage.

Here’s to doing what you can to get and stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can.

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Ultrasound Dimensions

I had a carotid artery doppler ultrasound this morning to see the reason for the right carotid bruit my primary doc heard at my last appointment. I don’t know the results yet, but I wasn’t rushed into surgery or anything. The procedure was painless and only took about 15 minutes. I am hopeful that we can just monitor my situation or correct it with some medication, and I can continue to pretend I’m immortal. :0)


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Things happen in cycles around here.

I exercise to try to stay reasonably strong and as healthy as I can be, though I do it grudgingly. I have a “life alert” type medallion that we got along with our security system for the house. It only works within so many feet of the house, I think. I forget to wear it. :0) I am careful when I’m doing something I know is ‘above my pay grade’ physically – like when I decided the other day to NOT try to balance on the rickity ladder on a slope in the gravel at the bottom of the driveway while trying to freshen the paint on the greeter robot.

I haven’t fallen on my head or tripped lately. I’m due. Knowing this, I’m trying to plan better, to TRY to remember if I’m working outside to find and put on the medallion necklace, etc., but it will happen sooner or later…


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Hang in There


I’m watching the news less and less as the days pass. It seems it can’t get any worse, and then it does. I find myself angry, frustrated, and depressed. Another of life’s character-building exercises, I guess. I can’t DO anything about it, so I’m now trying to keep up with what is actually happening and then shut it off and live elsewhere, at least in my own mind.

Happily, I have a wealth of coping mechanisms and they are getting a good amount of use now. I thought I would mention a few of them, in case YOU are having some trouble coping, too –

  • I’ve been using Pinterest lately for two reasons: 1) to listen to music from people I haven’t heard before. It’s inspiring to find so many talented singers. When I hear them, it seems as if their voices fill me up. 2) I’ve also clicked on interesting things and have discovered some really talented artists using various media who take my breath away. (Since I don’t mind others knowing what I’ve clicked on, I find it great that once you click on something, the program gives you more of that.)
  • I’ve been reading a lot. Instead of relegating things I enjoy to the “end of the line” when I’ve finished ALL the ‘have-to’s’ and ‘shoulds’ on my to-do list, I’m consciously taking time to dive into a great book. Right now I’m finishing a re-read of one of Nora Roberts’ trilogies, The Guardians.
  • I’m also making time to play in my art room. Right now I’m experimenting with the impasto technique – lots of texture laid on with a palette knife. So far, I’m awful, but who cares? :0)
  • I’m getting better at looking at exercise as a stress-reliever. I’m doing 35 minutes on my elliptical trainer in the garage on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, plus doing yoga stretches every afternoon. I’m trying to put this in the category of ‘my time,’ although basically I’m a slug and have to push myself to get up and get at it.

If you have something that helps you cope with stressful things, I would be very interested in hearing about It. We’re all in this together, and it’s good when we can help each other.


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Worrying and Waiting

Charles Schulz – Peanuts – LoveThis Pic,com

I’ve spent much of my life waiting. Waiting for Christmas morning. Waiting for school to get out for the summer. Waiting for my husband-to-be to get out of the Marines and come home. Waiting for school to be finished so I could start teaching. Waiting to get my Master’s degree so I could run my own reading clinic. Waiting for babies to be born. Waiting. And while I waited, I wasn’t really in the moment.

When the worrying gene was passed out, I got my share and then spent a lot of time nurturing and polishing it. I lost sleep. I didn’t eat, couldn’t eat, then over-ate in an effort to exert control over things not up to me. 99% of things about which I worried didn’t happen. This fact, plus the fact that I KNEW in my head I had no control, didn’t stop me from worrying. And while I worried, I wasn’t really in the moment.

It has taken me a long time, but I am finally living in the moment. I still wait, but I LIVE while I’m waiting. I may worry, but I LIVE while I’m worrying. I take the time to not only notice things, but really appreciate the beauty around me – how beautiful the weather is; I’ve come to treasure each time my 95 pound yellow lab, Amber, gets her top half in my lap while I’m trying to type a blog post, licking my face, making me laugh. I stop by my husband’s chair in the living room on the way to or from – or both – taking the time to kiss him on the head, hug him, and make him smile. I take time to play in my art room, smiling like a kid with fingerpaint, trying something new and having FUN whether I do something reasonable or just make a mess. :0) I can insulate myself from much going on in our world today, doing the little I can to help a bit – trying to protect those I love from the bad consequences (about which I worry) and ignore what I can.

If I live another hundred years or so, I may have this!



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Massage Day!

Thinkstock Photos-American Kennel Club

Today is the day for October’s massage. My body is almost smiling in anticipation.

Even with my old lady yoga stretching, my body won’t really relax until Lynn Moody 479-629-7601 uses her magic hands and arms to find all the knots I’ve built up since last time. She finds the ones I can feel and even those I can’t.

I’ll drink lots of water the rest of the day and won’t be shy about taking a nap this afternoon if the sleepies visit.

I hope that you are either enjoying regular massages or will look at it as a great way to take care of yourself. In our world now, we need all the help we can get.

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I’m leaving in about 45 minutes for my once-a-month massage. Ahhhhhhhh! My body is already saying, “THANK YOU!”

I used to think fondly of getting one, but couldn’t really justify spending the money.

Then, after working 12 hour days, 5 days a week, doing medical transcription and bookkeeping for a busy general surgeons’ office for years, I was in the position of not being able to pull a tee shirt off over my head and needed help. Massage, whirlpools, my bosses hiring additional part-time help and changing my chair and my keyboard at work all combined to heal me.

I then went a long time without massage. My body wasn’t happy. My neck and back hurt. It was like I was trying to pull everything ‘in,’ and I started searching for a massage therapist here in Greenwood. I won the lottery when I found

Lynn Moody 479-638-8788.

Now my monthly massage is part of my ‘take care of me’ regimen. I go in, just looking forward to Lynn’s competent hands. She finds all the tight, knotted places I didn’t know I had and kneads them away. I come away, limp as a noodle, relaxed, and smiling, my next appointment date in hand.

Today’s world is a stressful one for many, many reasons. If you don’t get massages, I can’t recommend them highly enough for the peace of your mind and body. Letting go with a person you trust is a gift you should definitely give yourself.


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A Bit at a Time


I made it through the 3-minute dumbbell exercises with Denise Austin – barely. Then I rested for quite awhile and did other things. I have just finished another group of exercises with the weights, and plan to do one more group before I give myself a star on my calendar.

I will go and do my yoga stretches in a minute – as soon as I finish this post.

It would be NICE if I could learn to love exercising. It would be WONDERFUL if I had a rush of endorphins. It would be even better if my body had an easier time getting through this stuff. Best of all, I’ll be happy if my tape measure gives me some pats at the end of this month. It would be terrific if I end up stronger, more flexible, and feeling good.

For the moment, though, I’m just working for a star or three on my calendar for the day- a sign that I’m TRYING to take care of myself. I have a chance for 3 stars today –

Clip Art Library
  • One for drinking 4 bottles of water today
  • A second for my yoga practice
  • And the third for my exercising with dumbbells

I’ll keep on keepin’ on

Stefano Furlani -Stone Art – designyoutrust.com


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I will leave soon to enjoy one of my favorite once-a-month activities – a massage. Ahhhh!

If you live in the area of Ft. Smith, call Lynn Moody 479-629-7601.

I used to consider a massage a luxury. Now I look at it as an essential part of my well-being. If the end of the world happened, I would still reluctantly give it up. I take my poor, battered, tense body, with knots and soreness to Lynn, and she returns me a very relaxed lady smiling from ear to ear.

If you have regular massages, you know what I mean. If you don’t, I am encouraging you to give yourself one of the best gifts there is.

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