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I’ve been having a wonderful time for several weeks now, making Christmas presents for my friends. I got the idea for the theme of the presents several months ago, and ideas have been rattling around in my brain ever since.

I finally ordered the materials I needed and began to play as soon as they arrived. I looked on the net for some reference pictures for some of my ideas, and then began drawing my ideas with pencil. There are two sides to each present and 8 friends, so there was a lot of drawing.

I’ve been painting for about three weeks now, having a truly wonderful time in my art room. I’m not in any hurry. My goal is to make some progress on the project each day, but enjoying every minute of the process. I’m about to finish ‘Side 1″ of the 8 presents.

Making time to have FUN each day is important to your soul, your sense of worth, your outlook. It’s a buffer against whatever challenges with which you are dealing, replenishing strength and resilience you’ll need. A time for JOY gives you peace of mind, if only for a little while each day – a coping mechanism that is priceless.

I used to put time in my art room, time for reading, listening to music, playing in my garden or yard, writing this blog on my to-do list WHEN I COULD MAKE THE TIME – if possible when my work and other obligations are under control. Now I consciously make time to at least ONE of the things I love on a daily basis. I feel stronger, happier, and more alive since I switched my priorities.

NOTE: I have to admit (shhhhh!) I felt guilty when my husband came in for batteries for his remote for the TV this morning and had Amber hair all over the front of his shirt from getting down on the carpet to work in the area under the TV in the entertainment center. Looks like I should make time to vacuum the first floor carpet today…. :0)

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At the End of the Day…

Shanti – American Hippie

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Life is Too Short to Dawdle

I’m taking the above to heart, spending much of the afternoon yesterday – when I wasn’t outside playing with my “Peppa Pig” Giant Bubble Wand – working on the Christmas presents for my friends. I think I have the basic designs roughed-in now with pencil. I have a few details to add, but then I’ll take them back upstairs and start painting.

I’ve missed spending time trying to create something. I really don’t know why I seem to have to give myself ‘permission’ to play, after all the ‘important’ stuff is done. I’m beginning to realize I may have my priorities flipped. There ARE some things that HAVE to be done at a certain time, but not ALL of the things on my list. I’m proving to myself that I NEED to include as much fun as possible in each day.

I spent much of the day yesterday grinning from ear to ear. I’m on the lookout now for a “HUMONGOUS” bubble wand. The one I played with yesterday was fun and made me smile and laugh. Our dog, Amber, came outside with me. At one point one of the bubbles landed on her ear. She startled and barked! I loved it. I want to be able to make a really extraordinary bubble, though, rather than several reasonable sized ones at one time. I’ll start looking because life is too short to dawdle.

I’m really looking forward to the painting part of the Christmas presents. I’m lucky to count several people as close enough friends I want to MAKE something for them to show them how special they are to me. I really get into the zone while I’m working on these. I have to set my alarm because time streaks past, making me unaware of responsibilities. A place of joy, for sure. :0)

I hope you find many things you find fun, too.

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