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Thing One and Thing Two


Gym Junkies


When I came downstairs this morning, I found my husband cooking us breakfast! We are on NutriSystem, trying to get a bunch of our lard off, so we’re usually eating one of the NS breakfasts, so this was a really nice surprise. AND he didn’t go nuts, trying to cook what we USED to eat for a typical Saturday morning splurge breakfast. He cooked three pieces of bacon for us to share and two fried eggs. (No toast and jelly, no hash browns, no third egg, no three-pieces-each on bacon, or orange juice.) It was a wonderful surprise, and we didn’t even have to feel guilty, since it was in the proper range of calories for breakfast and we hadn’t had a flex meal breakfast this week. :0)


I told you recently that my friend, Marsha, and I are having trouble communicating lately. We aren’t sure what the problem is, but we’ve now confirmed email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, have talked on the phone, and are continuing to search for the reason for our problem.

This is Marsha (on the right) with a friend of hers.

This morning I received an email from Marsha, suggesting that we try to connect on the chat program via gmail. I searched all over the place and finally found an icon I could hit that showed she had sent me a connection request. We connected and then proceeded to type madly at each other! It was great, and I’m glad we have another way to communicate, particularly when all else fails. I’ll keep the chat program on all the time so that I can check it each time I come back to the computer during the day and evening to see if she’s left a message, or – better – if she’s available to type at me real time. Hooraaaaay!

What a GREAT start to my morning!!

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My Friend, Marsha

This is my good friend, Marsha.

Marsha used to be a potter, displaying some of her fine work on my website, Creative Artworks, for several years. On a trip to Florida, we finally met face to face. Marsha met me at the hotel and spent much of an entire day taking me to wonderful places, sharing lunch, and then finally sitting with me in the lobby of the hotel where we could have easily talked all night.

Marsha has now turned to making beautiful silver jewelry, rather than potting, and her creative juices continue to flow. We email each other several times a day, just chatting about what’s happening – or not happening – in our lives. We’re good friends.

All of a sudden several days ago, Marsha wrote with an apology for whatever she had done – or hadn’t done – to tee me off. I wrote back immediately, telling her that everything was fine, she didn’t owe me any apologies, asking the reason for the email. It turns out that something is wonky on either her end or my end, because we can’t communicate via email.

I’m getting emails from lots of people, but not Marsha. I’ve written to her several times, but haven’t received an answer. I wrote to my husband and asked him to send me an email to test my email. It worked fine. I don’t know what’s wrong and have no clue about how to fix it. I’ve rebooted my computer, doing everything I can do, to no avail.

I called her on her phone. I get a canned message, asking me to leave a message, which I do. I’ve left texts on her phone. No answer.

I finally wrote her a note on a card and mailed it snail mail. She should receive it by the end of the week.

She left a message on the blog this morning, obviously thinking I’ve dropped her as a friend without saying a word. I’m really frustrated. The lack of communication is telling her we’re no longer friends, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’m hoping she reads this post, picks up her phone, sees all the texts and messages I’ve left, and calls me.

I’m down to carrier pigeons and smoke signals if this doesn’t work.

Here is the latest picture she sent me – showing her at a recent show.

Lovely lady, lovely friend.

UPDATE:  I finally found what I thought was an old phone number for Marsha. I called, expecting to be told the number was no longer in service. She answered!!!!!! We talked, exchanged all kinds of contact information and are updating our records. We’ll talk again later today. Friends are too important to lose!

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Delightful Surprise

We enjoyed going to Brunch Bunch today, catching up with our good friends, talking, and laughing a lot.

A delightful surprise was that Kay baked a SUGAR-FREE (mostly) Mt. Dew cake for my husband, who has Type II diabetes. He LOVED her regular cake, but couldn’t eat it anymore, so this was a doubly nice surprise. The only sugar is from the actual Mt. Dew in the cake, so he can eat it at any of our snack times on our Nutrisystem plan without guilt, as long as he doesn’t eat TOOOOO much in one day …

I loved watching his eyes light up when he saw the cake sitting at his place in the restaurant. He sat down, grinned at Kay and dove right in, eating a piece before he even ordered his lunch. He even said that if I were good, he would allow ME to have a piece…

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Celebrating Ann Burke

I was lucky to meet Ann in 1969. I started teaching a first grade class in the middle of the year at an all Black elementary school on the north side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had just received my degree and was in the right place at the right time to get a teaching job right away.

I was scared spitless. It was a ‘self-contained’ 1st grade class, which meant that I was responsible for teaching those sweet kids EVERYTHING during the day – reading, math, writing, spelling, gym, art, music, current events, holiday stuff, etc. I met Ann the first day and we bonded instantly. She took me under her wing, listening to my fears, funny stories, questions and gave me her best advice. She taught 4th grade. I’m not sure how long she had been teaching at that point, but I was delighted I had someone to go to for help and guidance.

We learned new things about each other as our friendship grew. I learned that she had a daughter and a son. She thought the world of both of them and would do anything for them. She was divorced and raising the kids alone, working full time, taking care of the house and yard and pets.  I kiddingly asked if she could JUGGLE, as well!

As the years passed, things happened and we went our separate ways. My husband and I moved to Arkansas because of a job offer for him. Ann and I had one of those RARE friendships that didn’t fade away. It didn’t matter how long it was between letters, cards, or visits, we took up where we left off, happily chatting and continuing to share our lives.

Over this time, I also was lucky enough to get to know her daughter. We are friends, now, too. She’s a lovely, strong lady I’m proud to know.

Over the years Ann’s health became more and more of a challenge. Lately, things went downhill quite rapidly. Her daughter kindly kept me in the loop on how she and Ann were doing and what was happening. Ann went to hospice and died yesterday. Her daughter, who has done everything possible to make her deteriorating condition bearable, was at her side.

Ann’s and my friendship almost made it to 50 years. I’ve been richer for knowing her and sharing her love for her children. I hope that she is now “Dancing with the Stars” (one of her favorite programs), looking down and smiling at us, having found peace and the welcome absence of pain.

Thank you, Ann, for being my friend. Dance your heart out!

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Defining Yourself

This week my husband and I went to Brunch Bunch to celebrate the birthday of our good friend, Kay. She LIVES the quote above.

Example: Friday we were celebrating her birthday. I brought her a present and a birthday card and we shared a nice lunch with good conversation and lots of laughs.

Kay brought US presents on HER birthday. She is trying to alter her recipe for her wonderful Mountain Dew Cake so that my diabetic husband can enjoy stuffing his face without guilt. The experiment this week didn’t work, so she baked ANOTHER, regular Mt. Dew cake and called me before we left to join her for lunch. We agreed that she would surprise him with one small piece of the cake. He was surprised and delighted – because the way to his heart is through sweet desserts – and he joyfully gobbled up the cake even before his lunch arrived. :0)  Kay told him about her experiment, and that she would try to figure out how to make him a sugar-free Mt. Dew cake and would bring the whole cake to him when she was successful.

She brought ME three really pretty bowl candles by the Habersham Candle Company – their “Wax Pottery Collection.”  You put them on a plate when you light them, but they smell terrific even without being lit. My husband particularly liked one of the scents – “Sweet Tea & Lemon” – so I put that one in our office, where we spend a lot of time.

It’s just like Kay to bring you things on no occasion, just because she thought of you, bake and bring cakes to people all over our town of Greenwood, Arkansas, help friends and family in need – I could go on and on.

When I grow up, I want to be like Kay.

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The Best Things in Life

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August 1, 2018 · 11:45 am

The Truth Will Out

My husband and I go bowling once a week with our good friends. I love getting together, catching up on what has been happening the past week (or weeks if one of us has had to call bowling off for some reason). I enjoy the extra FUN exercise, too. It doesn’t really matter how well or poorly we bowl, we ALL look forward to going to Braumn’s afterwards and getting a scoop of our favorite ice cream. Sometimes the ice cream is to celebrate, but more often it’s helping us deal with another two games where we struggled to get over 100…

Last night was a special evening. Our friend, Laufrain, won the first game handily, bowling a 158! I love watching her bowl because she’s very dramatic. She is so delighted when she bowls a strike or gets a spare. Sometimes she’s really ‘on,’ as she was last night, and it’s a joy to celebrate each good throw with her.

A very rare occurrence happened in our second game: I won – and with a 174! I got several really SOLID strikes – something that never happens. My strikes are like trees falling in a forest – reluctantly. I even picked up a spare or two! I have to admit that I like to bowl whether I do well or not, but the truth is that doing well is SO much MORE fun! :0)

My husband, being the ‘balloon pricker’ he is – pointed out that I COULD have gotten into the “175 Club” if I’d gotten one more point, but I’m still smiling. It probably won’t happen again any time soon, so I’ll savor my victory – quietly…

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My friend Marsha and I email several times a day. We are very close, even though we’ve only actually met face-to-face once. We’re good buddies, helping each other see things in different ways, helping each other over rough spots in the road, making each other laugh, and cheering each other on.

Yesterday I was telling her I felt overwhelmed. Everywhere I looked there was something that needed my attention. It doesn’t matter what I do, I feel guilty that I’m not doing something else also needing my attention. I don’t have the time – much less the energy – I need to get everything done. This is a recurring theme in my life. Sometimes I handle things better than others. Lately I either work myself into the ground or ignore the whole thing and dive back into my current Eve Dallas “In Death” series book.

Marsha said,  “My suggestion:  a priority list INCL TIME FOR THE ART ROOM. Doesn’t have to be every day, tho that would be nice.. maybe once or twice a week? I truly believe you owe yourself the “battery recharging” time in the Art Room.  That your mind and body will both feel better, more energized for the time spent creating & also doing yoga.  Today is BE KIND TO LINDA DAY!!  :o)  Observe it with reverence!  :O), Marsh.” 

Is it any wonder I treasure her?

I’m going to try to take her suggestion today. I do have things on my list that I really NEED to do today, but I don’t HAVE to more than 4 things that are priority. (I already did the grocery shopping.) I’m going to make it a point to get up to my art room. It’s still clean from the last purge I did, so I’ll actually be able to sit on my chair at my drafting table without moving several things first. I may just turn on my music and sit there and soak up the joy of being there. I may get an idea for something to try. It’s a wonderful place I can shed concerns and dream….

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Brunch Bunch

Eleanor Roosevelt –

Every Friday my husband and I meet our good friends to share a meal and catch up. I used to call it “Lunch Bunch,” but I’ve dubbed it “Brunch Bunch” now because we meet at about 10:45 a.m. – lunch to them and breakfast or brunch to us and it’s easier to stay good with our Nutrisystem plan by calling it a FLEX BREAKFAST.

We have met most every Friday for years. We share what’s happening to us, good and bad. At some point we’ll probably have to change the same of our meeting to “Geezers’ Group because we’re all getting long in the tooth. There’s a lot of fight in us yet, though, and I’ve come to treasure our special time on Fridays.

My husband and I feel so complete up on the top of our ridge line, with our lifestyle of projects – separate and together – it would be easy for the days to pass without our seeing many people. I’m especially glad to have met these two wonderful ladies and shared so much of our lives. Our group is sometimes larger, with other friends and family joining us when they can. Sometimes we meet with just one other, and it’s a special time then, too.

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.” – Unknown

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I Missed the Whole Thing!

I waited, hoping for a chance to go out and celebrate some much-needed rain. I finally gave up, read awhile, got sleepy and took a nap in my chair. When I joined my husband in our office later, the window was wet! My husband said, “You missed a nice rain.” :0(

In the evening, when we went bowling with friends, they were envious because they didn’t get any rain at all, and live only on the other side of town from us. It was so humid last night it was like wading in pea soup. The bowling alley was nice and cool with a/c and fans. We walked outside to be enveloped by a blanket of suffocating air again. We were wet by the time we arrived at our truck. Thankfully, we either celebrate or console our bowling efforts with a scoop of Braum’s ice cream afterwards. I got the best flavor: chocolate, of course – (my Nutrisystem FLEX snack for the week!)

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A True Friend

Len Wein via

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Why Does a Dog Have So Many Friends?

email from Bill Lites

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Feeling Lucky

The Fresh Quotes

Thinking of you today, John.

(And you, Sweet Murray – ((((HUGS))))) )

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In Training

Corey Ford via email from Bill Lites

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A Delightful Man

John Dennis

You can’t choose your family, but if we could, we would have chosen John Dennis in a minute.  John was my husband’s cousin, but he was much, much more than that. He was our good FRIEND. He and my husband exchanged letters – yes – real letters that came in the mailbox.  We would see his return address on an envelope, drop everything, sit down, and I would read it aloud, always laughing at some point, if not more.  My husband would then sit down at the computer and compose a letter in reply. He asked me to check it for grammar, paragraphs and spelling, because John was a history professor and my husband didn’t want to make any more mistakes than necessary. We would print the letter and send it off, already anticipating when we would hear from him again.

He was smart in other ways, too, marrying his wife, Murray – our cousin-in-law (I think), but again, much more importantly, our dear FRIEND. When we could arrange it for our house sitter to take care of our house and animals, we would drive to Thibodaux, Louisiana, 9-1/2 hours one way, to visit. We wanted to stay there forever. The Dennises make you feel SO special, SO welcome. We just loved to go talk to them. We didn’t want to be ‘entertained,’ we just wanted to be able to catch up on all the little things that were happening, and be able to hug their necks. John was quite a cook and would feed us as if we were royalty, yet seemingly without effort. I never understood how he did that. And Murray topped off MY visits there by making cheese grits. I’ve never liked grits. My husband has told me for years that I didn’t add all the things to them that made them wonderful. Each time I tried, adding bacon and whatever else I could think of, they still tasted awful. When I tasted Murray’s cheese grits, I immediately LOVED them, eating like a pig. (If we DID live there, I wouldn’t be able to get through the door now from stuffing my face.)

John and Murray have been such a part of Thibodaux that I imagine it will be hard for everyone to pay respects. Both John and Murray volunteer their time and effort to countless community events, charities, sitting on boards to help make Thibodaux an even better town. They have had small gatherings when we’ve been there, put together again seemingly without effort, but missing no detail. Their ‘small gathering’ included more people than my husband and I KNOW! And the friendship and laughter flowed around the room, people visiting and then moving around to visit with someone else. A truly beautiful experience.

I wish I could have sat in one of John’s history classes, kind of like a fly on the wall. You could tell from his general conversation that history was alive for him, and that he would radiate that to his students, making THEM see history in a different, interesting light. He and my husband shared an interest in genealogy – a more personal history.

He had a beautiful attitude even at the end, saying, “I’m ready for the next adventure.”

We are so lucky to have known John. Our lives have been richer for sharing a small bit of his.

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True Friendship

Lucius Annaeus Seneca via

Lunch Bunch this morning was its usual good time – and I realized halfway through it that that’s what makes it so special.

Kay made today’s lunch special because it is Good Friday by bringing Linda and me some miniature roses in sweet little bunny ceramic pots. Linda’s rose were red and mine were pink/coral. We shared what had been happening, what we had been doing, what we were planning, etc., as we usually do. Kay finally said she hadn’t been able to talk for 3 days this past week. THAT brought on a discussion about responses to “How have you been doing?” inquiries. We agreed that it could either be a simple alternative social phrase for “Hi,” where one should always answer, “Good, fine,” or something equivalent. That your answer depended on who was asking. And that your friends really wanted to KNOW how you’ve been, how you’ve been feeling, and more.

I’m lucky to have two long-time, dear friends to share the week’s ups and down with. Two ladies to shares big laughs with. Or tears. Or fears.

My good friends allow my husband to share the lunch, are happy whether he says anything or not. They even accept him enough to threaten him when he’s rude – and that’s true acceptance.

I hope that you have someone you can be real with, too.

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Happy Saturday


Good morning!

I’m feeling happy and grateful this morning.

We’re having a nice weekend weather-wise here in Greenwood, Arkansas. The highs will be in the 70’s and no rain until tomorrow evening (although it LOOKS like it could rain today). Because rain is forecast for every day from Sunday evening through Thursday next week, I’m trying to get as much accomplished in the yard as possible. Yesterday I planted tomato plants in one of the brick planters beside the house. The wind was gusting so hard I began to wonder if I was going to be able to plant!  I did finish, though, and will check on the plants again this morning.


Things got busy around here, so an hour or so has passed.

The doggies demanded I take them out, so we walked all over the yard. We saw the veggie garden with its automatic watering –





we checked on the new tomato plants –


we took pictures, and played a bit while enjoying the really nice morning.

Just a few minutes ago my husband suggested we drive down to see if the mail had been delivered. We also took the “Rabbit and Easter Egg” mailbox decoration when we went, exchanging it for the leprechaun for St. Pat’s Day.

We drove down to the church at the end of the street to turn the truck around and met our good friend Carla, who was walking her two doggies, Nikki and Rubie. Thank goodness I still had a couple of dog treats in my pocket so we could greet them properly. (Carla said she didn’t care for one.) :0)

Today’s big project is filling the wheelbarrow with top soil and trying to fill up all the holes (or as many as I can find) that the moles, voles, and other ‘ole’s’ underneath the surface caused our doggies to dig to try to get them. We only actually saw one ‘victory’ so far. We’re not sure WHO got the ‘critter’ we found, but SOMEONE had given it a very hard time.  Anyway, between the underworld critters and ours, the yard almost looks like something from a bad horror movie. I’ll try to get them filled so that the rain can make the soil sink down and stay put, and then maybe we can mow without falling into a hole or twisting an ankle.

I hope your morning has been a fun one!

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Making a Difference

Mandy Hale via

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Thank You!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I had SUCH a nice day. You made me feel special and I’m truly grateful. I had lunch with my long time good friends and my husband, we finished getting the veggie planters ready, I planted onions, I ate some mashed potatoes with my dinner (YES! I DID! And I enjoyed every mouthful! :0) ) The only thing I didn’t do was get up to play in my art room. With any luck, I can make that happen today. THANK YOU for my special day!

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“What are You Doing Special for Your Birthday?”


We just got back from our Friday Lunch Bunch and errands. Linda and Kay helped me celebrate my birthday. I told them that I really appreciated the gifts, but that the REAL gift was their friendship. Linda asked me, “What are you doing special for your birthday?” I thought a minute, then smiled, saying, “Absolutely nothing. My whole life is a celebration.”

We got the mushroom compost that the good co-op people had ordered for me and some onion sets. We’ve just come in from mixing a while bunch of Mel’s Mix and we topped off the two brick tomato planters on the east side of our house.

I’m hot (even though it’s a really beautiful day), breathing a bit hard, and gulping some iced tea as I type. I’m going to rest awhile, and then go out and plant my onions.

When I come back in I’ll play in my art room awhile, working on a new theme for thank you notes, stationery, and note cards.

My friends and relatives have made me feel special today. How could one ask for a more special day than this?

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Happy Birthday tooooooooo ME……….

My friends and relatives are making me feel very special today – feisty and sassy – though I’m definitely getting long-in-the-tooth.  The day has only begin and already I’ve been showered with cards in the mailbox and e-cards, songs and gifts. The very best gifts, though, are the people BEHIND all the attention I’m getting today. What a lucky, lucky lady I am!

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A Very Special Group

I’m lucky enough to be a part of what I call, “Lunch Bunch.”  These are friends who meet every Friday for what they call, “lunch” and I call, “brunch.” We meet at the Pizza Barn in Greenwood to catch up with each other. Life happens quickly, and it’s amazing what can happen between one Friday and the next. We’ve done this for years.  “Lunch Bunch is mainly three – Linda, Kay and me. My husband has been inducted in the group as long as his behavior warrants. :0)

We’ve shared it all on these Fridays over a period of years. The main group remains the same, although we have others who join us from time to time. I look forward to finding out what the others are doing, celebrating the good, supporting and weathering through the bad.

I hope that you have people in your life who make you feel rich in friends.

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Productive Day and Play Tonight!


We had a really productive day! We

  • took 8 large leaf bags of donations to the Veterans Thrift Store
  • exchanged an empty bottle of Argon for a full one (for my husband’s TIG welding)
  • got cash at the bank
  • got parts for the welding lathe at the hardware store
  • found coconut flour at the grocery store for the low carb blueberry scones recipe I’m planning to try
  • found a new welding supply place that is closer to us AND a bit cheaper when we signed up for an account
  • I got the guest room bathroom clean and reorganized (this finishes the guest room reorganization project)
  • I gathered trash – managing to fill an extra bag for the week – according to my plan for the year.
  • I put our bowling balls in the back of the truck for tonight, gathered bottles of drinking water for the women
  • put the bags of trash in the back of the truck so we can put them out on the way to bowling tonight
  • cleaned up the rear seat of the truck, whisk brooming/vacuuming/using a lint roller/and finally a damp cloth to get Amber’s hair off the seats and floor. I also washed the inside of the windows because Amber tends to slobber while enjoying the ride in the car.
  • I made us a late lunch (we don’t eat dinner on bowling night because we want to enjoy some Braum’s ice cream after we play)

Tonight we’re bowling with good friends, catching up with what’s been happening since last week, and enjoying ice cream.

A great day!

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A New Friendship

C. S. Lewis via

A friendship born like this is rare and is magical. I’m amazed when you can be introduced and soon you feel you’ve known each other for years. This kind of friendship endures, not depending on how long it has been since you’ve seen or talked to this person. There is a kinship and caring that lasts longer than either of you. If you’re lucky enough to experience this, treasure these wonderful people.

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Fascinating Gift

Our friend Nora came for dinner Christmas Eve evening. We exchanged gifts, ate, caught up, and shared lots of love and hugs. It was a really nice evening.

One of the gifts she gave me was called an Intarsia Puzzle Box.


It is handcrafted by ‘Carver Dan,’ Daniel Terrico.  I would have loved this if it didn’t ‘do’ anything at all. It is made from 100% exotic hardwoods with NO paint or stains! Their color comes from the natural wood and hand-rubbed finish.  Isn’t it wonderful?


Each puzzle contains a removable locking pin. You check around the outside of the puzzle box, locate the pin and remove it.


On the bottom right side of the box, you can see where I’ve removed the pin.  Then you slide the ‘face’ off its dovetail style cut to remove it.


You then pick up the ‘lid’ showing the storage area below.


Nice, felt-lined storage area.


The workmanship is first-rate. The pieces fit beautifully and slide apart with no effort. This is such a treasure!

My husband sent me a small puzzle box a hundred or so years ago when I was 14 and he was in the Marines. We wrote every day. The mailman – ignoring rules – put the red flag up on the mailbox at the road when there was a letter to me from my husband. I would watch from the front window in the house, bursting out the door and running down the driveway to get the mail. :0)

One day the box arrived. It was supposed to take 6 or 7 movements in order for you to be able to open the box. No instructions, just the wooden box. I don’t know how long it took me to get the box open, but I finally did – to find a sweet, sparkly rooster pin inside!

THIS beautifully made box brought back wonderful memories of the past, as well as providing great fun on a Christmas Eve with a well-loved friend. TWO gifts in one!


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Falalalala – Lala – La – La

I’m getting ready for our evening’s festivities as my husband naps in his recliner.

The house is clean, ready for guests, and the table is set for tonight. I didn’t do much for Christmas this year, but I have a wonderful infuser light decoration on the table. You put in essential oils for a wonderful aroma, and it changes colors! I also have a resin ‘chain’ of snowmen and women decoration behind the infuser. I have a string of LED lights going across the top of the window.


This is the diffuser that smells good and turns different colors.


Why is it that LED lights don’t show up well in pictures? They lend a festive note to the room.


Here are the snow people who will share our table tonight.

I’m going to fix something we’ll have tonight, take a break, then go fix something else until all is ready. A lovely way to spend the day and evening!

I hope that you are having a delightful day, too.

Merry Christmas!


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Lunch Bunch Celebration

Peter H. Stranks via

The Lunch Bunch group isn’t quite as old as these sweet women, but the feeling is the same.

We’ve been meeting for lunch on Friday at ‘The Barn” for about 30 years now. Each week we share what we’ve been doing, our plans, our dreams, and sometimes our heartbreaks. My husband has been officially inducted in the group, occasionally referring to us, as he sits at the head of the table, as his ‘harem.”  He’s allowed to speak if he doesn’t get obnoxious… :0)

Today we’re celebrating Christmas together, exchanging gifts. My husband and I will wear our Santa hats to give everyone a giggle.

The group has changed over the years, It grows and then decreases on the number, but the core group has remained the same. It’s hard to believe how much of our lives we’ve shared. We’ve helped each other over the hard things and helped celebrate the good. We’ve laughed and hugged a lot. Friendships like these are amazing to me. I’m very lucky.

I hope that you have a good day today, too.

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Are You Listening?

Love Style Video via Garry Campbell


This is very, very important, and yet difficult to do – at least for me.  When someone talks to me, I relate to what they’re saying because of something that has happened to me. I feel the need to share it with them.  In face, I’m SO eager to share it with them, I have sometimes interrupted them!

When I realized what I was doing, I was mortified. I was giving my friends and family the idea that I felt what “I” was saying was more important. The fact that I don’t feel this way at ALL, really makes no difference. It’s not your INTENT – it’s what you DO that counts.

I first realized this tendency when I listened to my mom visiting with friends, or when she would come home from visiting. She would tell me about her visit, but all she talked about was what SHE said – how SHE felt. I would ask her questions about what the person was doing and she glossed over it. She didn’t know. It’s EASY to see this in others. I was really upset when I saw it in MYSELF.

In an effort to be a better listener, I now go with the idea that I want to be able to tell myself or someone else what the person I’m visiting with has been doing. I concentrate on asking questions about what they are telling me, rather than telling them something about myself. I want to know how they’re feeling. If they’re not feeling well, I want to know why. I want to know what they’re doing about it, and if there is any way I can help them. It’s what I’ve always wanted to know, but I was so busy blabbing that it got glossed over.  :0(

I want to SHOW my family and friends that I’m interested in THEM. I want to know much more about how and what they’re doing than I did before I visited with them. I already know what “I’M” doing. If they would like to know what’s happening with me, they’ll ASK. :0)

Family and friends are the richness of  life. Make it a point to listen to UNDERSTAND.

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Winter is Here

In about 45 minutes my husband and I will go to Lunch Bunch – our long time, every-possible-Friday lunch with good friends. We’ve been doing this for years and I really miss it if we don’t go for some reason.

It’s 21 degrees F out there right now. I’m not even sure if I should just leave my lettuce covered up with a sheet until it gets above freezing or not. The high is supposed to be 42, I think. This may be a moot point, since my sweet lettuce plants may have croaked last night – sheet or not sheet. When it gets this cold, it’s beyond the frost or light freeze stage. If it’s gone, I’ll be a bit sad, but we’ve had a really nice crop this year and I shouldn’t be over-greedy. I’m looking forward to the spring when – hopefully – I’ll have some robust, healthy plants grown in my greenhouse ready to go into the garden.

I’ll see what the temperature is when we get back from lunch and errands and then make the decision whether to uncover the plants today or not.  I’m looking forward to seeing what mischief I can get into the rest of the day.

Stay warm and dry!


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