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Rainy Thursday 3-16-2023

I’m feeling lazy today. It’s dark, cool, and rainy today here. A GREAT excuse for just doing what I want, rather than being “productive.” :0)

So far, I’ve been watching ‘reactions’ on YouTube. I had never heard of ‘reactions’ until last week. I stumbled upon the category, discovering that there is a whole industry out there! These people can work from home, get a following, monetize their efforts, and actually make a living.

I’m amazed that some of them survive, to be honest. Many of them are too interested in their ‘image’ and I find that very annoying. I’m there to see what their reaction is to music I like, NOT for them to tell me or try to show me how ‘cool’ they are. Most of them are too lazy to do any research. It only takes a second to find out who the singer is, a short background, etc., but they ask inane questions or act like ignorance is something to be proud of. I have looked at a lot and won’t be back.

There are several I’ve found, however, who do their homework, either before, during, or after, who really want to know about the person who is performing. Their facial reactions tell a whole story. They follow that with some beautiful thoughts or real, raw, honest reactions to what they have just seen and heard. I find that fascinating and have decided to subscribe to a select few and ask them to react to some songs I think are special.

This morning I’ve been gratified by the reactions to Chris Stapleton singing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl. I knew who he was, but I didn’t know he’s won 8 Grammy awards. His performance was stellar and made me proud to be a citizen of this country. The reaction of the listeners at the event told the story of how his voice and his interpretation affected people. It was beautiful to see and hear.

I hope that the sun is shining wherever you are today and that you’re enjoying every ray. :0)

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“Reaction Videos”

The World Upside Down Right

I’m probably the last person on the planet to find “reaction videos”, but I discovered them by accident this weekend. I’ve been watching a bunch of these, particularly the reactions to Iam Tongi on American Idol singing James Blunt’s “Monsters.”

The song was new to me. Iam Tongi was new to me. After watching several of the reaction videos, I found James Blunt singing his original song and was blown away again.

The song is describing the feelings of James Blunt on having to say goodbye to his dad. I did further research, and his dad GOT a kidney transplant and seems to be doing fine now, thank goodness.

Reaction videos are a whole industry of which I was unaware. People have YouTube channels where they react to music videos and other things. I almost never subscribe to things online, but I did subscribe to the one to which I’m linking above.

This man is real. He is compassionate. He wants to know all he can in the few minutes of the video about the person to whom he’s listening and takes extra steps to hear more, see more, so it’s a real moment for him AND for the people listening to him. I actually requested that he react to a singer I think is phenomenal. He actually ANSWERED my request this morning, saying he would put it on his list. I was impressed and will look for more from him.


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