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I just love this quote! It makes me smile each time I read it.

I received the first of two crayon melting tools I ordered in the mail today. I’ve watched a BUNCH of YouTube videos demonstrating what creative folks can do with melted crayons. I have NO experience, but LOTS of enthusiasm and ideas rattling around in my brain right now. I’m going to try to make time to get up to my art room and start playing and see what a mess I can make. :0)

This is the first of the two different styles I ordered. This is more like using a crayon/soldering iron, so it isn’t as intimidating as the bay clothes ironing style I saw. I’m excited about my new toy.

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Can You See Me Drooling?

Thanks to a tip from my good friend, Irene, I found and ordered a tin of Stockmar Beeswax Crayons and color blocks. They came in today’s mail, and I’m like a kid at Christmas, my mind racing while drooling looking at my new goodies. :0)

Today I’m heading up to my art room to finish the long-sleeved tee I’m painting. I’m kind of amazed that it’s the LAST stained tee in the pile I had, so I won’t paint another until I find I have duplicates of the same tee or stain some more.

Meanwhile my brain will be playing with ideas for how I can experiment with these new crayons.






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Creativity with Crayons 2


Crayons are not JUST for kids, and I’ve found that some really creative artists are doing wonderful things with them.












Best Nature and View


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Crayon Creativity


Yesterday I told you how much I loved finally being able to get myself a 64-color box of Crayolas with a built-in sharpener, whether I create anything wonderful with my set or not. :0)  I found some images of what some really creative people are doing with crayons and wanted to share them with you.


Leonid Afremov


Painting Valley (Sorry – I can’t read the signature. I THINK it’s Kristina Nelson)


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