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Shrinking Bunny’s Buns –

I am in the middle of doing a process I suggest everyone do – making a list for your family of important data they would need if you get ill or die. I know, it’s not an upbeat subject, but it’s an important one.

I started this several years ago, when my husband asked, “Where is the _____?”  I now have a spreadsheet that lists all of our information for whoever is left between me and my husband, and for our son, who will be dealing with all the details when the second one is gone.

I have a list of what is in our safe deposit box. I have another for what is in our safe. I have a spreadsheet that lists all our financial information, important people to contact, suggestions on how to get rid of our stuff, death arrangements, account information for utilities, etc.

I have on my calendar to update this every six months. I’m having to make a lot of changes this time, and have a list of questions for which I need to get answers, so I’m changing my updates to quarterly for next time. I was really amazed at how much as changed in the past six months!

One of the things on my to-do list from this time is to see what I need to do to be sure that ALL of our accounts are in BOTH our names. I tried to change some information the other day and they wouldn’t talk to ME. (I was not the account holder – I’m just the one who pays the bills.)

If you are already doing all of this, I applaud your efforts. If you’re not doing ANY of this, you might consider getting started. If you’re like ME – you need to get off your duff and update the information and be sure it goes to the places you need it to be.





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