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Creaky and Crispy

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Today I’m feeling twice my age –

I’ve told you that my husband got a new-to-him 45 foot ham radio tower and rotor through his ham radio club. Most of it is in a pile close to my greenhouse, but one segment of the tower plus the rotor, are in the shop. My husband is making a base for the tower out of 1/2 inch iron. This weighs a TON – give or take a few pounds.

Meanwhile, we’ve been looking for someone to come drill a 10 inch in diameter, 6 or 8 foot hole in the ground, put a pipe down in the hold and fill it with concrete. He’ll weld the heavy base on the end of the pipe. He’s contacted two drilling companies who don’t seem to be interested in such a small (for them) project. Finally, my husband remembered the name of the man who drilled our water well 30 years ago, Mr. Musgrove.

I remember him well because his first question on the phone was which side of Mt. Harmony Road we lived on. When we told him, he said, “Ok. I’ll come. There’s water there. There isn’t in any other direction.” He came with a Dousing Rod! It looked like a stick to me, but he wandered around our property with it – and either due to its working or a really good dramatic flare, the switch suddenly pointed down to the ground. He dug down and found water, plus Fool’s Gold, at 168 feet. We put some of the Fool’s Gold in a sandwich bag and hung it, plus his notes – framed – on a wall in our dining area.

Mr. Musgrove is now 85, but his sons are carrying on the business and they should be contacting us soon about the drilling we need.

This news sparked a lot of activity yesterday from us. We have a trio of large evergreen trees on one part of our property. They’re so close together we thought for a long time that they were one large tree. My husband took the ladder, a large extension cord, and the chain saw out to the trees. We worked for about an hour, taking limbs off the evergreens that are in the way of a truck driving through there to where he wants the hole drilled. He cut and I either held the cord so it didn’t cause him trouble, held the ladder still, or hauled off what he cut down. This morning he took out a barbed wire fence post that was also in the way, so we think, other than having to undo one end of Amber’s dog run, we’re fixed for the truck and equipment coming in and out.

As a result of my labors the last several days, I was stiff and sore when I went to bed last night. I woke up in the night with my back and hips hurting. I took some pain medication and slept on the heat pad. This morning I slathered on Sports Creme (I know – athletes would cringe at this old lady using their stuff) and took more meds. I’m still stiff and sore, but functional now.

We have declared that today will be a rest day. It will also be a yoga day. (I planned for this yesterday, but the branch cutting took precedence.) I MAY set up to start tomato suckers in the greenhouse today, and I MAY spray weed killer on the ground under my raised bed planters, and I MAY prune stuff in the trio of brick planters in the front yard – but I MAY just ignore these things and take a nap…


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Nothing via Cathy Ruggiero

I used to want to have ‘something to do’ each day – somewhere to go, people to see, activities. I realize that wanting the opposite is definitely a sign of old age, but I’m embracing it.

Today there are no scheduled appointments, no ‘have-to’ errands, no commitments. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Yesterday my husband and I both worked most of the day in the hot sun.

My husband was trying to relocate a microlink to our computers in the shop. This is not a thing we HAVE to have, but it used to work and yesterday it wasn’t. In order to get it to work again, my husband had to move the equipment on the house end from the front of the house to the back and mount it on the window bars. This involved a lot of cable making, stapling inside the wall of the garage, welding and painting for the piece that mounted to the window, testing of cables, switches, and links, etc. It took my husband all day, but he got it working. Now he just has to put his tools away and cut down several branches on a tree between the house and the shop for a clearer line of sight.

In the garden, I planted two celery plants, pulled out the last of the spinach and lettuce plants, pruned the plants that were left, and weeded the raised bed planters. The only thing remaining in the garden to spray the weeds on the ground with weed killer.

I took some stuff out to the greenhouse in preparation for starting some tomato suckers, but the thermometer showed red all the way to the top – over 120 degrees – so I just put the stuff inside and came out again.

I dumped the water from the kiddie pool, washed it out, and refilled it.

I cleaned Amber’s porch up, hosed it out, then squeegeed and mopped.

I mowed the yard on the riding mower after helping my husband with the microlink several times.

By the time we finally stopped for dinner, it was almost 9:00. I cooked, we ate and watched a movie.



There are things I’ll do today, but I’m concentrating on doing things INSIDE while the sun is at its hottest – as we SHOULD have done yesterday – and OUTSIDE when the sun is going down, with only the finishing touches on dinner to do.

I’m going to also take time to read more of my latest “In Death” series book by Nora Roberts while I’m relaxing.

Because my back is letting me know I overdid yesterday, I’ll try to work in a session of yoga.



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Welcome to My Greenhouse!


The construction of my greenhouse is finished!

We did the last of the stapling this morning. We also arranged for electricity, a thermostat to control when the exhaust fan comes on, and a people fan.

Here is Smoke checking out the greenhouse. She likes it! She went right in and got under one of the saw horses. She didn’t want to come out.

We’re deciding if we need a light or a hose later.  Right now I’m concentrating on getting all my supplies out there, getting them organized so I could actually fill a seed starter and plant something, have a place to throw things away, etc. I did take a folding chair out there today.:0)

the thermostat that controls when the exhaust fan comes on.


I’ll need to fill a big trash can with Mel’s Mix so I have my good planting medium out there. I bought a nice bottle for spraying the plants. It has a pump on the top and then it sprays out a nice, fine spray for starting seeds. (If I get to the point the greenhouse is full of growing plants, I’ll think about a LONG hose with a mister attachment.)

Here is a jumble of ‘stuff’ I need on one of the tables to plant seeds. I’ll organize it little by little.



A gloriously empty table!


Here you get the feel of the three tables, the storage underneath, and the empty corner where I’ll put a large trash can full of Mel’s Mix and other tall stuff.

I wheelbarrowed several loads of ‘stuff’ out there yesterday and will continue doing that today. I’ll use early mornings and evenings when the sun gives us a bit of a break to try to arrange my ‘stuff’ so I can actually plant some seeds for the fall garden.

I’ll be doing a LOT of reading – on

  • what temperature should be the trigger on the exhaust fan coming on
  • when to start seeds for my fall garden so that I have good plants to transplant into the raised bed garden
  • tips on using a greenhouse most effectively
  • etc

One funny ‘problem’ is that the wind blows under the door when it’s shut and causes the weed barrier to form a big bubble in the center of the floor. I’ll need to figure out a way to either pull the excess out farther under the main foundation and then put rocks on it, or I may end up putting bricks end to end right beside the foundation wood on the inside.

Now that the building is finished, I can concentrate on what I’d like to plant in the fall and when I should start the seeds. :0)



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Greenhouse Progress




Welcome to the greenhouse!  We have a door and an inside and outside now.  Come in!


This is the exhaust fan end of the building. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done to stretch and staple the film on.  The plans we got say, essentially, ‘wad it up and staple it.”


This is the outside. You can see we need to gather up excess film. I plan to fold up the largest pieces to hopefully use if we need repairs.  We also need to get rid of the excess black weed barrier sheet on the exhaust fan end.


We cut 4×8 sheets of plywood lengthwise to make 8 x 2 foot ‘tables.’ We also cut up two of these to make the tables 12 feet long. We put 2×4 on the edges underneath to keep the tables from sagging in the middle. We put the plywood on sawhorses.


We’re really amazed at how sturdy everything is. It’s not all completely level, but life is never perfect. You can see the mounted exhaust fan in this picture. We’ll add some electricity to the greenhouse and a thermostat so that the fan comes on to air things out when it gets too hot inside.


Here you can see the opposite side table. It’s a nice “U” shaped space with storage for tall stuff in the corner and lots of place to put things underneath the tables. I’ll have a wonderful amount of space to grow seeds in their various stages until they’re planted either in the square foot garden, the tomato planters, or in the flower planters.

We worked on the film on the exhaust fan end this morning. I’ll take more pics today to show you.


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Inside and Outside!

We worked HARD last night from 6 to almost 9pm, getting the film out and unrolled, each of us taking a corner and trying to get the sheet pulled over the top of the greenhouse skeleton and down to the ground on the other side. If you look carefully along the foundation wood in this picture, you can see that we split the film between the ribs of the greenhouse, stapled on a 1×2, rolled up the film, and then screwed it to the foundation wood. We did this on both sides. Thank GOODNESS we both had stools or our backs would have broken.


We put a few staples on the film to hold it to the exhaust fan end of the greenhouse.


And the door end of the greenhouse before quitting for the day.

Today we got more wood for the tables that will go inside!  We split two 4×8 sheets of plywood into two strips each. We put 2×4’s on the ground in the shop. We added one 8 foot strip of plywood, plus a shorter piece on either end, making 12 foot x 2 foot long ‘tables ‘to go inside the greenhouse. We bought sawhorses that the plywood will sit on inside the greenhouse.  We’ll make a “U” shaped group of tables, leaving one corner empty for storage of a big trash can for Mel’s mix and other stuff.

We put the ‘tables’ into the back of the truck and carefully drove around to the greenhouse. We got them off the truck and just put them on the ground beside the greenhouse because the sun was really strong. The temperature wasn’t bad and the humidity was supposedly low, but we were still broiling.

We started stretching the film on the doorway end, but didn’t last long. We’ll go back out and do as much as we can tonight. As soon as we have the doorway end finished, being able to open and close the door, we’ll probably drag the tables and sawhorses inside.

It’s coming together!

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This picture doesn’t show that we finished the framework of the greenhouse, adding the exhaust fan to the doorway on the opposite end, some structural supports, etc.

Here is the opposite end of the greenhouse, showing you the exhaust fan that will be controlled by a thermostat and the support framework.

Our plans are to start putting the film on tonight at about 7pm when the sun gives us a break. We looked at the local weather website and it shows that today and tomorrow we’re having reasonable temperatures (unless you’re working in the sun as I was this morning) and reasonable winds.

We’re hoping that we can get the two sides done this evening and then we’ll tackle the ends tomorrow.

The PLAN is to unroll the large sheet, with each of us taking a corner at the front and drawing it up over the top and down to the other side. If our sheet is large enough, we should be able to put some rocks or something on one side while we work on the opposite side.

The plan is to put the edge of the film on the ground and then spread out our 19″ 1×2’s along the edge between the pvc pipe attachment places. I suggested we fold the film over the 1×2’s and put staples in-between the sticks, holding them in place. Then we can screw the rolled film and 1×2’s to the foundation boards. When the first side is finished, we’ll do the opposite side. At least, that’s the plan.

This is a big step in the greenhouse and a bit much for two old  folks, but we’ve been trying to mentally prepare during the day and will hit the ground running in about an hour and a half.

I’ll share pics of what we hopefully accomplished tomorrow.

Wish us luck?

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Too Darned Hot

It’s not officially summer yet, but our temperature right now is 93 degrees F. – much too hot to do a lot of work outside as we had planned.

We’ve decided to rest up this afternoon, and then dash outside when the sun starts to go down. I’ll use the riding lawn mower and my husband will get what I can’t with the self-propelled mower and we’ll get the lawn reasonably under control again.

We have a big light on the corner of the shop that we can turn on later so that I can at least do SOMETHING in my garden. I need to pull out the lettuce plants that have bolted, see what’s what otherwise, and plant one celery plant.

We also want to put up the last of the framework on the greenhouse so we’ll be ready to install the film over the greenhouse, hopefully starting early tomorrow.

We just went out onto the porch to play with Amber, and it’s lethally hot out there. Amber doesn’t seem to mind it, and she is in the shade with plenty of water. I’ll also take her for a walk in a bit and see if she wants to get into her kiddie pool. (I may join her!)

I hope the weather is nice where you are, and that you’re having a wonderful day.

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Happy Sunday


As excited as I am about having a greenhouse, I’m really glad we’re taking a break from our labors today.

We got up early to take care of the puppy, as usual, and then went to get groceries for the week. Soon after we got home it started raining. We got a LOT of rain.

My husband was working in the shop and he told me later the sound of the rain drowned out his music in the shop – and he plays it LOUD to be heard over the sound of the machinery he’s using.

The first thing I’ll need to do tomorrow when we start working on the greenhouse again is to sweep out all the water. I just finished doing that yesterday, but we might even get MORE rain today.

My husband figured out how to mount the exhaust fan in the greenhouse. He made a support box out of 2×4’s, attached the fan to it, and made mounts to attach to the 2nd doorway. We should be able to get that up tomorrow, plus the diagonals for the second doorway, plus the rest of the plywood strips that go on the inside of the foundation.  He also did some thinking about the electricals needed. If weather permits, I’ll take more pics of what has been accomplished tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ve done some cooking for tonight and lunches for the week, laundry, and got the porch – where Amber stays – cleaned up. It was REALLY wet. The table had water standing on it. I toweled that off, wringing the bath towel out and bringing it in to wash, then squeegeeing and mopping the floor. We have Amber’s crate and toys on the protected end of the porch, so she had a dry place to be until I could fix the rest of it.

I hope YOU’VE had a happy Sunday, too.

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The Greenhouse is Coming Together!

You are looking on the latch to the new door to the greenhouse!


We got one doorway up and the other doorway that will actually hold the exhaust fan up, but not finished yesterday and last night. There is an ‘inside’ and an ‘outside’ now!

Since we were working around rain showers, I spent a lot of my time sweeping the water off the black weed barrier. It had accumulated in large puddles. It’s raining even harder today. My husband is out in the shop doing ‘something,’ while I used the rain to do two loads of laundry, get a chicken chili in the crock pot for dinner, put sausage balls in the oven for our lunches, and cut up some leftovers to add some extra goodness to Molly’s dinners this week.


This is the doorway on which we’ll add diagonals and then horizontal pieces to hold the exhaust fan. We got a thermostat control for it, so we can control when the fan goes on and off.


I’m excited. When we finish the 2nd doorway, I think it’ll be time to think about how to tackle the issue of putting the film on the greenhouse. We’re using one sheet that goes over the whole thing at once. We’ll use 19″ strips of wood, wrap the film around them, and then screw them into the wood foundation on one side, and then stretch it over the greenhouse to the other side. I have no clue what we’ll do about the ends of the greenhouse…

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Last Night’s Progress on Greenhouse

After installing two pvc straps for each rib of the skeleton during the day yesterday and painting the pvc pipe to keep it from giving off fumes in the sun that deteriorate the film we’re going to use, we got the skeleton up right before dark!


I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to put the pvc pipe skeleton up, but I stood in the middle, holding the skeleton up as high as I could while my husband took the ribs one at a time and slipped them into the straps on one side of the greenhouse. Then it was easier to get them in on the other side. We then went all the way around, tightening the screws that held the pvc straps.


We’ve put in one session out there today, working on installing the door at one end. We decided to take a break, and then the rain started. When we have a chance to catch our breaths and the rain stops, we’ll do another session. It’s starting to come together!

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Greenhouse Progress – Friday

Yesterday we put the 10 foot pieces of pvc pipe onto the ‘spine’ we had made previously.  Today we went to Yeagers and got 1 x 2’s and 1 x 4 x 12’s and a paint brush. When we got home from Lunch Bunch, I started painting the pvc pipes and connections while my husband created my door!

The film people warned us that if we just used the film and the pvc pipe, the fumes from the pvc in the sun would cause the film to deteriorate. My husband scoffed, but I took them seriously. They said that if we painted the pvc pipe with latex paint, it would solve the problem.

I spent 3 hours (2 sessions) out in the hot sun painting the white pvc pipe beige. It didn’t matter what color we chose. Apparently the latex paint barrier stops whatever the chemical reaction is between the pvc stuff and the film. I got really hot and tired, but I finally got two coats of paint on the side of the pvc pipe that will touch the film.


Here you can see the pvc pipes coming out of either side of the spine. This is what I was painting today. UGH.


Here’s another view of it. After I cooled off some, my husband was raring to go again, this time wanting to screw on the pvc pipe straps on the outside edge of the foundation on the 1×2’s my husband screwed on there earlier. We put two straps on for each end of the pvc pipe, screwed in loosely, until the ‘great pvc pipe raising’ we’ll do later this evening when the sun goes down some. I’m picturing standing the pvc pipe on end, one of us holding the pipe complex while the other one puts the end of the pipe in the straps and then tightens the screws. When one side is in, then the other side should go in more easily, with our bending the pipes down to go into the straps. Wish us luck, please.

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Greenhouse Progress – Thursday, June 1st

Last time I showed you where our wonderful tractor guy, Eric, cleared some land for our proposed greenhouse.


This is the foundation of the greenhouse. It will be 12 feet wide x 14 feet long. You’re looking at it from the west, looking east.  We put down two sheets of black 4 mil plastic sheeting that we hope will keep the weeds from growing. This will be the floor of the greenhouse. When we get a bit farther, we’ll put rocks and bricks around the bottom to hold the sheeting in place better.


My husband made four of these stakes. The pipe is solid and 2 feet long. Then he welded on heavy angle iron, and then drilled a gazillion holes so that we could attach the foundation wood at whatever level needed for the structure to be as level as possible. Since the piece of land isn’t flat, and we run into solid rock at different depths for each stake, this is quite a process. We drilled as deeply as we could, then poured some water in the hole, and then used a sledge hammer to get the stakes in. Then we screwed the wood to the stakes after leveling it and making sure the corners were square.


This is another view.


This picture is taken from the south, looking north. We’re going to put the door on the north end and an exhaust fan on the south end.

We’ve had two sessions of work today, although we don’t have a lot to show for it, picture-wise.

We bought a sheet of plywood, lots of 2x4s, and lots of pvc pipes and fittings today. When we got home, we took it all out to the shop and cut it all up into the lengths we needed for the greenhouse. We cut the plywood sheet into strips 8 inches wide. We’re going to screw these pieces to the inside of the foundation wood you see here so we’ll have wood to the ground all around.

We made the ‘spine’ of the greenhouse that will go along the top of the oval we’ll make with the pvc pipe. We’ll attach 10 foot sections to the spine, bend them and attach them with straps along the outside perimeter of the greenhouse.

After we cut the pieces, we put it all in the truck again and carted it to the work site. My husband was wearing shorts and we have lots of briars out there, so I emptied the truck, putting things in piles around the foundation.

We rested, and then a wind came up and rain threatened, so we rushed out to the site and I started moving the stuff I had put in piles onto the black sheeting to keep it from blowing away. Everything is battened down now, but – BOY! – did I get my exercise for the day with all the pulling and hauling of supplies!

Things have calmed down outside now. I’m not sure if we’ll try to do another work session tonight before it gets dark or not. I can tell you that I should sleep well tonight…


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Happy Saturday!

Bored Panda

Good afternoon!

It’s a happy day at the Lewises in Greenwood, Arkansas.  The sun is shining brightly and the day is full of possibilities.

We’re going to check into the cost of materials for building a 12′ x 14′ greenhouse on the east side of our property.  Our friends, the Taylors, are building the Taj Mahal of greenhouses. It’s 2 stories and build onto the back of their house.

Ours is a DIY plan with wood, pvc pipe and sheets of plastic. I would love an area that is protected from our cats and the weather to start seeds, nurturing seedlings until they’re ready to transfer to the garden, etc.

My husband found some plans, loaded them onto his Kindle, and then was able to print the pages so we could put them into a binder.

How to Build a Backyard Greenhouse – A DIY Practical Guide by Tristan Trubble.



This picture isn’t our plan, but the picture gives you an idea of what we’re thinking about doing. We’re buying all the materials, rather than a kit that is MUCH more expensive.  Ours will be made of wood, PVC pipe and plastic sheeting. We’ll have 9 ‘ribs’ of pvc pipe, rather than the 7 you see here.  We ordered an exhaust fan on the net this morning, whose vents open when the temperature is 74 degrees F., and open FULLY at 104 degrees. There are a lot of details not really covered in the plans, but we’ll work them out as we go.

We wandered around our land, rejecting spot after spot due to the fact it wasn’t flat enough, or caused problems for one reason or another. We settled on an area to the east of our tomato planter and the clematis plants on the east side of our property. We can run water and electricity to it without much hassle.

My husband, as usual, wanted to go ahead this morning and start buying parts at our local Yeagers Hardware store. Since he’s going to have a 2nd cataract surgery hopefully May 16th, I pointed out that it would be at least June before we would be in a position to start this.

So far, we bought the fan and also called the wonderful guy who helps us with our 650 foot driveway when it needs to be bladed. We left a message on his answering machine that we want him to clear a 15 x 15 plot of land to the east of our house for the greenhouse, plus blade our driveway when he can arrange to do it.

I’m going to type a list to give to the guy at Yeagers, and then another list for all the other stuff we need to get for the project. I’ll also read the manual that goes with the plans, ask my husband to read it, and then hopefully we can iron out any problems before we actually do much more on the actual construction.

I would love to be able to give serious effort to growing seeds well before the next season starts, having plants ready for transfer for the fall garden, for example.

Wish us luck!

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The Gazillionth Time is the Charm!

After another fix and leaving things to dry overnight, we plugged in the pump today and HOORAAAAAAAY! No leaks!  To be sure, we ran the pump for a couple of hours before declaring it leak free. Then we got out duct tape to secure the trash can top with the holes we had to cut for the various hoses, power lines, etc. We tried to be very careful not to jostle the tub as we did this, and then waited again to see if we had any problems.


I’ve just finished add the ‘stuff’ to the bird bath. Since it’s deep, I put bricks in the bottom and then some river rock on top of those so the hummers will have plenty of places to stand if they just want a shower. There are plenty of places they can simply dive in, too.


Here is the set up. You can see the tub above and the trash can on the deck under the tub. The garden hose is always on. There is a float valve inside the can that will trigger the hose to add more water if the level in the can gets too low. The float valve shuts off the water when it’s happy with the level.


The water is attached to a timer. We decided to run it during daylight and let the pump rest when it’s dark, so no skinny dipping or midnight swims for the little hummers. They can always stand in the water in the tub, but there won’t be a waterfall during the night.


We get a lot of gusty winds, particularly during storms, so I made a point of securing things as best I could. I THINK the greenery will stay put. Time will tell.

The last step is planting flowers. A good friend of mine from Lunch Bunch told me about getting hummingbird flower seed packets. I went to WalMart to find them. They had them kind of hidden, but I finally found them and bought several packages. I’m planning to put a big flower pot on the table beside the chair and see if I can get that seed to grow. If that doesn’t work, I’ll fill the bowl with annuals when we get the other flowers for the deck.

We have two feeders out and the bird bath. Come on, hummers!

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Hummingbird Bird Bath – THERE!!!!

I’ll put plants on the railing on either side of the bird bath, and also on the table, but you can get a good idea of what the whole project looks like now.  The bucket attached to the tub catches the water. The pump at the bottom of the bucket recirculates the water. The timer is ‘on’ during daylight and ‘off’ at dark.


I put bricks in the bottom so the water won’t be too deep. I’m picturing hummingbirds standing on the various rocks, shells, etc. and darting through the water. :0)  You can see our cocker spaniel/schnauzer cross, Molly, through the screen of the back porch.


This is a close up of the far end of the bird bath.


I can’t tell you how much we’re enjoying the sound of the water! We have the back door to the porch open to enjoy both the nice weather plus the’water of the ‘waterfall.”


I haven’t seen a hummer yet, but we’re hoping to soon. We have a feeder out, and now, the bird bath, so we hope they’ll feel welcomed. I’ll try to get pics if/when the hummers check this out.

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Bird Bath – Almost There

Plumbing is a LOT more complicated than it might seem. After having the hummingbird bird bath together and apart again several times now, fighting leaks, we THINK it’s a go this time. I’m not feeling ANY moisture on the bottom side of the tub. The timer came on as scheduled and the little waterfall was making its pretty noise this morning.


I’m going to check it one more time and then will start putting in decorations that I hope will make the hummingbirds happy when they arrive.

I’ll take more pics later today.


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Hummingbird Bird Bath – Try # 4

They say, “The third time’s the charm.” Apparently, we didn’t get the memo because we’re on “TRY # 4” to get the plumbing on the hummingbird bath not to leak. We got it back together again, hooked it up and ran it for awhile, only to find ANOTHER place water was seeping out. I logged about 7,100 steps on my pedometer yesterday with all the back and forth to the shop yesterday working on it.

We took that apart and put pipe dope on it and stuck it together again. We turned the water on again and didn’t see any leaks this time. We were going to check it again in half an hour, but then it started to rain. Until everything is dry again, we won’t know if we’ve been successful this time or not.

I’ve taken all the decoration out of the tub twice thus far. I’m not going to put anything in there until we’re sure we have the leak problem fixed. (I did get some nice-looking greenery to add at the store yesterday :0) )

Here is how the system looks now, as we test the plumbing –


If all goes well, I’ll plan to add decorations to the tub tomorrow. I’ll take pics when the decorations are in. Meanwhile, we hung up a feeder in case we have any hungry hummers in our area.

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I added the timer to the hummingbird bird bath this morning and took a couple of pictures, because I thought the water looked so pretty in the sunlight.




THEN, I noticed the pump was kind of ‘hiccuping’. I added water to the pump and it got a bit better, but still didn’t act right. When my husband and I looked at it together, we realized we must have a leak somewhere.

Since this morning, we’ve had the whole thing apart and together again TWICE. Right now the tub is in the shop again, with a fourth idea for sealing the water level valve. We also went to a flexible tubing, rather than the rigid pvc pipe set up we had, because it was pushing against the bottom of the tub, causing a bit of strain.

SO –

We’re letting the newly sealed valve dry overnight and we’ll try things again tomorrow – or the next day if we get rained out, as forecast, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I got some more greenery and will rethink the toys and arrangement when they go in again – assuming we can get the system to quit leaking!


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The Hummingbird Bird Bath is Finished!

The actual hummingbird bath is now finished. I’ll add plants on either side of the bath on the railings, plus a basket of flowers for the table, hummingbird feeder hanging above somewhere, etc., but the main project is finished.


I gathered things from around the house to put into the bath – a ceramic bath tub with a lady in it, three glass hummingbird feeders that were prettier than they were practical, shells, a frog, some aquarium decorations, some rocks, and some bricks – both for the decorations and in the middle for the hummingbirds to stand on, if they wish.


Here you can see the ‘stuff’ I’m hoping the hummingbirds will like. I can see myself changing things from time to time, which will be half the fun of the bird bath!

I LOVE the sound of the water. I really hadn’t thought of that, and I find it very appealing and relaxing. Between that, and the wind chimes from the back porch, it will make a great spot for us most of the year.

When the hummers come, I’m hoping they really like it. I’ll try to get some pics if they do.




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Phase 2 – Hummingbird Bird Bath Project

We finished the plumbing part of the hummingbird bird bath project today!  We had ‘gooed’ the drain pipe fitting last night and let it dry for 24 hours. We had to cut another hole in the bucket lid to accommodate the pipe coming from the bottom of the tub in a straighter fashion.  This set up will allow the bird bath to sit quietly when the pump is not on. When the pump IS on, the water recirculates from the tub, down into the bucket and back. The only water we’ll need to replace is from evaporation from time to time. We’ll put a timer between the pump and the electrical hookup so the water will be on in daylight and off at night.


Here we have the water on, making a kind of waterfall for the hummers.  The place we ‘gooed’ last night is good. We still had some drips from the place where we attach the pvc pipe to the side of the tub. Tightening the screws more got rid of the leaks. A happy thing we didn’t expect was the NICE sound the ‘waterfall’ makes!


Here’s a close up of the basic tub and waterfall.

Phase 3 will be gathering ‘stuff’ to put in the tub – greenery, rocks, bricks, fun decorations, etc. I’ll take pics again when I’ve gotten the decorating started.

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I Have the Sleepies

“Dog – Tired” – Michelle Cazares

My husband and I went to get more parts for the hummingbird bird bath project this morning. We have it almost finished. We got it together and tested it, but it was leaking from the bottom of the tub. We took it back into the shop, dried it, and put a really expensive ‘goo’ that’s a good sealer around the fixture in the bottom of the tub. We’re letting it dry for 24 hours and then will put the bird bath together again tomorrow. We got a timer today so that it will be on in daylight and off during the night, making the pump last longer (we hope.)

I’ll take pics when we get it back together tomorrow, and then I’ll start gathering goodies to put into it to entertain the hummingbirds…

I’ve got the sleepies now, so I’m going to step away from the computer and rest a bit.

Hope your day is going well.



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