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If there were a contest on touching your face the most times within a given time frame, I would win – hands down. (hahhahahahaha).

I’m carrying a tissue in my pocket, trying to remember to take it out if I need to touch my face. That only works part of the time. Apparently, I do this unconsciously. It is a deeply ingrained habit.

I have thought of using the funnel we got for our dog when we needed to keep her from licking a wound,  but I haven’t found it yet, and I think it would drive me nuts. I MAY need to start wearing gloves IN the house to try to break the habit. Maybe handcuffs – though I don’t have any. Cutting my arm off seems harsh.

In the spirit of ‘making lemonade’ – I propose that once this awful time is over, we have a contest, giving a prize to the person who touches her face the most often in whatever time frame desired.  This way I will no longer have to feel like the village moron for not being able to break a bad habit, and may actually be able to look at it as a prized SKILL!



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