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2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar

I ordered an Australian Firefighters Calendar for 2020 in a win/win celebration of the new year. It was a way to support the firefighters – although I had no idea that Mother Nature would deal such a terrible blow to the country. Apparently they create a calendar each year showing truly magnificent looking men and cute animals so that they can raise needed funds and so that people like me can enjoy welcoming each new month. :0)

To review our handsome year so far –

This is the cover of the calendar, with Nathan and George.  This alone would be worth the price of the calendar, as far as I’m concerned, but there is more!


All through January I have been enjoying looking at Ben and Nullah.  (I now have to admit that I missed the tip for handling burns here….)


And today we celebrate the month of February with Tuva and Milo.  (there is the URL for the place to go to order a calendar for yourself for this – and/or NEXT year….

The older I get, the more quickly time passes. We barely start a new year and the months start flying past me, making my hair blow.

Thankfully, I’m not dead yet, and these gorgeous men give me another wonderful reason to enjoy each day.

Happy February, everyone!


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Taylor’s Greenhouse/Deck Progress


Our good friends, the Taylors, are building a fabulous new addition to their home – a second story deck outside their bedroom and a two-story greenhouse! Here you see Dave working on the new deck. I love the way he’s built it around the full-grown tree!



And here is the gorgeous greenhouse. This is useful, of course, as Laufrain is a master gardener and will love working in it, but it’s also simply stunning.

This is a lot of work for both of them, but what a wonderful addition to their house – one they’ll enjoy for years to come.


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Greenhouse Envy



Our good friends are in the middle of a huge project to build a two-story greenhouse on the back of their house!  This will have to move slowly – both for the size of the project and the horribly hot weather we’re having now, but it’s happening!  This picture shows you the beautiful arches they’re attaching to the concrete. Attachment rods were sunk into the concrete to make this really secure. I don’t know all the details of what they’re doing, but I’m green with envy. I really don’t know of anyone who deserves a beautiful greenhouse more than my friend.



Here you can see more of the back of their house and how the greenhouse will fit in. I’ll try to get more pics as the project moves on. I’m so excited for them!

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