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Result of My Playing in My Art Room






This will be the last note card set I’m listing on my new Etsy site.  I’m calling this the “Rainbow Flower” set.

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Playing in My Art Room

My Artistic Wonderland via 2StarArt

I spent a little over an hour upstairs in my art room yesterday afternoon and I had the BEST time. Sometimes things get so busy around here that I go for several days – or even weeks – without giving myself permission to play.  Yesterday I started a group of note cards that I’ll list in my new shop on Etsy.

I love playing in the paint, experimenting with media and techniques, whether they work or not. The playing takes me back mentally to childhood, where I can imagine I’m playing with finger paint. It doesn’t matter whether what I do is ‘good’ or not. I just get lost in the joy of colors, textures, and dreams.

Though other things are pressing on me a bit today, I’ll make time to try to finish the note cards this afternoon, listening to some of my favorite music on my MP3 player, a hot cup of coffee in the warmer beside me… AHHH!



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More Fun in My Art Room!

I painted part of yesterday afternoon and some of this morning, finishing two tee shirts for me. These were old shirts that had spots on them, so the idea of bringing new life to them appeals to me. :0)

I got the ideas from the net. These are not my designs, but I tweaked what I found to make them more my own.

This is the Dandelion Tee – “Make a wish, then blow!”

This one is “Let It Bee”


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Fun In My Art Room


Since I did some good work this morning –

  • three loads of laundry – done, folded, and put away
  • finished cleaning out my garden, getting it ready to plant again
  • weed whacked for 45 minutes
  • general cleaning in the kitchen

I decided I deserved a break and I’ve been playing in my art room this afternoon!

I found two ideas for painting tee shirts on the net, and I’m doing ‘my spin’ on them. I love being able to bring older tee shirts to new life by painting them. They never turn out quite like I planned, but they ARE one of a kind, and I enjoy painting them.

I’ll try to take a pic tomorrow of the first one and post it.

I hope you’ve had a fun afternoon.

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