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Friendship Frames Finished


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Openn Schoolbag

I’ve spent part of two days in my art room, playing with a new idea that was entertaining me while I was sleeping. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and will try to finish up today.

The idea was ‘Friendship Frames,’ with paintings on 6″x8″ hard canvas boards with a different friendship quote on each. I’ve had fun with colors, texture, and more, thinking of my good friends as I play. I’ll post a pic of one of them when they are finished.

I have to tell you that I am newly encouraged about my efforts since I had my first sale on Amazon Handmade yesterday. This is a new venue for me, and I was afraid that it was SO large it would be a miracle if people found my listings, much less liked what I did enough to buy something. I feel WONDERFUL that I sold a package of my hand-painted note cards. :0)

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Thoughts on a Saturday 11-7-2020

I am hoping for a quiet day. My husband has a haircut and we have other errands to do in a bit.

Our weather is lovely – sunshine-y and 61 degrees F. Yesterday we finally got the irrigation system control thingie for my garden removed from the agricultural faucet. For some reason, it was almost like it was frozen on there – hard to get the attachment parts to turn, but we managed. We’ll leave the main irrigation system for the yard up and running until it looks like we’ll get some freezes.


I think I told you that a crew working on fiber optic lines came yesterday and did some work. We are delighted that our electric company is partnering with another company to eventually supply us with Internet speed that will bring us into this century! We have changed over the years, each time able to improve things a bit, but we are rural, and so aren’t in the forefront on anything significant. It will be exciting when it finally comes.

The guy told us that he needed to cut some branches in a tree that were encroaching on the lines, so I said ‘sure.’ It ended up that it looks like the tree was struck by lightning, with big broken branches hanging down. They are supposed to be back Monday. I will ask if he can do more, cutting the broken branches and stashing them out of sight a bit more. Fingers crossed.

Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families

Yesterday I played in my art room, starting on an idea for Christmas presents for my friends. I’m having a great time. My sister-in-law made a great suggestion for a small thing I can add to each gift to make it more special. I love when that happens. :0) I’ll work on them more today.

I’ll get the makings for beef stew in the slow cooker for us when we get back. I feel the need for comfort food lately with all that is going on in our world.

And that’s it for us. I hope YOUR day is full of fun and laughter.

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Artful Dreams


I dreamed of some ideas for Christmas presents. I woke up early this morning with more ideas. I will see if I can get started on them when we get home from Lunch Bunch.

So far, changing the time back an hour is messing with me. I liked the idea of getting an extra hour of sleep, but the reality is that I am waking up super early – the middle of the night for me – and having grim thoughts. This is not like me and I’m going to see what I can do to stop the cycle.

Our weather is gorgeous again today, so I’ll plan to spend some time outside. There are LOTS of things to do.

I feel good today. My mouth is no longer hurting from my tooth filling. I had a wonderful massage yesterday. I’ll see my friends, and hopefully have a productive day.

I hope that YOU have a great day, too! :0)

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Lovely Day

First Aid for Pets – Dollar Photo Club

It looks like night outside. It is 44 degrees F. (wind chill of 38), and is raining a LOT. UGH. I am very thankful I have a warm, dry house and don’t have to go out.

That said, it’s a lovely day for inside stuff. I am planning to play in my art room today. I dreamed about cartoony ‘animals’ made from old jewelry on a hard canvas board with a colorful, painted background around them. Even if the idea doesn’t turn out at all, it’ll be fun to try… :0)

I am also starting to gather things to add to my booth in town. Next week I will change the Halloween stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas things. It’s fun to change the whole look of our little booth. I’m hoping people will find something they like and will take it home.

I may be totally UN-technical, but I managed to make Firefox my default browser on my computer yesterday. I have moved most of my stuff from Chrome to Firefox now, and am working to put all the posts I’ve written since WordPress did their upgrade into categories, now that I can SEE them and ACCESS them again. This will take awhile, because, as you know, I write several posts each day, but I’m hoping to be caught up soon.

I had a nice chat with our son this morning. He lives in Thailand, renting a house in the country there, and simply loves it. He has privacy to meditate, do the work he needs to do for his client, make music in his music room without bothering anyone, etc. He is living his dream and it fills me with joy. I feel lucky that he is such a good communicator. I can almost forget that he is across the world from us.

I’m still laughing that Amber, our 95-pound yellow lab, was FINALLY persuaded to ‘get DOWN’ out of my office chair with me. She was just outside. My husband let her in, not bothering to even run a towel over her, and she came straight for me. She was halfway up into my chair before I could react. Now “I” will have to run a towel over BOTH of us to make us acceptable to be in the house…

I hope that you are having a fun day today.

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Playing in My Art Room

The second tee is a ‘redo,’ since I forgot to seal the paint and it all came off in the clothes washer.

Both tees are ones I painted because I’m a slob. No matter how careful I try to be, I end up with stains that won’t come out. Instead of pitching the tees, I paint them.

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More Rain!

Stephanie Stamm

It’s quite dark outside right now. Our rain is supposed to finish sometime this afternoon. All our growing things have really gotten good, thorough drinks the past few days.

Since it’s not a good day to continue work in the garden, I’m switching to INSIDE things. Since I’m such a lousy housekeeper, there is a plethora of things from which to choose on things needing to be cleaned. :0/

I am planning to try to get up to my art room today to try to finish the bookmarks I started recently. I have more ideas rattling around in my head that I would like to start when I finish the current project and get things cleared off.

source unknown

I am happy to report that I lost another couple of pounds this morning!  That gets me back to my 40 pounds off from my lardiest!

These sweet bears are from when I lost weight several years ago with Nutrisystem. As with the gold stars I put on my desk calendar for exercise, these were motivating. We stopped this program because they discontinued most of the food my husband liked.  I’m happy to have re-earned the green bear…

So far I am very happy with our new eating regimen of having our main meal of the day a frozen entrée from REAL FOOD in Greenwood. Their food is delicious, and the portion is controlled. We are skipping breakfast and eating something light, such as tuna fish salad, for lunch and then MAYBE a careful snack mid to late afternoon, if we are hungry. The careful eating plus exercise (elliptical trainer and yoga stretches) seem to have me on track again, and for that I’m truly grateful.  (We will pre-order for next week when they list the choices this afternoon. )

I hope that you are having a good day, full of love and free from stress.

Stay safe and well.

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Fun With Bookmarks


I’m a bit hard on books. Mine tend to have dog-eared corners on some of the pages, maybe a note to myself here and there in a margin, or they might show how much I have read them by staying open at certain spots.

When I read books belonging to someone else, like the library, a friend, or now – while I’m reading my husband’s collection of the Honor Harrington series by David Weber – I use a bookmark so that I can return them in good shape.

I’m using a bookmark I made years ago. I don’t really like it, but it’s the only one I have. THAT’S what got me going on making a bunch of new ones.


So far, I’ve finished 8 bookmarks. I’ll take the ones I’ve finished to the booth tomorrow.


I enjoy choosing a doo-dad to attach to each one, making it different from the rest. I have a whole collection of odds and ends that I paw through to find one that grabs my attention.


I may be the last person on the planet to need a bookmark, since fewer people seem to read for pleasure now, and those who do may be using a tablet, but I have a great time making them. I hope that someone who visits our booth at Rags & Roses finds one of these fun, for themselves, or for kids or grandkids.

I’ll finish up the rest of them soon.

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Thoughts on a Thursday 9-17-2020

Thankful Thirteen via


I am having a wonderful Thursday, and I hope that you are, too.

Getty Images

My day started off with a wonderful massage from Lynn Moody.  If you are in the Greenwood area, give her a call at 479-629-7601 and see if you can book one. You’ll be SO glad you did! Besides my NORMAL miracle massage, I mentioned that my neck was stiff and sore. She did some magic with a towel and expert lifting and twisting and made it stop hurting!  :0)

Yesterday our new food group, REAL FOOD – also in Greenwood – (479) 414-6337 – posted the choices for the week coming up. My husband and I ordered with enthusiasm, and will pick up our goodies next Monday.  Since we don’t have any nutrition information, my husband and I are watching the scales and building our eating day around the Real Food meal as our main meal, with a snacky-type lunch. We are fasting from dinner until lunch the following day, except for drinking water and coffee the next morning, with very careful – if any – snacking. Fingers are crossed that things works well for us. Their food is delicious!


Amazon Handmade

I have added some hand-painted totes to Amazon Handmade today.  For some unknown reason, one of the images is not showing. I’m still fighting with that, but hopefully will solve the problem soon. It’s SO exciting to be adding my stuff to their website!


Rags n’ Roses Collective

I am going to go up and play in my art room some this afternoon. I’m still working on the bunch of bookmarks I started about a week ago. I’m adding some ribbons, strings, and/or doo-dads to each of them. I will post some pics when I have several finished, but I’m having a lot of fun. I am planning to take them to the booth I share with my friend, Carla, at Rags & Roses Collective479-597-3107 – in Greenwood.


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Thoughts in the Rain on a Thursday 9-10-2020

“Singin’ in the Rain” – Pinterest


It’s very cloudy, 73 degrees F., and raining quietly here. We have our doors open so that we can ENJOY every minute of the rain and cooler temperatures!

I was unable to find any lettuce plants, so I won’t be planting in the brick planter near the house for the fall. :0(  We still have a few tomatoes, so I’ll just enjoy whatever we can harvest from that and the ‘nook’ planter as long as they are producing. Yesterday I got caught up pruning rose bushes, and then overgrown stuff from more planters, so I didn’t get out to murder the fire ants in the main garden. That will have to wait another day.

I DID get up and play a bit in my art room yesterday!  (I converted a bedroom to be my art room.)  It’s been forever, since other priorities have eaten up our days, so it was really nice to spend some time up there.

Thomas Merton – Healing with Art via Cathy Ruggiero


I decided I would make some bookmarks to sell at Rags & Roses, the wonderful local shop in Greenwood where I share a booth with my good friend, Carla.

I played with my Unicorn Spit paint that my sister-in-law, MaryLou, sent to me as a nice, ‘just-because’ gift I guess about a year ago now. I have SO enjoyed experimenting with what I can do with it, and have barely scratched the surface. I also used some rubber stamps. I let things dry overnight and will go up and spray the sealer on them next. When that is dry, I’ll do the finishing touches to make them into bookmarks!  I love choosing the ribbons, strings, beads, and stuff to add to them. :0)


“Caught Red-Pawed” – Audrius P. – Bored Panda


We have about a day and a half’s worth of BistroMD meals to finish. My husband and I got online last night and ordered some meals from the new local place in Greenwood called Real Food.  We can pick up our order Monday afternoon. In the meantime, my husband has asked me to make “Keto Chili,” Saturday, one of our favorite recipes from Suzanne Ryan, Simply Keto.



I’m truly delighted that I was finally able to find a place that the elephant ear plants my friend, Laufrain, gave me back in September last year would be happy. I wintered them over on the floor in our dining area by the window, and then put them out on the front porch when it was warm enough in the spring. They were very UNhappy there and almost croaked! I decided to TRY them in the planter we rebuilt along the front of the house, thinking they would get more sun, but would be more protected from wind here. As you can see, they are smiling!  (As you can also see, I will spray the ‘greenery’ in the rocks with KillsALL weed killer on the next dry day we have…)

Today I will work on the bookmarks. I’m not sure what area of the house I will attack on my decluttering project, but I’m leaning toward the shelves in our bathroom. We have a set over the toilet, and two floor-to-ceiling sets in the main part of the bathroom.


Amazon Handmade

I will also see if I can make any progress registering my shop on Amazon Handmade. We are still fighting over whether my Google Chrome is ‘acceptable’ or not at this point. I have upgraded to the newest version. My husband checked my computer and confirmed that. I’m still getting the screen that says I need to upgrade my browser to meet their requirements. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

I hope you have a glorious Thursday.




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Stained Glass Look Earrings

These are hand-painted, super light-weight wooden earrings. They are 3 inches in diameter.

I just finished listing them on my Etsy website, Eyecatching Earrings on Etsy, if you’d like to see them, and more.


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Newest Earrings are Almost Finished


The newest painted wooden earrings are 3 inches in diameter. I painted each pair a different solid color and then had a lot of fun adding a floral design to each one.


I will add the findings to each pair – French hooks on some, posts on others, and clip-on’s on some.


I will then take individual pictures of each pair and list them on my earrings website for sale.


If you would like to see more, please go to EyecatchingEarrings on Etsy

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Pop Sugar

I am counting the work I’m doing in the yard each day, trying to clean up from the storm, as my elliptical/cardio exercise for each day. Yesterday I spent a total of 2 hours out in the hot sun blowing leaves and picking up branches.  I gave myself a gold star for each hour. I drank water like a camel preparing for a stroll across the Sahara, and that led to a lot of exercise getting up to pee!  I had a nice shower and did a very abbreviated set of yoga stretches to try to keep myself from feeling sore.

I plan to do more of the same today, since everything is still covered in branches and leaves. I will do short sessions, drinking lots of water and resting in-between.

Tonight is a DIY (do-it-yourself) meal on our South Beach plan. Thanks to Suzanne Ryan of Simply Keto, I have a recipe for bacon-wrapped chicken breasts that is to die for. My husband’s reaction when I told him what I planned to cook was, “Oh, GOOD!”

I am PLANNING to get up to my art room to work on the newest earring painting.

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


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Playing in My Art Room This Afternoon!

artstudio-ABSTRACTS by Sabina via cathy ruggiero

I am finally giving myself the gift to play in my art room this afternoon. I have a new size of wooden earring blanks, and my head is buzzing with possible ideas for painting them.

I will post them when they are finished.

I hope that you are having fun today, too.

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Finishing Latest Earrings

I am putting the findings on the newest pairs of hand-painted wooden earrings today. When they are finished later today, I’ll list them on Eyecatching Earrings on Etsy.

These are two inches in diameter, but still very light-weight to wear.


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Andy Seliverstoff via Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

If you’re like me, you look for things to bring your spirits up each day while we’re facing such an awful time worldwide. The photo above is one of those things for me, and I wanted to share it with you.

Another thing that will brighten our personal day is that we’re meeting our good friends for Lunch Bunch today. The restaurant has been able to open its doors, so we can enjoy the comfort of air conditioning while we eat and catch up.

The governor of our state of Arkansas has now issued the mandatory wearing of face masks in public, starting Monday. My husband is on notice that he either complies, has to sit in the car and wait for me, or stays home. His brother even cared enough to order and send him a Marine Corp-themed face mask. It will be interesting. If you look up “stubborn” in the dictionary, my husband’s picture and name should be there.  :0/

We want to put something in our safe deposit box at the bank today. I also want to verify our master list of what is there for our records. In order to do this, we had to call and make an appointment. Life used to be so much simpler. As I sigh, I’m glad we can do this at all now.

I am still trying to get up to my art room to play with the idea of pulled string art. Life happens each afternoon, so I haven’t been able to try it yet. Maybe I will find the time (and energy) this afternoon.

ABSTRACTS by Sabina via cathy ruggiero


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Newest Earrings

Orange Flower


These are hand painted wooden earrings. They are 1/2″ in diameter and super light-weight. They are post or stud type earrings.


Pink Flower


Purple Flower


Red Flower


White Flower


Yellow Flower

They are listed on EyecatchingEarrings on Etsy. 

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Playing in My Art Room

I am planning to spend time in my art room again today.

I have more wooden small, round, rimmed post earrings started. When those are finished,  I’ll clean off my drafting table. THEN I would like to get set up to try the pulled string art technique.

Jennifer Rizzo


I’m looking forward to a fun, messy time!

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New Earrings

I finally got up to my art room yesterday. These are the newest shape of wooden earrings I have received and I had a great time painting them. I put the findings on them this morning. They are 2″ in diameter and super light-weight. I just finished listing them on EyecatchingEarrings on Etsy.

I’m hoping to get back upstairs this afternoon to try the pulled string art that is so intriguing. It’s so much fun to experiment!


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Good Morning!

via Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

It is really pretty outside right now.  We will have to close our doors and turn on the a/c soon, but right now we have a nice breeze with ceiling fans.

We will meet our friends for Lunch Bunch in about an hour.  We wear face masks, and there is a limit on capacity inside the restaurant. It’s wonderful to be able to see our friends, catch up on what’s been happening, and laugh together.

I’m hoping for a quiet day today. I will clean out the aquarium and hopefully work on some new earrings upstairs in my art room.

I hope that YOU have a good day, too.

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Nice Morning

Can Stock Photo

I had a lovely massage this morning. I asked her to just leave me there and let me drift off to sleep, but she made me get up, pay her, and leave. Imagine that! She is truly a miracle worker. I feel a lot better.

It was getting dark as I left – at 11:00 in the morning!  I got home just before storming started. I shut the garage door, and closed up the house. It has rained, but it doesn’t seem to be severe at this point. We have more waves of storms coming this afternoon and tonight.

I chatted with our son in Thailand this morning briefly. There is 12 hours difference in our times, so we have to chat quickly sometimes. He sounded really happy. He said, “last night when i was falling asleep i was listening to the rain, and i think i heard some kind of religious singing from somewhere, maybe the nearby wat, and i was feeling the breeze from my fan, and i thought to myself how fortunate i am.”

We are on our official whole first day of the South Beach Diet today. (We started after lunch yesterday.)  So far, we’re doing fine, although we’re fumbling around some. We like the shakes, and the ‘ice crushes.”  Mine are chocolate, of course. :0)  I got home from my massage late for our morning ‘snack.’ We went ahead and did that, deciding we would delay lunch for an hour or so. I have keto chili in the crock pot for one of our DIY dinners for the week. I’m interested to see what we think of our lunch options.  I have found that their ‘peanut butter bites” (a package of small cookies) is delicious. I am trying to record what I eat and drink on the tracker on their website. It’s different that the other I have been using, but I’m determined to make it work.

I received one of the new wooden earring shapes I ordered yesterday, and am eager to get up to the art room to see what I can do with it. :0)

I hope you’re having a wonderful day.


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Pulled String Art 2




Jennifer Rizzo




Raising Kinley

Raising Kinley

I dreamed about the techniques I saw demonstrated on YouTube yesterday. This can be done with string or chain and can be as simple or complex and you would like. I’m really looking forward to making the time to play!

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New Earring Ideas

Green Sparkly Teardrop Earrings


Purple Sparkly Teardrop Earrings


Red Sparkly Teardrop Earrings


Red and White Trapezoid Earrings


Purple and White Trapezoid Earrings


Green and White Trapezoid Earrings

Blue and White Trapezoid Earrings

The new earrings are listed on Eyecatching Earrings

I have a third different type of earring in the works today. I’ll try to show it to you later.



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High Hopes


Each time I go up to my art room, I’m filled with the desire to make something I like. My head starts working overtime, swirling with the possibilities of what I can play with.

Lately I have been playing the game of, “Cleaning up my Art Room.” What this ACTUALLY means – unless someone is coming who wants to SEE it – is that I START gathering things up to clear off my drafting table and quickly get caught up by an idea for making something. “Cleaning” drops off quickly as I get out even more things in order to play.

Yesterday the cleaning up stopped as I started a new group of earrings. I found some things I want to try,  plus I have a couple of new shapes, so I spent about half the afternoon up there, first painting one side of the earring shapes, letting them dry, then painting the second side. Last night I sprayed the glaze fixative on the side that was ‘up.’ This morning I sprayed the second side.  Today I’ll do a bit more work on them in the art room, and then bring them downstairs, here to the office, where I put them together.

I love the fact that I have enough supplies to try a lot of things, ‘dwelling in the possibilities.’  Even though things never turn out the way I envision, my time in the art room is priceless. Possibilities abound. I can escape from any stress. I can lose myself in the joy of the game, ‘What If…”


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Glorious Blanks

Getting wooden earring blanks is like a crap shoot – sometimes you get a product that is exciting and even better than you thought it would be – like these 3-D type earrings above. They are good quality, very smooth, and a little over 1 inch in diameter. I cannot find them again, though I am still searching.


In an effort to get larger round earrings for a possible order, I ordered these recently and received them today. They were advertised to be 2″ in diameter. As you can see here, they are actually 1-1/2″ in diameter – not large enough for the possible order. I have now found another source which is advertising 2″ and 3″ in diameter round earrings. I’ve ordered with fingers crossed.

In the meantime, while I was searching for the 2″ in diameter earrings, I found some other interesting things. I haven’t received all I ordered yet, but I’m hopeful I will get some things that are wonderful.

These are 2″ on the longest edge. I like the shape of these and am looking forward to playing with them.


This is 1-3/8″ in diameter. I like the two holes. I have tried taking some shapes out to our shop to drill a first or second hole, but it’s difficult to drill a hole without splitting the shape. These will allow me to do some things that might be a lot of fun. I can feel my juices flowing!

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“Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs…”

More Fruits from my art room –

I love making these signs. They are 6″x8″ hard wrapped canvas boards. I have fun with my Unicorn Spit paint, let them dry, spray them with fixative. Let them dry again. Then I print the saying on them. I’m going to take these to Rags & Roses Collective in Greenwood to put in the booth I share with my good friend, Carla.





“Attitude to Spare”



“Not Lazy”






“Nicer Person”

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Fruits of the Art Room

I had fun in my art room yesterday. I painted this group of post earrings in a floral theme. The earrings are half an inch in diameter.

I will add them to my earrings website EyecatchingEarrings on Etsy, as soon as possible.

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Plans to Play

days of the year

I’ve been good, working in the house and out in the yard.

I’ve been sick – so two days were lost and best forgotten.

Today I feel GOOD and I’m officially on strike.

I am going to spend time in my art room today, PLAYING.


I received an order of these wooden post/stud earrings yesterday. They are half an inch in diameter with the findings already attached. I’m going to have fun seeing how I can paint these.  The earrings this size I have done previously were flat. I like the fact these are thicker and have a rim. Lots of possibilities here.

I have a couple of tees on which I spilled something and the stains are still showing after washing. (Imagine that!) I’m thinking about how I want to paint them to give them new life.

I have some ideas for small, sassy signs for my booth in Rags & Roses Collective in Greenwood. I can get started on those.

We will have leftover bacon-wrapped hamburger patties, salad, and fresh sliced tomatoes from the garden tonight for dinner, so very little prep work is needed.  Everyone seems calm and happy here.

This is my idea of a perfect day!!!!!


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Thoughts on a Monday 5-18-2020

Marabou Stork-photographer unknown via Penny Yaffe Krakow


If I come back to the world as something else one day, I either want to be this Marabou stork (above) or a shoebill stork (below.)

San Diego Zoo Animals and Plants

I love both of these birds. They are ugly – and they look like they have a sense of humor – like they’ll say something to make you laugh any minute. A great combination!

The sun is finally shining here!!!!  We have had an entire week of rain, storms, gusty winds, gray days.  It was SO nice to have to put on my sunglasses when we ran a couple of errands earlier today!

I fixed a big salad this morning. I will offer to share it with my husband, but he has some things he really likes, instead. I will eat part for lunch and the rest as part of my dinner. It’s wonderful to be able to use spinach and lettuce from our own garden in it! :0)

My husband is going to try to mow the yard later today, if it will dry up more. We are actually watching the grass grow now that the sun has come out.

I’m going to play in my art room this afternoon, trying to finish up a new idea I had.

Have a fun day!



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New Post Earrings

“Midnight” – Small disk and teardrop post earrings. 

I will add these new post style earrings to my EyecatchingEarrings website on Etsy as soon as possible.



“Glorious Green” post earrings

Super light-weight painted wood.


“Starry Night” – large purple disk post earrings

One-of-a-kind designs.


“Let’s Party!” – large red disk post earrings


“Favorite Purple” – small disk and 3D disk post earrings


“Blushing Rose” – small disk post earrings


“Southwest” – Turquoise and Green Leaf plus disk post earrings

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Joy on a Rainy Day

I’ve been having a wonderful time in my art room this afternoon.

I started some new wooden earrings to which I’ll attach posts. I have the fronts finished, but I need to wait for them to dry so I can paint the edges and the backs. Then I’ll bring them downstairs to glue on the posts.

I also started some small hard canvas boards, using Unicorn Spit paints. When they dry, I’ll add some of my favorite quotes.

I truly love the Unicorn paints. Thanks FOREVER to my wonderful sister-in-law, MaryLou, for sending me a starter set – just because she saw them and thought I might have fun with them. The possibilities are truly endless, and a joy for any level of ‘arty-ness.’ If you haven’t tried these, they are such FUN. You can use the paints on almost anything. I’ve painted totes, tee shirts, paper, wood, and these hard canvas boards so far. You can paint with brushes, or use them like fingerpaint. They are non-toxic, water soluble and are not permanent until you spray or paint them with fixatives. Truly wonderful stuff!

Hopefully, I can show you my latest batch of things soon.



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