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Thoughts on a Cloudy Saturday 3-11-2023

Oscar Ivan Esquivel Arteaga – Unsplash

The forecast here is for showers this morning and storms this evening – cloudy in-between.

As I sit here, happily typing on my computer, warm, dry, with coffee beside me, I DO realize how fortunate I am to be able to quietly gripe that my weather isn’t ‘pretty’ today.


My friend Marsha and I are happily encouraging each other to get off our duffs and exercise, each putting another star on our individual calendars. Marsha bought a pedaler she can use inside and is also trying to walk to the post office when the weather permits. She is encouraging me to at least do my session of yoga each afternoon, if not also to try an exercise video, do some time on my elliptical trainer in the garage, or get out and work in the yard. It’s nice to be able to compare notes with a good friend, knowing that we’ll each be stronger, more flexible, and healthier together.

The Mercury News

I heard there was yet another bill in Congress to do away with Daylight Savings Time. I couldn’t be more in favor of this. It is my understanding that we started this in order to “help the farmers. ” I think farmers and ranchers are strong, independent people who don’t need everyone to change their clocks . They get up when they feel they need to in order to do what needs to be done each day. If I’m wrong, I would really appreciate it if someone would set me straight so that I can stop resenting it twice a year.

I hope your Saturday is a happy one.


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Sharing Some Spring

Heavy thunderstorms are on the way, but who can be down looking at blooms like these?


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We seem to have come through the severe weather last night without damage – at least that we have found yet. It was scary for a while, though, with our weather alert going off with a tornado WARNING covering Ft. Smith, but not including Greenwood. We had lots of really gusty winds to the point we were talking about possibly losing some of the siding off the house or losing our deck cover, not to mention more trees and branches down.

103.3 WKFR-Getty Images

It’s sunny and 55 degrees -thankfully, quiet and pretty now. Later we’ll gather our trash and take it down. I don’t know if the trash can will still be there. My husband tethered it to the pole, but he scoffs at what he calls my ‘obsession’ with tying it tightly. Since I have trouble not slipping and sliding over the gravel, he has taken over the dragging it up and down and tethering it to the pole. The trip down the driveway will also tell us if we had any other damage overnight. Fingers crossed.

Gusty winds like that make me wonder what the animals do to protect themselves. We heard a couple of driveway alarms that my husband said were probably deer walking around. The wind was gusting to such an extent I would think they would have trouble not being blown off their feet.

We are still under a ‘wind advisory’ for another hour or so this morning, but I think the worst is past now.

I hope you are somewhere safe.

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Flirting with Spring?

Spring is at least a month away, but this is part of what I found when I was walking around in the yard yesterday! The sight made my heart soar. I really needed it.

You can’t feel down when you see things like this.

There were signs all around the yard that good things are still happening, and are yet to happen.

Spring is around the corner!


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Fleezing Dizzle


It’s not this bad yet, but we have teeny, tiny sleet pellets falling now. The temperature is 22 degrees F., and the “feels like” temperature is 12. Mostly, it LOOKS like just a really cold rain right now, but the pest control guy just called me to ask how it was here. I suggested he go home and be safe, rather than try to come to us until all this is past and we thaw out again.

We still have public power, but looking at the weather website, we really won’t get above freezing until Wednesday afternoon, and the STUFF doesn’t quit coming, really until Thursday morning. Should be interesting.

The “fleezing dizzle” title comes from a party my parents were having a hundred years or so ago. My dad had his own one-man advertising agency, and a lot of the people at the party were in the media. A topic of conversation came up where someone started to laugh helplessly as he tried to talk about a weatherman who got his tongue tied, saying “Fleezing Dizzle,” rather than freezing drizzle. Everyone started to laugh, with the exception of one man, who said, “Oh, God. That was ME!”

Meanwhile, we’re warm and cozy inside. I’m making spaghetti for dinner, and my husband wanted some hot chocolate earlier. Full comfort mode.

I’m enjoy book #30 of 55 of the In Death series by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts, fully into her world of amazing characters in a future world. I love being rich in paperback books – able to snuggle down under my throw, coffee cup beside me on the warmer, escaping to another world, engaged in other concerns. A nice relief.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. On the way back up the driveway this morning, we stopped and I hoisted our ‘flying pig’ into the back of the truck. One of the huge limbs that came down with the last snow storm was the limb from which the sweet pig was flying and he had crashed head first into the driveway. I had forgotten how heavy he is. We took him out to the shop. I plan to refurbish him, since he’s been flying for several years now, and then I’m HOPING to convince my husband that securing him to a boulder at the top of the driveway, wings flying, would look just as good as him flying from a line in a tree….

I hope you are enjoying your day.

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Adventurous Trip

We got the trash set up for pickup tomorrow. I really had trouble dragging the can down to where we leave it for emptying, due to the really skid-y gravel. I would do better, I think, if I had CLEATS on my shoes. Anyway, I got it down there and we filled it up. We also got the mailbox Snow-Goon decoration up. It was interesting, in that in the time it took to put the Happy New Year decoration in the truck and put the Snow-Goon on the bolts that attach it to the mailbox, the nuts we put on top of the mailbox FROZE to the top of the mailbox! That’s the first time we’ve had THAT happen. We drove carefully down the road where we could turn the truck around to drive back up the driveway. We didn’t have any trouble with that, happily. There is a thin glaze of ice on everything. The schools are closed today. There were 91 ‘closings’ on the weather website today – I don’t ever remember seeing that many before. We may be in for it.

Truegrid Pavers

This gives you an IDEA of what our driveway is like. We don’t have NEAR as much pretty gravel as this picture. We have LOTS more trees. And you have to add at LEAST the length you see here, if not MORE, to get as long as our driveway is, but the steepness here is comparable. We also have branches down all over, particularly on the left side of the driveway. The other side has woods, but it also has a ditch where water goes down to the street. We don’t want that to get clogged, so I drag whatever we cut down to the other side.

Even if the only rain we get is LIGHT, it doesn’t take much accumulation on the power lines to cause an outage. Again, we think our generator, which runs all except for heat and air conditioning, is worth its weight in gold. The extra money we spent on the electrical stuff for it to come on and go off by itself is worth everything not to have to go outside over and over to fight to get it to come on, or to turn it off.

Our cat, Abby, likes to sleep in the garage most nights. We have a big pile of firewood in there and put her sleeping ‘cube’ on a rectangle of wood on a holder that my husband made years ago attached to the wall . She really likes it, and the fact that she has a cat door so she can come and go as she pleases. (She also lets us know if she wants to stay inside, instead. We cater to her wishes.) She jumps up from the garage steps to the firewood holder pile in order to get up to her food, which we put on top of the firewood pile to keep our dog and other critters from getting it, and her bed. This is the only dry wood we have, though, and we used a bunch of it from the far side of the holder with the snow storm we just finished. If we have to make many fires during this ice storm, we’ll have to try to keep her end of the holder intact as much as possible. She’s getting old and can’t jump the way she used to. I can relate.

As I’m typing this, an icon popped up, saying, “Snow coming.” It says the “temp is 31 (feels like 21 – I can confirm THAT). “Scattered rain and snow showers expected. High will be 34”. The graphic of what to expect when shows rain/sleet/snow from 3pm until 9pm. :0(

I love to look at snow. I love snow globes. I even love to build a snowman or make snow angels. But then it’s supposed to go AWAY. NOT cause trees to break or hang down in the driveway, blocking our path. NOT cause power outages. I’m ready for spring and winter has hardly begun. Whine – gripe – moan – and generally be annoying. Sorry.

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I wish our place looked as pretty as this, but we ARE as snow-covered.

We will be this way until further notice, although the melting has started just a bit. There is a good 8 inches on the deck cover, for example.

The public power was restored overnight. We were on the generator all of yesterday, with only a couple of short periods of public power before it would go off again. The poor power guys have been at work steadily now for three days trying to get power back to everyone. We went to bed around 1:30 this morning and still had no power. It was really nice to see we have some this morning.

Our generator has done a fantastic job during the past three days, but it deserves a good long rest now. It is propane powered and it’s really a luxury not to have to worry that we’ll run out of fuel for it right in the middle of a rough patch of weather. We’ve gone through a LOT of firewood, our only source of heat the past three days. When we built the house about 36 years ago, we insisted that we get a real wood-burning fireplace that was efficient, with doors on the front and a blower built in, so that we could use it as a source of heat when needed. It’s gotten a workout, too. It’s really nice to be able to start the day without having to build a fire, though.

Soon my husband will decide to walk around outside, and then he’ll see that we’ll have to chain-saw our way to the bottom of the driveway and the street before we can go anywhere, even after all the snow is gone. We are both to the point where we’re a bit long in the tooth for heavy work, particularly when the weather is really cold or hot. My husband uses the chain saw and I’m the ‘tugger/hauler’ of the stuff he cuts, moving the pieces off to the side of the driveway. A little bit of work like this goes a LONG way.

The problem is that no one can get UP the driveway, either, so we can’t really hire anyone to come help us. I’m hoping that we can do it a little at a time. We have supplies enough to last quite awhile and that if it takes us a week to get it done, it won’t make a bit of difference. My husband is like the Energizer Bunny, though, not wanting to stop until he almost collapses. We may have to have a ‘discussion’ about how much we do at each session….

It would be nice if the power stays on today, and we can simply enjoy it for awhile.

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Big, sloppy, wet snowflakes are raining down on us now.

It just changed to snow about half an hour ago. Since it’s supposed to snow until 6am or so tomorrow, we may get an impressive amount for Arkansas.

I’m always frustrated trying to get pics of the snow. I can never catch the ‘feeling’ of the big sloppy flakes.

Our driveway should still be fine right now, but probably won’t be as evening approaches. The pest control spray man is due any minute now, but I would be super surprised if he comes. I’m expecting a call from his office asking to reschedule.

The local schools are closing early – right about now – and the buses should be able to get everyone home safely, and then home themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if school is remote tomorrow.

I’m going to see if I can find some creative snow creatures on the net. I love seeing what people come up with. I hope you’re enjoying your day!

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Good Morning 1-2-2023

Sent to me by my good friend, Marsha

Good morning! I’m feeling a bit disorganized this morning, as we went to the clinic for my blood test and to go to breakfast at The Dari afterwards, only to find the clinic closed. I had checked my computer which said it was open, but it was wrong. SO – we regrouped and went for supplies at Walmart and home again. We checked for mail when we got home, and then I realized AGAIN that there would be no mail service today. I’ve gathered trash and we’ll take it down later today BEFORE we’re due to have possible severe weather this afternoon and evening.

I’ve just eaten a pear for my breakfast and am enjoying a cup of coffee, feeling weird that I’m a couple of hours late at this and wondering where the morning went. I would like to get my session on the elliptical trainer done before we have lunch at noon.


It has been awhile since I wrote the above. We got our trash down to the bottom of the driveway, then ate lunch, and then I started to take a nap. The weather suddenly changed and the rain came roaring. We had a really loud bang and thunder, and the power flickered. It came back on, so I went back to sleep. My husband woke me up to ask me how long we had been on the generator. I looked at the clock and told him when the lightning and thunder clapped and that I thought the power had returned. Apparently, that isn’t the case. We’ve been on the generator ever since. The rain has stopped, but my computer is telling me that heavy rain is on the way. Looks like it will be a long afternoon and evening.

Stay safe.

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Mother Nature is Getting Senile 12-29-2022



I think Mother Nature may be joining me as a “senior” – maybe getting a bit confused. As you know, this past week almost the whole of the USA was treated to a front from Canada, putting us all in the deep-freeze, threatening to burst our water pipes, bringing havoc during the holidays, even causing tragedy. Now, while people are either STILL trying to get to their family to at least say, “Hi,” and or just simply get home, Mother Nature has decided to bring a touch of spring to Arkansas.

Yesterday was beautiful, with a high in the 60s. Today it’s supposed to be in the 70s! It’s really windy, though, so I’m not sure I want to work outside for very long. I was just dumping the cat box and felt like the wind was trying to lift me AND the box up in the air! Who knows what to expect next, but –

“Winter is coming….”


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Christmas “Pre-Eve” 12-23-2022

Grandin Road

It was -4 with a wind chill of -26 here when I woke up, according to thermometers and my computer. I’m sending a note of diplomatic protest to Mother Nature, as this is totally ‘uncivilized’ for Arkansas. Thankfully, no pipes burst overnight. Our garage door is frozen shut, however. I discovered that when I tried to let the dog out. I made sure it wasn’t still trying to open – burning out the motor – shut off the light and let the dog out the people door at the front of the house instead. We kept our cat in overnight, thinking that she would probably wake us up in the middle of the night meowing to get out. She didn’t! It is now a balmy 3 degrees F. with a wind chill of -14. It’s supposed to finally get above freezing Monday afternoon. I’m trying not to even think about our water bill, since we’re having to drip water in two sinks in order to try to keep our pipes from freezing. I hope that you are safe, dry, and well this bitterly cold morning on this ‘night-before’ the ‘night-before-Christmas.’

We’ll have a comfort food dinner of chicken, onions and mushrooms in cream of chicken and mushroom soup over rice tonight.

Have a snuggly day.

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And the Forecasters Were Right

Routinely Nomadic

“Snowflakes are one of nature‚Äôs most fragile things, but just look what they do when they stick together.” ~ Verna M. Kelly

It misted, then changed to rain, then changed to sleet, then changed to snow. And all is white now, but not much actual snow. The temperature is 11 degrees now with a wind chill of -9.

Since we are prepared to stay up on top of our ridge line until the world is more civilized, and my husband got a text that the part he ordered to try to fix our air compressor had been delivered, he jumped in the truck to go down to get it, and the mail at the bottom of the driveway. (Our driveway is 650+ feet and STEEP, so this is not a small decision.) Since I couldn’t change his mind, I insisted he at least take his phone so he could tell me he was stuck in a snow drift. He grumbled, but did it.

He got back up the hill with no problem. I had quickly swept the garage of leaves while he was gone. We have now left the garage door half way open, so the animals can go in and out, but a lot of the cold stays out. I also went ahead and started dripping water in my husband’s sink upstairs and our utility room sink downstairs. Hopefully, that will be enough so they won’t freeze.

All of that and UPS had NOT left a package for us…. At least we know we’re not stuck yet.

I would much rather see a beautiful PHOTO of the snow, rather than actually be IN it…

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1st Day of Winter 2022

This snowman is happy, but I’m not. Arkansas is a place of mild winters – one of the reasons we decided to settle here. I’ve even had lettuce still growing in December before! And yet, today, we’re having our Christmas Lunch Bunch to avoid the coming bad weather. Tomorrow the forecast is for rain/sleet/ice/snow and flying hairballs – with a wind chill. Friday morning is supposed to be -4 with a windchill of -25. This is NOT civilized for Arkansas!

Enough griping. I’m happy that we’re meeting with our friends in about an hour to laugh, hug, enjoy a good meal and exchange presents. I’ll head out again for a massage and gift exchange at 2. When I get home I’ll try to handle any details with getting ready for the coming weather and prepare to snuggle in until further notice. I have a reminder prominently displayed so we’ll remember to drip water from one faucet downstairs and another upstairs that have been problem areas in the past.

I feel lucky we have a warm, dry house. The heat and air techs just came a couple of days ago to check out our system and we’re good. We have a generator if we lose power. It runs everything except heat or air. We have a wood burning fireplace with a blower on it if we need it.

I wish you a happy 1st day of winter. Make it a really nice day.

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The Monday Before Christmas 12-19-2022


The coming weather has me a bit concerned, so I’m trying to arrange that we do everything needed before the rain/sleet/snow/flying hairballs event comes on Thursday. I’m trying to change Lunch Bunch from Friday to Wednesday – with our gift exchange. I’m hoping to hear today on that. If we’re a go, I’ll call and alert the restaurant, since they open early for us on Lunch Bunch days, and our much-loved waitress participates in our gift exchange.

If everyone agrees to do this, then we will go to Walmart and our local grocery afterwards to do a bit of stocking up, in case we’re stuck up on top of our ridge line for several days.

I have a massage at 2pm – with another gift exchange. If we haven’t managed to change Lunch Bunch, I’ll shop on the way home from my massage. Either way, we should be able to tuck ourselves in to being house-bound if the weather gets as bad as they say. It’s VERY unusual for us to get below 0 in Arkansas, but it is forecast we’ll be -4 on Friday morning with a wind chill of -25. We’re concentrating on making sure our faucets are all protected outside and that heaters are working in the well house, and that we leave cabinet doors open in one bathroom and under my husband’s sink upstairs.That’s all we can do, and we’ll just hope it’s enough.

We have some ceramic planters on the deck that I’m planning to cover with trash bags this afternoon. I’ll put something in the top of each so as much water as possible runs off and turn over saucers so they won’t catch water.

I love the LOOK of snow, but I don’t like to be out IN it much. I remember sledding down our driveway one winter with our son when he was about 7, I guess. He was sitting in front of me and my legs were straight on each side of him. About half way down the driveway, the snow started coming up the legs of my jeans. By the time we got to the bottom (we didn’t shoot straight out into the road and across into the field across from us, thank goodness), my jeans were so full of packed snow I looked like the Pillsbury Dough “woman.” Our son thought that was hilarious, laughed like a loon and wanted to do it again. That was the last time I sledded. His opinion was that snow angels were ‘lame,’ though kind of pretty. I left the snow fights to our son and my husband.

Be careful in the coming days. Stay safe, warm, and dry. Great snuggling weather.

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Possible Change in Plans

Paulo Amorim – Getty Images

Today it’s a balmy 38 degrees F. with a high of 51 this afternoon, so that isn’t bad. When I looked at the forecast for the rest of the week, though, I got more serious. The forecast is for snow Thursday and a HIGH of 16 Friday, so whatever we get – rain/sleet/ice/snow/flying hairballs – will stay for awhile. Since we live on top of a ridge line up a steep driveway, we try to plan ahead and modify our plans if it looks like we’re in for bad weather.

I’ve contacted the Lunch Bunch group to see if they are willing to have Lunch Bunch and our gift exchange on Wednesday, instead of Friday. That way we can all stay home safely watching the weather and not having to get out in it. So far, I have one “whatever everyone wants to do,” and I’m waiting to hear from the others.

I have my December massage Wednesday afternoon, so it MAY be Lunch Bunch, a trip to Walmart and the other local grocery for supplies, and then my massage. However, the Lunch Bunch plans go, I’ll plan to stock up for the bad weather.

Stay safe, warm, and dry.

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“Well, Blow Me Down!”

When we went for errands this morning, the wind was blowing strongly and pretty steadily. (We could even hear the wind blowing last night after we went up to bed and usually we don’t even hear STORMS.) It has continued to be gusty,winds blowing so strongly I felt I might blow away – and THAT’S a strong wind! – so I haven’t tried to work outside.

It looks like it MAY have calmed down, so I may get out there to cut our remaining rose bushes way down for the winter..

By the way, here’s OUR mailbox decoration of Popeye, one of our favorite cartoon characters. :0)

I hope you’re having a fun day.

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The elephant ears are still alive, but they probably won’t be by the end of next week, with freezes predicted every day now. :0( I wanted to share a last look before Mother Nature closes the book on this year’s plants.

We love wave petunias, and try to have them on the deck every year now.

We’ve had a good – though weird – year with our veggie square foot garden, tomatoes, and plants. It’s hard to have them here today and gone tomorrow.

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Wet Monday 10-24-2022


We’re due for a rainy couple of days now, with a cold front moving through. We gathered our trash this morning, as usual. My husband shocked me by asking if I thought we should put the trash can at the bottom of the driveway NOW, rather than waiting until this evening! I told him I thought that was a GREAT idea, and we did that. :0) We seem to have truly turned the corner on this former ‘weighty problem.”

NO trees down in the driveway today!

Lewis “welcome” robot

We had to yank our huge robot up onto the side of the driveway, since wind gusts yesterday apparently blew him off his stand at the same time the tree went down in the driveway. He weighs about 200 lbs, and it’s a real problem when he blows over down the slope, so a couple of years ago we ran a heavy chain from around one tree behind the robot – to the robot and around his neck – and then around a second tree in front of him so that he can’t fall completely down anymore. He LEANS against the chain when a heavy gust of wind hits him just right.

So now we’re ready for the rain, hoping we don’t have any more problems from the gusty winds. We shut the front door and the garage door in preparation for the storms which are supposed to start in a couple of hours, continuing all day tomorrow, as well. Good thing we live on a hill!

I hope you’re safe and dry today.

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Windy Surprise

The Dragon

This is very similar to what we found when we decided to go to Walmart to get a replacement cable for my husband’s computer. We were able to drive under it on one side to get down the driveway. Walmart online lied about having the cable and didn’t have the fritos we’ve been trying to buy for three weeks now, but we got gas and mailed a movie while we were there, and then stopped to get a milkshake on the way home.

The tree had fallen completely down when we came back, so we parked on the driveway. I was able to open the garage door and my husband went to our shop to get a chain saw with a long (100 feet+) extension cord. We spent the next hour cutting up the tree. My husband chain sawed and I hauled the branches and pieces of truck to one side or the other of the driveway and either threw the pieces or just dragged them out of the way as much as possible. Finally it was done and I took the chain saw back to the shop while my husband gathered and wound the cord up again. I drove the truck into the garage and we celebrated by finishing our now melted shakes. Delicious.

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Freeze Frustration

Integrated Children’s Therapy

You would THINK that, with as old as I am, and as many years as I have lived in Arkansas, that I would handle the sudden, one-time freeze event that happens every year with more grace.

It’s happening tonight. If it happens as predicted, the one-time event will kill everything still alive in our planters. THEN, instead of staying cold, it will warm up again for up to THREE MONTHS before freezing again.

I’ll show you ONE reason I get so hostile about this –

My elephant ears are happy and thriving, even though I do need to clean them up a bit. These will be devastated by a truly hard freeze.

I hope the weather forecasters are wrong…

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Speaking of the Beauty of our World


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The Weather Wins

I’ve just come in from weed whacking. I got almost the whole back yard finished, but the weather was really getting to me. I came in, drank a whole bottle of water and tried to rest and cool off in preparation for going back out, but pooped out.

My husband mowed while I was weed whacking. The back yard now looks like someone cares. The front looks like someone cares a little bit. :0)

I told my husband I probably wouldn’t be able to get back outside to work until Saturday if I didn’t finish today (massage tomorrow morning and Lunch Bunch Friday) but he insisted I stop, going out with me to wind up the 100 foot heavy duty cord we use while I got the weed whacker. I have to admit he didn’t have to twist my arm much to get me to stop.

We talked about it and agreed that we would rather have each other in as good health as possible than a great looking lawn and flower beds. We’ll do things a bit at a time as the weather gets more encouraging of our efforts.

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Sunny Saturday 8-27-2022

I think this photo is stunning. I almost expect the birds to move their heads! Incredible. Speaking of nature, we’ve seen deer on the way to town three days in a row. I’ve already told you about the doe and fawn we saw. Then, when I was on my way to my massage Thursday morning, there was a doe standing beside the road. She was by herself, or at least I didn’t see any other dear or fawns. I drove really slowly past her. She just looked at me. She was beautiful. Yesterday, on the way to Lunch Bunch, we saw a deer who gracefully jumped in a big arc over the road to the other side.


Today is DAY 43 of my daily yoga practice, trying to make it a HABIT. So far, I can say that my yoga practice takes priority over other activities each afternoon. I feel happy that I’m doing something good for myself.

Produce Market Guide

I only found one ripe tomato on one of the plants in the niche planter beside the house yesterday, and it wasn’t in good shape. I’ll look again to see if there are any green ones that might ripen, but it looks like I’ll need to schedule pulling out of the tomato plants for the year. I will also schedule harvesting the sweet red onions – the last thing in our raised-bed square foot garden – soon. I might have to wait until next week to get these two things done, but they’re on my list.


My books don’t look this bad, but I haven’t really been careful about storing new books – and I have a bunch – plus we haven’t been donating books as we usually do, since our local library suspended their book sale fundraisers for about a year now. They just started accepting donations again, so I’m getting serious about going through my books, starting in my bedroom and working my way down, going through everything, gathering books for donations, reorganizing the rest. This is a big project, but I’ll just do what I can each day until it’s done. I’m lucky to have the ‘problem’ of more books than I can handle right now, and I need to share the wealth. :0)


We slept later this morning than usual. The conditions were perfect for great rest, but I was shocked at the clock when I woke up enough to care what time it was. I leaped up, threw on clothes and went down to let Amber out. She was patiently waiting, and I feel guilty we made her wait so long. I did our normal morning stuff, and then cut up stuff for a chef salad with chicken tonight, plus a peach for our dessert.

Amber and I tried to be quiet in the office to give my husband a chance to sleep longer. I was working at the computer when Amber started huffing and puffing and running around the way she does when she’s excited. My husband came down the stairs then.

We’re having a nice, sunny Saturday here. I hope you are enjoying yours, as well.

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It’s 101 degrees F. here today. With the heat index, it feels like 106 at the moment. I just went outside to check why the garage pad alarm went off, and it was the cat, who finally decided it was uncivilized outside and wanted to come in. The heat hit me in the face the minute I opened the garage people door, not to mention when I got out in the sun.

We MAY get some rain overnight or tomorrow morning. MAY is the operational word. I would be very grateful if we did and the heat slacked off, even for part of a day.

We were up reading from 1:30 until around 3 this morning. Both of us were having trouble falling and staying asleep. We tried again about 3am and managed to get a few hours. I felt groggy, though, now, and am drinking some coffee, trying to feel alert.

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Thursday Thoughts 8-4-2022

Heartfelt – Artwork by Catherine Zarip

It’s quite overcast right now and we might get some rain. I couldn’t be happier about it.

The UCSB Current-UC Santa Barbara

In about an hour I’ll go down to get our mail (if it’s not raining), checking to see if the trash has been picked up. It’s supposed to be picked up on Tuesday. When I left yesterday to get my hair cut, I had to stop and use the trash bag I carry in the truck to pick up the strewn garbage. When I got to town, I called the trash people. The lady said she would create a work order so the trash would be picked up yesterday. I HOPE it was actually picked up. If not, I will call them again with some choice words.


I’m on DAY 20 of my daily yoga practice. My husband told me I was “doing a good job” yesterday. I tried to get him to practice with me, but he scoffed at me, eating some Fritos…


I still don’t know if the Christmas cards I’m trying to paint will turn out reasonably or not, but I look forward to working on them each day.

I’ve been finding a lot of talented people’s work lately. It’s such a joy to discover someone creating breathtaking art in all its forms and be able to share it with you.

Have a great Thursday!

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Wonderful Wednesday

PBS – Shutterstock

I say, “Wonderful Wednesday” because I’m leaving in less than an hour to get a haircut. I look like a dandelion gone to seed right now and saying that I can’t wait to be ‘healed’ is a vast understatement.

It’s going to be hot today (102 degrees F.) with unknown heat index – SURPRISE! – but we might get RAIN tomorrow, so I have hope.

I’m looking forward to playing in my art room this afternoon. The jury is still out on whether the cards I’m trying to paint will be ‘keepers’ or not, but I’m having a great time experimenting with different ideas and techniques. One of the reasons I start making presents and cards for Christmas so early is that what I’m ABLE to do doesn’t match what I would LIKE to do, and so several false starts are inevitably involved.

Our tomatoes are mostly gone now. I have a few that may ripen, so I check the plants every few days for treasure. I will soon pull up the sweet red onions from the garden to start them drying.

I’m on DAY 19 of my yoga. I’m determined to keep on keepin’ on until this practice becomes as ingrained as brushing my teeth in the morning. This practice, I think, is one of the keys to my health, my ability to do what I want without a lot of pain. I want to live a long time so I can continue to annoy my husband. (53 years and counting…)

I hope you have something fun planned for today, or if not – you have a pleasant, happy Wednesday.

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5 Minutes of Ahhhh!

We just had what MAY have been 5 minutes of a good rain. I TRIED to take some pics, but I couldn’t capture the ‘glorious-ness ‘ of it. By the time I had snapped 3 pics and walked to the front door, the rain had stopped.

Since I’m a greedy person, I want MORE. It’s so comfortable in the office right now. Amber is sitting beside me, moving every couple of seconds, wanting a cookie. The ceiling fan is moving the cooler air around nicely.

You can see that my husband has the ‘brown and crunchy’ lawn that is his favorite, but there are a few patches of green here and there. I don’t want him to have to mow, but I DO want more rain…

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Last Saturday of July 7-30-2022

Nicky Litchfield Animal

I love this painting!

We got rained out (hooray!) yesterday on grocery shopping. We’re supposed to get more today (HOORAY – AGAIN!) so we’ll leave soon to see if we can get our mail and replenish our food supply before the rain starts. We actually have the doors open this morning and the a/c turned off! This won’t last, but I’ll sure take it right now. :0)

We tried three places yesterday to buy Mega Millions tickets. One place didn’t sell them at all. The two places where I’ve bought them before have changed ownership recently. They have applied for their licenses, but don’t have them yet. I was disappointed, then learned this morning the winning ticket was sold in Illinois….

Free Arts

I had fun experimenting in my art room yesterday afternoon, but only made messes. I have another idea to try today…

I hope you’re enjoying the last Saturday of July.

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Rainy Friday!!!!!!!

It rained, with some lightning and thunder, last night. It’s raining right now, and is supposed to continue today. HOORAAAAAAY!

I don’t care if we drown during Lunch Bunch and our errands today. The rain is BEAUTIFUL! Everything in our yard is saying, “AHHHHHH. THANK YOU!!!!”

Today we’re planning to –

  • Get our mail
  • enjoy seeing our friends at Lunch Bunch
  • shop for groceries, and
  • stop to buy $10 worth of Mega Millions tickets

The overcast skies and light rain are truly great for my soul. I’m going to enjoy every minute!

I hope things are good where you are today, and that you enjoy your Friday – rainy or not.

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Thoughts on a Thursday 7-28-2022


Isn’t this sweet? My heart just melted when I found it.

I’m leaving for a massage in about 20 minutes and I’m READY for it. I have a bunch of sore and tight places all over me, just crying out for Lynn’s expertise. Between the massage this morning and my yoga practice this afternoon, my body should be smiling.

We actually have a chance for some isolated showers today into Monday! I’m ready for THAT, too. Everything is really stressed, even with our daily watering. If we DO get some rain, don’t be surprised if you hear a big, “AHHHHHHHH!” from Arkansas.

If things work out as I plan, I’ll start making some Christmas cards this afternoon. I have an idea for what I’d like to do, but I have no idea if it will actually come together or not. I love being able to experiment in my art room.

Have a wonderful day!

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Happy Saturday 7-23-2022

I hope your Saturday is off to a good start.

It’s supposed to get to 105 F. actual temperature here this afternoon, so we’re planning to stay inside for the most part.

I made spaghetti last night, using Rao’s for the sauce base. My husband won’t even consider eating ‘zoodles’ (zucchini spiralized), so I sneakily used Banza Spaghetti (made from chickpeas -shhhhh!) It’s better for us in several ways. My husband complimented the spaghetti, even asking if there was enough for leftovers. :0)

Today is

  • laundry day,
  • change the sheets day,
  • pay the bills day,
  • play in the art room day,
  • yoga practice day,
  • listen to music for awhile day,
  • read part of a book day,
  • maybe take a nap day,
  • vacuum the equivalent of another dog from the tiles and carpet day,
  • enjoy life day.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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