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Devon Rodriguez

I could watch these videos all day long.

Devon Rodriguez is a New York City artist. He offers drawing lessons, and custom portraits. He keeps his skills sharp – and just seems to have fun – sitting on the subway or a train and sketching random people who interest him. When the sketch is finished, he simply goes to the person, says, “Excuse me, Ma’am, I drew you,” handing the person the sketch. When people offer to pay him, he tells them it’s free. Their delight will warm your heart.

There are more of these on YouTube. His website is Devon Rodriguez Enjoy. Warning: you may become addicted to watching these. :0)

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Favorite Female Singer

Theoni Marks on The Voice

Theoni Marks and Lachie Gill

I listen to both of these over and over. They are both so talented and just fill my heart when they sing. I hope that both of them are very successful.

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Rerun of the BEST

I put this on the blog several years ago. I just ran across it again on Pinterest and had the same reaction I did the first time. I’m posting it again for those who missed it, or those, like me, who could sit and watch it for hours.

The URL for this is

“Hummingbird Pool Party Number Five.”


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Thoughts on a Friday 12-10-2021


This isn’t really a picture of the “Ladies of Lunch Bunch,” but it shows the spirit. We met as usual today, except one of us wasn’t there. Kay fell yesterday and was checked out at the hospital before coming home last night. She had called to tell me she wasn’t going to be there today.

I don’t know the details of what was found, but they did allow her to go home. This morning I called and she was in pretty bad shape. She was dizzy and nauseous. She has her husband and niece there with her, and she was waiting for her local doctor to call and tell her if he thought she should go back to the hospital. I don’t know any more details than that. She said she would keep me in the loop of what was happening.

It was good to catch up with Linda and Patty, but the worry was underlying everything. We won’t be able to settle down until we know how Kay is and what is being done to help her. She didn’t tell me anything was broken, so I’m assuming she was mainly shook up and probably sore from the fall. I want to know the why of the dizziness and nausea. She only weighs 98 lbs right now. As feisty a lady as you would ever want to know, so it’s doubly disturbing for this to happen to her.

So, all appendages are crossed for her recovery. We need our friend back.


We are having an amazingly warm day today with a cold front and rain forecast for this afternoon and evening. I gathered what is probably the last of our flowers to bring inside.

Red roses, Rio Samba roses, twice-blooming iris.

When we came home from Lunch Bunch, we found that Abby had decided that the buffet was a great spot to sleep. Amber, our 95-pound yellow lab, climbed up in my roll-around office chair with me this morning, almost causing us to both end up on the floor. She likes to make me laugh. Right before we went to Lunch Bunch, I sat on the sofa to talk to my husband, and Amber took that as an invitation to join me. She walked right up and sat beside me, crawling into my lap and licking me as if she were allowed on the furniture!

Final thought – I discovered a singer named Andreas Kummert. I think he’s from Germany. He has such a distinctive style and voice. I could listen to him for hours.

Enjoy your Friday.


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Way to Start a Wednesday

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“And I’m HAPPY…”

EF English Live

I got a call awhile ago from the installer who is bringing me a new dishwasher! This was rescheduled once, but apparently, unless he is captured and spirited away by a herd of elephants, the installation is happening this morning! YEA!!!!!

My old one has been acting persnickety for quite awhile now. I start it, it whooshes a bit of water and then the lights go off and it stops. I’ve had to restart it up to 4 times to get it to run. THEN, a new thing, it starts, runs for quite awhile, and THEN stops, with water in the bottom of the dishwasher and has to be started again. For someone who is so spoiled, it’s been pretty aggravating, so I not sure what I’ll do if I can just start it and have it RUN with no further thought… :0)

I cleaned out the cabinet beside the dishwasher so they can have free access to the water controls. We moved the truck out of the garage and swept. We took down Amber’s dog gate between her area in the utility room and the dining area, so they can get from the garage to the house. I moved bar stools and a dining area chair so they’ll have a free path from the doorway to the kitchen.

The installer just called. I thought he was going to tell me he wasn’t coming. He said they had trouble finding our dishwasher at the store, but that they finally found it and are putting it in his truck. He will get gas and be on his way here. HOORAY!!!!!

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Wonderful Seals with Doctor

Wonderful Seals with Doctor

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Delightful Video!

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