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Birthday Celebration Redux

Happy Birthday – Pinterest


LAST Friday my husband took me to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. We had a glorious NON-low-carb, decadent dinner PLUS I had a big delicious piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I received birthday cards and lots of well wishes from my friends. I even bought several necklaces to enjoy. It was a very happy celebration.

TODAY my good, long-time friends, Kay and Linda of Lunch Bunch, celebrated my birthday. I received some really pretty birthday cards, nice presents, and they bought lunch for my husband and me!

This afternoon I get a massage. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

After I made sure I didn’t have to add ANOTHER year to my already-impressive age, I totally relaxed and enjoyed feeling special.

I’ve had quite a bit of love, attention, and nice gifts in the past several days. I could get USED to a celebration every Friday….



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Birthday Festival Continues

I only had one birthday recently, but the celebrating continues!  Each year I give myself a birthday present – something I love that I don’t need.  This year I found a new website called, VIPME.COM. I splurged and ordered FOUR necklaces!


I love statement necklaces. I particularly love costume jewelry because I don’t have to worry about someone mugging me to get my ‘jewels,’ or agonizing if the jewelry doesn’t last forever. I would rather have a lot of different pieces to wear than one more expensive piece. I love all four of these.






The very best part was that I paid $20 for ALL of these together!  Happy Birthday to me….. :0)

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Riches and Roadrunners

Friends at Lunch - Pinterest

Friends at Lunch – Pinterest

I’m feeling rich today. It started with Lunch Bunch – a group of friends that my husband and I enjoy every Friday at the Pizza Barn in Greenwood, Arkansas. I don’t know how many years we’ve been doing this. The group started with just three of us – three ladies having lunch. The group has gotten larger, and then smaller over the years, but my husband became an official “Lunch Bunch Member “several years ago. It’s a great time to catch up on what has been going on. We give comfort when needed, and share laughs a lot.

We did our errands and came home. I noticed this as we drove into the garage –


Purple Iris

Purple Iris

We have beautiful iris, some of which bloom twice each year, but I don’t remember any blooming in February before….




This bunch of daffodils was blooming in the back yard, close to the place where our land stops being a yard and begins being woods.



While I was taking pictures, a roadrunner came into sight. (I couldn’t act fast enough to capture a picture, but the one above gives you an idea.)  He would run a few steps, then stop, His tail would come up and his head would come up. He would hold the pose a few seconds and then put his head and tail down and run a few more steps. He did this wonderful dance all the way across my line of vision as I held my breath.



The spinach seeds are sprouting! These are the seeds that I soaked in water for 30 minutes before planting. I don’t know if the sprouts will continue to grow, or if I’ll have something to plant, but I’m excited that I finally got some sprouts!

And finally – I’m feeling rich because I’m going for a massage today.


My wonderful massage therapist fell and broke her arm badly last year. She has had to have three surgeries since then. She faces a fourth surgery in the near future to hopefully get things finally back to normal with no pain. She is now giving one massage a day and I lucked into an appointment for this afternoon.  My body is already sighing in anticipation!!!

What a rich lady I am!

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Wonderful Change in Plans

Yesterday I finished cleaning up and reorganizing my art room in preparation to start working on a new theme I wanted to do for custom Christmas cards and wooden Christmas ornaments.

When I was taking a victory lap I received two orders! One was for a one-of-a-kind plaque I made for St. Pat’s Day. I have that packed up and ready to mail. The other order I received within 10 minutes of the first, was for a package of floral note cards



and a package of deckled edge floral stationery!



As I showed my husband the results of three days of trying to get more organized in my art room, I joyfully moved aside what I needed for my personal project and prepared to dive in what I love to do the most – create something I hope will bring someone a smile.


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Painting and Drawing Fun

I had a fun afternoon painting.

I did some hand-painted note cards for 8 of my friends. (Those are drying overnight.). Then I went out to the shop to work on the Taylor’s shovel bird again. (I can’t remember WHAT, but something fell on him and broke his head off. We put him – and his head – in the car after we took the Taylors home from bowling Monday night.

Yesterday my husband was able to weld his head back on. Today I touched up the paint and replaced one eye that had fallen off in transport. (It’s drying overnight.) We’ll hope to return him to his new home NEXT Monday evening.

I got a huge surprise in the mail today. My husband took one look at the box and began to grin.

I opened the box to find a HUGE, glorious drawing set!



The set comes in a nice box.




I’m beyond thrilled. There are regular colored pencils, pastel pencils, watercolor pencils, then pastel chalks, charcoal, erasers, a sharpener, and more. When things finally tame down around here, I’m really looking forward to trying things out!  YIPPEEEEEE!



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Kids Participate in Difficult Christmas Experiment


The experiment took place at a Boys and Girls Club in metro Atlanta, where 83% of the kids come from low-income families. One by one kids are brought into a room to answer several questions. At first, they are asked what they want for Christmas. The video shows different clips of the children revealing their most desired gift – from a dollhouse, to an Xbox 360. Then, the interviewer asks what their moms (or families) would like for Christmas. Each of the kids name a gift that they know that their person would love.

Here comes the hard part of the scenario. The kids are presented with their dream gift, and told that it is theirs to keep. Everyone is thrilled…but then they are also given their family’s gift as well. They are told that they must pick between the presents. Although it seems as if it would be a tough choice, every single one of the kids chooses to act selflessly – and picks the family gift. All of them provide answers for why they made their decision, which are so heartfelt, they will bring you to tears. Wow, what amazing kids!

If the link above doesn’t work, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser –



Thank you to via Lenore Garnhum, Facebook

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Getting More than You Give


A month or so ago, the wonderful man who cuts our hair asked us if we could create a Christmas tree out of horseshoes for him. He showed us a picture and bought the horseshoes. We started making the tree, but were running short of horseshoes. It turned out that we made one more row than the picture he referred us to. DUH. When we explained the problem, he laughed and got another package of horseshoes. We took the tree to him and he was happy with our efforts.

I got my hair cut last week. He ushered me into the shop, then said he needed to get something from his truck. In he came with the horseshoe Christmas tree, all decked out with ornaments he has received from clients over the years!



There is a place for something on the top. Since he hasn’t put anything there yet, I’m thinking maybe we can find something for OUR addition to the tree.

I suggested that he might consider using the tree year round, changing the ornaments to match each holiday. He loved the idea. This is truly a case of getting much more than we gave to a wonderful, treasured friend.


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Hopelessly Spoiled


This showed up this morning!  We weren’t up yet when it was delivered, but whoever it was pushed the package through the cat door in the garage, making lots of noise with our driveway detector.  As you can see, the company personalizes the art box. :0)



I was dazzled by the wonderful array of art media when I opened the suitcase type box! Here there are watercolors on the left with nice places to put water under each group of watercolors. There is a beautiful group of oil pastels. I’ve used ‘regular’ pastels, but never oil, so my mouth is watering. You can also see there are two brushes.



On the other side is a nice group of colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and two nice erasers. There is also a group of colored pens.

My husband said he found this offer on Brad’s Deals, a favorite free-subscription-to-nice-deals-on-all-kinds-of-things place.

I’m really looking forward to using this. I can take it anywhere, bringing a bottle of water and some paper, and be all set up for some serious playing!

What a happy gift!



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“The Proof is in the Pudding”




The original quote was, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” And what it meant was that you had to try out food to know whether it was good.

I told you about getting work done on our driveway yesterday, and hoping it would help our UPS driver get traction trying to come up our steep driveway to bring us deliveries, even though we could only afford to do about 1/6th of the driveway.



This morning the FEDEX guy came up. My husband came in, telling me that he was raving about how much easier it was to get up the driveway – and this was while having to drive around the saw horse we left down there until a few minutes ago, protecting the part where they did extra tar and extra chips.

My husband just drove down to get our mail and said he couldn’t tell where the FEDEX guy drove up – a BEAUTIFUL difference! We’ll wait to see what the UPS man says the next time he brings us a package, but it looks like the driveway people did a good job for us.



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Priceless Gift


Recently we drove to Thibodaux, Louisiana to visit with our dear cousins/great friends, Murray and John. We write, we call, but seeing them face to face and being able to share hugs is the best. They couldn’t make us feel more welcome.  We just wish we could see them more often.

The latest trip I was so touched that Murray insisted I choose something I liked from her wonderful collection of glassware. I chose this wonderful purple pitcher because I LOVE pitchers of all shapes and sizes. Murray said there were glasses that went with it; but, although we looked and looked, we were unable to find them.

Murray was setting up for a meeting of one of her clubs, getting out fall things, and found the glasses! They arrived in the mail today along with a nice letter from John.

This set belonged to one of my husband’s aunts, Kathryn Dennis.

I love the set because –

  • I love pitchers, with our without coordinating glasses
  • I love purple
  • I love things with texture
  • the set belonged to my husband’s Aunt Kathyrn
  • the set most recently belonged to my wonderful cousin/friend Murray










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Beautiful Words!

“Negative”     “Normal”    “Unremarkable”   

At first glance, these words sound like words Debbie Downer would utter, don’t they? Nothing could be further from the truth!


We all realize that we’re mortal and we won’t last forever, but it’s not a part of our everyday lives. At least, it isn’t until you get older and your body tells you you’re not as young as you used to be. Even if you try to take care of yourself, get the lard off, move more, etc., your body ages and things start acting funny or going on strike.

When we got up this morning, we had a message on the answering machine.  The message was from the doctor, himself, wanting us to call him back. We did immediately, but he was in with a patient and we had to leave a message.




He called again about 30 minutes later. My husband talked to the doctor, but I was listening, too. My heart was in my throat as I listened to him speak. Finally, he said the magic word, “Negative.” I almost cried with relief.  We will see him again, as scheduled in one month, or before, if things get worse again. I’m still feeling myself relax a bit more as I absorb the good news.

Test results can change your life in an instant. I never used to even think about my few tests. My husband and I have had more and more tests for things as we’ve gotten older, and I unconsciously hold my breath until I hear the results.

Today is a wonderful day. “Negative” is such a lovely word!  I’ve learned that I truly appreciate the words, “Normal” and “Unremarkable,” as well.

I hope that YOU hear these one of these three words each time you have a test!



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6 Hummingbird Morning!

We’re having a slow start to our day since I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

We went in the dining area to take our pills a few minutes ago to find SIX hummingbirds dancing around the feeder! We didn’t catch a picture, but the one above gives you an idea of the delightful sight.

This season was a slow starter for the sweet hummingbirds. I don’t think they liked our cooler, MUCH wetter spring this year. We usually have three or four feeders hung up around the deck, but have only one this year. We’ve had up to 4 hummingbirds at a time for several weeks now, but haven’t seen this many. :0)

We sat at the table, motionless, trying to agree on how many we were seeing.

Something to raise your spirits for sure!!!


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The Greenhouse Project


To my delight – and – I have to admit – ENVY – our friends, the Taylors are building a two-story greenhouse on the back of their house!  They are doing the building themselves, making all the supports, doing all the backbreaking and exacting work as they can manage the time and materials.

Here you can see the beautiful supports for the greenhouse and how the whole thing will mesh with the rest of the house.



Here’s another view of the supports.



Polycarbonate sheets go up over the supports. Here they have installed three of the 5 runs of sheeting.



Here all the polycarbonate sheets are up!

I have no clue what comes next. I’m so excited for my friend. She’ll have a blast working here, growing all kinds of exciting things!


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4 Hummingbird Morning

This wonderful photo shows 6 hummingbirds, but it gives you a good idea of how rich our morning was.

We were treated to an especially nice show as we ate breakfast this morning.

For the first time this season, we had four hummers at one time dive-bombing each other to get to the feeder. The fact that the feeder has plenty of spots for many more than 4 at a time is immaterial. They want to have the feeder all to themselves, one at a time. They put on quite a show, making us laugh with delight.

While the hummers were doing combat, we also had a beautiful male cardinal flying in an out. He appreciated the seeds on the shovel bird and flew back and forth from the seeds to his place in the group of three evergreen trees to one side of the civilized part of our back yard.

A squirrel was eating his fill from the small amount of seeds left in the main feeder.  He apparently was entered in the ‘most athletic squirrel’ tournament in the Olympics, hanging down from his toes to below the feeder with both of his hands grabbing seeds and stuffing them into his mouth.  My husband was hoping the cardinal would challenge the squirrel, but the squirrel left on his own, apparently satiated.

We think the show was a celebration of the slightly cooler temperatures and little bit of rain we’re enjoying this week, with humans, animals and birds all in agreement.


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Delightful Surprise!

Last week I called for a fill up on our propane tanks. We have a 1000 gallon tank for the house and then a 250 gallon tank for the shop. We gritted our teeth as usual (even though they were supposedly having a sale, according to their email) about paying the bill.

The man came today (coming up our steep driveway backwards (I can’t BELIEVE they do that!) and my husband went out to make sure he filled up both tanks. We figured we needed about 250 gallons to top off both tanks.

When my husband came in with the fill up tickets, I was astonished. Instead of the $2.19/gallon or more that we were expecting, it was $1.09/gallon for the house tank and $1.19/gallon for the shop tank (different plans, different prices – but BOTH a dollar less per gallon than we expected!)

My husband decided I was too stupid to read the tickets. I handed them to him and then he had to eat his words. (I made him grovel a bit for insulting me.) Then he decided it must be a mistake, so he called the propane office. The lady confirmed the prices were correct. He managed to tell her we were ‘pleased’ before hanging up.

We’re still smiling. This just doesn’t happen anymore!!!!


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