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Toothful Thursday

I have on my calendar that my husband and I are due for teeth cleaning this morning. The dental office hadn’t called me as they usually do. It takes us 45 minutes one way to get to Ft. Smith and the dental office, so I called to make sure I had the date correct.

She checked her computer and said, “Yes, we called and you confirmed via text.” This was interesting. My husband doesn’t text. He won’t even answer his phone unless he thinks it’s me for some reason. I DO text, but I didn’t receive anything from them. She is going to look into it a bit more to see if she can find out anything. It’s a mystery. But we ARE expected.

I always get nervous about going to the dentist. I’m like a little kid. My mom died of oral cancer, so the kind hygienist checks for that first for me, rather than last, as is her usual routine. That always helps calm me down.

I’ve had one cavity in my life and that was last year. I also had to have a wisdom tooth that broke off pulled. Other than braces when I was a teenager (and the work didn’t hold – my teeth went back to being crooked even though I wore a retainer for a year or so after the work was done). That’s the total history of my teeth. I have no real reason for the fear, but logic doesn’t help.

All Pro Dental

Fingers crossed that I don’t have another cavity or any sign of oral cancer. I will feel much better when this cleaning is behind me and I don’t have to worry about it for another 6 months.

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