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You’re Never Alone

Susan Wiggs via

I ordered the newest “In Death” series book by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) to come out in paperback a few months back. It is supposed to arrive sometime this month.

I am in the process of living in Eve Dallas’ world again, re-reading the 49 books that precede the newest one for me. I am on # 36.

The world that J.D. (Nora) has created is gritty. It’s New York City way into the future. The characters are real, vivid, and extremely appealing to me. I feel as if I am ‘home,’ among friends while I’m immersed in her world.

What a joy it is to read for pleasure, finding truly wonderful authors who create worlds that allow you to escape – among friends.

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It’s Today!

Pooh and Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne, via

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Potato Chips

I am re-reading book # 28 in the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts), “Promises in Death.” This is book 28 of the 51 in the series now. Book 50 comes out in paperback in July. I have ordered it, and am re-reading all the ones that come before before I allow myself to enjoy the newest one, “Golden in Death.” #51 comes out in paperback at the end of December. “Shadows in Death.”

This quote is certainly true for me.  I can’t read just one.

When the world around you is not only challenging, but also scary. the ability to dive into books with characters you love, escaping from all else, is priceless.


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Thoughts on a Saturday – June 20, 2020

Citizens State Bank

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.” — James Dent

The sun was out earlier here, but now it’s overcast. We have an 80% chance of storms today – the first day of summer. All people and animals are good today, and we’re hoping for a quiet weekend.

I pre-ordered the latest paperback “In Death” series book by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) awhile back. It comes out in July.  To celebrate this, I’m enjoying my dive into the world of Eve Dallas, Lieutenant in the NYPSD in the year 2058+.  I’m picking up details I missed the first time, as well as just enjoying inhabiting her world – so different from mine. I’m re-reading book # 23 right now (out of 50) and will be ready to add the newest book to my collection when it arrives. (I’ve also pre-ordered the paperback of #51 which will be out at the end of December.)















We are due for a rainy weekend. I’ve been working hard in the yard, trying to keep the weeds at bay. I see evidence that the ‘wild’ would simply take back the land we have enjoyed for over 30 years now if I lost my determination to win the war. The civilized part of our yard looks pretty good now. My next focus will be on weeding my veggie garden and my flower planters around the yard. I’ll enjoy it if I get a bit of a break from the work this weekend.

I heated up the leftover spaghetti with meat sauce I made this week for dinner last night. I used the spaghetti made from chickpeas (brand name Banza) that has half the carbs of regular pasta. It’s still a splurge, but I sure enjoyed it. I made garlic toast for my husband with hot dog buns, and used the keto bread I made for mine.)  My husband said, “This was delicious. Thank you!” :0)  We will have leftover pork chops tonight with a side salad.

Animal Wellness Magazine

I will continue the longer, slower sessions of gentle yoga I started yesterday. I’m concentrating on relaxing – harder to do these days – and S_T_R_E_T_C_H_I_N _G everything I have slowly and thoroughly. I’m feeling better because of it.

I hope your first day of summer is a nice one, too. ENJOY.






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Old Friends

Reading Books via Stephanie Youmans Wilson

I have just pre-ordered the paperback versions of #50 and #51 of Nora Roberts’ “In Death” series. (#50 will be out in July and #51 at the end of December.)

The day before yesterday I settled down with #1 in the series, “Naked in Death” and thoroughly enjoyed the re-read. It was like seeing old friends after a long absence, even though “I” have changed a LOT since I first discovered the series. The characters remain fascinating to me, and the interaction and dialogue just as intriguing as the first time.

I have the ‘luxury’ in my ongoing maturity of forgetting many of the details of a book, so I can read them again with as much enjoyment, or more, than the first time, absorbing more details.

Roberts creates characters that are real. They all have their flaws and quirks and I find them endearing. I admire the main character, Eve Dallas, because she overcomes inner fears and doubts to do what she feels is right. She has quite high standards and won’t give an inch to achieve her goals. Quite a woman. My heart breaks for her, reading of her early life, and I find her endearing and believable.

I feel lucky to have found Nora Roberts as an author. She has given me countless hours of pleasure and a richness I wouldn’t have had, otherwise. I’ll enjoy living in Eve Dallas’ world through the first 49 books, and then welcome #50 in July.

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Joy of a Good Book

Goodwill Librarian via Cathy Ruggiero

I am finally enjoying the most recent book to come out in paperback from the J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) In Death series. It’s called. “Vendetta in Death”.

It’s like sliding into a really comfortable pair of shoes. I love being surrounded by all the characters, continuing Eve Dallas’ stressful, amazing life as a homicide lieutenant. The main problem is that I would like to just stay there, under my throw in my recliner, coffee beside me, reading.

I tend to forget that animals and people should probably eat, laundry get done, vacuuming, etc……..





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Thoughts on a Saturday 10-26-2019

Cheap Trip

Our weather is 53 degrees F. and raining, so it’s a great day to stay inside, feeling grateful for a warm, dry home. I put together a keto crock pot chili recipe (thanks to Suzanne Ryan, Simply Keto)  so we can look forward to a nice comfort meal this evening.

I’m finishing the last plaque in the 5 plaque series using my new Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze kit sent to me by my wonderful sister-in-law and FRIEND, MaryLou. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. I’m going to also try it on some glass Christmas ornaments I have, plus some flat wooden ornaments next. :0)


Since my body told me quite clearly Tuesday morning that it really NOTICED that I hadn’t exercised Monday, I’m actually finding it easier to work in my elliptical session and my yoga session daily. I don’t HAVE to do them at some particular time ( a SURE recipe for failure, since things always come up -giving me an excuse to skip it).  I do rest in-between the two sessions, but that’s the only limitation.

I’m doing 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer

Penn Fitness Warehouse


and 35-45 minutes on my yoga stretching

Why Kol


I’m enjoying book #38 “Concealed in Death” (of the 50 in the series so far) of J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) “In Death Series.” I make myself wait until the books come out in paperback and then read the whole series again before I give myself permission to read the newest one I’ve bought for my collection. Even though the main character, Eve Dallas, is a homicide cop, I find her, and all the people in her world, fascinating.  I feel extremely lucky to have found several favorite authors who allow me to dive into the worlds they create and live there awhile each day. :0)


I’m enjoying bouncing from exercise – to cooking – to playing in my art room – to reading – to taking dogs out – and back again today. I hope your Saturday is a satisfying one, too.


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Super Powers

For Reading Addicts via Cathy Ruggiero

I feel lucky because I’m in the middle of re-reading the Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb) “In Death” series and can escape whenever I can make the time and come out calm and refreshed. I love her writing. She creates incredibly deep characters you feel as if you actually know. You care about them, laughing and crying with them. I can’t think of a greater compliment to a writer for the readers to want to live in the world they have created and always want more.

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Reading Wealth


I’m finishing up re-reading a favorite book of mine by Nora Roberts called, Three Fates. Even though I’ve read it once, quite awhile ago, I still have trouble putting it down and getting anything else done.  :0)

Her latest book in the “In Death” series is coming out in paperback at the end of this month. I’ve pre-ordered it. It’s called, Connections in Death.  I really love this series. The main character, Eve Dallas, is a police detective. She’s gutsy and strong, even though she has her quirks. The characters that make up her world are fascinating. I love living in her world for awhile.

As soon as I finish my current book, I’ll re-read the whole 47-book series in preparation for adding the 48th. I’m not sure I can read 47 books before I receive the next one, but the situation makes me feel rich in wonderful books just waiting for me!

I feel the same way when I’m re-reading the books of Robert B. Parker, or Lee Child, or many other incredibly talented authors.  How lucky I am!


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Watch Out!

Thinking People via Melissa Eastman

I’ve been splurging – re-reading my collection of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. There are 25 books in the series so far, 24 in paperback. I’m on #23, smiling all the way through it.

I love this series because the characters are seriously flawed and – if not lovable – are likable, and very amusing.  On re-reading, I sometimes laugh out loud, but not as often as I did the first time. The writing is so good, though, I snort, or at least smirk, through much of them. The wacky characters get into totally bizarre situations.  Sharing the situations with them, and seeing how they get through them, and the consequences, is a joy. I don’t really want to BE in their world, but I love sharing it from a bit of a distance.

Janet has # 25 in hard back now, and, of course, it’s a best seller. I’m not sure when the paperback will be available, but I’m looking forward to being able to add it to my collection.

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Escape Into a Good Book via Ar Ali – LinkedIn

An author I really like is W. Bruce Cameron. I’ve read A Dog’s Purpose and now I’m about half way finished reading “A Dog’s Way Home.”

He writes from the dog’s perspective – seeing and experiencing everything from a dog’s point of view. He really makes you look at your dog differently, realizing that much of what you do is confusing and just noise to your sweet pet, with the exception of favorite words and cherished activities together.

I find his books totally entertaining and heartwarming, occasionally making me close to tears, but always glad I took the time to dive into Cameron’s outstanding understanding of dogdom.

If you haven’t read his books, you’re in for a treat!

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In My Own Little World

unknown – email Bill Lites

I decided to dive in and re-read my collection of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels. I reading # 5 now, “High Five.”

Janet has built a whole world that is funny and fun with a quirky main character, Stephanie Plum, who becomes a Bond Inforcement Agent (Bounty Hunter) by blackmailing her weird relative who owns a bond agency.

The cast of characters really grows on you. I feel as if I know them. I love living in their world for awhile, smirking and snorting over what goes on. I love Janet’s down-to-earth REAL attitudes and reactions, the flaws and foibles of all Stephanie’s friends and family.

There are 25 books in the series to date. When I get to the end of the ones in my collection (20+) I’ll order the rest of them.

I love being able to do what I need to during the day and then dive in and lose myself in my current Stephanie Plum book….

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A Wonderful Gift

Garrison Keillor – Generate Status

Reading a good book is like breathing for me. I have a collection of books I have loved over the years, and re-read them from time to time.

Right now I’m re-reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  There are 25 in the series, all built around a really nuts, lovable main female character from New Jersey who decides out of desperation to become a bounty hunter. She’s gutsy, but knows absolutely nothing about becoming one. She’s small and soft-hearted, a bad combination for bringing in people who were bonded out of jail, but failed to show up for their court date. Her inventiveness, sense of humor, and persistence carry the day. Over the course of the series, she develops a circle of wonderful, quirky friends and associates to add to her funny family members. I have fallen in love with all of them and sit, grinning/smirking/snorting as I re-read each of the books. I’m on #2 now, “Two for the Dough.”



I have 21 of the 25, I think, but I’ll find out which I’m missing and get them, too, when I’ve re-read all those in my collection.

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Wonderful Book Series

My husband read this book and then loaned it to me via our Kindles.  I feel as if I’ve dived into a treasure trove.

Detective Ericka Foster is a strong character. My husband decided that he doesn’t want to read any more of the series because she is flawed, not acting as he thought was smart in a couple of situations. To my mind, I like her better for it. People don’t always react as they MIGHT, or how WE think they OUGHT to. They’re fallible – many times resulting in bad consequences.   It’s human nature.

I really enjoyed The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza.  Happily, I discovered that there are 6 books in the series –

  • The Girl in the Ice
  • The Night Stalker
  • Dark Water
  • Last Breath
  • Cold Blood
  • Deadly Secrets

I downloaded The Night Stalker  and will start it after I finish re-reading a 4-book series I’ve read before by Nora Roberts.

Reading is one of the most wonderful things humans can do. I LOVE being able to learn new things, escape from concerns for a while, be dazzled by how creative people are, and more – simply by getting on the Internet, turning on my Kindle, or opening a well-loved book from my collection.


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Reading is LUXURY

Elizabet Scott via

I finished re-reading the 46 books from the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts. I have to wait until December for the paperback of “Leverage in Death” to come out, so I downloaded “Year One” of a new series by Nora Roberts and wanted more when I finished it. Now I’m re-reading (for the umpteenth time) a trilogy by Nora called, “The Inn Boonesboro Trilogy.”

I love finding new authors, but I have to say that diving again into a series you love feels like getting into your most comfortable, snuggly clothes and reclining under a warm throw.  Enjoying truly memorable characters, laughing again at the bright humor, opening your heart again – regardless of what is happening in your ‘real’ life – is one of life’s luxuries.

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I finished  “Dark in Death,” Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb’s #46 in the series a couple of days ago. It was wonderful to totally immerse myself in the unusual world and vivid characters, re-reading ALL 46  of them in preparation for the “Leverage in Death” paperback due out in December that I preordered.

I feel lucky to be surrounded by many wonderful books, some of which are teaching me things, such as how to grow things in my greenhouse; others which allow me to enjoy favorite worlds and forget any problems I might have; still others which stimulate creative juices with pictures and descriptions of art techniques I’d like to try, plus recipe books supplying delicious meals I can try to replicate while trying to eat healthy.

They are, indeed, magic.


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Yet Another Good Book

Paul Sweeny via via Readers Digest

I just finished “A Mother’s Love” by Nora Roberts. It’s actually a reprint of one of the few books by Nora I’ve missed – “Dual Image,” and “The Best Mistake.”

I really like Nora Robert’s characters. They’re real. Many times they’re really clever, funny, smart. I WANT them to be real because I enjoy their world so much. I would love it if we could be friends. I don’t think there is a higher compliment to a writer that you keep all of their work in your personal library so that they can be enjoyed again and again.

Even though I’m sad to have left the worlds of Ariel and Zoe, I’ve already dived into “Come Sundown,” filled with more gutsy, interesting people I am enjoying meeting so much.

I can’t say enough about Nora’s work. Her creations have given me many hours of pleasure.

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Rich in All but Money

I notice – a LOT lately – that I’m rich.

I’m rich in marriage, child, retirement, friends, fun things to do, and more. I’m rich in everything but money. (I’m working on winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, the Mega Millions, Power Ball, and such, but that would be icing on the cake. :0)

Last night I finished Book # 4 in the Jack Reacher series.”Running Blind” by Lee Child. I have the next one, “Echo Burning” on top of my desk, but I’ve decided to detour into another of my favorite series.



If you haven’t read “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series by Ann Brashares, you’ve missed a wonderful world of true friendship, love, and laughs and tears. The official summary of the books says, “Some friends just fit together.  Once there was a pair of pants. Just an ordinary pair of jeans. But these pants, the Traveling Pants, went on to do great things. This is the story of the four friends—Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen—who made it possible.”

I’ve read what I thought was the whole series, four books: “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “The Second Summer of the Sisterhood,” “Girls in Pants – The Third Summer of the Sisterhood,” and “Forever in Blue – The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood.” Today – to my delight while getting a URL and other information for you, I found there is a 5th book in the series – “Sisterhood Everlasting,” which I just ordered. :0)

I also have the DVD set to go with them, so I can re-read them, watch the DVDs (while my husband is doing something else. Just Imagine! He doesn’t really get into this series :0) ) and THEN read the new addition!

I can share their world by book and DVD, shedding years as I identify with young women in the late teenage years with their whole lives ahead of them, enjoying their wonderful friendship and experiences.

Do you see why I’m rich?


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Jack Reacher Books

My husband discovered the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. He loved the books and suggested I try them. We’ve both read all of them and kept the books in our library. Recently, I started re-reading them. I just finished re-reading “Die Trying.”


Reader’s Digest

This is just how I’m feeling right now. I wanted to keep reading about the two main characters. I love meeting characters I admire. Both of the main characters here were highly trained and able to handle themselves in tough situations. They found themselves in a situation where they were unable to get the upper hand and I admired them even more for how they handled it. They lived by strong ideals, something you don’t find very often anymore.

I have book 3, “Tripwire” on the table beside my chair in the living room. I’m waiting to start it, though, still savoring the rich plot, great characters, and gifted writing from the last one a bit more before I dive into another adventure.


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Portable Magic



Today I’m diving into a glorious re-reading of our collection of “Jack Reacher books” by Lee Child.

Jack Reacher is a larger-than-life strong character. He’s tall, lean, and strong, both physically and mentally. Straight forward, doesn’t say a lot. Very smart. As you get to know him, you want to know more. You admire him more and more with each book.

If you haven’t discovered Lee Child, you’re really in for a treat.

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Ends and Beginnings


I’ve just finished re-reading all the books by Robert B. Parker – there are 40+ books in the Spenser series, plus the Sunny Randall series, the Jesse Stone series, a couple of books for youth, and then the “western” series of 3 books. I’ve had a wonderful time immersing myself in his world for the past few weeks and now – I have to admit – I’m feeling a bit bereft. I love his world, no matter the series or characters.

I’m reading an interesting book now called, “The Residence – Inside the Private World of the White House “- covering the Kennedys through the Obamas through the memories of the huge staff that not only works there, but feel an intense loyalty to whomever is living there, as well as the house itself, and all it stands for. The book is by Kate Andersen Brower.

The next thing I’m going to dive into is a re-reading of all of the Lee Child books in the “Jack Reacher ” series. He has created a fascinating, smart character confronting complex issues.


My husband and I laughed when the first movie made from the series starred Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6’4″ and lanky, kind of scruffy looking. And then there’s Tom Cruise. I have to admit that once we got over the appearance of the character we had in our heads, Tom Cruise did a good job of playing him in the movie.

I’m looking forward to re-reading the Lee Child books. It has been several years, and he has one that we just bought in paperback to add to the list!

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Will Work…

books rock my world

I’m having a really good time reading lately. I’m in the middle of enjoying two authors that were new to me, plus re-reading books of a long-time favorite:

  • I just finished book 2 in a trilogy by Christopher Nutall called, The Zero Enigma Trilogy. Now my husband and I have to wait for Book 3 to come out.
  • I just downloaded book 3 of the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt. It’s called Bury the Lead.
  • In-between, I’m re-reading all the books by Robert J. Parker, starting with the Spenser books.

I feel rich, being able to enjoy the work of three great authors at the same time!

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Author Recommendation #2 of 2 Today

The second new author recommendation came from my husband, who is a Science Fiction connoisseur. He didn’t like this author’s science fiction books, because he says his books are “weak on physics”  but he loves this author’s fantasies. Any time my husband recommends a series based on a 12-year-old girl, describing her as strong and gutsy, you know this is a unique recommendation.


The Zero Blessing is the first book in a trilogy called The Zero Enigma Trilogy by Christoper G. Nuttall.  I finished book 1 last night.
“Caitlyn Aguirre should have been a magician. Her family certainly expected her to be a magician. But by the time she reached her twelfth birthday, Caitlyn hadn’t even managed to cast a single spell! In desperation, her parents send her – and her magical sisters – to Jude’s Sorcerous Academy, her last best chance to discover her powers.”
Reminiscent of the Harry Potter books, but only because it’s set in a world where magic is a given, you’re immediately immersed in Caitlyn’s world. I almost felt as if I’d been ‘dropped down a rabbit hole’ in a world where kids are kids, except armed with the ability to hex each other, make potions, cast spells, and more.  I didn’t want to come out of her world to do the mundane stuff in mine, such as cooking, working in the yard, cleaning, taking care of my animals….
I’m going to start book 2 of the trilogy, called, “The Zero Curse” soon. The author is writing book 3 now.
My husband has read about 25 of Nuttall’s books, saying that if I liked the first one in this series, I would love the rest of his books, so again I feel as if I’ve won the lottery!

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Author Recommendation #1 of 2 Today


I feel as if I’ve won the lottery with people recommending authors new to me.

I’ve just finished Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt, recommended by my sister-in-law, Mary Lou.

“Whether dueling with new forensics or the local old boys’ network, irreverent defense attorney Andy Carpenter always leaves them awed with his biting wit and winning fourth-quarter game plan. But Andy prefers the company of his best friend, Tara, to the people he encounters in the courtroom.”

After about a third of this book, I really liked the main character, Andy Carpenter. He’s a smart, very real character with whom you can identify.I love the way his mind works. He has a sense of humor that at various times caused me to smile, smirk, or snort. And he loves his dog, Tara, above everyone else in the world. This book kept my interest, making me want more when I finished. Thankfully, there is a whole series of Andy Carpenter books! I’m getting ready to read the 2nd book, First Degree.


See why I feel I’ve won the lottery?

THANKS, Mary Lou!!!


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Finishing a Book

i love reading books via cathy ruggiero

I told you that my friend, Marsha, recommended the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts. I now have and have read all 44 available in the series (I’m waiting for #45 to be available in paperback, and #46 won’t come out in hardback until January of 2018.)

Now I’m re-reading my collection of Robert B. Parker books –

  • Spenser series
  • Jesse Stone series
  • Sunny Randall series
  • Virgil Cole/Everett Hutch series
  • Young adult books

There are 39 books in the Spenser series. I have all of them and am re-reading book # 5,  Judas Goat.  I’m in a world now where the books ARE just as good or better than the last. How lucky is that?

I’m again impressed at the writing. It’s simple and direct, making it seem as if anyone could write it. Ace Atkins is trying to write more books in the style of Robert B. Parker. I tried one, but it’s a pale imitation of the real thing.  I love the wry, sarcastic sense of humor of the Spenser character. You learn of his strong character bit by bit. He’s no Goodie Two Shoes for sure, but his ethics are strong and unbreakable. His love for Susan makes me laugh and cry. It’s so real and unshakable. Susan is lucky to be loved by Spenser.

His dialogue makes me laugh out loud. His attention to detail shows you that Robert B. Parker would have been a great detective, too. Persistence and bravery are other traits of the character. Spenser grows on you. So do the other characters. You find yourself immersed in his world, always wanting more.

I’m waiting for delivery of a book by a new author recommended by my sister-in-law. I’m totally spoiled now to have several authors I love. Could I be lucky enough to have found another?


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I finished book # 44 in the Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb “In Death” series yesterday.

The hardback of book # 45 is out, but still costs a fortune. The hardback of # 46 is due out in January of 2018 and can be preordered.

So I sit, in withdrawal, having to wait until book # 45 either comes out in paperback or until the price on the hardback comes down a LOT. I’ve gotten impossibly spoiled, being able to order 6 used paperbacks at a time, all of them numbered and waiting to be read. I felt so rich.

I do have other books by Nora and other favorite authors to read.  My nose is out of joint because I want more in the series, just as good quality as the rest, NOW, and at used prices. Did I mention I was impossibly spoiled?

If you haven’t tried this series, I’m warning you, you’ll probably become addicted. You may not want to do anything else but hide somewhere so you can read.  You do need to read them in order to enjoy the character development and the history of the friendships, etc.  Here is the list in order –

Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb “In Death” Series    
* 45 SECRETS IN DEATH – not available yet in paperback
* 46 DARK IN DEATH – preorder hardback only – Jan 2018

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Alice Hoffman via Title Wave for Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I’ve started book # 19 in the “In Death” series by Nora Roberts. There are 45 books – so far – in the series, so I feel as if I’m in Heaven, right in the middle of people I respect in complicated situations. Eve Dallas is a homicide police lieutenant. She is an extremely strong, dedicated cop who sees the worst society has to offer on a regular basis, some of which takes her back to an aggressively abusive childhood she has tried to put behind her.

I love the fact that she’s complicated. She has a very interesting husband who is sharing a completely different lifestyle than she’s ever know. I’m intrigued by her co-workers and friends.  The stories are typically Nora Roberts, with well thought out plots I cannot figure out before the end of the book. You feel as if you KNOW all the characters and appreciate their quirks, vulnerabilities, and interesting interactions. You care about them.

So many authors who do series have a lot of repetition in them. Not so here, and I like that a lot.

I avoided this series for years, thinking that I liked Nora’s writing and subjects so well that I couldn’t imagine enjoying reading about death. I’m delighted that my friend, Marsha, got me started, buying the 1st book used on Amazon. I found an “order of the books” online and am ordering 6 at a time. I now have 26 in the series. What a lucky woman I am to have found another side of a favorite author! She has introduced me to a whole new world.

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Opened Book

Title Wave via Cathy Ruggiero

I’m on book # 16 in the “In Death” series by Nora Roberts. I have to ration myself to only so much diving into her books each day, or else I don’t get anything else accomplished.

I think I told you I love her romance novels – particularly her trilogies and quartets – and had avoided the “In Death” series because I just didn’t want a serious series from her. Was I wrong! I’m even more impressed with her writing ability now – if that’s even possible.  In the “In Death” series, she has created a super strong, gritty, believable character in homicide detective Eve Dallas. The characters surrounding her become more and more fleshed out, making you care about the whole group as they deal with grisly murders. I’ve never been able to figure out who the bad guys are, or how she’ll get them, in the 15 books I’ve read thus far. I just want more.

If you haven’t tried one, I warn you that you may become addicted.

I’m starting “Portrait in Death” today.

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New Book

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One of my favorite authors is Nora Roberts. I like the worlds she creates. I like the characters. I enjoy reading some of her trilogies (and what do you call a 4-some?) over and over again. I slide into her world, forget my problems, see old friends again.

For years and years I have resisted her series written as J.D. Robb. It bothered me that they wouldn’t be like her ‘normal’ writing that I loved. For some reason I decided I just didn’t want to try them.

Marsha, a good friend of mine, told me that she LOVED the J.D. Robb “In Death” series. She convinced me to try one. I bought it used on Amazon for the price of shipping.

I’m hooked. Eve Dallas, the main character, is a detective in a world of the future. She’s an interesting, many-layered woman you want to know. I would like to be her friend. I’m fascinated and admire her. She has courage and grit, and yet remains vulnerable. The world is very different from the one we live in, and yet in the ways that matter, it’s the same.

There are 45 books in the series so far. I’ve bought 12 of them and am in the middle of a great adventure!


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Great Book for a Rainy Day

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

Since we’re having a rainy, raw day here, I’m feeling very lucky to have a warm, dry house and a good book to read!

I started reading Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First Ladies, by J.B. West and Mary Lynn Kotz.

It covers a behind the scenes look at some of our first ladies, from Eleanor Roosevelt through Ladybird Johnson from the standpoint of the Chief Usher at the White House for about 30 years.  I’m finding it educational and extremely interesting. I have to admit my ignorance at not even knowing the White House HAD a chief usher, or his duties. Getting his reactions to what was happening in history, and the daily work in the White House during this period really gives you a different perspective on what you thought you knew, plus insights you didn’t have before. I highly recommend this book.

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Bookish Problem

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero

I have almost all the books Robert B. Parker ever wrote, including the Spenser series, the Jesse Stone series, the Sunny Randall series, the westerns, the books for youths, etc. I have about 50 books and I just finished re-reading them. I’m feeling a bit blue now, since I probably won’t read them again for awhile, but insanely rich that I can pick one any time I want and dive into his world of wit, wry dialogue, great stories, and characters I know and care about.

For the next few days I’ll dabble in all the wonderful things on my Kindle, letting all the good work from Mr. Parker settle once again in my psyche.


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