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Hot Friday

The Sun

A heat index today of around 115 is TOO hot for this old lady. I just took some water out to pour into the elephant ear planter. Our plumber hasn’t been able to make time to put in our 2nd watering line for the planters in the front yard, so things are just drying up. The thing I care about the most in the front is the elephant ears, so I’ll concentrate on those. – UPDATE – Our plumber just drove up, ready to work on the 2nd line we need! HOORAY!!!!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Final Fantasy XIV Promotional Site

We will go to Lunch Bunch soon to catch up with our friends. I don’t know if one of them will be back from her visit in Tennessee, but I’ll be happy to see whoever is there.

Caters News Agency – Cristina is Painting

I’m making steady progress on the Christmas gifts. I’m spending some wonderful time up in my art room each day, taking my time, listening to music while I’m painting, enjoying time to myself and the joy of trying to make something my friends will like. :0)

I got some new things added to my Etsy shop yesterday. I’ll add some more today. It’s fun to give my shop a bit of a new look.

Yesterday I wrote to Dr. Singer at our veterinarian’s office via email to tell him how impressed I was with Emma and the rest of his staff on handling the possibility of a fire and handling customers in the middle of it. I’m hoping they will get something special, including raises. :0)

Have a wonderful Friday!

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“Gingerbread Cookie” Wooden Ornaments

These are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted wooden ornaments. They are made to look like ‘gingerbread cookies’ decorated with icing. The back of each ornament is personalizable with a name and date. This is a fun, affordable way to make your Christmas more personal this year to put on your own tree or to give as gifts. You can see more information about these HERE.

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Food Groups

This and other hand-painted and hand lettered signs are available on my website,

HandmadeHavenBy Linda on Etsy.

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Bill Watterson-Calvin and

It’s drizzle-y, windy, and too cool this morning. The high today is supposed to be 57. Right now it’s overcast and 47 degrees F. I was ready for cooler weather, but this is ‘too much of a good thing.’

We will join our friends for Lunch Bunch in about half an hour. It’ll be good to catch up with what has been going on for each of them. We have been having lunch together every Friday for about 20 years now. How many changes! We have shared good and bad things, laughter, hugs, and tears. Some of the faces have changed. We’re never sure how many will be there, but the core group is three of us: Linda, Kay and myself. My husband was accepted as an honorary member of the group several years ago. He sits at one end of the table looking at his “harem” he says. We have told him that he is welcome as long as he behaves…

Unless it’s pouring after Lunch Bunch, we will scoot to Walmart afterwards to replenish some supplies. We plan to stay in the rest of the day, warm and dry. I’m putting the electric blanket on our bed today when I put fresh sheets on.

I’ve been adding new products to my Etsy site – Handmade Haven by Linda. Please take a look if you have the time. :0)

To those of you who have been following the blog, I FOUND the gallon container of mold/mildew/algae/elephant remover! As soon as the weather is dry and sunny, I’ll put some in a spray container and hose down the greeter robot yard art at the bottom of the driveway that I’m trying to refurbish. When I get the green and other dirt off of him, I can prepare to freshen his paint.

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Mini-Purse Designs

I just finished adding some new mini-purses to my Etsy website HandmadeHavenByLinda

They are 5″ x 7″, hand-painted one-of-a-kind designs on canvas. The purses have zipper closures, so your valuables remain secure while your hands remain free.

You can hang them from your shoulder, wear them cross-body, or tie them to your belt, or the belt loop on your jeans.

Fun to use, make your life easier, and just might make you smile.

Please come visit my shop and see these, plus some other things. :0)

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Fun in my Art Room

I’ve been playing a bit in my art room in-between cleaning up and re-painting yard critters. I painted 4 purses lately – one as a replacement for one a customer bought that closed with a snap that was almost impossible to open – and 3 others, all with zippers.

I think these mini-purses are a fun idea. They’re small (5″x7″) light-weight canvas with a long cord. They can be hung on your shoulder, worn cross body, or tied to your belt. They are large enough to hold your cellphone and other valuables, leaving your hands free for shopping, taking care of your dog on a walk, dancing with your husband, etc. The one above is called, “Abstract.”


“Abstract” and “Fantasy” are painted on one side. “Purple and White Delight” (below), is painted on both sides.

HandmadeHavenbyLinda on Etsy

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Laugh and Hug

I’m giving myself a hug and smiling right now. I just had two sales (one yesterday and the second this morning) from my HandmadeHavenbyLinda Etsy website! A really nice start to the day and a spirit-lifter, for sure. :0)

I’ve been having fun in our shop, refurbishing 4 “emu” planters this past week. I need to paint their legs, and then they can go back outside when they are dry.

I’m feeling very motivated on my weight loss and exercising goals. I’ll do two sessions with weights today – one with 5-pound weights, and a second with 3-pound weights, where I follow a short video online. Then I’ll do my regular session of yoga stretching and abdominal exercises later today. I’m trying to drink FOUR bottles of water daily (trying to ignore the fact that my eyeballs are floating as I get more movement in) – running to the bathroom. I’m eating some raw veggies and a bit of dip mid afternoon as a snack. Keepin’ on keepin’ on. (So far. 30.2 pounds down and 26.2 inches off).

I’m finding lots of wonderfully creative people on the net who have created artwork that makes my mouth water. I’m so grateful I live on the same planet and can enjoy their work and share it with you.

Have a wonderful Monday.


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Hand-Painted Journal Special

JOURNAL SPECIAL – Buy 2 and get 25% off!

Choose any TWO journals (usually priced at $19.99 each) sent to the same address and receive 25% OFF – plus FREE SHIPPING!
Put this special item in your shopping cart and type in the names of any TWO journals to receive BOTH journals for $29.99 and free shipping!
Two journals usually would cost $39.98. With this special 25% discount for buying two at one time, sent to same address, the cost is $29.99!
YOU SAVE $9.99!
Limited offer – first come, first serve.


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“Red Flowers” Mini Purse (Front)

At the beginning of this week, I sold a mini purse from my HandmadeHavenByLinda site on Etsy. It looked similar to this one, but was painted with ladybugs, front and back. It was delivered today.

“Red Flowers” Mini Purse (back)

My customer wrote,

“Just received the bag – it is adorable!  Am planning on using to carry my cell phone when I am walking my toy poodle. thanks,”

Appreciation is a two-way, win/win thing. My customer liked the bag enough to buy it. She likes it. And she was nice enough to write and tell me that – plus give me a mental picture of her and her toy poodle using it. (I suggested that she might think about including a dog biscuit in the bag sometimes… :0) )

I’m now walking several inches off the ground.

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Tuesday Special

I sold this hand-painted mini-purse this morning. It has sweet little ladybugs running all over it, front and back.

I’m offering a special discount when you buy two purses sent to the same address –

PAINTED PURSE SPECIAL – Buy 2 Purses – Sent to Same Address – and Receive 25% Discount


Choose any TWO painted mini-purses – sent to the same address – and receive 25% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING!
Put this item in your cart and type the names of the TWO mini-purses you would like.
Usually the price of one mini-purse is $15.95. The usual price of two purses would be $31.90.
With your discount, the special price of two purses will be $23.95.
YOU SAVE $7.97!

Limited Offer.
First come, first serve.


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Note Card Special!

Buy 2 packages – sent to the same address – and receive 25% discount!

Choose any 2 packages of note cards – sent to the same address – and receive 25% OFF the regular price plus FREE SHIPPING!
Put this item in your cart, then type in the names of any TWO packages of note cards.
Usually a package of hand-painted note cards is $15.95. The purchase of two packages would cost $31.90.
During this special offer, when you buy two – sent to the same address – your cost will be $23.95.
You save $7.97!
Limited Offer. First come, first serve.


“Going Green” Package of 5 different designs.
“Purple Glory” Package of 5 different designs.
“Rainbow Flowers” Package of 5 different designs – plus personalized with a name or initials at no extra charge.
“Branching Out” Package of 5 different designs.
“Color Block” Package of 5 different designs.

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Earring Special

New Shop

I’m celebrating my new Etsy shop –


by offering a special on my hand-painted wooden earrings – any type – dangle/wire, stud/post, or clip-on.

Earring Special Offer on HandmadeHavenByLinda on Etsy

Choose any two pair of earrings at $15.95 and receive a discount of 25% off plus free shipping.

Normal price for two pairs of earrings at $15.95 each would be $31.90. With your discount, your cost will be $23.95 and free shipping. You save $7.97.

Limited Offer. First come, first serve. ACT NOW!

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I have just opened a new shop on Etsy called, HandmadeHavenByLinda

I’m listing a variety of things I’ve made – painted wooden earrings in dangle, stud, and clip-on styles; home decor signs; painted purses and tote bags; note card packages; journals; and glassware; so far. I’m adding more each day.

I would appreciate it very much, if you have the time, if you would visit the shop and take a look.

I’m looking for ways to improve the shop. I want it to be eye catching, easy to see at a glance what kinds of things are there, easy to navigate, etc.

I would appreciate any impressions, suggestions you have that would improve it for you, whatever you would like to say.

Thanks in advance if you can make the time.

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Thoughts on a Friday 6-4-2021

There is a strange, roundish bright object in the sky today. It’s been so long since we;ve seen it, it seems odd. It’s supposed to show itself in the sky today and probably tomorrow. It’s amazing.

Show + Tell

Later this morning we’ll leave to join my friends for Lunch Bunch. We have joined each other for lunch every Friday for almost 18 years now. Can you imagine how much we’ve shared over the years? Friends like this are truly priceless.

After Lunch Bunch, my husband and I will hit Walmart and the local grocery store for supplies.


My new shop on Etsy is open now. Though I’m still adding some things, it’s basically done. I would appreciate it very much if you would visit when you have the time and inclination and let me know how I can improve it.

We may spend part of the afternoon testing our irrigation system in the yard. We haven’t really needed it yet with all the rain we’ve been having, but we will need it soon. Usually we have to fix several breaks in the lines.

I hope that you have a wonderful day with something deliciously fun thrown into the mix.

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