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Can You Say, “YO-YO?”


Our Internet is driving me nuts!

I can be typing along, concentrating on what I’m writing and then WHAM – no Internet!  Then we play unplug the modem, plug it in again, reboot my computer – over and over again until – HOORAY! – It’s up again!

This morning it’s been down more than it’s been up. I finally gave up and vacuumed the 1st floor tiled areas – pantry, kitchen, dining area, two half baths, utility room and foyer area. THAT’S how frustrated I was. UGH.

I have become so spoiled. I WANT to be able to rely on having access, like running water. Of course, from time to time we don’t have THAT, either, when the gremlins are active around here….

So, I’m trying to type as fast as I can, getting my thoughts out as best I can, before the Internet silences me once again.

Do you think it’s trying to send me a message?


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I’m frustrated because it’s already Tuesday afternoon and my exercise plans are blown for the week.

I told you that I was going to do some combination of  DANCING exercise video, WALKING exercise video, the elliptical trainer, Wii Fit Plus, and yoga during Monday through Friday to try to keep moving, give myself a lot of variety, and try to increase my health and mobility.

THEN, our brick planter collapsed, sending brick everywhere.

We KNEW that this planter we built years ago and one other (both 8 feet long and a foot wide in front of our home at either end) were failing and would need to be replaced. We just didn’t plan on it right NOW. We figure the mortar we used was bad, since the other 12 planters we built are doing fine.

Once it collapsed, there was nothing to do but demolish the planter, haul the bricks over to a storage place behind the well house, shovel out the potting soil, and prep the area to rebuild it.

We’ve spent part of two days on it so far. We got down to the concrete slab we poured and the bottom round of bricks. We tried with a sledge hammer, pic-ax, and other tools to loosen the bottom round of bricks, but they wouldn’t budge. We have now decided to prep the area, raking rocks out of the way, wrapping up the potting soil in a tarp, and will re-brick the planter ourselves when the weather and temperature are good.

I’m about to go out and rake rocks. I’m not sure yet, whether we’ll go ahead and demolish the other planter or just hope it stays in one piece until spring.

I’m frustrated because I know this kind of activity doesn’t really take the place of official exercises. I can do a lot around the house or yard and not activate all the muscles that need it. Even raking rocks, wrapping up soil, sweeping, etc., isn’t the same as one of my more official avenues of exercise.

Tomorrow a carpet cleaning company is coming to clean our living room, office, and foyer. I’ll be relocating small stuff all morning in preparation for their work. Then, when the carpet is dry, we’ll be putting things back. A lot of labor, but –

I’ll just go with the flow and start my ‘official’ exercises NEXT week…

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My Friend, Marsha

This is my good friend, Marsha.

Marsha used to be a potter, displaying some of her fine work on my website, Creative Artworks, for several years. On a trip to Florida, we finally met face to face. Marsha met me at the hotel and spent much of an entire day taking me to wonderful places, sharing lunch, and then finally sitting with me in the lobby of the hotel where we could have easily talked all night.

Marsha has now turned to making beautiful silver jewelry, rather than potting, and her creative juices continue to flow. We email each other several times a day, just chatting about what’s happening – or not happening – in our lives. We’re good friends.

All of a sudden several days ago, Marsha wrote with an apology for whatever she had done – or hadn’t done – to tee me off. I wrote back immediately, telling her that everything was fine, she didn’t owe me any apologies, asking the reason for the email. It turns out that something is wonky on either her end or my end, because we can’t communicate via email.

I’m getting emails from lots of people, but not Marsha. I’ve written to her several times, but haven’t received an answer. I wrote to my husband and asked him to send me an email to test my email. It worked fine. I don’t know what’s wrong and have no clue about how to fix it. I’ve rebooted my computer, doing everything I can do, to no avail.

I called her on her phone. I get a canned message, asking me to leave a message, which I do. I’ve left texts on her phone. No answer.

I finally wrote her a note on a card and mailed it snail mail. She should receive it by the end of the week.

She left a message on the blog this morning, obviously thinking I’ve dropped her as a friend without saying a word. I’m really frustrated. The lack of communication is telling her we’re no longer friends, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’m hoping she reads this post, picks up her phone, sees all the texts and messages I’ve left, and calls me.

I’m down to carrier pigeons and smoke signals if this doesn’t work.

Here is the latest picture she sent me – showing her at a recent show.

Lovely lady, lovely friend.

UPDATE:  I finally found what I thought was an old phone number for Marsha. I called, expecting to be told the number was no longer in service. She answered!!!!!! We talked, exchanged all kinds of contact information and are updating our records. We’ll talk again later today. Friends are too important to lose!

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Pet Peeves – Short Rant


I’ve told you that my husband and I are trying to get the lard off and get healthier with the Nutrisystem program. We did this years ago, quitting because my husband was able to order fewer and fewer things he liked due to NS discontinuing his favorites. It’s happening again! :0(

Yesterday I spent a LOT of time contacting NS via email and then chat, trying to find out when the BBQ Pulled Pork lunch would be back in stock. They finally told me that it had been discontinued.

On the website on our previous order, it had said something similar to, “Due to high demand and popularity of this item, it is temporarily out of stock.” To find out this month that it has been discontinued was almost a deal breaker for my husband. He isn’t the most flexible person and doesn’t adapt well. We had a tense hour or so while we tried to figure out what to do. He doesn’t care for many of the lunch choices, so he wanted to eat the alternative “BBQ Seasoned Chicken” for lunch AND dinner. It’s only offered for dinner. We finally decided to order only 4 items for his lunches, order other choices for me to use to make flex meals for us, and then order 20 a la carte BBQ Seasoned Chicken items (having to pay extra) and order a bunch as part of his dinner items, as well. WHEW!

The discontinuing of an item that is out of stock ‘due to high demand and popularity’ doesn’t ring true for me. That seems like stupid business – plus you’re teeing off your customers. I would think a company as large as Nutrisystem could either make a deal with the current supplier, find another supplier who makes this, or figure out a way to make it themselves.

The NS program is expensive, but worth it when you’re trying to make a lifestyle change. To have to buy a la carte because my husband has tried, but doesn’t like a lot of the lunch items is really frustrating.

I will try to contact someone there who might be able to do something about this. I really want to stay on the program. Just a couple of weeks ago, my husband was saying he didn’t see why we couldn’t stay on NS essentially forever – but this was before his choices were being discontinued.


Madeleine Jacobs

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