Your Awwww for the Day – Take 2

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“Chinese Duck on the Shores”

“Chinese Duck on the Shores” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Watercolor Landscapes I Like – Take 21

“Northwest Sunset” – Susie Short



“Road_to_old_Sodbury_Winter” – Tim Wilmot Watercolours

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Time to Rest

All I did today was some laundry, some quick errands, and changing sheets on the bed and I’m ready for a nap.

I guess the combination of the trip to the E.R. for my eye, the pain and stress, and then getting ready for Thanksgiving have taken a toll on my depleted reserves. The eye is steadily improving, but it still feels as if I have some serious grit in my eyes. The headache remains. Slow, steady improvement.

I hope you can take some time and do some serious relaxing today, too – this day-after-turkey-day.

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Day After Turkey Day

We had a great Thanksgiving and hope that you did, too.

We managed to have an almost completely low-carb dinner, with roasted turkey breast, cauliflower “mashed potatoes,” gravy, a big salad, and deviled eggs. The only ‘carb’ stuff was wine and cranberry sauce.

Amber was her usual puppy self when our friend Nora first arrived, but then settled down and was good the rest of the evening. It made Nora laugh when Amber just walked right up my husband’s front to sit in his lap.

We had lots of good conversation, catching up on what’s been happening since we saw each other last. One piece of entertainment for the evening was when my husband put drops and goo into my injured eye.

When we were getting ready for bed, my husband thanked me for making the deviled eggs – one of his favorite things, and said everything tasted good, particularly the mashed potatoes and gravy. I then told him the mashed potatoes were pureed cauliflower with butter, garlic , salt, and parmesan cheese!  He was amazed, admitted he wouldn’t even have tried it if he had known, but admitted he thought it was delicious. I can now feel free to serve it from time to time – with gravy, of course. :0)

Tonight we’ll have one of MY very favorite things – turkey sandwiches! Another thing for which to be thankful.



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Happy Thanksgiving – 2017!

“May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!”



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Eye Update

mad eye moody-harry

Just got back from seeing one of the docs who helped me with my cataract surgery.

He said, “Wow. You sure scratched your eye all up. I’ll bet that hurts.”

The tech, though, had put numbing drops in my eyes before she did all the preliminary testing, so I was able to tell him that I felt better now than I had since Monday evening.

He didn’t find anything in my eye, or any sign of any other problems. Whew. We decided that it was probably a combination of the dryness we’re having right now plus the fact that I did the last bout of leaf mulching. I probably got some really small bits of leaves in my eyes, even though I wear protective glasses.

Anyhow, he called in prescriptions for an ointment and some eye drops that work to alleviate stinging, irritation, and pain while my eye has a chance to heal. There is no sign of infection. We put the two things in when I got home and I still feel a bit of ‘something being in my eye,’ but none of the stinging and no one is plunging a knife into my eye anymore! Hooray!

So I called my good friend, Nora, and said that turkey day is back on tomorrow. I can handle the amount of discomfort I have now, so should be able to do turkey and all the fixings tomorrow, as scheduled. It’s a good thing my guest is my good friend, Nora, who loves, me because I probably won’t get much cleaning done tomorrow…

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Out of Commission

mad eye moody-harry

We were watching TV last night and suddenly I felt I had something in my eye.

After using two different kinds of eye drops, my right eye was stinging and hurting, like someone was stabbing me in the eye.  We ended up in the ER at the hospital at 12:30 this morning. Somehow I got a large scratch on my eye. They were unable to find anything still in there, but I was pretty miserable, to say the least. They put antibiotic ‘goo’ in my eye and put a patch on my eye to sleep in. They gave me a pain pill and made my husband sign that he would be the one driving. We left the ER around 2:30 this morning.

The pill made me really nauseous, but it did help with the pain in my eye. I was pretty woozy by the time we went to bed, about 3:30a.m.

I was still woozy and nauseous when the alarm went off. I slept under my throw in my recliner until 11:30 or so. We did errands – me just riding in the car while my husband handled everything. I have basically slept all day, except for when my husband put more antibiotic goo in my eye and some aspirin. (No more of the pain pills, though we filled the prescription just in case. I can always cut them up into quarters if needed in the future.)

My husband is watching an awful movie on TV. I’ll probably go back and doze off again until it’s time to go to bed. The way I feel, I’ll probably sleep fine all night. I have a patch to put on my eye when I sleep so it’ll be protected.

I have no clue how I hurt my eye, except that apparently I did a reasonable job of it.

Hope you had a much better day than I did. I’m really grateful I have my husband to take care of me, the animals, and the house. He’s truly a keeper. He says I look like Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter (above) when I’m wearing my patch.


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Watercolor Landscapes I Like – Take 20

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Your Awwww for the Day – Take 1

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Letting Go

I’m still feeling hurt and angry at the verbal attack by our family member on my husband’s birthday. I’m re-reading daily what other wise family members told me regarding looking at this with compassion for the source of this, rather than focusing on what was said or how WE feel about it. One thing that is resonating now is that until I can LET GO of this, it continues to harm. Our family member has probably gone on to other things. I’M the one mired in negative feelings.

I’m a bit old to change my stripes at this stage of my life, but I’m NOT too old to nurture feelings already inside. I have a lot of compassion inside that comes surging up when I see bad things happen to good people. I strive to show kindness whenever I can. I usually can see the other person’s point of view – something that has resulted in a lot of ‘differences’ being nipped in the bud even before the disagreement really gets going.  This situation is no different, really – only in the ‘personal’ nature of the attack – and the fact we didn’t see it coming and had done nothing to warrant it.

As I do other things, I’m thinking about what our wise family members said. I’m GRADUALLY seeing this as an opportunity to use the good things inside me to help my sweet husband consider the SOURCE of this vicious judgment of his character, his beliefs, his service in the Marine Corps, his performance as a husband and father, his membership affiliations, his politics, his worth as a human being as the judgment of one person who is deeply unhappy and hurting.  It’s pretty amazing that the judgment of one other person, in one vicious note, can smash your feelings of self-worth.  I WON’T ALLOW IT.

I’ll continue to hang on, try to show my husband in every way I can what a wonderful human being he is and how much I treasure every day with him – even when he makes me angry and ready to strangle him. :0)

I’m reaching inside, past the child all wrapped up in hurt and anger, to the adult who is usually able to deal with bad things in the best way I can. I really wish this person had attacked ME. I could handle that SO much better!


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“November 1” – Paul Militaru Photography




“Pink in November” – Paul Militaru Photography




“Romance in November” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Beautiful Baskets – Take 11


I just LOVE baskets. In fact, I have banned myself from basket stores, plus stores that sell wooden boxes, plus art supply stores, plus office supply stores, plus “fru-fru” stores…..

I think these are absolutely gorgeous.



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“Fountain” – Paul Militaru Photography

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I’ve been soul-searching since early yesterday.

We were enjoying the day, quietly celebrating my husband’s birthday (though he was grouchy to be another year older) when we got a message out of the blue from a family member we hardly ever see.  It was a really vicious attack on my husband’s life, character,  beliefs and more, ironically beginning and ending with “Happy Birthday.”

I’ve lived a long time now. I can manage attacks on me MUCH better than I can handle attacks on my husband. This came out of the blue, hurting my husband (though he denied it) and completely stunning me. I rarely get angry, but I was shaking I was so mad. To do this at any time I consider unforgivable, but it was beyond belief that this would be done on my husband’s birthday, when we’ve been nothing but polite.

I received some really good advice from two other family members, both encouraging me to be compassionate, rather than idly entertaining ideas of mean things we might have done in retaliation, other than just taking it in silence, as we did. More though, they both encouraged me to think about this in a different light. This person is lashing out because of suffering and unhappiness. While this hurt us, to nurture the hurt feelings does no one any good.

Rather than wanting to bite this person in the leg, it would make me grow as a person to try to see the world from this person’s point of view. Mostly, rather than only thinking of my husband and myself, I should  try to let go of the hurt, forgive this person who is obviously hurting, too, and move on.

This will take some real soul-searching. I’m trying to look at this at another of life’s character-building exercises – one that will make me a better, more forgiving, and more compassionate person. There is FAR too much hate around us. I don’t want to be a part of that.


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Last of the Flowers?

We may be to the last of the flowers now. Although it hasn’t been down to freezing again yet, we had a cold snap that has pretty much stopped things from blooming any more in our area.

I brought in these hydrangea yesterday. Even my husband reacted when he saw them on the table. I’ll be glad when we can take them a little bit for granted next spring and summer.



I also found some twice-blooming iris, probably the last for the year, that we can enjoy.  It would be really nice if we could enjoy these through Thanksgiving!


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Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband’s birthday. We’re not doing anything special because he would definitely like to forget he’s getting older. I kissed him and wished him a Happy Birthday this morning, and he said, “Hummmmph”

He got the best present this morning, though, and I got to share in it.

Our son lives and works in Thailand. It’s been over two years since we’ve seen him, though we use a chat program he set up, talking to him most days about this and that. We’re able to send him pics, type in real time at each other if we’re up and available at the same time, so it’s as good as it can be, EXCEPT when we can use a program called which is like Skype, but infinitely better. The picture is really good, the sound is good. There is almost no lag time, no echoes. It’s almost as if we were in the same room.

He arranged for us to use this this morning! He wished my husband a Happy Birthday. He said, Dad, will you do something fun? I love you.” My husband answered, “Every day is Christmas for me. You were the best present of all.”  I have to tell you I melted into a puddle and couldn’t speak for a while. Then we chatted about everything under the sun. I drank in his face the whole time, delighting when we could make him smile or laugh. I had everything I needed in the world while we were talking.

A wonderful birthday celebration to be sure.



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A Ride in the CAR!

Like most dogs, Amber LOVES to ride in the car. She does fine when my husband and I are both in the car and she is in the back. We only need to remind her a couple of times to ‘stay back.’ We let the windows down just enough for her to put her head out and enjoy the wind. She goes back and forth from window to window, trying not to miss anything.  I wouldn’t want to drive by myself with her in the car, although my husband does it when he drives down the driveway for the mail. (He holds one leg.) I’m trying to convince him that a dog seat belt would be a good thing…

A couple of days ago we decided took her to the vet’s office to get an official weighing, since she was 8 months old on November 7th. On the way, a deer ran diagonally in front of the truck. It was close enough I gasped, but far enough my husband was able to slow down and not hit it. Amber was fascinated, whining and scurrying back and forth, nose full open.  We slowed down beside the land where a man keeps two horses for his sons. She had never seen a horse before. I guess the horses were about 50 feet from us, but it seemed that they were interested in Amber, too, snorting and looking at her.  We also saw a strange cat, a rabbit, a crane on the lake, and finally a possum running across the road. It was really a ‘National Geographic’ type trip to town…

There were two ladies and a cute bulldog at the vet’s. My husband had the no-pull collar on Amber, which will shock her if she pulls a lot and stop when SHE does. He said afterwards that if there had been carpet at the vet’s, he wouldn’t have been able to hold her. As it was, she couldn’t get any traction, giving us at least a little control. I’m not sure if the no-pull collar wasn’t working or if Amber was so excited to see the ladies and the dog that she didn’t notice, but we’ll definitely need to do more leash training. Happily, the ladies were gracious about our over-exuberant puppy, wanting to pet her, and allowing her to meet the bulldog.

We were able to dash in, weigh Amber, wave to the vet, and get out again. Amber officially now weighs 81 pounds.! To think she has at LEAST 4 more months to grow before she’s ‘full grown’ is kind of scary. We were hoping she would stop at 70…

I think the next time we try to take her in someplace in public we should use the regular shock collar we keep on her during the day. She reacts well to that, whether she’s on the leash or not.

Here’s hoping….

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Before the Rains Come…

I just realized how MANY times we’re rushing around here, trying to get things done ‘before the rains come.’


Today I was planning to get out and work in my flower planters, trying to get them pruned and cleared out so that I can add mulch. Today is much too windy to actually put mulch in there, but there is a lot of work to do before the planters are ready.

Of course, my husband said, in a pained voice, “Do you have time for me?” Since I spoil him unmercifully, I stopped what I was doing and was sucked into a “paint the outside trim on the house” project. We each had a some paint in a throw-away bucket. While my husband was getting the paint and the buckets, I used a scraper to get the loose, peeling paint off the wood around the garage door. He painted one side while I painted the other. He finished before I did and went around to the back. When I asked him if I should tackle the inside wall of the back porch, he agreed that I should. So he was painting on the outside of the porch while I was working inside. I painted over all the places where our dear puppy. Amber, had chewed the wood, regardless of Bitter Apple spray or Louisiana Hot Sauce. The wall was originally painted white, but there were SEVERAL places where it was down to the bare whatever-it-was that was supposed to be solid wood. Is anything actually made of real wood anymore? Anyhow, when I used the paint on these places, the rest of the wall looked yellow. So I ended up painting the whole wall.

My husband announced that it looked like his patience and his paint would run out at the same time. We agreed that since we couldn’t get everything done today, particularly since part of what we need to do requires a ladder, we would stop when our paint ran out. Mine lasted JUST long enough to finish painting the porch wall.

We got our paint brushes cleaned up, threw away the old plastic buckets and closed up the paint. We’re using a new stuff you spray into the bucket of paint to keep it from drying up. It would be great if it works, because the gallon of paint we got is really good and EXPENSIVE.

So, now my husband is cleaning up the shop, and I am going to finish my coffee and then take the dog out to help me clean up a flower planter or two ‘before it rains.’


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Thanksgiving Mailbox Decoration

We put the turkey up on the mailbox yesterday. I’m starting to get into the swing of Thanksgiving, finally.

We have our good friend, Nora, coming for dinner, and are hoping that another friend, Carla, will also be free. I have the fixings for our dinner in the house, and will move the turkey from the freezer to the fridge to start thawing on Monday.

I’m thankful for so many things this year –

  • My good friends from Lunch Bunch,
  • My husband playing ball with our ‘puppy,’ Amber, who now officially weighs 81 lbs at 8 months old, and keeping me company while I made two more 39 gallon trash bags full of leaf mulch this afternoon,
  • having a fun family of my husband, two dogs, two cats, and four fish up here in a house we love on top of a ridge line,
  • our son MAY be coming home from Thailand for a visit in February,
  • my husband and I are free to spend our days enjoying our lives and each other with very few serious problems

I hope that you’re looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with people you love in a warm, dry place, filling your bellies with good food, and your hearts with good cheer.


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Did You Miss Me?

Things have been upside down at our house. We’ve had a character-building exercise around here since yesterday afternoon – no Internet! Not only did we not have computers, we had almost no TV, since all our stuff is Internet-based now. We JUST got it fixed about 20 minutes ago. A nice guy came out, realized after checking things that he was in over his head. He called and they called out the big guns, reserved for really weird problems. I don’t know what they did, but we’re up and running now. Hooray!

It’s funny, but we really didn’t realize how dependent we are on it now. I immediately went to the computer to email the Internet people about our problem – but – hey, no email. Then I tried to Google their phone number – but, hey – no Internet. My husband finally got our the phone book to look up the number. I’ve made fun of him doing that for several years now, since it’s so quick to do it on the computer. I had to apologize for my previous criticism.

Since we had no computers, we decided to go watch TV – but, hey – we realized that we WERE able to watch things we had taped or live TV over the airways, but nothing else.  Happily, we both had good books to read.

This morning I was going to sell a couple of used books – and also buy some to replace books that I’ve read so often over the years they’re falling apart – but –

Couldn’t write to you on my blog! ARRRRRGH! Withdrawal!

Happily, they figured out what adjustments were needed on their end to make us work again. Now we’re feeling newly appreciative of connectivity.



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“Waterfall” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Oil Landscapes I Like – Take 5







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Recipe for Happiness

Adrian Corday-

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Update to Amber’s Thumbs Up Dog Toy List


Amber asked me to put this toy on her first “Thumbs Up” Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy List several weeks ago.  We bought it online at

The life of this toy has been interesting. The first thing Amber did was chew the strap off that separates the top from the main squeaking ball. I thought this might be the end of this toy, but was I wrong!

She has squeaked this toy like mad for as long as we can stand it from time to time ever since, offering it for tug-of-war, trying to ‘break its neck’ by shaking it fiercely, and just chewing hard on it. It has lasted and lasted.

Today she finally got the big squeaky ball out. Is that the end of the toy? No!

She is still offering the tattered, sturdy purple part for tug of war, and is happily carrying the ball around squeaking it until we finally put it up for a bit.

Since nothing lasts forever, though. we just ordered another one as one of her ‘Christmas presents,’ to be presented when this one finally breathes its last.

GREAT toy for a dog who is really hard on toys, usually tearing one apart in just a few minutes.


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Zen to Zany

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When Wood Comes Alive- Take 17

“Tailing-Reds” – Chad Turner


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Top Ten Reasons

grammarly via cathy ruggiero

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“Wind River” – Movie Recommendation

“Wind River is a 2017 American neo-Western murder mystery thriller film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. The film stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker and an FBI agent, respectively, who try to solve a murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Gil Birmingham and Graham Greene also star. According to Sheridan, the opening “inspired by true events” card[5] was a reference to the “thousands of actual stories just like it” involving sexual assault of women on reservations, his primary motivation for writing the film.[6]” ~ Wikipedia

This isn’t our usual type of movie, but we rented it because Jeremy Renner was starring.

This is a movie we feel is well worth watching. The story is strong, with strong women characters. The acting is first-rate.  The scenery is incredible.

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Time in My Art Room

Since working outside today wouldn’t be pleasant, I’m switching to indoor things, happy to have a warm, dry home.

I’m going to make a beef stew in the crock pot for tonight, serving it with low-carb garlic bread. THEN I’m looking forward to playing in my art room this afternoon. I’m still working on Christmas presents for friends, plus I have a couple of ideas rattling around in my head I’d like to try.

I hope that you are doing something fun today.

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“Barren” – Paul Militaru Photography

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