Losing the Lard Motivating Quotes


“I’ve decided I’ll never get down to my original weight. I am OK with that. After all, 6 lbs., 3 oz, is just not realistic.”

“I am not overweight. I am just nine inches too short.” ~ Shelley Winters

“I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets.” ~ Dolly Parton

“Diet is wishful shrinking.”

“I am on a 90-day wonder diet. Thus far, I’ve lost 45 days.”



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Kendra Haste Galvanized Wire Art 3

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Kids and Animals

Johannavau Photography
Kuzalina Photo

Kids & Animals – Hidereley – BoredPanda.com

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Continuing Work Outside


I’m about to fix lunch, and then I’ll go do a bit in the yard.

Today I’m going to mix up a container of KillzAll. I mix two gallons at a time in a nice sprayer. I’ll lug it out to the garden and see what needs to be sprayed. If I’m not totally pooped after that, I may mix up another container full….

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Rock Garden

Rock Garden – DeWitt “Old Dog” and Joyce Boyd

Article by Beverly L. Jenkins – inspiremore.com

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No Parking

JC Findley-fineartamerica.com

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More Art I Wanted to Share

Grey Heron-Karl Martens-cricketfineart.co.uk
Guardians1a-JoAnn Koch-fineartamerica.com
Naismith Art-DeviantArt.com
Rita Kirkman-dailypaintworks.com

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What IS It About Mud? 2


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Made My Day

West University Place

Yesterday I received a card in the mail from a lady who used to have her work displayed on my website, Creative Artworks. As with many of the people who shared my site, we became friends, even though we have never actually met face-to-face.

Sandi is really talented. I think she could crochet a house if she wanted to. I was proud to have her work on the site and we enjoyed collaborating for several years.

As also happens, life got in the way and we lost touch. I think of her often, but I had lost her email address and the days went by with my being too lazy to write.

When I saw her name on the return address, my heart filled. Inside there was a really nice card. It said, “The best thing about knowing a person like you is everything.” Isn’t that wonderful?

I wrote a return letter and will mail it tomorrow. I’ve shared my email address and asked for hers, so this lazy lady will take advantage of a few minutes from time to time to reach out –

She made my day yesterday. I’m still smiling and feeling very lucky to know her.

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New Weight Loss Tips


If you work at home… walking to work should not be considered daily exercise. – Larry Wentz

When eating donuts – only eat the center part.

A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.

Practice safe eating – always use condiments.

You know it’s time to cut down on calories when you step on the scale and the readout says, “One at a time, please!” – Anonymous

Once you lick the frosting off a cupcake it becomes a muffin and muffins are healthy.

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. – Mark Twain

Never eat more than you can lift. – Miss Piggy

You can’t lose weight by talking about it. You have to keep your mouth shut.



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At the End of Life

Lessons Taught by Life – Teresa Stalnaker-Pinterest

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A. A. Milne – E. H. Shepard – Winnie the Pooh – DreamsQuotes.com

Yesterday I started trying to once again clean up my art room. A lofty goal, and one that I occasionally actually DO. More often, I START – find something wonderful – and then spend the rest of the allotted time playing. :0)

We converted a third bedroom into my art room years ago. My husband built shelves that go all the way across one end of the room for supplies. On the other end of the room, he built more shelves. On the window side I have two tall sets of shelves…

Then there is the closet which has built-in shelves on one side and a plastic set of shelves on the opposite side.

I have two counters, one long table, and my drafting table.

My art room is a place that allows me escape. Alone time. Time to nurture, to dream, to experiment, to play.

Right now I have to tell you that it looks like a bomb hit. I am working to at least be able to walk through without falling over something or having to move a bunch of stuff.

I’ll do a bit more in there today. Maybe I’ll actually get something cleaned off!

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Kendra Haste Galvanized Wire Art 2

Kendra Haste – Galvanized Wire Art

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Hooray! Indian Hills

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Dogs Make My Heart Melt


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Paperclip Art


National Paperclip Day – myfixituplife.com

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What IS It About Mud?

Bonnie Turner

Photo collection credit – iheartdogs.com

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Eating, Laughing, Crying


Our celebratory lunch today for Susan went really well. One of our friends didn’t feel well and couldn’t come, but sent a present. We worked around customers coming in and being served, since our two treasured waitresses also do the cooking most of the time.

We gave her gifts that hopefully showed her how special she is. I also put a copy of the blog post I wrote this morning with one of my gifts and THAT made her cry. One of our group made a cake that we shared. There was a lot of eating, laughing and crying going on. My husband muttered about there being enough emotion today to float a boat. I noticed he got quiet a couple of times, a sure sign that HIS heart was touched, as well.

I hugged Susan before we left. I won’t believe it really, until we go to Lunch Bunch NEXT Friday and Susan isn’t there. She has a standing invitation to join us now, and I hope she will do it.

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In My NEXT Life –

I want to be a shoebill stork.


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Happy Retirement, Susan


Lunch Bunch today will be a celebration party for Susan, our friend and long-time waitress at the Pizza Barn. Today is her last day. She IS the Pizza Barn, so there will be tears and she will be sorely missed.

How wonderful for Susan, though, to realize – in a tangible and emotional way – that she has made a difference. That she is special, and will be missed.

She is looking forward to spending a lot of time with her grandchildren. This will keep her young and active. Her quality of life will be terrific and her grandchildren are lucky.

We’ll load up on the kleenex as we gather her presents and prepare to give her a nice send-off.

Enjoy every minute, Susan.

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Kendra Haste – Galvanized Wire Art

Kendra Haste-Galvanized Wire-thisiscolossal.com

Kendra Haste – Galvanized Wire Art

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Glass Panels I Love

Right Up My Alley Design-etsy.com

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We Are the Champions…

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Things I WISH Were in My Yard

Heidi Parker
Queen of Angels on Twitter.com

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Peeking Cat-VenusGlassArt-etsy.com
Mosaic Feather-lindamooney.blogspot.com

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Getting Older



I woke up crackling and popping this morning. Even my husband heard it!

I will do a longer yoga practice this afternoon to see if I can improve things. That and W-D40….

My husband found an image of Wonder Wart-Hog, one of his favorite comic book characters from his childhood, and wants us to do another mailbox decoration. “Wonder Wart-Hog (the “Hog of Steel”) is an underground comic book character, a porcine parody of Superman, created by Gilbert Shelton and first published in 1962.” (Wikipedia)

He worked on the computer much of the afternoon, coming up with a program he hopes will work as it should to translate the image to the computer out in the shop and allow us to use a computer-guided torch to cut the image out of sheet metal. Then he’ll make an attachment that allows us to bolt the decoration to our mailbox, welding it to the sheet metal. We’ll use an overhead projector to mark the key areas of the bare sheet metal front and back. Finally, I’ll paint both sides of the piece plus the attachment. I’ll post a picture when it’s finished. :0)

Right now we have Godzilla on the mailbox. We’ll be exchanging it for Fritz the Cat in another week.

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Domenica More Gordon Felted Wool

Domenica More Gordon Felted Wool

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Good/Bad News

Fine Art America.com

The GOOD NEWS is that we went to Red Lobster for my celebratory lunch yesterday. I had a lobster tail with melted butter, rice, and broccoli. YUM! We will celebrate again if my subscribers total ever reaches 3,000.

The BAD NEWS is that I gained 2.8 pounds eating that lunch. UGH. So QUICK to pile on and so HARD to get back off!

I refuse to give up celebrating. My husband disappeared shortly before we were due to leave. He came downstairs in a yummy shirt I haven’t seen in years, clean jeans, and dress shoes. He looked wonderful. I felt we had ‘date night’ as well as the celebration of a milestone on my blog. Absolutely priceless.

On the way home, we saw a dear friend. She was standing at the bottom of her driveway waiting for the mailman to come by. She lives alone and now keeps her gate closed across her driveway, not wanting unannounced people driving up. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, so we stopped. I quickly jumped out and hugged her neck.

Yesterday was a happy day – and today I’ll start trying to shed the lardage I gained, PLUS hopefully keep the trend going downward.

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Kindness is Language

Mark Twain – MyPinterestQuotes.com

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Indian Hills Smiles

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Ready for More Squirrel Photos?

Squirrel Secrets – Daisy Baxter-flickr.com
Pomah Koponbkob
Shibuya Sakura
Christine Hines-yourshot.nationalgeographic.com

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