“Blowin’ in the Wind?”

Unknown – Veeroes Quotes


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Jurgen Lingl Rebetez Chainsaw Art 2

Jurgen Lingl Rebetez Chainsaw Art

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New Weather Term?

myRepublica-Nagarik Network

This afternoon we’re due for ‘scattered downpours.’ I don’t remember our weather people using this term before. We’ve had scattered showers, heavy rain, and everything up to flying hairballs, but I don’t remember ‘scattered downpours’ – and we only a 40% chance of them. What would a ‘100% chance of scattered downpours’ look like? I think I must be missing something.

My other weather source says absolutely nothing about rain today. I guess that would be ‘REALLY scattered downpours’ in the new weather jargon?”

I’m going to go outside in just a bit to see if I can finish weeding my raised bed square foot garden boxes before whatever rain we’re supposed to get – gets here. I’ll try to get some pictures for you.



This is the closest pic I was able to find to give you an idea of the bridge that is on the road between our place and town. Our bridge is on a curve in the road. Yesterday when we went to Lunch Bunch there was a cleared area to one side with a dirt ‘road’ that went from one end of the bridge around to the other end – a kind of ‘bypass.’ There were no ‘road closed’ signs and the bridge was passable. I found on the net where there is some kind of grant that will be used for ‘improvements,’ but no other details as to what will happen or when. A mystery.

I hope that your weekend is free of downpours – either ‘scattered’ or ‘un’ and that you find something really fun to do. :0)

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2017 Plumbers of the Year…

Sent to me by my friend, Carol


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Hug for Friday

“Dogs Hugging Humans” – Tiffany White – FirstforWomen.com

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Paintings by Karen Whitworth

Karen Whitworth

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The Art of Andy Scott



Charles Rennie Mackintosh

David Silva



Andy Scott Sculptures

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Friday 6-2-2023


I just love the photo above. It shows hope for a bright future.

My Art – My Choice-Gif-Guy – tumblr_njxl1kHgkW1t0cscho1_500 – 4GIFS.com


It’ll be interesting to see how we get to town and Lunch Bunch this morning. They were working on the bridge between here and town, and there was a sign we couldn’t see as we went last time. It turned out the sign said, “Road Closed.” The crew working on the bridge let us through. My husband is stubborn enough he went back through the same way. We haven’t been to town since.

When I reminded him that we needed to leave a bit early since we will need to take the back way into town, he scoffed at me (as he often does.) This shows me he’ll go the regular way just to prove me wrong, and will turn around and go the back way if needed – making our trip over twice as long as usual. (Do you begin to see why I’m considering digging a hole for him in the back yard?


My efforts to lose the lard are showing definite progress now. As of this morning, I’m down 7 pounds. The number I have ‘left to lose’ and the national debt look similar, but I’m just taking it one day at a time, trying not to default – as Congress flirts with too many times.

I’ve finished weeding 2-1/2 veggie boxes in my raised bed, square foot garden thus far. I have four boxes planted, and my goal is to catch up on the weeding before we’re due for rain tomorrow afternoon.

Since Mother Nature has snapped her fingers, changing us from spring to summer in Arkansas suddenly, I’m afraid I’ll need to then clean up the head lettuce plants and decide which to harvest. The weather is getting too warm now for them to last much longer. The happy side of the weather change is that my tomato plants should love it. :0)

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, surrounded by love and laughter.

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Jurgen Lingl Rebetez Chainsaw Art

Jurgen Lingl Rebetez Chainsaw Art

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Stunning Photo

Gord Follett Photography – Bell-Island

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Thursday 6-1-2023

World of Printables

I’m hoping that June will be a wonderful month for all of us. Mother Nature has decided that summer has begun here in Arkansas. It’s hot in the afternoons with high humidity now, causing us to keep the house closed and turn on the a/c. I hope we’re not finished with spring yet, but I’m having to adapt my time outside already so I don’t boil like an egg out there.

I only put in one session of weeding yesterday. It was simply too hot for me yesterday afternoon. I think I told you that my spinach was already bolting, so I pulled all those plants out. This year was a bust for spinach after I was SO happy to find a whole flat of great looking plants. The weather was totally wonky, going from cool to too hot and back over and over, plus severe weather rains, hail, and flying hairballs. The spinach just finally gave up, sending shoots up into the air in surrender. Now I’m trying to save the head lettuce. The first step is the weeding, and I’ll try to get more of that done this morning.

I’m in a bit of withdrawal now that Iam Tongi won American Idol and there are no new performances each week. I really enjoy watching him perform. His latest is a single, “I’ll Be Seeing You.” He will also be performing in the “Beach It “ Country Music Festival at 2:40pm June 23rd, so that gives us something to look forward to.

I hope that this month brings you joy.

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Mixed Bag

Rick Gebhardt

I’ve only done one session of weeding in the garden and I’m already hot and tired. I’m going to rest a bit, drink a bunch of water, put on a sweatband and then go out for a 2nd session. I have finished one garden box so far.

I have a mixed bag on veggie results this time. My spinach apparently didn’t like all the changes in temperature plus the constant rain. It was already bolting, so I pulled up the plants. :0(

My head lettuce is looking pretty good, though, so I’m weeding around the plants. I’m not sure when I’m supposed to harvest this. I’ll see if I can find some information on the net.

I’m hoping that I can finish the weeding today. I would also like to start digging the Mel’s Mix out of the 2nd planter whose bottom gave up the ghost, sagged, and broke. The first ruined planter is free of the soil alternative now, but the bottom is only sagging in the second, so the soil is in there much more securely.

The concentration is weeding today and figuring out when I harvest.


The information I found says that the lettuce will start to bolt when the daytime temperatures exceed 70 degrees. That’s NOW. When I finish weeding, I’ll look carefully at each of the plants and decide if I should harvest them. This has been a really weird spring planting.

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Happy Hippos

Napon-Suzuki- “hippo” – artstation.com

Ceramique de Cris

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Drawings by Laura Hardie 3

Highland Breeze

Zebra Crossing

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Last Day of May 2023

“Dorky Dogs” – Liucija Adomaite and Justinas Keturka – BoredPanda.com

We’ve had warm days with lots of sunshine and no rain for several days in a row now. I’m not sure how to handle such nice weather. I do need to get outside early to do some weeding before it gets too hot for me.

May has come and gone in a woosh for me this year. I can’t believe it’s time to change my calendars. My hair is blowing as the time flies past.

My eating plan is still going well, although it stalled this morning after my husband brought me a donut last night, trying to be nice. I again explained to him that I’m trying not to eat in-between meals so that I can try to shed some of my lard. Of course, I was EATING the donut as I was explaining this to him….

I wish you a happy day, and an even happier June.

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Warning – Contagious!

Epic Assist

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Jen Buckley Art 2

Oscar Otter

Running to You

Three Ewes

Jen Buckley Art

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We See a Weed in the Crack…

David Zinn sees and creates “Uncle Vivian.”

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Nice Meme


I told you I was going to ‘change things up’ trying to shed some of my lard.

I started eating breakfast again – namely Cheerios and milk. I started using MyFitnessPal.com again, listing what I’m eating. It tells me that “You may not be eating enough,” but I know that’s not true in my case. Since I’m listing everything I eat, I’m very aware and try to plan. Then I KNOW if I can ‘afford’ to eat a bit of a snack before bed or not (something I know isn’t the best, but might keep me on track.)

The result thus far is I’ve lost 6.4 lbs. This is just a drop in the bucket as far as what my goal is, but it IS a start. I AM seeing a difference on my scales each morning. I also know that this will probably come to a screeching halt one morning soon, but it’s nice NOW, and I know it IS possible.


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Tuesday 5-30-2023


We’ve just returned from doing errands and it’s time for lunch. I wanted to write quickly to let you know I was still alive, just in case you were wondering. :0)

We gathered trash and took it down. We’re a day later than usual due to the holiday. I’m really happy that this company posts their holiday schedule online so I can print it and check to see if we need to do anything differently.

We got our mail and then headed for town. There was a portable electric sign at the church where we turn to get on the main road, but it was turned so it showed down the hill, rather than where we were. It turned out it said, “Road Closed.” Yeah. They are beginning work on the main bridge between us and town. They let us through, and THEN we saw the sign that was on the other end.

We went to the bank and then picked up groceries. My husband was a Marine. “Marine” is synonymous for “stubborn,’ so on the way back, even though I reminded him that we needed to take the longer way around, he didn’t, preferring them to make him turn around, doubling the distance for us to get home. He lucked out and they let us through. He was, of course, smug. We don’t need to go to town again until Lunch Bunch on Friday, so maybe he’ll luck out again. We don’t know whether they are working AROUND the bridge, or ON the bridge, or REPLACING the bridge. I was reminding him that we need to check to see if the sign is still at the church when we’re going to Lunch Bunch Friday.

This morning was a good amount of reaching out for me, and it’s not over yet. :0)

I had my usual communication with my good friend, Marsha, and my SIL, MaryLou, first thing. I had received a text from my ‘cousin-in-law’ and wonderful friend, Murray. She has just moved and I’ll send her a text after lunch.

I checked to see if I had any messages from our son. While I was writing him a quick note, a message popped up from HIM, asking if I wanted to visit on the conference call thingie. We had the nicest visit. I LOVE being able to see his face. He was worried about two things: THING ONE – he was worried that we were upset that it has been so long since he’s been home. I explained to him that knowing he is safe and happy is paramount. Of COURSE I would love to hug his neck, but with the way the world is, the way things can change overnight, we are all better staying where we are. THING TWO – he wanted to be SURE his dad knew how much he loved him, how happy he was that his dad was patient with him, teaching him things that mean so much to him now. He had tears in his eyes when he said this and I promised I would deliver the message. When I did, I told my husband that our son got the dad that my husband deserved, but didn’t get, when HE was growing up.

So I’ve had a beautiful morning, feeling lucky to love so many good people.

I’m going to fix lunch now and then I’ll do some more posts later.

Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday.


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New Version of a Classic


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Thoughts on a Monday 5-29-2023

Vili-pastel-Bela Tarcsay

I’m hoping that today will be a quiet day for us.

We’re not planning to do anything special today for Memorial Day. I still haven’t washed the furniture on the deck or cleaned the back porch. Priority for today is doing some weeding in the garden and seeing if there is anything I should harvest. This will probably take a few days to catch up. I’m hoping that the fertilizer I spread a few days ago will cause things to green up out there.


I wanted to share a nice description with you. I talk to my sweet SIL each day, checking in to share what’s happening. She’s been getting lots of rain. She said, “The world is refreshed.” Can you hear it saying, “Ahhhhhhhh!”? :0)

Since I’m old and getting a bit ditzy, I have note-its all over the place reminding me that because of Memorial Day, we’re NOT gathering trash today and putting it out – until TOMORROW, when we ARE. At least I USUALLY remember why I got up and went into a room….

I found a website new to me called, “Temu.com” My husband showed it to me. It’s where he found the water bowl for painters that he has ordered for me recently. They specialize in discounted items. We’re not sure of the quality yet, or if the orders will be delivered in a reasonable amount of time, but I’m impressed with the prices. They sell basically everything, and you could go down a rabbit hole trying to see all they have. I’ve ordered a couple of women’s tops. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy your day.

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Vincent Richel Driftwood Sculpture 2

Vincent Richel Driftwood Sculptures

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Drawings by Laura Hardie 2


Long Tall Sally

Laura Hardie Animal Drawings

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Memorial Day 2023

Home Free – “God Bless the U.S.A.” (featuring Lee Greenwood and the United States Air Force Band)

This fills my heart to bursting. Home Free is an acapella group, so there are NO instruments in this. Absolutely stunning.

ReMax Arkansas


This is Memorial Park in the center of the square in Greenwood, Arkansas. There are bronze rectangles commemorating veterans on both sides of the sidewalks through the park. There is a bronze statue commemorating each of the 4 services: Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force. On each day like this, the small flags decorate each of the rectangles.



A day to honor the sacrifice of brave men and women and their families, the ones who are gone and those who are serving now, working in very difficult conditions to keep us free.

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Sunday Thoughts 5-28-2023

“Silies” – sent to me by my friend, Marsha.

Okay. I admit it. I started to type ‘Saturday’ in the title to this post. I also have trouble typing the year. I keep starting to type ‘2030’ and having to go back and change it. It’s easy to type, very symmetrical from the keyboard. Do you supposed I’m trying to wish away time – or just having aging problems? :0)

When the Sleep Number beds were a new thing in 2006, we really wanted one, but didn’t want to pay the steep price. We ended up buying a competitor – a king sized Celenia, Comfortaire. It’s a really sturdy air-filled mattress with dual controls so we can each have the firmness we want, changing it at any time. We love it.

This bed is now 17 years old! It’s not surprising that it is now showing signs of aging. We are having to hit the controls nightly now to bring the firmness up to what we have chosen for each side of the bed. My husband thinks we may need to buy a new pump or something. I just looked it up online and OF COURSE, it’s ‘discontinued.’ I’ve gotten out the paperwork and we’ll study the options we have.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to start our project of lopping off branches that are hanging down on both sides of our driveway, creating ‘branch tunnels’. I had already put our loppers in the truck. I added some gloves for me and my phone and sunglasses and we were ready. (I suggested that my husband wear tennis shoes instead of sandals, but he wasn’t interested. )

I pulled down each branch and my husband cut it off as close to the tree as he could reach. I then hauled the branch to the low side of the driveway and threw it into the woods as far as I could. We did this for about 15 minutes before pooping out. Happily, in that amount of time we each got good exercise and made a dent in the project to clear the driveway. We’ll try to do more again today, even though we don’t have errands to do or mail to get. (My husband put on tennis shoes this morning. Imagine that! :0) )

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

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Beautiful Photograph

Just a State of Mind Photography-@Photo_SteveF-Ocean Sunsets-via @Admired_art-Twitter

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Johan Scherft Birds from Paper 2

Johan Scherft Realistic Birds – made from paper and then painted.

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Jen Buckley Art

Baby Giraffe


Gary Otter

Herdwick Sheep

Jen Buckley Art

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Squelch the Snark!

Daily Motion

The effort to shed my lard is showing a bit of progress.

I decided that what I’ve been doing obviously isn’t working, so decided to change things up a bit and see if this helps.

I had been skipping breakfast, calling it “intermittent fasting,” but the result of that was a LOT of hunger for lunch – so I’m now eating some of my husband’s Cheerios with milk for breakfast.

I’m consciously trying to consider each thing I’m including on my plate for lunch, NOT including something that is less important to me in an effort to keep my metabolism working but not load myself down.

Dinners are 1) an individual frozen portion of something I have cooked (like spaghetti, a casserole, hamburger patty); 2) an individual portion frozen entree (I’m eating Atkins Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo tonight); or 3) a new entree I’ve cooked. I make a side veggie and we have a dinner roll.

The MyFitnessPal.com calorie counter thinks I’m ‘not eating enough’ (based on 1200 calories per day) until I add a snack. I’m waffling on this one, since I know I’m eating healthy and mainly wanted to make sure I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot inadvertently.

I’m trying to make SURE I’m either working in the yard, doing my yoga, or both, daily, plus I’m trying to drink more water.



So far, I’ve lost 3.2 lbs. Suffice to say I have a LONG way to go before I get to my goal, but I have started. I’m happy that my scales have finally noticed, and are registering a difference, but they continue to be quite snarky. I’m hoping to squelch the snark with my continued efforts.

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Cat Math


This is our Abby. She not only gets along with our dog, Amber, she dominates the 95-pound yellow lab.

This is Amber, the poor bullied dog.

This morning Abby got Amber to bark at the front door so that SHE could come in. When I saw what had occurred, I gave BOTH Amber AND Abby a treat. :0)

Abby is now sleeping in the exact middle of Amber’s huge bed in the living room, daring Amber to try to use it. (Amber is lying down behind my husband’s recliner.)

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