More of Timothy Gallihan Art – Pencilworks

Timothy Gallihan – Pencilworks




Timothy Gallihan – Pencilworks 

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An Owl Always Makes It Better

Loralee Lewis and Covia JeffJett

I love owls. There is something about them that speaks to me. I collect them. I try to draw and paint them. I have owl earrings and a necklace. I’m drawn to them everywhere I go. I realize this might be weird, but seeing one lifts my spirits. This lovely owl created with feathers  by Loralee Lewis and Covia JeffJett I think is simply stunning.

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“Purple Flower” – Paul Militaru Photography



“Lavender and a White Butterfly” – Paul Militaru Photography



“Exotic Purple Flower” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Pet Peeve – “True Fact”

A pet peeve of mine is misuse of the word ‘fact.’




  • a thing that is known or proved to be true


Too many people say things such as, “This is a true fact.” What rubbish!

The word ‘fact’ is much like the word ‘pregnant.’ Either you are or you aren’t. 

End of rant. :0)

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Mother, May I?

Healing with Art via Cathy Ruggiero


I planned to make glorious mistakes in my art room yesterday, since it was raining and I couldn’t work outside. Somehow, I couldn’t give myself permission to ignore some of the things that were staring at me inside our home that have been needing my attention. I ended up cleaning up the kitchen, getting the filing under control in the office, playing with the dogs, and the afternoon was gone.

I have a lot of fun in my art room. Much of the time I just enjoy looking at the nice supplies I have, thrilled at the potential! Sometimes I simply play, trying some new techniques, stirring the pot, getting my juices flowing.

I love it when I get an order for custom handmade cards, note cards, or stationery. I can combine my love of art supplies – all the colors – and smells – and FEELS – with the joy of playing, coming up with designs I hope my customer will love.  When I have an order, I drop everything else and concentrate on creation, my customer’s wishes foremost in my mind.

At times like THIS, when I don’t have an order, it’s harder to allow myself to take time off. I almost feel I’m playing the old childhood game of “Mother, May I?” I’m trying to convince myself that playing is essential, that no one cares if the living room has been vacuumed yesterday, today, or tomorrow, and that I get no ‘points’ for crossing everything off my ever-growing list. There is a strong inner voice, though, that keeps repeating what a slob I am – that I should have a clean, well-organized home at all times….

I think I will try to SQUASH that mean little voice  – maybe just for a while this afternoon – and let the joyous part of me play in the paint!

Mother, May I?


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Mother Nature is Smiling on Us

This morning about 1:30 a.m. we had flickering power and a new thunderstorm. I stayed awake long enough to make a trip to the bathroom and then turn on our fan again before sleeping through the rest of it.

It was raining (still – again?) when we got up and had breakfast. Both doggies have been out and are back in – TWICE – both wet and happy from playing out in it. The cats are staying firmly in their cube beds on top of the woodpile in the garage, shaking their paws at even the THOUGHT of getting wet. The fish in the aquarium are unimpressed and bewildered by all the hubbub.

We usually shop for groceries on Sunday mornings, but we’ll hold off, not wanting our groceries to get any more wet than necessary. I’ve been on the front and back porches, though, a couple of times, enjoying the cool and the wet, the rumbling of the thunder, the blowing of branches, and the glorious smell of the rain.

Once this is over, we’re back into the oven that is Arkansas this year, so I’m soaking up all I can get.


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I Ate a Mangosteen!

Source Unknown

I told you a week or so ago that our son arranged to send us some Mangosteens from a place in Miami. He lives in Thailand, and this is one of his favorite things.  I had never heard of them, but found out that pharmaceutical companies are going nuts making supplements from the powder. I actually bought a bottle and am taking the supplements, but I haven’t felt any difference, and don’t look a thing like Julia Roberts yet, so I probably won’t order another bottle.

The mangosteen fruit came really nicely packaged in a styrofoam box with a dry ice type thing in it. We looked at all the fruit, but all of them were really hard, like billiard balls. We put a few on the island in the kitchen to ripen.

I’ve been testing them each day, eager to try one. Finally, two of them ‘gave’ a tiny bit when I pressed them, so I followed my son’s video, sticking my thumb in just under the green leaves at the top and pulling the top off. I then pulled all the purple part off, exposing the nice, white fruit inside. It looks just like this photo! The purple part is fairly hard to get off, but I think this is mostly because I was hurrying things a bit, anxious to try the fruit. The first mangosteen I opened didn’t have white fruit, so I threw that away. The second one looked JUST like the one above, so I carefully separated the white sections, which are remarkably similar to an orange.

They are, indeed, delicious. I ate three sections – which were very small – and took the other three to my husband to try. He said, “These are nice, but not something I would travel far for.” I can’t wait for more of them to ripen. I put six of them in a paper bag, taking the suggestion from Marsha, a good friend of mine. We’ll see if that works. The rest are still in the fridge in their styrofoam box. I certainly don’t want them all ripening at once!

What a fun experience!



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Inside Plans for the Day

ABSTRACTS by Sabina via Cathy Ruggiero

I’ve been fighting with my to-do list – it seems like for weeks now – not making much headway. Since today isn’t a good day to spend outside in my veggie garden, weeding my flower planters, or weed-whacking, I think I’ll take at least a bit of time this afternoon and play in my art room!

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Timothy Gallihan Art – Timeless!

Timothy Gallihan – Pencilworks

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“Breakfast” – Paul Militaru Photography

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A Tale of Two Planters

We have two brick planters on the east side of the house we converted to square foot garden containers. One of them is 2 feet x 8 feet and the other is a square, 4 feet on a side, in the nook between the back of the house and our screened porch.

The plants in the nook look extremely healthy and have some nice-sized green tomatoes. The plants in the other planter aren’t happy. I’ve had a few ripened tomatoes – all with blossom end rot.

According to what I’m reading, this is caused by uneven watering, too much fertilizer, or a lack of calcium. We have an irrigation system, and everything seems to be thriving with the once a day watering they’re receiving, except for this planter, so I don’t think this is the reason. I fertilized with some tomato food when I first planted, but none since. I suspect a lack of calcium. I sprayed the plants with “Rot-Stop” a couple of days ago. I then worked some bone meal into the soil around each plant yesterday morning. I’m not sure if there is anything else I can do, so I’ll just watch and wait a bit to see if this helps.

One of our favorite things in all the world is fresh sliced tomatoes, so I’m hoping that we end up with a good crop!

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It’s a Dawg’s Life

Amber took advantage in the rain let-up for a minute to take a swim in her clean kiddie pool, thanks to my scrubbing it out yesterday and refilling it.  She is now wet and happily sprawled out in the foyer, taking a nap.  I took some pics last night that I wanted to share. She has taken to sleeping upside down, back legs sprawled, half-on and half-off her bed n the evenings while we watch TV or a movie.

She won’t let you come up to her, no matter how soundly she seems to be asleep. I even had to turn on the camera in the office and get the flash ready before I came out to the living room to get these pics, but she will stay like this for a LONG time, very comfortably sleeping.









She has such a hard life. Don’t you feel sorry for her?




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Paper Art – Take 18

Maude White-Colossal



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Interesting Day

The weather alert thingie in our bedroom woke me up early this morning – about 2:45 a.m. – flashing red. I got up to see what it was warning us about. A severe thunderstorm. That started about 3 a m.  There was an impressive amount of thunder and lightning, along with a good amount of rain – just perfect for feeling grateful we had a roof over our head, a strong house, and good windows – and then turning over and happily going back to sleep.

It was still raining, or raining again – though without all the fanfare, when we got up for breakfast. The dogs didn’t seem to mind going out to take care of business, but they were barking at the door only moments later. The wind was whipping trees around, so I closed the garage door for at least the morning.

We’re due for severe weather – rain, gusty winds, hail, possible tornadoes, possible flooding, and flying hair balls – this afternoon and evening, so the whole day will be interesting.

Both doggies have been out again and are happily playing.  The cats are curled up in their ‘cube’ beds on top of the woodpile in the garage. The fish are happily swimming in their still-clean water. The people are happy they don’t have to go do a bunch of errands today. We might drive down quickly and get the mail at the bottom of the driveway, but today will be a nice inside day for us.

Hold onto your hats if you’re in our area today. If you aren’t, I hope you’re enjoying the weather where you are.


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Paper Art – Jeff Nishinaka

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“Valley of the Olt”

“Valley of the Olt” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Charles Krauthammer 1950-2018

Chalres Krauthammer – photo credit –



“America is the only country ever founded on an idea. The only country that is not founded on race or even common history. It’s founded on an idea and the idea is liberty. That is probably the rarest phenomena in the political history of the world; this has never happened before. And not only has it happened, but it’s worked. We are the most flourishing, the most powerful, most influential country on Earth with this system, invented by the greatest political geniuses probably in human history.”

“I leave this life with no regrets. It was a wonderful life — full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.”

I always wanted to hear Charles Krauthammer say what he thought about an issue. He spoke clearly, calmly, and many times with humor. If he disagreed with someone else, he told them, but with respect for them and their opinion.

His book, “Things That Matter,” is one you shouldn’t miss.

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Thoughts as Summer Begins

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.” — James Dent


“The perfect summer day is with friends & flip flops.” – unknown


“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” ~Sam Keen


“Dirty hands, iced tea, garden fragrances thick in the air and a blanket of color before me,
who could ask for more?” – Bev Adams


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We saw some commercials about LeafGuard gutter covers and decided to check it out.

We live in a two-story home. We don’t have many gutters, but the ones we have are important. My husband and I agree that we’re too old to get up on a two-story ladder and try to clean our gutters out, and we’ve never even gotten estimates on getting our cleaned out.

I filled out an online form on the LeafGuard Website, got all finished and hit “Get a free estimate” and then a pop-up said “There is no service available in your area.” Shoot!

I messed around, looking for other avenues and all of a sudden the phone rang. It was a guy from North Little Rock asking me about coming for an estimate for gutter covers! That’s a little scary! I talked to him and he’s scheduled to come Monday morning. I found out that he found ME through – a place I’d gone a week or so ago to see if there was anyone in our area who could help us. I got another call from a second company about an hour ago. He’s scheduled to come Tuesday after 3pm. There is a third place that was listed on the HomeAdvisor site, so we may get another call today.

We’ll see what happens. It will be interesting to see if they all agree as to the state of our current guttering, whether they try to sell us more, how many feet of guttering they say we have, whether they charge or not for cleaning out the gutters before they would install the covers, what the warranty is, what they would charge, etc.

When we have the written estimates in hand, we’ll go back online to see the reviews, get Better Business Bureau ratings, etc.

This sounds like such a good thing to do that we probably can’t afford it, but it’s good to dream…

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Clearing Out the Garden

Today I did a first session on clearing out the garden of bolted lettuce and broccoli plants. According to my heat index chart, 48% humidity doesn’t make the 85 degree temperature much worse. According to my old body, it’s really hot outside. I spent half an hour pulling out hugely tall lettuce and broccoli plants. The praying of the EIGHT

bug spray last week was still holding. I didn’t see ANY ants in the garden! It’ll take another session or two before I have things under control, but I got the worse of it done. The cantaloupe vines are looking good, with lots of blossoms, but no actual melons yet. I’ll take pics when things are a bit more under control.

One of the tomato planters is doing really well. The other one, not so much. The sad one had some ripe tomatoes, but they had blossom end rot, showing they didn’t have enough calcium. I sprayed them with Blossom End Rot stuff,

and tomorrow I’ll get some bone meal to work into the soil around the plants. I don’t know if that will be enough to save them or not, but I’m giving it a try. The other planter in the nook beside the screened porch is looking good with some fairly large green tomatoes. I’m hopeful we’ll have a good harvest from that planter. We LOVE fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes!

I mixed up another batch of EIGHT and got about half of it sprayed before needing to rest again. I found a big mound of the awful fire ants right next to our sidewalk in the back. There was one large mound and another smaller one. I hosed both of them down and caused much consternation among the ant population. I’ll spray them again later today and see if I can knock them out. I’m grateful that this spray doesn’t harm plants or our animals – just the bugs.

My husband is working on our small riding lawn mower, trying to solve some kind of problem with the blades. I’m going to go out to the shop and check on him now, and hopefully get him to come back and eat some lunch.  Hopefully, later I’ll finish the bug spraying and get the rose bushes pruned.

I hope you’re having a good day.

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Timothy Gallihan Art – Take 3


Timothy Gallihan Art – Pencilworks

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“White Pink-Laced”

“White Pink-Laced” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Want to Take Advantage of the Sale?

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Whine and Cheese

Today marks the end of Week 8 on Nutrisystem.  I did pretty well for an old, fat broad the first month, but I’ve stalled in the second, as far as any real difference in weight or measurements.  To date, I’ve lost 12.5 pounds and 16 inches.  I’m pleased to have any results at all, but I’m frustrated that my progress seems to have stalled. I’m fighting with the same 3 lbs.

One great thing about Nutrisystem is its online CHAT. Today I talked to Allison J.  I explained my sad problem to her. She wanted to know what I ate yesterday, meal by meal. When she analyzed it, she said

  • she noticed I was skipping my Power Fuel (PF) at breakfast. I admitted that I was skipping it, sometimes making up for it later in the day.  I didn’t realize that WHEN you eat stuff – and in what combination – is very important for your results. (Today for breakfast I ate a Nutrisystem (NS) Blueberry Muffin, and then 2 tablespoons of Cashews).
  • we decided that I was probably eating too much salad dressing during the day, since I eat it with my lunch veggies and also with my salad at dinner. I’ll cut WAY back on the ‘dip’ with the veggies at lunch and try to watch it better at dinner.
  • she suggested that I swap ‘lunch’ and dinner’ entrees for a week and then get back with her next Thursday. I’m guessing that the dinners are higher calorie and that it might be best if I ate those during the day, rather than in the evening when I’m less active.
  • she asked if each of my snacks (PFs and SmartCarbs (SCs) were at least 80 calories. I looked at my log on NuMi and found that my PFs were okay, but my SC was only 65 calories. She suggested that I eat 1-1/2 oranges, instead of just one, to bring the calories up. (Weird, isn’t it? – The idea of bringing the calories up.) I’m supposed to be eating 1200 calories each day, but I routinely came up with up to 200 short.

Thanks to Allison J., I now have several changes to try to see if this breaks through my plateau from Hell.  Hopefully, by the time I report next week, the changes in eating will have wrought some changes in ME!


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Email from Bill Lites

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The Game is On….

Sarah Gene –


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Why Does a Dog Have So Many Friends?

email from Bill Lites

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Salute to the Day

Nanea Hoffman – Sweatpants and Coffee via Stephanie Youmans Wilson

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The Beautiful Birds

“Mandarin Duck” – Paul Militaru Photography



“The Dove” – Paul Militaru Photography



“Little Dove” – Paul Militaru Photography



“Coots and a Duck” – Paul Militaru Photography

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The Art of Timothy Gallihan, Pencilworks

Timothy Gilliahan – Pencilworks 

Timothy Gillihan – Pencilworks

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