August 2015 Creative Artworks Contest


This is a placemat from Heritage Lace donated by Sandi Myers as the August 2015 contest prize!

One 14″ x 20″ “Autumn Elegance” placemat. 100% Polyviscose. Celebrate the bounty of the season with this table linen in rich autumn colors. A bold border of abstract leaves complements the decorative cutwork details.

To enter the contest, email with

  • your full name,
  • full shipping address, and
  • home phone number (optional – will only be used if you are the winner and cannot be reached via email. Personal info is NEVER given to others.)

Good luck to you! Winner will be chosen August 31st.

Enjoy browsing through Sandi’s ACEO’s on Creative Artworks! “What ARE ACEO’s,” you ask?

An ACEO is a picture, artwork, or photograph on a 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece of card stock. It is signed, numbered and titled on the back. People enjoy collecting ACEO’s by their favorite artists and then, maybe swapping them with others, sort of like people used to do with baseball cards. A fun thing to do!

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Winner of July 2015 Creative Artworks Contest!


The lucky winner of the “Japanese Chin Spaniel” glass ornament by Ines Miller is Rosie from Canton, Illinois. Congratulations, Rosie!

Take a few minutes and look what Ines Miller offers:

  • Stained glass pieces
  • Leaded glass pieces
  • Personalized dog signs
  • Note cards printed from her original artwork
  • Key or leash holder racks
  • Digital portraits of people or pets
  • Purse portraits

Click the link above to see some wonderful products!

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Refurbishment Progress


We finished two critters and put them back outside in the world today, though we changed the places they lived. This is the “Scissor Shovelbird.” His neck and back are an old shovel. His beak and eye sockets are a pair of scissors with bars welded into the eye sockets to give us something to which to stick the google eyes. His hair is farming pitchfork, I think, and his legs are rebar.



He was really dirty from being out in the weather, so I spent a lot of time cleaning him up before I could do more. He got totally repainted and new Google eyes.



Here he is looking straight at you. We put sunflower seeds in the shovel part to surprise some birds as they fly around.



This is “Mama and Baby Snail.” My husband made these out of strap metal, curling it up to make the snail ‘shells.’ He used straight strap metal for the bases, then welded on another piece to form the ‘mouths.’ He finished by welding on short pieces of rod with round balls welded on top for the eyes.

These had really rusted, so I put about six or seven coats of yellow rust-preventative paint on them this time. They were very happy to be out of the shop and back onto the side of one of our planters again.

I’m working on another shovel bird and then our janitor robot in the shop now. Pics to follow.


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Dog Tired!

I’ve had a good, busy day and I’m dog tired.

We met our friends for Lunch Bunch and then we came right home because a friend was coming over with paintings for me to list on Creative Artworks.

While I was waiting, I was continuing to take pictures of the totes I’ve painted because a lady with whom I work graciously offered to list them on her website for extra exposure. I finally finished that about 10 minutes ago. I also got the pictures processed of the new paintings by my friend and listed them on the website. (pics to follow soon).

After my friend left and before I hit the computer again, I was out in the shop continuing the refurbishing of our metal yard art critters. I finished the “Mama and Baby Snail” and one of our shovel birds. I also finished the painting on another one. I need to glue on his eyes and then he’s finished. I started a third one, cleaning him up and starting to paint.

It’s about 4:40 pm now and I’m definitely ready to put my feet up.

I hope you’ve had a busy, productive, happy day, too!


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Bright Idea – Take 6

credit -

credit –

This is inspired!


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Amazing Animal Friends – Take 5

credit -

credit –

It’s refreshing to know that not ALL foxes eat chickens. This is sweet.

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Featured Piece of the Day by Robyn Soules

"Shell Garden Bracelet" by Robyn Soules

“Shell Garden Bracelet” by Robyn Soules

Bracelet-“Shell-Garden” – ID # 8293 by Robyn Soules [$45.00 + free shipping]
A beautiful collection of shells and pearls. These special bracelets are woven on a triangular base of Miyuki seed beads then decorated with a selection of Czech glass, sterling silver, stones, crystals, silver-plated or metalized beads and shells. They stand away from the wrist about ½ inch depending on the size and shape of the decorations. These bracelets are truly originals with each one slightly original in content and arrangement of beads. The colors will stay within the displayed range. Please allow approximately one week for delivery.

See all of Robyn’s jewelry, plus Christmas ornament bead wraps!

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David Zinn – Street Art – Take 1

David Zinn - Street Artist

David Zinn – Street Artist

My sister-in-law sent this to me this morning and I’m totally blown away by David Zinn’s talent. He does the wonderful perspective art I have seen before (where it looks like there is a cliff in the middle of the street and people are falling off) for example, and he combines that with some really cute original characters.

He has a website David Zinn – The Street Art Shop

David Zinn is an artist from Michigan. He runs around all day in the streets of Ann Arbor, with street construction, cracks, etc. on the road with chalk to create a lot of street fairy tales. His most famous creation was undoubtedly a little monster called Sluggo. Sluggo has a green body and long, round eyes, it and its partners have also become a small street in Ann Arbor’s unique scene.

I’m going to share some of his art, a few pictures at a time, so you can enjoy it with me.



David Zinn, Street Art

I would be a menace on the streets of Ann Arbor, because I would stop dead in my tracks when I found one of his drawings, wanting to take pictures, find him actually drawing one, seeing the reactions of others, and more.



David Zinn, Street Art

I love the way he has used the crack in the sidewalk as an integral part of his drawing here.



David Zinn, Street Art

I love this. I’m not sure if this is a seam in a building, the edge of a step, or what, but I love the drawing.



David Zinn, Street Art

Not only is he talented, with a great sense of humor, but his artwork tells a story.



David Zinn, Street Art

I find myself hoping the train won’t come! And did you see the other mouse peeking around the side of the ‘tunnel?’


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Featured Piece of the Day by Michael Bridges

"Waterfall" by Michael Bridges

“Waterfall” by Michael Bridges

“Waterfall”-Original-Painting – ID # 5919 by Michael Bridges [$139.20 + free shipping]
“Waterfall” is an original oil on canvas by Michael Bridges. The dimensions are 16×20 and the piece will be shipped ready for you to frame. Please allow one week for delivery.

See all of Michael Bridges’ paintings.


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July 29th Harvest


This is today’s harvest from the square foot garden and the addition on the side of the house.

There are 5 gigantic cucumbers – one of which grew THROUGH the fence the plant was supposed to climb up. The tomatoes are all from the side of the house.

The hydroponic project to grow clone sucker tomato plants didn’t result in tomatoes. We have one plant still alive, but it’s not looking like it’s going to produce anything. We should have tried it before it got so hot. I think the shock of going from the bucket of water where the roots were watered every 15 minutes to the ground where it was watered 10 minutes a day was just too much for the plants in the heat we’ve been having. We’ll try it again earlier in the year and see if we’re successful. I’m still amazed at the root systems the suckers produced in the bucket.

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Rio Samba Rose “Bouquet”



A couple of days ago my husband and I noticed that one of our Rio Samba rose bushes had sprouted a new branch and it was covered with roses! It took me until just now to finally get a picture. The bouquet is at the bottom of the rest of the rose bush, right above the impatiens that we planted around the base of the planter.



Here’s a close up of the ‘bouquet.’ We think it’s really a special gift.

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“Farmer Robot” Reborn!



This was our poor Farmer Robot after several years out in the elements. His paint is wearing off. His bandanna is in rags. He just looks unhappy.



Here he is after a refurbishing. We repainted him all over, added a pocket to his overalls, and got him black sneakers, as well as a new bandanna. We added eyes so he can see who’s coming up the driveway.



Here’s a closeup of his eyes, new bandanna, etc.



Here’s a close up of his ‘new sneakers.

He looks happier now, we think.

Now I’m working on refurbishing a mama and baby snail and one of our shovel birds. Pictures to follow.


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New Service

credit -

credit –


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Amazing Animal Friends – Take 4

credit -

credit –

Isn’t this beautiful?

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Bright Idea – Take 5

credit -

credit –

I’m going to try this!


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Featured Piece of the Day by Darlene Fletcher

"Raven on Canvas" 2-Pack Card Set by Darlene Fletcher

“Raven on Canvas” 2-Pack Card Set by Darlene Fletcher

“Raven on Canvas” 2-Pack Card Set – ID # 15320 by Darlene Fletcher [$5.95 + free shipping]
Package of two cards. These high quality 5″ x 7″ blank greeting cards come with white envelopes and are printed on FSC certified card stock.

Don’t miss the “5 card Mix and Match” listing in this section!

See all of the exquisite designs by Darlene Fletcher!

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Baby vs Dachshund Video

I double-dog-dare you to watch this video of a baby in the tub playing with the dachshund and not smile, and smile again….

The video is called “Baby vs Dachshund”

The video is by Sausage Dog Central, and it was posted on Facebook by my friend, Ann Bell.


If the link above doesn’t work for you, here is the URL

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Bright Idea – Take 4

credit -

credit –


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Amazing Animal Friends – Take 3

credit -

credit –

Isn’t this amazing! A polar bear and a huskie. I LOVE these pictures!

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Featured Piece of the Day by Lenore Garnhum

"Fitness Diva" Note Cards by Lenore Garnhum

“Fitness Diva” Note Cards by Lenore Garnhum

Note Cards – “Fitness-Diva”- Pkg-of-8 – ID# 14544 by Lenore Garnhum [$20.00 + free shipping]
These note cards are prints of original artwork by Lenore Garnhum. They are blank inside for any message you choose to write, and can be used for any occasion. These designs are young, stylish, and fun – both for the sender AND the receiver! Package of 8 cards with envelopes. The size is approximately 5.5″ x 4.25″.

See all of Lenore’s note card designs on Creative Artworks

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Amazing Animal Friends – Take 2

credit -

credit –

The kitten doesn’t look delighted, but she’s not trying to escape…

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Bright Idea – Take 3

credit -

credit –

Now why didn’t “I” think of this? I’ve always just tried to ‘eat faster’ to keep it from melting on me….


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Great Monday!

I feel as happy as this sweet baby today.

My husband and I have essentially finished the refurbishing of the “Farmer Robot” and we’ll set him back in his proper spot tomorrow. I’ll take pics to post for you.

I cleaned and started a refurb on a “Mother and Baby Snail” today.

We’re going to pick up our good friends and enjoy bowling and ice cream afterwards tonight. I’m enjoying getting the exercise, having the chance to beat my husband’s scores, and catching up with our good friends.

After we take them home, we head for the airport to pick up our son, who is visiting with us for awhile before flying to Shanghai for another stay. This time he’s going with good friends and associates who haven’t been before, so he’ll be able to show them around a bit. We have no idea any other details and are just hanging loose, preparing to enjoy every minute. I’m going to get as many good hugs as possible and am preparing to laugh a lot. :0)

I hope YOUR day was a happy one, too!

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Wow – Take 1

credit -

credit –

Wow! I want one of these!


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Amazing Animal Friends

credit -

credit –

I’m a sucker for animals who should be killing and eating each other, or, at the least, fighting, but are friends, instead. We’ve all seen pictures of mother animals taking in strays to nurse to adulthood. They amaze me, too. I came across several pictures that simply made my heart melt and wanted to share them with you.

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Bright Idea – Take 2

credit -

credit –

I’ve seen this one before and thought it was a great idea. Somehow, I ‘forgot’ it when I actually opened cans of paint. Now that I’m refurbishing our yard art, I’m using up lots of cans and buying new. I think I’ll definitely try this, since I can’t seem to paint without getting the paint all over me, plus getting it into the top of the can so that it doesn’t want to seal properly.


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Yubi, Purslane, Portulaca


We love a plant, or plant group, known by various names: “Yubi,” “Purslane,” and “Portulaca.” We discovered it in Springdale, Arkansas, many years ago while we were there trying to get my husband’s apartment set up for a long-term job and were going all over town arranging phone, electrical, water, etc.


At one of the places, there was a planter in front with a glorious display of brightly colored flowers. We were amazed because in Greenwood, where we lived, even with daily watering our flowers were trying to croak. The sun was simply too strong and hot. We went inside and asked the clerk what the flowers were.

Ever since, we look for it. Sometimes we have trouble and have to ask for it by all three names of the plant family we know. It comes in various colors. We have some yellow and some pink on our deck, a different pink in planters on either side of our garage door. This planter is outside our shop. My husband waters it with a gallon milk jug he keeps filled with water inside the shop. When he goes out to turn on the a/c, he gives it a drink.

As you can see, even with a heat index today of 108-110, we have beautiful blooms!



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Featured Piece of the Day by Lisa Richey

6x9 Custom Journals by Lisa Richey

6×9 Custom Journals by Lisa Richey

6″x9″-Handmade-Journal – ID # 464 by Lisa Richey [$21.95 + free shipping]
Handmade Journal in 6″ x 9″ size is created for you by Lisa Richey. (This picture is just one of many designs Lisa Richey offers.) Filled with 50 pages of recycled white paper and covered with handmade or other fine paper. We’ll contact you regarding a choice of cover papers to make the perfect journal!

Lisa Richey makes ‘all things paper’ on Creative Artworks. See her greeting cards, handmade paper posters, and more.

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Bright Idea – Take 1

credit -

credit –

Why didn’t I think of that?


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New Project – “Farmer Robot” Refurb


This sweet guy lives in front of one side of our garage. He’s a really heavy piece and has stood, warding off evil, for several years of rain, wind, hail, ice, and sunshine. His bandanna is almost completely gone. His paint is wearing off. He’s asking for some love.

My husband brought him to the shop for me because I simply couldn’t live him to get him into the wheelbarrow. We lifted him together onto the painting table, but his round propane tank belly wouldn’t allow him to be stable. My husband finally tied him to the table.

The farmer robot is made of spare metal parts. His head is a former box of some kind, maybe for electrical stuff. His torso is a propane tank. His arms and legs are lengths of pipe welded together. His feet are heavy metal to keep him stable when he’s standing up.

The first step on his refurbishment was getting his bandanna off. I ended up cutting it off with a knife. Then I cleaned him up, removing dirt, dirt dobbers’ nests, a spider and her nest, etc.

I painted the first coat on his back today. I’ll do another coat on his back and then we’ll turn him over and retie him to the table.

The thing I’ve noticed as I do the refurbishment is that I still like the critters we’ve created over the years. Each has a history. Each was made in a different stage of our ability to make things, with the parts we had at the time, using the tools we had at the time. We’ve had lots of laughs creating these. We’ve learned to work together, though our work styles and visions are very different. We’ve learned to compromise in order to make things no one else has. (One could argue that no one else would WANT things like this, but….)

I’m having a really good time as I give these weird critters the attention they need. I still like them, and they still make me smile.

What a good time we’ve had!



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Look Quickly – This Won’t Last!


I’ve been cleaning up my area in the shop the past couple of days. I finally got my painting area cleaned out and reorganized. I won’t show you the counter where I do mosaics yet. It needs a couple more days’ work. :0)

This is mainly my stained glass area. Across from this shelf, there is a table where we do the actual cutting, shaping, etc. of the glass. To the right of this shelf is my counter top where we have squares of glass and mosaic supplies. I’ll show you that if I can get the time and energy to tackle that soon.



The next picture shows my painting table. We covered it with a tarp to protect the table. I can wipe off a lot of spills and spots. You can see the laptop computer and its wire. I pull up pictures of our projects so that I can see the colors to use for the painting of our mailbox decorations.  You can see my coffee warmer – a wonderful thing that allows me to enjoy coffee while I paint! You can also see dog biscuits on the table. The doggies dive-bomb me from time to time saying they’ll die if they don’t get a cookie…

You can’t see the fan that is on the wooden table next to my painting table. With the a/c on and the fan in my direction, I can stay quite comfortable in the summer.  I also have a roll-around stainless steel table so that I can paint sitting down and turn the piece I’m painting. Overhead lights give me a good amount of light on the project.



This is my main painting supplies shelf. You can see the paint holder my husband made on the bottom shelf. I have outdoor rust preventative paint in small cans on the next shelf up. Then painting supplies, gloves, etc. There is another set of shelves to the left of this that holds small paint bottles with points that I use for accents and outlining, plus some large tubes of craft paint. I have a couple of boxes of craft supplies on that shelf, as well. (I went through everything so you can actually FIND something you need now!



Today, after taking pictures to show that I CAN be more clean and organized – I started the next project. I’ll show that to you in the next post.


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