Snoopy and Woodstock


I have to admit to you that my husband and I seem to be losing it. We had three things to do when we left the house for errands today. One was changing the mailbox decoration, and two was getting the mail.

We did change the decoration, but I forgot my camera. I tried to use my phone and when I looked at them later (when I could see them without the sun shining on my phone) they were the lousiest pics I’ve ever taken. Not only that, we forgot to get the mail out of the box!

This is the back of the piece. You can see I had a hard time trying to get their feet right with the bar coming through the design.



This is the front on the piece, though I should have been farther away so I could get the picture straight on…

We think it’s a happy looking 4th of July piece. I hope you like it.

P.S. We drove up the driveway, got my camera, drove back down and took these pics. We DID remember to get the mail this time. :0)

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Featured Piece of the Day by Lisa Richey

"Start" Handmade Paper Poster by Lisa Richey

“Start” Handmade Paper Poster by Lisa Richey

“Start”-Handmade-Paper-Poster – ID # 14190 by Lisa Richey [$19.95 + free shipping]
“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe.
Each of these 8 x 10 posters is completely handmade. While the posters are suitable for framing, Lisa currently offers these mounted on a sheet of contrasting black handmade paper protected in a clear sleeve. Please allow approximately one week for delivery.

Lisa Richey not only uses paper for her beautiful paper products, she MAKES the paper! Her handmade paper posters will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye, or have you nodding in acknowledgment. They’re great for yourself or as gifts for loved ones, friends, or co-workers.

She makes many different kinds of greeting cards – “Wisdom” cards, “Word” cards, and “Lovenotes,” as well as a collection of hand-painted card sets in your choice of theme! Her handmade journals in three sizes, personalized for you will have a special spot in your heart as you use them to jot down notes, collect favorite poems, use them as photo albums, and more.

See all of Lisa Richey’s handmade paper products

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Beautiful paintings of children – Take 1

credit – Donald

I love paintings of children, especially sun-splashed ones. Donald Zolan gives us both, in beautiful oil paintings I wanted to share.

Credit – Donald



Credit – Donald

Credit – Donald

Credit – Donald

These just fill my heart. I hope you like them, too.

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I’ll Take the Stairs – Take 21

credit - stifyn emrys via cathy ruggiero

credit –
stifyn emrys via cathy ruggiero

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Cleaning like a madwoman

My husband is a smart man – smart enough to stay out of the way when we’re having guests for dinner and the house is in its usual state.

We’re having a really good friend to dinner. She has dropped in countless times while walking her dog, so it’s not like she hasn’t already seen what a slob I am. I even showed her my art room!

Somehow it’s different when we’ve invited her to dinner.

So far, I’ve cleaned and set the table, put lots of stuff away, vacuumed the kitchen, pantry, dining area, utility room, and two half baths.

Next is cleaning the two half-baths and the living room.

Finally, will be getting the dinner stuff ready and then cleaning up the kitchen.

Before the ‘next’ will have to wait because I need to wash my hair and run errands with my husband.

Every time I go through this I promise myself I won’t let things get so out-of-hand….

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July 2015 Contest on Creative Artworks

"Japanese Chin Spaniel" glass ornament by Ines Miller

“Japanese Chin Spaniel” glass ornament by Ines Miller

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass ornament by Ines Miller of Creative Artworks can be yours!

Handcrafted miniature glass ornament with quality petite print of three adorable Japanese Chin dogs. Ornament is enhanced with dangling wire wrapped glass bead and delicate double color : Gold & Burgundy- organza bow. Measures approx.: 2 3/4: wide X 3″tall (from Glass area till dangling bead) – overall length 5″ tall. Each handmade gift is crafted by hand with attention to detail by artist Ines Miller; many hours of dedicated work goes into each piece.

TO ENTER: Email with

  • your full name,
  • your full shipping address, and
  • home phone number (optional).

Ines Miller creates many different kinds of items requiring lots of different skills –

She does stained glass and leaded glass, plus wooden dog signs, leash or key holder racks with animal decorations, note cards, prints of original paintings, digital portraits of people and pets, and pet portraits on purses! You won’t believe that one person can do this many things!

See all of Ines Miller’s work on Creative Artworks

Winner of the July contest will be chosen July 31st. Good luck to each of you!


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June Creative Artworks Contest Winner!

"Sweet Land of Liberty" by Jane Loedding

“Sweet Land of Liberty” by Jane Loedding

Carol and Peter from Palm Harbor, Florida, are the lucky winners of the “Sweet Land of Liberty” original painting by Jane Loedding! Congratulations, guys!

Jane Loedding creates personalized

  • baby keepsakes
  • room signs for young children
  • room signs for teens
  • signs for pets
  • signs for businesses
  • home portraits
  • kitchen magnet sets
  • note cards
  • original paintings
  • ACEO’s to collect and/or trade

See all of Jane Loedding’s work

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Featured Piece of the Day by Jane Loedding

Teen Room Personalized Signs by Jane Loedding

Teen Room Personalized Signs by Jane Loedding

Teen-Room-Personalized-Sign – ID # 12755 by Jane Loedding [$47.50 + free shipping]
Each personalized plaque is made using wood that measures 18″ wide by 6″ tall. Signed and dated by the artist! It will be varnished for protection and attached with a sawtooth hanger on the back.

Please indicate your choice of (1) “Multi-Sports. “Safari,” “Bungalow,” or “Swordfish;” (2) Name to be painted on plaque, and (3) colors, themes, or other details in the special comments section of the order form. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for creation.

This is only one sample of what Jane can do. She also does pet signs, baby room signs, young children signs, business signs, as well as home portraits, kitchen magnet sets, note cards, new mommy clocks, original paintings, and more.

See all of Jane Loedding’s work on Creative Artworks

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Celebrating Creativity – Take 11

My good friend, Ann Bell, posted these on Facebook today and I wanted to share them with you. It seems to be a competition in landscaping, and I think they’re ALL winners –


Credit – 3dfirstaid visual architecture via ann bell



Credit – 3dfirstaid visual architecture via ann bell



Credit – 3dfirstaid visual architecture via ann bell

These pictures are from 3dfirstaid visual architecture via Ann Bell. Aren’t we lucky to live in such a beautiful world?

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Trying to revive myself

I’m beyond pooped. I worked in the garden all morning, finally getting the tomato clones planted. I harvested some veggies, did a lot of cutting down and weeding, pausing several times to go into the a/c’d shop, drink water, and let the fan blow on me until I was up for doing another hitch.

I’m far from finished, but I’m glad the tomatoes are out, ready to sink or swim. I really hope they do well, and will do all in my power to make it happen. I have a lot to do in the garden, but I’m not sure I’ll be ready for another stint tomorrow morning.

I harvested some cucumbers that I didn’t know we had, a green bell pepper, and then went to the far side of the house to see which tomatoes needed to be brought in. I’m trying to leave them on the vines until they NEED to come in.


Tonight we go bowling with some good friends. I just took a good shower and now I’m drinking coffee, trying to get alert again before we leave in a little more than an hour…

Hope YOUR day was good.


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At the hands of a paperback

credit - figment via stephie wilson

credit –
figment via stephie wilson

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credit - Lisa Bearnes Richey

credit –
Lisa Bearnes Richey

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The clones are planted!


The experiment continues!

Today I got squares ready to receive the cloned tomato plants. I put in some strong tomato cages and used zip ties to wire the cages to the top of the fence. Then I brought the sweet plants out, dug trenches for them, planted and watered them. It’s lethally hot again here, so I’m not sure there is enough water in the world to get these sweet plants going, but I needed to try to get them into the ground.

The plants were still looking about like they do in this picture, but the ROOTS were twice as long as the plants!

I have no idea if the transplanted tomatoes will live and produce, but it has been a fun experiment.

We’ll clean up the hydroponic set up and take it back to our friends, the Taylors, this evening. Then, depending on the results of the transplants, we may create a set up of our own.

Meanwhile, I took a picture of our harvest from the original plants in the southwest planter yesterday.


We devoured three of them last night at dinner, and expect we’ll get almost the same number tonight! We are feeling really rich in fresh tomatoes right now, whether the clones make it or not!

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Raccoon trapping update


You can see the humane trap pretty well in this picture. If you look carefully, you can see a clear plastic cup toward the end of the trap on the right. The raccoon was sticking his hand through the end of the trap and getting the peanut butter and crackers.

My husband just put a piece of sheet metal across the center part of the back of the trap so that the raccoon shouldn’t be able to reach through to get the bait anymore. (we hope).

We’ll set the trap again this evening and hope we have a raccoon INSIDE the trap in the morning!

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Oh, good. Another raccoon.


We not only have at least one more raccoon, we may have one we relocated previously! These were some of the pictures taken by our trail camera last night and this morning. My husband was up EARLY this morning, and happened to look out at the deck. He actually SAW the raccoon reach into the BACK of the humane trap and get the peanut butter and crackers. The last time he jiggled the trap too much and the door closed – but not trapping HIM, of course.



We relocate the raccoons at least 5 miles from where we live, thinking that was far enough for them to have a really hard time finding us again. Apparently, we were wrong, and this guy remembers not to get into the trap!



Since baiting the trap isn’t getting us any closer to trapping this guy, we’re thinking of putting really fine screen inside the trap all the way around the back side, so that the raccoon can still see the bait, but not be able to reach in and grab the food.



I wish that these raccoons just ate a bit and then left, rather than climbing all over the bird feeders and breaking them. We routinely have to repair the trashed feeders – if it’s possible at all. This is really tiresome.




Here’s looking at YOU, Kid…

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A good Sunday

credit -

credit –

We’ve had a good Sunday.

I finished painting the leprechaun with the pot of gold today. All he needs is to dry and a coat or two of polyurethane.

I started working on the two-piece gift we’re making for a good friend. This one is hard for me, but I’ll give it my best shot.

While I’ve been painting, my husband has been working on the ‘critter’ who will live on top of the pole in the new iris planter we fixed up.


The pole is approximately 6 feet tall and the critter will go on top of that. We decided to try to make what my husband calls a ‘big-assed bird’ who is flying off the top of the pole. So far, we’ve used a 25 gallon propane bottle as the body, made legs out of rebar, have cut a neck out of pipe, have a head that is one ‘tooth’ on a tractor agricultural tool. We’re cutting the wings out of some scrap metal we have from former mailbox projects, and will weld those on. I’ll post pics as soon as the critter is painted and living on the pole.

It’s hot again today, so I’m trying to wait for a bit of shade before trying to plant the tomato clones we made with the hydroponic experiment.

We gathered another harvest of tomatoes today, and I’ll post the picture as soon as the battery revives for the camera. :0)

We’re going to grill burgers tonight – the end of a perfect day.

Hope you had a fun one, too.

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Celebrating Creativity – Take 10

credit -

credit –

I’ve seen lots of ‘hand’ art, but this is the first one of flowers. I love it. This would be cute at a family time, where a whole family could give a hand to give a garden to a lucky recipient.

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HamFest 2015

This photograph isn’t from the 2015 HamFest in Greenwood, but it gives you an idea of what one looks like.

The ham radio operators showed up about 8 am and have been wielding their radios ever since, keeping track of the call signs of the people all over the world that they contact in a 24 hour period. There are no prizes, but everyone gets into the spirit.

My husband went this morning to see if anyone needed help getting set up. We went back for the fundraising dinner at 6pm. They will stay until tomorrow (Sunday) about 2 pm before packing things up.

Dinner was pulled pork, barbecue sauce, beans and hamburger meat, cole slaw, potato chips and drinks.  We ate in a nice covered picnic area where we were in the shade and there was a nice breeze blowing. It was about 84 degrees today with ONLY 45% humidity – a HUGE relief from what we’ve been having lately.

The mayor of Greenwood, Doug Kinslow, came and read a proclamation he gave to the president of the Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club. I learned later that he comes every year, and this has been the tradition since a major part of Greenwood was devastated by a tornado in April of 1968 that took the court-house and at least half of the stores around the square, plus homes and businesses all over Greenwood. The ham radio operators showed up and provided the only communication for the town for weeks while they tried to recover from the damage and trauma. Ever since then, ham radio operators have been thanked for their service when it was needed most.

We enjoyed talking with members of the club, reconnecting with friends we’ve met before and making new friends.

This is a really good group of people and we’re happy to be members!

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“Mr. Robot” – Wonderful New TV Show

credit - Rotten Tomatoes

credit –
Rotten Tomatoes

My husband and I have been trying new TV shows lately since all the ones we love are on hiatus or have not been renewed. Most of the time we don’t even watch the whole program. We stop the playing of it and delete it from the DVR, to try another.

Last night we watch “Mr. Robot” that we had DVR’d from USA Network. We are ecstatic!

This is labeled a ‘cyber-action series.’ Usually this is a death knell in our household because my husband and my son are computer people. They won’t put up with stuff that isn’t reasonable, wouldn’t work, etc. Usually the writers, who SAY they have experts to guide them, must not listen to them. When my guys see anything that is totally unreasonable, the show is scrapped.

The actors are mostly ones we haven’t seen before, with the exception of Christian Slater. The man programmer is played by Rami Malek who is totally believable as a computer geek. This is a sophisticated plot that is believable – and for that reason – a bit scary. There ARE really smart, talented people in the world who might be swayed to do good or evil.  The story line, dialogue and acting in this are first-rate.

We found the premiere show fascinating, and the USA Network has already renewed it for a second season, based on the premiere and reaction to it.

Give it a try and see what you think.

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“I Opened a Book”

credit - thereadingroom via cathy ruggiero

credit –
thereadingroom via cathy ruggiero

One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me was teaching me to read, opening my eyes to a whole world around me, a history of all that came before me, and gave me a lifetime of learning and enjoyment that has been absolutely priceless.

I became a teacher because I wanted to teach kids to read. When I started teaching in the Tulsa Public Schools in 1970, my first teaching position started in January – a thing that almost never happens. I couldn’t wait to embrace my sweet first-graders and give them all I had.

My eyes were opened to many realities that year. The world on the north side of Tulsa was very different from the world I had lived in. My students had no interest in learning to read, write, work with numbers, etc. They were too busy trying to survive. My cute little bulletin boards were pure fantasy to them. I learned so much more than they did that year. I learned to really listen to my students and find out where they were and what they needed from me.  I threw out my stupid, starry-eyed ideas, rolled up my sleeves, and started learning to be a teacher.

I finally reached my kids on phonics by composing a really awful tune and singing it while playing my guitar. The kids really got into it, smiling, singing and dancing, learning the sounds of the letters as we all moved to the beat. It was fun. It was effective – and it got me into trouble. I was called to the principal’s office where I was told in no uncertain terms, “Ms. Lewis. This is NOT a music class.” I tried to tell him that it was the first time my kids saw a reason to learn phonics, and from that, to learn to read – but my words fell on deaf ears.

This was only the first of many times I got into trouble that first year –

  • the superintendent of schools came into my room unannounced to find me standing on the waist-high heat register with a roll of Weekly Readers in my hand. As he watched, I swatted and killed the wasp, my kids cheered and sat in their seats again, and I told him, “This is the best use I’ve found for the Weekly Reader so far!”
  • The principal found my class and me under the only tree in the playground at the end of the day on Friday. I was passing out paper certificate awards for the week for such things as ‘being able to stay in my seat for the whole reading lesson,’ ‘not getting into a fight all week,’ ‘eating my breakfast and my lunch today.’  We had no air conditioning in our part of the magnet school. Getting out into the fresh air at the end of the day on Friday and ending on a positive note with awards was my idea of a successful week. The principal suggested that I keep everyone in the room until the bell rang.

I did manage to get my kids excited about reading, even though my ‘outlandish’ ideas weren’t appreciated in the public schools. I continued to fight my battles, having 6 reading groups instead of the traditional 3; testing my kids at the beginning of the year to see what they needed, rather than merely starting on page 1 of the book, giving different assignments to different groups based on their learning styles or differing abilities, and then having each group share with the class.

After 8 years of being in trouble, I finally threw in the towel. I started my own reading clinic with a good friend who had done her practice teaching in my classroom. We had 3 glorious years of really being able to change lives. We showed young men that they weren’t stupid. We changed students’ minds, showing them they were definitely smart enough to go to college. We brought scores up as much as 3 years in 9 weeks of instruction. We had tearful adults saying we were miracle-workers. We did everything in the clinic except make a profit, and we were forced to close our doors.

I can’t think of anything that makes a larger difference in life than learning to read, and loving to read. It’s a gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime. It transports us, makes us better people, and allows us to share.

Thank you, Julia Donaldson, for capturing the love of reading in your words!

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Celebrating Creativity – Take 9

credit - completely coastal via pandy remillard

credit –
completely coastal via pandy remillard

flip flops cake!

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Friday’s Harvest


Here is today’s harvest, and it looks like we’ll have just as many that are ready to pick tomorrow! These are from the two tomato plants on the southeast corner of the house. I planted them because I didn’t have any more spots in the main garden, and it turns out that these are the only ones that were protected from the hailstorm and weren’t eaten by insects during the monsoon season we had this spring…

This weekend is supposed to be nice. (A cold front and storm are due this afternoon and/or evening, making the truly lethal humidity we’ve had lately go away for the weekend. HOOOOORAAAAAAY!

My husband’s ham radio group is having its annual Ham Fest at the local park tomorrow and Sunday. We’ll be there, cheering on the hams who are participating in the WORLD-WIDE contest to see who can contact the most provable contacts world-wide during the designated 24-hour period. The ham group will be serving a dinner at the park for $10 each that will benefit the group, so we’ll be happy to attend.

I’m also hoping to take advantage of the lower humidity to plant the tomato clones from the hydroponic experiment we tried. We have seven suckers from the original tomato plant that we’ll get transplanted this weekend, and then we’ll see what happens. Even if we don’t get ANY tomatoes from these cloned plants, the experiment has been really interesting.

We’ll probably invest in the parts needed to create our own system so that we can do this with other plants.

Here’s a picture of the tomato hydroponic set-up –


I’ll also plan to check on the bell pepper plants and cucumber plants. My husband wants me to gather some of the lettuce that’s remaining before I put it in the composter. I told him that bolted lettuce is bitter, but he wants to taste if for himself. Maybe it’ll surprise us!

I wish you a happy, fun weekend.


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Featured Piece of the Day by Charlene Bodero

"Dreams" Journal by Charlene Bodero

“Dreams” Journal by Charlene Bodero

“Dreams” Journal by Charlene Bodero [$10.00 + free shipping]
Custom journal by Charlene Bodero measures 5 x 7 and is spiral bound. Comes with attached pen (not in picture).

This journal is a “Dreams” journal with lots of happy colors, ribbons, etc. You can order this one, or tell Charlene a theme, such as flowers, girlie girl, sports, favorite colors, etc. and she will design a journal for you! Since this is handmade especially for you, please allow approximately 10 business days for delivery.

Charlene makes beautiful greeting cards one at a time when you order, plus felt ornaments for lots of holidays, plus gift boxes, plus….

See all of Charlene Bodero’s work on Creative Artworks

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Stop waiting

credit - purpleclover via marianna bellantoni

credit –
purpleclover via marianna bellantoni

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credit - lisa bearnes richey

credit –
lisa bearnes richey

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Consistency is not always a good thing

credit -

credit –

I already told you the sad story of taking our Honda Ridgeline to have the airbag recall replacement and not getting the airbag.

The lady called me and told me she had found our airbag and I made an appointment for this morning. We got there at 11:00 and left the vehicle, after confirming with the lady that no one had taken the airbag and that it was still scheduled to be put into our truck. She told me everything was under control and that she would call me when the truck was ready to be picked up.

At 3:00 this afternoon, no one had called. I called the service department and they said the truck was ready. We jumped into the Corvette and went back to the dealership. The truck was, indeed, ready, and I looked at the paperwork to be sure that the airbag was listed as replaced. It was!

I signed the paperwork and the only think left was to give me my keys.

Sigh. They couldn’t find my key. They checked under the counter where all the keys were kept. They went out to the Honda, which was locked the last time I picked it up, but wasn’t this time. The keys weren’t there. The service guy asked the other guy if he had checked above the visor. He hadn’t. He went back and checked, but no keys. The lady finally finished taking her break and came into the service department. The head guy had gone out to check our vehicle again for the keys.

She got on the computer and figured out that she had filed the key under the first ticket, rather than today’s ticket. My key was found.

I managed to leave without yelling at anyone, and without having bitten anyone in the leg – a MAJOR accomplishment!

The fact that the service department was consistent is NOT a good thing.

  • I was told it would take 2 weeks to get the airbag for my vehicle. I called after 2 weeks and told it would be another 4 weeks, and that they would call. They didn’t. At 2 MONTHS they finally called, saying my part was in and set up an appointment.
  • They couldn’t find the airbag when we got there. They replaced the blower motor and did a ‘free’ all points check. They told me they would call when the vehicle was ready. They didn’t. We had, by this time, driven two vehicles to Fort Smith and back, with the recall replacement not having been done. They told us it would be another 4 weeks to get the airbag.
  • They called, saying the airbag had been found, and had been there all along. The service people just weren’t able to find it. We scheduled another appointment. After another trip in two vehicles, the airbag was replaced, but they couldn’t find my key.

To say that I’m not impressed with the service department is a vast understatement. I’m patting myself on the head that I didn’t hurt anyone and wasn’t arrested. We are back, safe and mostly sound, with the replacement airbag.

A mystery remains: The blower motor and the driver’s side airbag were replaced. The other airbag – on the passenger side – was not under the recall and is still the one that came with the vehicle. We’re not sure if that one will be recalled later, or what. The lady said that many times, two different manufacturers are involved in making the airbags for the same vehicle….

credit -

credit –


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Growing bolder

credit - growing bolder via cathy ruggiero

credit – growing bolder via cathy ruggiero


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Good thought for the day

credit - ernie hassen signaturesound_via ann bell

credit –
ernie hassen signaturesound_via ann bell



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Featured Piece of the Day by Bethany Kerr

Pencil Portrait by Bethany Kerr

Pencil Portrait by Bethany Kerr

“One-Subject-8×10-Pencil-Portrait” – ID # 4272 by Bethany Kerr [$109.50 + free shipping]
Send digital pictures via email and artist Bethany Kerr will work with you to create a beautiful 8×10 pencil portrait that will become a cherished heirloom! (Pictures shown are samples of what Bethany can create for you!) Finished portrait will be sent, unframed and unmatted, sealed in clear plastic. Creation time is usually 2-4 weeks, unless portrait is for Christmas, when cut off for orders is the December 2nd. Shipped in a method that can be insured and tracked.

See all the portrait samples by Bethany Kerr, sizes and prices

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Playing Catch Up

credit - reuben jack

credit – reuben jack

Sometimes people write, asking “whatever happened about the ________?” Because of this, I’m trying to catch up those who care on what has happened lately about the _____. :0)

  1.  Tomato Clone Project – the suckers are still in the hydroponic bucket. I had to remove one sucker that wasn’t doing anything, but we seem to have 7 suckers with roots now! I’m going to give them another week, I think (today is the end of Week 2), trying to give them a chance to get as strong as possible before they’re transplanted. It’s already 95 degrees outside with an awful humidity, so I’m trying to wait until maybe we at least get an overcast day to do the planting.
  2. Iris planter redo – We finished cleaning out the planter and put TWENTY 40-lb bags of potting soil in the planter. We had busted an irrigation PVC pipe while trying to clean out the planter, so last night we replaced the pipe and tested it. Things are now ready! My iris lady emailed me, saying she’ll ship my 15 iris on the 29th. I’ll also be planting 5 stargazer lilies in the planter. I’ll post pics when we have things planted.
  3. Honda Ridgeline airbag recall fix – the service lady called me back yesterday, saying that after I left in a huff, she went to the back and put her hand on our airbag! She reamed out the service people for having our vehicle all day and not finding the airbag to go into it. We did get the blower motor replaced, so half of the recall is done. We now have an appointment for tomorrow morning, and the lady promises to guard our airbag, not let it be used for anyone else’s vehicle, and that she’ll know where it is when we come tomorrow. I’ll hope that all goes as planned tomorrow….
  4. Credit Card Saga – I don’t know if I griped about this to you before, but we got an email saying that, because they were such wonderful people, they had waived the late fee on our credit card payment. I called, because we’re NEVER late on payments. (I looked at our account on the website first, and found only the OLD card information with a balance of zero. ) A long story shorter, I was told I would have to start over on registering the new card before information would show on the website. They didn’t have any answer for why they hadn’t emailed us our charges as they have always done before. After awhile, I went online again to start the process of starting over and found the information for the new card had been added! We paid the balance and wrote a letter to the head of customer service, asking that all records on our ‘late’ payment, waived late payment charge, etc., be wiped off of our account, since the fault was theirs. We told him/her that if they failed to email us again or charged us a late fee, we would cancel the card. ARRRRRRGH!
  5. Lewis Art – The Snoopy and Woodstock carrying flags piece for the mailbox is finished and ready to hang up. I’m finishing Popeye today. We have a two-piece gift for a friend cut out and ready to mark before painting. We have a Leprechaun with a pot of gold primered and ready to mark for painting.
  6. Square Foot Garden – the lettuce has officially bolted now, so when it’s cool enough, I’ll pull up the plants. I still have some bell pepper plants and a cucumber plant doing well, and we’ll be planting the sucker tomato clones in the next week. I need to weed the asparagus, and the onions are doing well. I’ll be trying to figure out if I want to plant a fall garden soon.

And I think that’s it! Please let me know if I’ve left you hanging on anything else.

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I’ll Take the Stairs – Take 20

credit - david mccracken_australia

credit – david mccracken_australia

“Stairway to Heaven,” Robert Plant?

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