Why I Love to Blog!


I’m addicted. I have to admit that since I started blogging in 2009, my world has expanded, I’ve met new friends, I’ve learned a TON about how to load pictures, write captions, add links, change fonts, and more.

The biggest thing for me is reaching out to others working with, and getting to know others who draw, paint, hand paint items, create stained glass and mosaics, ceramics, handwork, and more, is exciting.  I love feeling a part of creative folks, and I delight in being able to shine a light on good work.

I enjoy sharing trips I’ve taken, special places I can recommend to you, as well as special people in my life. Each time we take a trip, I can share pictures, ideas, funny things, treasures I’ve found, and more. I get to enjoy each part of the trip again, and – if you haven’t already seen them – list places you can add to your trip the next time you’re in the area.

The subjects on my blog are varied. I’ve started Square Foot Gardening – now converting to a RAISED square foot garden – and I love chronicling our “progress.”  I’m trying to eat in a healthier fashion; hence, the garden, eat low carb recipes, and just get healthier. Reading is a passion, so I write about favorite books, authors, as well as favorite TV programs and movies.

I consider humor a survival skill. My dad, in particular, helped me develop a sense of the ridiculous, an enjoyment of puns, and a joy in being able to see the humor in most situations. It was a gift without price, and one that has grown, forming the basis of my quality of life. I love sharing funny pictures, foreign signs that make you smile, or say, “huh?”

Quotes are a big part of my life. I have a treasure trove of quotes I think are wonderful. I enjoy writing blogs that include pictures and quotes that I hope will make you smile, laugh, giggle, snort, or maybe even bring an ‘awwww!’ or a tear now and then.

Every once in awhile, I tell you about feelings or experiences that mean something to me, hoping that you can relate, or that you’ll comment and help me look at things in a different way.

Blogging is about communication. It’s nothing unless we’re TALKING to each other, sharing ideas, feelings, opinions. I love it when you click  “like,” take the time to write a comment, or give me the supreme compliment of following my blog.

My ideas are endless. I don’t ask that you read ALL of my posts. I write several each day. If I write something every once in awhile that awakens something in you, THAT’S why I love to blog!

10 responses to “Why I Love to Blog!

  1. divoran09

    I’m finally getting my act together so I can comment. I have signed up to become one of your followers now. Do you follow Bill’s and my blogs (and others) on OTRN?

    • Hi, DiVoran! Thanks for signing up and for writing! I follow Old Things R New, and I get emails from Bill. If you have other blogs, please let me know and I’ll follow you.

  2. Hello Linda.
    I have a special request. Would you mind sending me your email address as I want to send you something relating to your blog. I will not use it for any purpose other than sending you this information. It is not a sales pitch, just an invitation. Thanks so much.
    I hope you and Vivian are enjoying this weekend! Thanks again! ~ Vickie

  3. Natalie Beth

    You have given me that extra nudge I needed to start my own blog! Thanks for the happy inspirations!
    Natalie Higdon

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