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Thoughts on a Wednesday 3-31-2021

Marcus Westberg-ComedyWildlife-Forbes

Though I am extremely grateful to have been able to get the COVID shots, I lost a whole day yesterday due to my reaction to the second one. My arm is still sore, but the nausea, dizziness, headache, and feeling I had been run over by a truck are gone. I didn’t sleep well Monday after the shot, slept in my chair downstairs ALL morning yesterday, then ate lunch and went to sleep AGAIN. I was up a bit between a nap and dinner, and then slept ALL NIGHT, after taking more Tylenol. The only thing remaining is the soreness in my arm, and I can sure handle that! I’m happy that we have done what we can do – other than continuing to be reasonable about what situations to avoid – to hopefully either have no infection or a mild case, if we do contract the virus. Being old is a good thing regarding getting vaccinations.

One of the many things on our repair-or-replace list is replacing the ceiling on our back porch. It is over 30 years old, and squirrels got in through the soffit on our siding edge and there is now a hole in the sheet rock on the ceiling. We had some runner boards installed a couple of years ago to keep the ceiling from collapsing on us while we were eating, but now we need to get more serious. I looked on A guy called me immediately and he was at the house a couple of hours later. He will call us later today with a quote on the ceiling, plus installing some shutters on the outside of the 2nd floor on the front of our brick house. (We HAVE the new shutters.) I’m hoping he is affordable, because he said he would seal the soffit for me at no charge so the squirrels won’t get back in. Fingers crossed.

We got a part from the hardware store so that we can finish making a new pvc pipe installation in our yard irrigation system. This was frozen last winter and simply shattered.

We want to sign up to see Fox Nation on TV. I was able to sign up online, but we’re having trouble getting it on our TV. We just had a Roku delivered and my husband installed it, but we’re still having trouble. I’m trying to do everything including wiring my mouth shut to keep from offering inane suggestions while my husband tries to get it working.

Our weather is beautiful. Sunshine and 55 degrees today. Happy day to be outside some if we can get things on the TV working….

Happy day to you!

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Clay Art I Love

David Burnham Smith –
David H. Everett –

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Bad Signs 3

Liucija Adomaite and Mindaugas Balciauskas –

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Wire Art

Clive Maddison – DeMilked
Farnham Maltings
Judith Vickers – Folksy

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Thoughts on a Monday 3-29-2021

Country Living Magazine

We are about to leave for quite a list of errands – the first of which – I’m grateful to tell you – is to drive to Fort Smith to get our second COVID vaccination. I will never forget my parents talking about the aftermath of the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918-20. My dad was born that year. My mom, 3 years later. The effects of that pandemic were truly awful, with about 500 million people infected and 50 million deaths worldwide (about 675,000 in the U.S.) The effects of the pandemic lasted for years. People felt so helpless because there seemed to be nothing to be done to protect people – just deal with the symptoms as best as possible and hope for the best. I will be glad when everyone who wants to get the shots is protected.

Our weather here is really nice – sunny and windy today with more rain tomorrow. I’ll take it. I’m trying to do SOMETHING in the yard each day. My veggie raised bed square foot garden is doing well so far, as are my two brick planters of tomatoes.

I hope that today is a good one for you, too.

Stay safe and well.

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Bad Signs 2

Liucija Adomaite and Mindaugas Balciauskas –

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With Covid, the economy, the divisiveness of our country, and the awful weather from which people have been suffering, it’s hard to keep your head above water.

It might sound inviting to simply withdraw into protective shells, allowing our souls to simply implode.

I am choosing to concentrate on all the good in the world, reaching out to find it and then share it when I can.

Last night I found figure skating on TV. I happened upon it by accident, and was delighted to watch women’s and men’s competitions in Stockholm which would decide who would qualify to go to the Olympics. I absolutely LOVE watching truly talented people. I’m happy to live on the same planet. These people show what talent, hard work, and dedication can do.

We had some storms overnight – nothing like the awful ones in the southern U.S., thank goodness. This morning the sun is shining brightly; some of my plants are sprouting or blooming.

Seeing the positive in your life and being truly grateful for it is a survival skill that needs to be practiced to the point it’s as automatic as breathing. Let’s do it together.

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Jen’s Wild Gourds

Jen Norpchan creates wonderful, happy gourds. I would love to be able to collect ALL of them.

Click on the link above to see more.

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Delicious Drawings
“Hare Today Gone Tomorrow”

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Summing It Up

forwarded by a good friend


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More Wonderful Driftwood Art

Heather Jansch
Lazy Susan Bird-Interior Homescapes
Sonja Berner

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This is one section of our yard I love to watch. Right now, the red bud tree behind the yellow forsythia make a nice picture. Later our wisteria in this same area will make a nice display.

Our tulip tree is starting to lose its blooms, but it’s glorious right now.

I’ve counted 8 red bud trees on our property this year. Some are very small, but the lovely color shows up very nicely whether large large or small. Our land is too rocky to plant things in the ground much; hence all our brick planters and our raised bed, square foot veggie garden, but we treasure the things that come up naturally here.

In town there are some people who have a red bud with a white dogwood tree close by – a really stunning combination.

Things are ‘springing’ around here – bringing up my spirits and filling me with hope.

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Open Mouth…

Food Network

Since I’m not having much success with not eating between meals, I’m trying to gather some things that will be better to snack on than others.

I cut up celery and radishes yesterday. I have baby carrots and some cherry tomatoes. I can make a pretty, colorful, healthy snack for myself now to enjoy with a bit of dip.

My husband and I usually have something before bed. I know we shouldn’t do that, but I feel really deprived if he is eating and I’m not. I got some Sweet Freedom No-Sugar-Added Ice Cream Bars that are doing the trick.

My eyeballs are floating from all the water I’m drinking each day, and I’m adding to that since I’m working outside now.

I’m hoping that I can report some progress soon. :0)

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Spring Garden Progress

Although the plants are a bit waterlogged from last night’s rains, all seems to be looking good. I still need to make markers for the plants, and we need to put the new sprinklers in when they are delivered; but otherwise, the spring garden is in. Whenever I feel down, all I need to do is walk out to the garden and my spirits lift.

β€œIt was such a pleasure to sink one’s hands into the warm earth, to feel at one’s fingertips the possibilities of the new season.” ~ Kate Morton

β€œI love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.” ~ Ruth Stout

“There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.” ~Mirabel Osler

“In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.” ~Robert Brault

“Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.” ~Lindley Karstens

“You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.” ~Author Unknown

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides”. ~W.E. Johns

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Badly Done Signs

Liucija Adomaite and Mindaugas Balciauskas,

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Woodworking Magic

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Beautiful Stone Art

Sand Between My Piggies
The Soul of

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Weight Loss Tip –

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March 25, 2021 · 10:25 am

More Wonderful Gourd Art

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“Washout of a Day?”


Today is supposed to be a “washout of a day. Heavy rain and lightning will be the main concerns today. Some small hail and gusty winds will be possible in the stronger storms but the threat is low overall.” It’s cool and gray and rainy right now – a great day to take a nap under my throw in my recliner. My husband is sleeping in this morning, and the morning chores are done. Nice and quiet.

I’m hoping to have a burst of energy so I can get the paperwork that is piled up finished, plus get a good start on adding some of my craft products to my page on Amazon Handmade. Adding things is to the page is kind of laborious – hence my needing a burst of energy to get started. :0)

So far I’m very encouraged about my spring garden. I’m glad we drilled lots of drain holes in our 4’x4′ wooden raised bed planters. All is designed to drain well and not get waterlogged. Needless to say, with all the rain we have been getting, delivery of the new sprinklers will just be NICE, rather than NECESSARY. I’ll get some pics to share with you when the rain stops.

I hope that you have a really nice day today.

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More Nice Sea Glass Art

Sea Glass Art Barb
Sea Glass Art Barb Munro
Sher’s beatchy

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Big Check Mark!


Yesterday afternoon – after a year of trying to get it done – the wonderful guys at Window World of Fort Smith called, came, and installed replacement windows in two places for us.

We got the windows originally in 2005, I think, and we have been delighted. About a year ago, though, an upstairs window and the center one in our dining area got liquid between the layers during a storm.

Due to my stupidity, we had trouble proving to the company that they had, in fact, installed the windows originally. Finally, I was able to produce a small piece of paper that had a number on it. That turned out to be the serial number on one of our windows and they were able to locate our account and the information they needed through that to help us. Hooray!

Then the pandemic came and the world as we know it fell apart. Like everyone else, they had trouble staying safe, as people, and afloat, as a company. They were trying to create replacement windows for us.

I kept checking back with the nice office lady from time to time to no avail.

When I called last week, though, she told me she would check in the back to see if our windows were there and call me back. They were there!

We set up installation tentatively for late Tuesday afternoon.

Now we have brand new windows replacing the ones that lost their seal. I called the office this morning to thank them again for standing behind their warranty, getting the new windows made, and getting them installed for us.

This is a BIG CHECK MARK finally off the list – and – unlike all the rest – this one didn’t cost us anything. :0)

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Sea Glass Art
Sara LeGris Creations-The Beading Gem


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A. A. Milne – E. H. Shepard – Winnie the Pooh – DreamsQuote

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 3-23-2021

Camelot Care Centers

There are lots of reasons to be down these days. Some of them we share. Others are personal. I think it’s more important than ever to be grateful we are HERE and ALIVE, and live with enthusiasm for the gift.

I just went out to check our spring garden. The plants are totally unaware of any possible problems in our world. I’m not advocating being UNAWARE. I guess I’m advocating living as IF “heavy, heavy” isn’t hanging over our heads. Much of what is happening is beyond our control. We can be aware of those things, but concentrate on the things over which we DO have some control.

My spirits rose today as I saw that my garden plants – well watered from an overnight rain – seem to be thriving. On the other side of our property, our tomato plants are also looking good. I stopped to remove the PVC irrigation pipe that was shattered on one brick planter during one of our last winter storms, saving the faucet part that we can reuse. There are many things to be done in the yard, and I’m happy for the normalcy of that.

I’m taking a new direction in selling my craft products. I’m concentrating my efforts on my page on Amazon Handmade, listing new stuff in a steady stream. Linda Lewis Artworks If you happen to visit, I would very much appreciate your honest feedback.

My husband and I are both in reasonably good health at this point, although our bodies remind us that we might have taken on too much sometimes. :0) We are trying to get the lard off, and I am trying to exercise and move more on a daily basis to stay as healthy as possible. We will both get our 2nd COVID shot next Monday. I will feel relieved that two weeks after that, we should be as protected as we can be and will not be a source of the virus for anyone else.

Today we are scheduled to have some windows replaced. Several years ago we had all of our windows replaced by Window World. We have lived in our home since we built it in 1987. Obviously, some things have really gotten better since then. Replacing our windows made a big difference in our energy bills, but also in the QUIET. Many times we get a hard rain and don’t even notice it! We are very pleased with this company. It has taken a long time for us to get the replacement windows, but we are lucky we are all in a position to do this at all. Hopefully, it will happen this afternoon.

Everett Ruess via Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Gorgeous Gourds

Jen’s Wild Gourds

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A. A. Milne – E.H. Shepard – Winnie the Pooh – DreamsQuote

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More Delicious Driftwood Art

Vincent Richel

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“Some diets are so good, they take your BREADTH away.” ~ A Rose Tinted World

We are delighted to take advantage of two places in Greenwood that make frozen individual meals using no preservatives, unpronounceable ingredients, etc. We can eat them without feeling guilty, enjoying healthy, easy meals that get us in and out of the kitchen fast.

Today we will pick up food from REAL FOOD CO. The lady who runs it shows the offerings for the next week each Wednesday afternoon. You can order food for pickup the next Monday or Tuesday. You can also just go to the place Monday – Thursday and choose what you would like from large freezers. She used to be just online, then expanded to a brick and mortar store, and will soon expand again.

The other wonderful place is STU’S CLEAN COOKIN’. They have other stores in this part of Arkansas and I think Greenwood is their newest location. They sent me an email giving me $5.00 to be redeemed this month for my birthday. Their meals are really good, too. Their service couldn’t be better.

This allows me to concentrate on things other than food during the day. I fix us lunch and we usually heat up one of the good frozen meals for dinner. Well prepared, healthy, and delicious. Can’t beat that with a stick!

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Thoughts on a Monday – March 22, 2021

It’s a fine start to a pretty day here. We’re supposed to have some sunshine and 63 degrees this afternoon before having thunderstorms overnight. I’ll take it!

The gremlins who have been plaguing us lately seem to have decided to ease up some. We’re waiting for the new valve we ordered for the shop heater to be delivered. Our long awaited window replacements from Window World are due to be brought and installed late tomorrow afternoon – “weather permitting and the creek don’t rise.”

I made a major decision this week. My friend and I decided to close the booth we shared in the local shop in Greenwood and I closed my Etsy shops online. I will concentrate my efforts on my online shop on Amazon Handmade now. If you would like to visit the shop, click on this link Linda Lewis Artworks. If the link doesn’t work for you, here is the URL – I will be adding things to this site steadily.

Though nothing was said, our fish are swimming happily in the aquarium after I cleaned it for them yesterday. The new combination of things I’m using makes it so we can go several weeks now without cleaning and the water stays nice. Ever since I changed from the regular aquarium gravel to the glass beads, the fish seem to be having a “Bead Sucking” contest as to who can suck one up and swim up the highest with it before dropping it. It makes a funny, “tick, tick” sound as the beads fall back down.

Not sure what the day will hold, but it’s wonderful to have some nice weather to do it in.

Happy Monday.

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