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Nice Meme

I told you I was going to ‘change things up’ trying to shed some of my lard.

I started eating breakfast again – namely Cheerios and milk. I started using again, listing what I’m eating. It tells me that “You may not be eating enough,” but I know that’s not true in my case. Since I’m listing everything I eat, I’m very aware and try to plan. Then I KNOW if I can ‘afford’ to eat a bit of a snack before bed or not (something I know isn’t the best, but might keep me on track.)

The result thus far is I’ve lost 6.4 lbs. This is just a drop in the bucket as far as what my goal is, but it IS a start. I AM seeing a difference on my scales each morning. I also know that this will probably come to a screeching halt one morning soon, but it’s nice NOW, and I know it IS possible.

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Squelch the Snark!

Daily Motion

The effort to shed my lard is showing a bit of progress.

I decided that what I’ve been doing obviously isn’t working, so decided to change things up a bit and see if this helps.

I had been skipping breakfast, calling it “intermittent fasting,” but the result of that was a LOT of hunger for lunch – so I’m now eating some of my husband’s Cheerios with milk for breakfast.

I’m consciously trying to consider each thing I’m including on my plate for lunch, NOT including something that is less important to me in an effort to keep my metabolism working but not load myself down.

Dinners are 1) an individual frozen portion of something I have cooked (like spaghetti, a casserole, hamburger patty); 2) an individual portion frozen entree (I’m eating Atkins Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo tonight); or 3) a new entree I’ve cooked. I make a side veggie and we have a dinner roll.

The calorie counter thinks I’m ‘not eating enough’ (based on 1200 calories per day) until I add a snack. I’m waffling on this one, since I know I’m eating healthy and mainly wanted to make sure I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot inadvertently.

I’m trying to make SURE I’m either working in the yard, doing my yoga, or both, daily, plus I’m trying to drink more water.



So far, I’ve lost 3.2 lbs. Suffice to say I have a LONG way to go before I get to my goal, but I have started. I’m happy that my scales have finally noticed, and are registering a difference, but they continue to be quite snarky. I’m hoping to squelch the snark with my continued efforts.

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My Fat is Stressed

Time-2012 NBC Universal Media LLC

My stress eating is stressing me out. I’m eating because several times a day my husband is doing things that scare me. He will be 80 in November (and is quite smug about that) but ACTS as if he’s 20. He has had a couple of strokes and has mainly come back, but still has trouble speaking at times, typing, figuring out technology, and walking at times.

We are adapting to this fairly well, adjusting our activities, expectations, helping each other as much as we can, hiring others to do what we’ve always handled ourselves (as much as we can afford).

The stress comes when he decides to do something I consider foolhardy (is that even a word anymore?) Yesterday he was standing on a wobbly, heavy plastic can on the carpet in the corner of our office, trying to get the top to grip down to the can. He was holding onto some shelves above, but the shelves aren’t really attached to anything. They LIE on some supports, so they can come crashing down, along with everything ON them, ONTO the person who was standing on top of the can. I leapt up to try to get him down. He told me to grab a 4″ x 6″ battery we have for a UPS and hit the rim of the top with it. I managed to do that several times while he turned the can with his feet. We did get the top on the can, but I was exhausted with sore hands from crashing the battery into the rim as hard as I could over and over. I got my husband down safely, but this is what we’re doing several times a day, no matter what I say or do.

I’m seriously thinking of making him wear a bell like a cat or tying his leg to his recliner where I have the only key…

When my husband went to bed last night I ended up eating half a bag of Fritos as if I were starving. I had done well on my eating all day, but blew it as soon as I was alone. It’s a play on the ‘if the tree falls in the woods’ question – ‘if no one SEES you eat, does it count’…

My SCALES don’t need to see me eat. They just die laughing every time I step on them. I’m getting quite hostile.

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Yo Yo


I was doing well on my ‘no-eating-between-meals‘, ‘no-extra-salt,’ plus ‘yoga-every-afternoon‘, but had a bad day yesterday. I felt like I was starving to death. I fell off and gained back two of the five I lost. UGH.

Today is a new day, though, so I’ll give myself a break and do better today. I’ve never been a runner, and these days my hips start yelling at me if I walk a lot, so I’ve been redoubling my efforts to practice my yoga each afternoon, doing lots of slow, careful stretches, breathing into each pose, relaxing as much as I can. This, combined with working in the yard, should make a reasonable amount of exercise.

Motivation Monday – Pinterest

Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, my scales will stop laughing so loudly.


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It’s In the Stars

Clipart Library

I’m going back to an ‘old faithful’ for me – rewarding myself with a sparkly star on my desk calendar when I achieve one of my goals.

  • I’ve been stress eating and I’m really trying to stop that.
  • I’ve been liberally sprinkling salt on everything, plus eating salty snacks
  • I’ve been making excuses for not doing my daily yoga session

Otherwise, I’m a reasonably nice person… :0)


I started yesterday (DAY 1) in a serious effort to mend my ways. I got one star for not eating in-between meals and not putting any extra salt on anything. I made an excuse for not doing my yoga, so I only got one star yesterday, but put that silver sparkly star on my calendar a couple of minutes ago.

Today I’m trying for 2.

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Forwarded by my friend Marsha

She and I are trying to encourage each other in our efforts to lose the lard and exercise.

She has lost a pound or two already recently and purchased a peddler that she can use several times a day, rain or shine, to try to build muscle and stamina. Huge kudos!

I, on the other hand, am a dismal failure. I do pretty well, and then my husband, trying to be nice, brings me a dish of ice cream with chocolate syrup. Or, failing that excuse, I decide I’m starving to death mid afternoon and have some pretzels, even after drinking a bottle of water first and waiting to try to curb my hunger. I’ve also been using my meager yard work as a substitute for my yoga practice. Bah. Humbug.

I’m trying to do one day at a time – even one morning at a time. I’ll try to get my act together VERY SOON – if not TODAY…

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The mission to quit stuffing my face continues, some days more successful than others, trying to watch my portions really carefully.

I did an experiment a couple of nights ago. I started to bake some chicken breasts and discovered that the seasoning/coating I thought I had in the pantry wasn’t there. I didn’t want to just use flour, but I wanted to use something that would hold the juices in and give the breasts a bit of flavor, too. I did have some seasoning I use for pork chops. I went ahead and used that and my husband raved. :0) I had cooked two chicken breasts, cutting them in half lengthwise and serving each of us 1/2 breast, plus veggies for our dinner.

I used one of the remaining half-breasts for dinner last night. I cut it up and added chopped onion and chopped mushrooms, plus some cream of chicken/mushroom soup. I served this over rice and my husband complimented the dinner – twice.

I’ll cut up the remaining one tomorrow to make a big chef type salad.


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A Small Pat on the Head


I made it through the day yesterday without stuffing my face the way I have been. I’ll try to do it again today.

Another arrow in my quiver – I’m NOT going to loosen the fastening on my jeans to make myself more comfortable during the day. I’m going to keep them fastened, reminding myself that my overeating has CAUSED this discomfort, and that acting ‘maturely’ might relieve that if I keep it up.

I’m in this fight by myself, since my husband insisted we stock up on a bunch of assorted chips. Maybe a bit of frustration and anger will help me in my goal…

Each person makes a decision – or a series of them – when he or she wants to change, in the effort to STOP a bad habit or START a good one. I’m trying to look at all the excuses for what they are – smoke.

TODAY I will eat healthy meals and try not to eat anything in-between. I will drink a bottle of water if I get hungry, and I will do a good session of yoga this afternoon. Maybe I can earn another small pat. :0)


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Eating Lead?

Wall Here

I’m not throwing in the towel, but my weight loss efforts seem to be a joke lately. Lunch and dinner remain as usual, but ‘somehow’ I’m eating pretzels in the afternoon and ice cream with chocolate syrup before bed.

I have no one to blame but myself. I had a birthday recently (a wonderfully happy one, even though the numbers are beginning to get pretty impressive) and I have been on this binge ever since.

I’m still doing my yoga practice most afternoons, but I was planning to be active outside, getting my veggie garden set up, and the weather has not been cooperative yet.

Those are my excuses and they’re pretty weak, but they’re the only ones I have right now.

Each day I’m trying to say that “today will be different. “ Hahahahahahah

I’m going to continue to tell myself this and ONE DAY I’ll believe it and hopefully begin to make some improvement. Until then, my scales will be snarky.

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Eating Like an Adult

I’m finally making some progress in my efforts not to stuff my face.

I’m making it fine with lunch and dinner, and am working on snacks between the two meals, determined to eat either cottage cheese or some raw veggies with dip, if I’m really hungry. I’m also trying to drink more water. We eat dinner at 7 and go to bed around midnight. During that 5 hours or so, I’m fighting with myself NOT to eat anything. If I’m up – unable to sleep later in the middle of the night – is the worst time.

This week I’ve done a better job of taking it one day at a time.

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Dreaming… – wattpad

I don’t understand people who ‘adulterate’ their food and drink. Like putting weird flavors in their coffee. I want PURE coffee. I don’t want flavors. I don’t want fancy. I just want black coffee, and lots of it, at all hours of the day.

I feel the same about chocolate. I don’t want people messing with mine. I have no interest in fancy boxes of chocolate. I don’t want fillings, toppings, dark chocolate, etc. I want milk chocolate. PURE milk chocolate. Like Hershey’s kisses. Just perfect.

As much as I love chocolate, though, my diet downfalls are two: THING ONE – salty, like chips. THING TWO – white, like rice or pasta. I could actually give up desserts forever, including chocolate, without a backward glance. I essentially HAVE. Every other year or so I get myself a bag of Hershey’s kisses and put them in the freezer. Then I take out two at a time and enjoy them.

I would rather have REAL food rather than try to eat the things dieters are supposed to substitute for the good stuff, like cauliflower when you want rice, or zoodles when you want noodles. I DO this stuff, but it makes me hostile.

My dream would be a switch in my brain that makes me wish for nice fresh salads, fish, and veggies. That same switch would have a setting that said, “FULL” soon after I started eating, making me feel full, saving the rest for later or another day. The switch might even make me FORGET to eat, having to remind myself to refuel…

If you’re going to dream, do a GREAT JOB OF IT!!!!!!!

Unsplash – dennisvdw-Getty Images – iStockphotos

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A Little Bit of Hope


Except for enjoying a surprise brunch at The Waffle House when out with my husband, I’ve been good this week. In fact, when my husband said we should go somewhere out to eat when we found out our friends wouldn’t be at Lunch Bunch yesterday, I convinced him to stay home and make our own lunch – even though it was nice of him to suggest it.

I’m hoping that my new “One Day at a Time” affirmation will continue to give me the strength of purpose to keep my mouth shut, not eating in-between meals or in the middle of the night when I am finding it hard to sleep, and getting back into my exercising daily.

So far this week my scales are still laughing at me, but I AM showing about 2 lbs less now. I’m hoping for 2 to 3 pounds per week, or at least that I hold whatever I’ve lost from week to week before showing more loss. Onward and downward.


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Trying to Eat Healthy

Sent to me by my friend, Marsha

Two days ago I pulled a couple of salmon fillets out of the freezer. When I thawed them, I discovered I had FOUR, instead of the TWO I had expected. I went ahead and cooked them, serving them with some steamed veggies. I had never had salmon leftovers, so I looked on the net to find suggestions for using them. I hadn’t thought about making a salmon salad, like tuna salad, but I decided to try it. My husband was pleased with both dinners, and I got some other ideas of what can be done with the leftovers, so I’ll probably do it again – on purpose next time. :0)

My husband’s request is for spaghetti tonight. We used to enjoy a large pasta bowl of it with garlic toast. Now we eat in a much more careful manner, trying for moderation, rather than eating what probably amounts to 3 or 4 servings each at one sitting. Now I serve it in small bowls, with a salad on the side and maybe a dinner roll. I divide the leftovers into individual portion freezer containers, ready for us to heat and eat at other times.

I’m building a portion of cashews into my daily calorie count, particularly when concludes “I’m probably not eating enough” after I list my eating plan for the day.

We’re enjoying our lunches, comprised of fresh fruit, potato salad, a slice of ham or turkey, and maybe some cheese. It’s colorful and delicious.

I’ll get back to my exercising, warm-up and weights exercises online one day and my elliptical trainer on alternate days, plus my session of yoga in the afternoons – once my arm quits complaining.

I’m cooking more, but carefully, and am enjoying the ‘cooking once’ getting several meals out of each session.

And I’m hoping this, along with trying to drink more water, will result in a healthier, sassier me for 2023.

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Horn Tooting

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January 8, 2023 · 9:56 am

“Diet” vs “Lifestyle”

I KNOW this, and yet, seeing this in writing really caught my attention. Since I’m a ‘sparkly-stars-on-my-desk-calendar’ type of gal, I DO tend to feel like a failure and lose momentum when I ‘mess up.’ It takes me a bit to get going again.

I also have to admit that I have been TRYING to change my thinking for a long time. If I had a gravestone, I guess it would be the truth if it said, “All or nothing.” My house is either ready for House Beautiful to come photograph it for their magazine, or looks like an explosion (or six) has occurred. I’ve either cleared out my garden and covered it neatly or it’s completely overflowing with weeds. I’m either eating exactly what I ‘should’ or have gone off the rails and am enjoying a bacon cheeseburger. I’m still on my ‘first husband’ after almost 54 years. Do you see a pattern here? :0)

A resolution I’m trying to keep this year is giving myself a break. Not only realizing that I’m not perfect, but ALSO realizing that it’s what I do MOST of the time that will make the difference I want. If I mess up, or I’m not feeling well, no one else CARES whether I did my yoga for the day, or ate more comfort food than I should have. What MATTERS is that each meal is a chance to eat in a healthy manner. Each day is an opportunity to be good to my body, giving it what it NEEDS, rather than what my mind might be craving at the time. Each day is an opportunity to keep my body moving, making my future full of what I would like to do, rather than only what I CAN do, given my limitations.

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Mirror, Mirror…

Source Unknown

Can you say, “yo yo” three times fast?

All the goodies are finally gone. My scales are not only smirking – they are guffawing.



Learn to pronounce


noun: guffaw; plural noun: guffaws

  1. a loud and boisterous laugh. :0(



This generates hostility and frustration, obviously. Since we’re not planning any more holiday stuff, I can hopefully get back on track. (I know. You’ve heard this before. Whine.)

SO –

today is a new day. I have not eaten breakfast yet, since I’ve been trying to reach a tech to work on our dishwasher. I also haven’t gotten out in the garage to do my elliptical trainer session for the day.

I’ll go do both NOW.

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“Let Them Eat Cake”


Yeah, it’s the holidays and the latest excuse for stuffing my face. We’ve been gifted pumpkin bread, Mt. Dew Cake, a box of chocolates and more. Add on that the weather has been encouraging comfort food, and the excuses pile up. UGH

I’ve been trying to keep my food diary on, but there is no real way to list the wonderful goodies above, so it’s a ball park estimate. We have almost eaten our way through these, so that problem will be gone. The weather is improving a bit each day, making the desire for comfort food less. As the excuses drop off, hopefully willpower will increase.

I wrote a letter to Santa the other day, posting in here on the blog. A selfish addition to it would be for me to lose my food addiction. It sounds wonderful to me to be the rare person who doesn’t think of food, who actually has to be reminded to eat – at least until further notice. Is that too much to ask Santa?


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Smirking Scales



Beachbody on Demand is helping me get through the holidays and not cause the scales to simply give up on me, though they ARE definitely smirking.

I really like this site because they do a lot to make it easy to keep track of what you’re eating. I particularly like their extensive data base of what others have added so it’s usually quick to find and list it. If you’re making a home made thing that is not on the list, you can add the ingredients once and then save it so you can easily add it again by name and others can use it, too.

Exercise can also be added, plus how many glasses of water you’re drinking, plus note about eating or exercise. I keep the tab open on my computer so that I can add things during the day, or plan what I’m eating and then modify, if needed, BEFORE I make a mistake.

The scales and the app are both doing THEIR part – I just need to do mine…

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It’s Friday! 12-16-2022

My computer says it’s 32, but my thermometer in the window upstairs said it was 25 when I was dressing awhile ago. BRRRRR! The high is supposed to be 45 this afternoon, so there is hope to get outside later.

I thought I would yesterday, but my plans got snafued by my husband taking on a couple of big projects. We created a fulcrum to pry up the center of some big shelves in the basement so I could move a 2×4 into place as an added support. Scary, but we did it with three tries. (This was after I was using a can of dried beans to try to pound the 2×4 in place and bashed one of my fingers. I have a black place on my fingernail and a really sore finger today. :0( )

The second project that took up much of the afternoon was that our truck has been making a noise as we put on the brake, like something was dragging. We’ve checked and checked, but haven’t been able to see anything. We backed the truck into the shop and took both back tires off. We checked, but couldn’t see anything. My husband said we could have a stone in between the wheel and the brake disc that might make a sound like that, but we didn’t find anything. We laboriously got the tires back on and drove the truck back to the garage. It DIDN’T make the noise, so maybe something fell out when we took the tires off. No more noise! (The air compressor wasn’t working the way it should, even after my husband put a new hose on it, so that may be one of his next projects.)

Today we’ll get our mail, meet our friends for Lunch Bunch, get an oil change, then hit Walmart and another grocery store on the way back home. Exciting stuff, huh!

My scales didn’t smirk as much this morning. I’ve lost a couple of pounds this week. Since concluded that I ‘wasn’t eating enough,’ I’m now eating a hard boiled egg as breakfast each morning and am eating 1 oz of cashews as a snack during the day. That brings my calorie count up to where they think it’s healthy and will help me lose the lard. I’m hopeful, since the scales have started to maybe take my efforts more seriously.


Today is DAY 154 on my efforts to make daily yoga stretching a habit. I’m holding the plank pose now for a count of 30 three times during my practice, so a bit of progress there.

Make this a fun day!

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Okay – More Info


I’m making tweaks on what I’m eating each day in order to get closer to the number of calories says I should be eating. Yesterday it decided that I likely wasn’t eating enough! I would LIKE to lose a couple of pounds a week until further notice to meet my goal. I’m trying to pay attention to what this app is saying, get as close as I can to their suggestions, and see what happens.

I THOUGHT I had been paying attention and reading labels, but one thing got by me – deli baked beans. We’ve been enjoying a very small ramekin of beans with our lunches. It turns out that one serving is 28 grams of sugar! ARRRRRGH! I don’t even care how much a ‘serving’ is – it’s too much. So that is gone.

It said I shouldn’t be skipping breakfast, so this morning, after waiting an hour after taking my thyroid med, I ate a hard boiled egg.

We’ll watch our sugar again more carefully, but basically, the rest of what we’ve been eating at lunch is fine, and I’ll try to watch the fat and sugar more carefully on the frozen dinners we’ve been eating.

An article suggested I eat more nuts and seeds, so I’ll have a few cashews or almonds as a snack during the day sometime.

The app is happy with what I have listed to eat today. Hopefully, the scales will react in a few days, smirking at me a bit less.

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Okay. I decided to list everything I was eating on and list the water I drink, my exercises, etc. to see how my current habits look. I basically eat the same lunch each day, but vary my dinner. I expected for it to tell me in no uncertain terms that I needed to cut back.

To my surprise, the result, when I listed everything for today, including the cottage cheese I ate after yoga, was that ‘it looks like you’re likely not eating enough.”

If that’s true, why am I sometimes gaining weight, and certainly not losing much?

I’ll try adding another veggie for dinner tonight to get closer to what they think I should be eating. I’ll do more research tomorrow.

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DAY 149


Today is DAY 149 on my trying to make daily yoga a habit. I may never get to the point where I consider my yoga practice ‘habit,’ but it’s a normal part of my afternoons now. I start thinking about when to do it starting mid-afternoon each day. I’m still putting a sparkly star on my desk calendar each time I finish and keeping track of the number of days. I’m so immature it makes me laugh. :0)

I’m doing the plank daily, doing several short holds of the pose, rather than trying to hold one long one. Yesterday I did three times, counting to 25 each time.

Then I’m doing my ‘regular’ yoga practice. I’m doing some extra poses and exercises for my abdomen and core, trying to build strength.

I’m noticing that I’m using the yoga more and more to loosen up and stretch out after working in the yard or doing something else that makes me stiff and/or sore.

As we get closer to winter and I can’t work outside, I’ll switch to doing a session on my elliptical trainer in the garage.

As for losing the lard, my scale is still laughing and smirking at me. It doesn’t laugh out loud as I walk up to it, but it’s close. I really wish I were the type of person who had to be REMINDED to eat….

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I’ve been a really ‘good girl’ lately. I gave up added salt. I’ve been eating healthy meals. I have not been eating between meals. I’ve been drinking water. I’ve been working in the yard and doing daily yoga sessions. I’ve started doing the plank pose. And are my scales impressed? THEY ARE NOT!

It’s been two weeks now, and one would THINK that the scales would at least wave a little in encouragement, but NOOOOO. Bah. Humbug.

I’m TRYING to be an adult about this, telling myself that it will take awhile for the scales to show anything. It will probably be a month or so before the measuring tape gives me any encouragement. I tell myself that changes take time, to give myself a break, to concentrate on other things. Do I listen? NOOOOO. :0(

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Managing Holiday Weight

Tee Public

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Phase 1

Animal Comedy -Cheezburger


Phase I of my adapted eating plan –

I’m basically still eating in the Mediterranean style, with more veggies and fruit, but I’m making some changes that I HOPE will result in losing some of my lard –

  • I’m not adding salt to ANYTHING until further notice.
  • I’m eating HALF the amount of cottage cheese I was eating after my yoga practice, and I changed to the low-fat version.
  • If I eat anything else between meals, it’s baby carrots. That’s IT. (If I don’t want them, I’m not truly hungry.)
  • Yesterday I chose more carefully on what I’m including in my lunch, eliminating a few things.
  • Careful dinner. No dessert. Nothing before bed.
  • If I’m up in the middle of the night, I will eat carrots. :0)
  • I’m consciously drinking more water – at least a bottle before lunch AND before dinner.
  • I will eat Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners celebrationally – then back on Phase I.
  • I have asked my husband to help me by NOT bringing me ANY wonderful things to eat until further notice.

These changes, along with my daily exercise, should get me started.

DAY 130 on daily yoga practice. Held plank pose for quick count of 40 yesterday.

1st Weight Loss Goal – to get to my prepandemic weight loss amount. (That’s 6 lbs. – THEN I’ll make a new goal.)

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2 Good Reasons to Keep My Mouth Shut




I now feel good almost every day. My switch to a Mediterranean style of eating from Low Carb – Keto is now complete. I’m still a bit sad to leave the Keto because I was losing weight, but my lack of gallbladder – and maybe my lack of thyroid – and the resulting serious problems with digestion forced the change.

The simple injecting of more veggies and fruit into our diet has resulting in my feeling good with all systems working (with the exception of my current needing to change my dosage of thyroid medication).

The problem from the change is that I’ve been gaining weight – weight I REALLY didn’t want or need. We go to the doctor for our routine appointment tomorrow. I’ll grit my teeth as they record my weight. I have to go back in 8 weeks for another blood test to see if the new thyroid hormone dosage is correct. I’m using this 8 week period to see if I can now switch my focus to eating LESS as well as eating healthy. 8 weeks should be long enough to see some results from the changes I’ll make.

FOCUS 1 – ONLY raw carrots in-between meals. If I don’t want carrots, I’m not really hungry.

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Trying to Keep My Mouth Shut

My efforts to lose the lard and increase my movement continue with varying degrees of success.

I’ve changed from a low-carb approach to a more Mediterranean style of eating. The low-carb approach helped me get some weight off and I enjoyed that style of eating, but because I don’t have a gallbladder and I’m old with a cranky system, I ended up having a lot of problems and had to switch.

I describe our eating style now as “Mediterranean Style” because I can’t find “Mediterranean recipes” that my husband will eat, so I’m simply adding a lot more veggies and fruit to our diet. I’m feeling a lot better physically now, but my weight is creeping up because I have trouble not eating in-between meals and in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

I’m trying to keep raw veggies and dip ready to grab from the fridge for my snacking, but my downfall is wanting salty stuff. I can skip desserts. I can monitor my portions. I can eat healthy foods. But when I decide I’m ‘starving to death ‘ (hahahahahahaha) in the middle of the day or worse – in the middle of the night – I want something salty.

Each day I start with the best of intentions. I try to stay away from my husband’s stash of chips of all flavors. I’ve even asked him to hide them from me. The last few days I’ve been able to eat our regular lunch, then some cottage cheese after I do my yoga practice for the day, and then dinner, and drinking enough water to make my eyeballs float, in an attempt to get on the right track.

So far, the scales are NOT impressed. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, and hope for the best.

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Too Much

Bright Drops

I’ve been trying to include lots more veggies and fruit in our diet. I’m trying to ‘eat clean,’ eating more whole foods, cooking more and freezing individual portions for us for future meals. It’s working out pretty well, except for the weight loss part.

Beachbody on Demand

The biggest wrench in my plan is pretzels. The mini-ones with salt. I am TRYING not to buy anymore until further notice. When they are in the house, they call to me without mercy. Maybe not having these will help me in my efforts to NOT eat between lunch and dinner, or in the middle of the night. Maybe if I wire my jaw shut…

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I’ve of two minds on our change to a more Mediterranean style eating plan.


Part of me is VERY happy that I feel better. I’m not eating Mediterranean recipes much – since my husband gets hostile when I talk about veggies and the recipes I’m finding lean heavily toward veggies he doesn’t consider ‘food.’ I’m basically just trying to focus on adding more veggies and fruit to our diet.

When I make beef stew, for example, I’m consciously adding more veggies than I used to, loading it up with less beef and more veggies. The same with casseroles.

I’M consciously choosing frozen dinners which concentrate on veggies, such as Healthy Choice “Steamers” and “Power Bowls” while my husband loads up on Pineapple Chicken or Sweet and Sour Chicken dinners. When we have the frozen dinners, or leftovers from my cooking, I add a side veggie, plus a fruit.


The other part of me is frustrated at my slow weight loss. I’m trying to watch my portions and track my calories on My Fitness Pal, but the scale is still laughing at me. I want there to be less of me. I am eating healthy, doing my daily yoga practice (DAY 73) and trying to be more active in general. I keep telling myself, “One day at a time…”

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I’m disgusted, but determined.

My scales are still impossibly snide, sneering at my efforts to lose the lard.

Most of the time I’m ‘good,’ only eating what I should. Other times – like in the middle of the night – I could eat the wall and not be satisfied. I’m frustrated and stressed, as we ALL are from time to time for various reasons. I’m trying to deal with that WITHOUT resorting to stuffing my face.

I’m using to record what I’m eating – except when I binge and all common sense and responsibility goes out the window. I’m 98% ‘there’ on trying to develop good habits of eating, drinking lots of water (my eyeballs are floating), and today is DAY 62 of my daily yoga practice.

98% is pretty good, but it’s the 2% that is killing my efforts. My husband said last night that the pain in my legs and hips at night might be due to my carrying a bit of extra weight. The result of THAT comment is that I can now add a bit of depression to the mix. He followed that up today, on the way back from the phone place, in stopping at Sonic and wanting to get us shakes! I told him to go ahead and managed to NOT get a chocolate shake. I did NOT bite him in the leg. (It’s a good thing because I haven’t had my rabies shot.)

So I’m going to fix our lunch now, drinking a full glass of water with it. I’ll drink a bottle of water mid afternoon, hoping that will curb my voracious appetite, and I’ve planned our good dinner, with lots of veggies, a bit of meat, and some fruit.

One day at a time…


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