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Beautiful Gourds 2

Jennifer Hershman Gourd


Maria Dellos



Mary Malensek



Mini Indoor Greenhouse


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Thoughts on a Thursday 10-31-2019

We got our freezing temperatures this morning. Thanks to the forewarning by our good weather people, we are good with no frozen water pipes. We don’t need the snow tires on the truck yet, but I’m still happy that we’re set if we need them. It’s 33 degrees F. right now with a breeze, so it’s a very good day to stay inside as much as possible. We have leftover chili for tonight and a nice, warm house, so we’re very lucky.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have such great memories of going trick-or-treating with a group of my friends. I don’t remember many of my costumes, but my mom wasn’t one to buy costumes from the store, telling my brother and me to use our imaginations. I really think that was a wonderful gift – a skill I’m still developing and enjoying. Back in the ‘good-old-days’ – a hundred years or so ago when we were trick-or-treating – there were vague warnings about watching out for razor blades in caramel apples, but that was all. My friends and I would gather and disappear into the night, giddy with the joy of being on our own to go to as many houses as possible to gather goodies. I loved it when people gave out home made cookies, or snickers bars, but was happy with whatever was given. We finally quit when we were too tired to go to even one more house, and essentially crawled back to our neighborhood and our various homes. Our deadline to be home was 9:00. Back then, my parents didn’t go through my candy, alert for bad stuff. If I happened to get a caramel apple, I gave it to my brother – not out of the goodness of my heart, particularly. He liked them and I didn’t. Simple as that. We already had full stomachs from eating while walking, but we snuck another few pieces before going to bed.

My favorite Halloween as an adult was when we lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in a neighborhood full of kids. My husband got into the spirit that year. We had taken our toddler son around earlier, so he was happily lying on the couch while we answered the door. My husband got on a wonderful, scary mask he had found. He put a pillow on his back and a burlap cover with a hole in it over his head. He really looked GREAT. The first kids came to the door. He opened it. They screamed and ran away without getting any candy. Then the word spread and I think the whole planet showed up at our door to see the ‘monster.’ I went out twice to load up the car with more candy during the evening.  Our son finally saw him, and was all upset, even when my husband took the mask off, and stomped on it on the floor. We ended up putting the mask away, in the top of a hall closet. Dad was back, so our son was happy again.

Now kids go to sponsored parties, or their parents follow them in cars as they trick-or-treat. They don’t know any different, so I hope they still have a blast on the holiday. I still remember how it used to be – before the world changed.


Jennifer Cleveland


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Happy Halloween – 2019 !

1000000 Ideas and Products



USA Today




This is me without makeup – just for you on Halloween.  I’ll put my regular mask back on tomorrow – promise!


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Beautiful Gourds

Etsy – Gourds Dancing Dogs



Brainstorming Decor Idea – Marilyn Sunderland



Essential Art Gallery & Fine Gifts



Etsy – Beautiful Gourd Art


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Thoughts on a Wednesday 10-30-2019

Stefka K Foerster – LinkedIn

It’s cold (46 degrees F.) and rainy here today.  We did not get the freeze, but the low is forecast to be 29 tomorrow. BRRR! My husband drove down to get the mail, but we decided today was a GREAT day to stay inside.

Since my husband has asked a couple more times about when we’ll have the Keto Chili again, (Suzanne Ryan, Simply Keto), I got the ingredients into the crock pot first thing this morning. Our son texted from Thailand, asking if I could give HIM the recipe. I took a pic of the page and sent it to him. :0)

Our wonderful bug man, Adolpho from Tri-Hill Pest Control of Fort Smith, came for our last spraying of the year this morning. Since it’s cold and rainy outside, he said he will come back next week to do the outside. I’ve told you before that we think this is a great company and our dogs vie for Adolpho’s attention.

I have decided that I need to be SURE to live at LEAST as long as my husband. He had to have an implant at the dentist’s office several months back. The new protocol is that they do the implant, wait several months and THEN do the x-rays and prep for the new tooth, and THEN insert the actual tooth at a third appointment. I’ve told you my husband had a stroke in July. He is now on blood thinners. He was going to agree to an appointment without telling the dentist’s office about his situation OR checking with our primary doctor. I have now contacted our primary, called the dentist’s office back to explain my husband’s situation so that NOW they will be prepared to handle any problems that might occur.  (I have told my husband that his wife is a pearl beyond price…)

This afternoon I plan to do more experimenting with Unicorn Spit in my art room. I’ve told you that this wonderful STUFF can be used on paper, wood, glass, ceramics, fabric and more. I’ve done the wooden plaques now. Next I’m going to see what happens with tote bags, glass Christmas ornaments, and flat wooden Christmas ornaments, and paper. Can you see me smiling even THINKING about my afternoon?

I’m delighted that my elliptical trainer time and yoga stretching time seem to be resulting in MUCH less pain, stiff joints, etc. This means a LOT at my age – 72 – so I’m really happy about this discovery.  I’m hoping that by the end of the year – or before – I can add something else to the daily exercise mix.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.


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“Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem DRY Bones…”

Twisted Copper Creations


Kristin Goings


Housekeeping 101


Halloween Decoration






*”Dem Bones” is a spiritual song. The melody was composed by author and songwriter James Weldon Johnson and his brother, J. Rosamond Johnson. First recorded by The Famous Myers Jubilee Singers in 1928.


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I Love Halloween 16

Cuddly Animals


Hallmark Ideas


The Mad Court Jester

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Gorgeous Fall .gif


via Yolanda Vanveen


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Lisa Bearnes Richey

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Thoughts on a Tuesday 10-29-2019

День Вдохновения- LinkedIn

It’s 47 degrees F. here today and rainy.

We’re supposed to have freezing temperatures tomorrow morning, so my husband and I have been dashing around trying to get house and vehicle prepared for this super-early phenomenon.

We –

  • shut down our irrigation system that waters all the flowers in planters around the house. We had to pull hoses from the well house wall and plug the holes, light the pilot light in the well house, and plug in the thermostatically-controlled electric heater there, too.
  • we unhooked hoses around the house and put styrofoam faucet covers on.
  • we closed outside vents
  • We lit the pilot light for the heating system in our shop.
  • We changed the truck tires from the regular ones to snow tires
  • We ran one of the riding mowers out of gas
  • We turned on the humidifier systems in the basement and the attic for the house

We are mostly prepared now for the freeze. The silly thing is that, after all this rushing around, we’ll probably have a week of freezing temperatures and then it will warm back up again… I’ll wait to do the rest of the list until later.

I’m looking forward to playing in my art room this afternoon. I’m going to try the Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze on some glass Christmas ornaments I have and some flat wooden ornaments.

Because of the all-day rush to get ready for the freezes, I haven’t done my exercises in TWO DAYS. I’ll start today getting back into the groove with my elliptical trainer and then my yoga stretches.

I tried a new recipe for ‘Keto Fried Chicken’ by Makinze Gore of last night. My husband pronounced it “Yummy!” so well enjoy eating this again.

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday, too!



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I Love Halloween 15



Stella T. Falconer – LinkedIn


The “Cat in the Hat” Lady

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Word Plaques are Up on ArtFire





I’ve had such fun making these!  The Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze is really fun. There is the fun of finger painting, where you can just dive in and have fun with the colors. I added some webbing paint and then acrylic paint for the edges and the backs. All are ready to hang with either wire attached or a saw tooth hanger.

Here is the URL of the ArtFire page if you’d care to look.


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I Love Halloween 14

Womens Day


peace and love



Scary Mardi Gras creature?


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Thoughts on a Sunday 10-27-2019

Slice of Life

Today when we were shopping for groceries, we saw families with big pumpkins in their shopping carts. Since we live on top of a ridgeline 650+feet up a steep driveway, we don’t get trick or treaters anymore. I love to see the delight on the children’s faces. I wish I could say we made wonderful jack-o-lanterns when our son was young and we were BURIED in so many trick or treaters we had to BUDGET to be able to pay for all the candy. Alas, I was lucky to manage the traditional jack-o-lantern without cutting off a finger or two. That’s why I truly love searching the net each year to see what the creative people are coming up with. I’m amazed at all the wonderful ideas and the amazing talent I find!

When checking our local weather website, I discovered that starting Wednesday of this coming week, we’ll have FREEZING temperatures each morning! My husband and I were out in the yard yesterday happily looking at some blooming roses, impatiens, and some clematis. It looks like they only have a few days left.

Because of the coming freezes, we got busy with our ‘Prep for Winter’ list. We have added to this list, starting many years ago, having learned the hard way that if we don’t pay attention and be proactive, we end up in a world of hurt with freezing pipes, etc. One year we lost the generator in the well house. We now have  a larger, propane powered generator that is much more reliable. When you live out in the sticks, you learn that you’ll be last in line when help is needed. The more you can take care of your own needs, the better.

So today we turned off our irrigation system that waters all the flowers around the house and on the deck. We unhooked and drained the system as much as possible. We pulled hoses out of the well house and plugged the holes in the brick for the winter. We plugged in a thermostat-controlled electric heater our there, plus lit the pilot light of the propane-powered heater that keeps our pipes from freezing. We then walked around the house, closing outside vents, unhooking hoses, and putting styrofoam faucet covers on the outside faucets. We unhooked the irrigation system hose for the veggie garden and wrapped the control in bubble wrap and a baggie with tape. We ran one of the ride-on mowers out of gas for storage. There is much more on the list, but we’ll handle those another day.

We had a nice texting chat with our son who is back home in Thailand. He is finally making progress on getting his hours straightened out, rather than being awake and asleep and hungry at the wrong times. He is back to morning exercise, meditation, and working with his partners.

I fixed the ‘keto chili’ by Suzanne Ryan of Simply Keto last night. My husband pronounce it “Delicious!” Went on to say, “I’ll be happy to eat this ANY time!” and finally, “Can we eat what’s left tomorrow night?”

I’m going to try to get reasonable pictures of the 5 plaques I painted with the Unicorn Spit stain/glaze and list them on ArtFire.

I’ll also make time for my elliptical trainer and my yoga practice.

I hope you’re having a wonderful, sunshine-y fall Sunday.




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I Love Halloween 13

The Spruce Crafts




The Mushroom Monster?


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The 5th Plaque is Finished


I’ll list the 5 plaques for sale on ArtFire in the coming days. I’m going to try to see how the Unicorn Spit works on glass ornaments and flat wooden ornaments next. This stuff is SO much fun to play with!!!


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Repost From of Wonderful Idea by a 9-Year-old Boy

This 9-Year-Old Russian Boy ‘Sells’ His Custom Pet Paintings For Food And Supplies For Shelter Animals

Not all heroes wear capes but their good deeds speak for themselves. This is yet another story to prove that even the smallest of us are capable of changing the world for the better and restore the faith in younger generations. Children come up with the most brilliant ways to solve problems that adults often fail at.

How to combine a love for art and help for stray animals? A kind-hearted 9-year-old Russian boy Pavel Abramov has the perfect answer to this question. The young artist from a small city of Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod has been painting beautiful portraits of pets and not to make money for his toys or a new phone, as you would expect. He exchanges his lovely portraits for animal food and supplies and donates it to a local shelter. Everyone can help in their own way.

More info: | Instagram

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Pavel and his mother Ekaterina Bolshakova started this project called “Kind paintbrush” about a year ago. This idea originated in Pavel’s brilliant mind when the loss of a four-legged friend hit the family and he could no longer ignore stray animals wandering the streets of the city. He needed to take part in making a change in memory of his dear Barsik and he definitely did; in the most creative and generous way.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?


Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

But this wasn’t the start of their volunteering journey of helping animals in need. The duo has been managing a group on Russian social media site, VK, called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” which has been proving time after time that a little human being can bring a positive change and the others will follow. The young altruist doesn’t have a helping hand from funds and organizations; he doesn’t have managers and employees– but he has a huge heart and an undeniable talent.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Pavel paints real pets of owners who are ready to sign a deal to provide kilograms of porridge, meat, and supplies in exchange for a portrait of their beloved animal. He knows each of his models by name and often meets them when the painting is finished. He paints based on pets’ photos and is always interested in how owners met their furry family members. Pavel is deeply touched by the heartwarming stories of pets rescued from the cold streets and this is probably what makes up for all his efforts.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?


Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

This brave social initiative has already spread beyond Arzamas city. Animal lovers from all over Russia and even abroad want to have the portraits of their pets made while taking part in a charitable mission. Artwork made by Pavel’s kind paintbrush has traveled to Spain, Germany and more to come.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Pavel is the youngest volunteer of the only animal shelter in Arzamas that currently houses over 100 dogs. In exchange for his paintings, he asks for food, household supplies, accessories, depending on what the shelter needs at that particular moment.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Chuck’s portrait went to the customer in exchange for 5 kg of buckwheat, 10 cans of canned dog food, and skin medicine.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Charming Ksyusha’s portrait was exchanged for 6 kg of buckwheat, canned dog food, bandages and medicine.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Timofey’s portrait has been exchanged for a set of medicines and dog collars.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Jesse’s portrait was exchanged for 7 kg of offal and 3 kg of buckwheat.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Cheerful hamsters were presented to an owner in exchange for 4 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of dry food, a leash, and a toy.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Portrait of cute Onyx for 3 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of oatmeal, 4 kg of pearl barley, treats for dogs and household supplies.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

A portrait of these three girls in exchange for 15 kg of beef trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

Exchanged for 15 kg of selected beef delicacies for the shelter.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

The portrait of Rex, Tuzik, Keks and Lusya exchanged for 5 cans of canned beef, 1 liter of milk, 3 kg of cereal, a pack of dry food, and 5 kg of trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

The portrait of handsome Basi went to Natalia in exchange for 10 kg of buckwheat and 10 kg of pearl barley.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

10 kg beef bones for this portrait of lovely Sonya.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

This portrait of Mr. Puzan was exchanged for 15 kg of beef bones and trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр?

“Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time,” the boy’s mother Ekaterina told Bored Panda. Pavel dreams of becoming an architect and building a big shelter in the future, and for now – he will contribute as much as he can with his art and humane initiatives.


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Thoughts from a Twisted Angel via Marianna Bellantoni

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My Happy Place

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I Love Halloween 12

DIY Network




And one slightly LARGER “Kid” –

I DID tell you I love Halloween, didn’t I?

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Thoughts on a Saturday 10-26-2019

Cheap Trip

Our weather is 53 degrees F. and raining, so it’s a great day to stay inside, feeling grateful for a warm, dry home. I put together a keto crock pot chili recipe (thanks to Suzanne Ryan, Simply Keto)  so we can look forward to a nice comfort meal this evening.

I’m finishing the last plaque in the 5 plaque series using my new Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze kit sent to me by my wonderful sister-in-law and FRIEND, MaryLou. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. I’m going to also try it on some glass Christmas ornaments I have, plus some flat wooden ornaments next. :0)


Since my body told me quite clearly Tuesday morning that it really NOTICED that I hadn’t exercised Monday, I’m actually finding it easier to work in my elliptical session and my yoga session daily. I don’t HAVE to do them at some particular time ( a SURE recipe for failure, since things always come up -giving me an excuse to skip it).  I do rest in-between the two sessions, but that’s the only limitation.

I’m doing 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer

Penn Fitness Warehouse


and 35-45 minutes on my yoga stretching

Why Kol


I’m enjoying book #38 “Concealed in Death” (of the 50 in the series so far) of J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) “In Death Series.” I make myself wait until the books come out in paperback and then read the whole series again before I give myself permission to read the newest one I’ve bought for my collection. Even though the main character, Eve Dallas, is a homicide cop, I find her, and all the people in her world, fascinating.  I feel extremely lucky to have found several favorite authors who allow me to dive into the worlds they create and live there awhile each day. :0)


I’m enjoying bouncing from exercise – to cooking – to playing in my art room – to reading – to taking dogs out – and back again today. I hope your Saturday is a satisfying one, too.


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Stephen McGuinness Art

“Sunset and Shoreline” – Stephen McGuinness


“The Cold Coast” – Stephen McGuinness


Stephen McGuinness (sorry, I neglected to get the name of this beauty.)


“The River Run” – Stephen McGuinness


“Where the Wild Roses Grow” – Stephen McGuinness

You can find more of Stephen’s work HERE.

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I Love Halloween 11




Transcription Certification Institute


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Garage Sale Finds


I love garage sales. You can go to one and be back out again in two seconds if you don’t find anything interesting. You can see at a glance what the price is on any given object and make a decision.

My husband likes auctions. He is willing to travel, wait through a line to get a number, then wait around while the auctioneer does his thing, get into a bidding war with someone, and most of the time come home empty-handed. I don’t have the patience for this.

On the way home from Lunch Bunch and errands, we saw a Garage Sale sign. We had never been up this driveway, and, in fact, were only vaguely aware that someone lived back there. There was kind of a long driveway that twisted and turned, finally coming up to a lovely home and detached shop. They had four doggies, one of whom was interested in saying “hi” to us.

There was a very nice lady holding the sale. It turned out that we know her husband and her father-in-law, so it was doubly nice to meet her.


I’m an owl nut. I love almost anything shaped like an owl. My collection is too large, but I fell in love with this one (such a surprise!) and brought it home.


Since we seem to be celebrating ‘HalthanksChristmas,’ I was please to find this cutey just sitting there waiting for me to snap him up.


My husband got a nice package of video cables and this sweet “Little Deuce Coupe” (My favorite car at all the car shows in the area)  kit. We might just put up our card table and work on putting this together now that the time for being outside becomes shorter and shorter.


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Thoughts on a Friday 10-25-2019

Animal’s Look

It’s cool (54 degrees F.) and raining today. I’m happy for the rain, but it’s a bit cool to dance in it.

We just got back from Lunch Bunch. Today we had almost more people than chairs for the group. It was wonderful. I’ve told you that the main group is Linda, Kay and me. We’ve met for Lunch Bunch every Friday for over 17 years now. Others have come and go. Some show up at various times, and the core remains the same. My husband was accepted as an honorary member several years ago. Now Kay’s husband is coming! Today our good friend Alice came, with one of her clients/friends. (Alice does professional machine quilting for scads of people). Conversation was lively and the service and food were good, as always, at the Pizza Barn, Greenwood AR.

Yesterday I finished the fourth plaque painted with Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze.

Today I’ll start the last in the series.

I found a nice keto chili recipe (Suzanne Ryan – Simply Keto) that I’ll try tomorrow.  :0)

I hope you’re staying warm, dry, and cozy today.



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Snugburys Ice Cream Straw Art 3

Snugburys Ice Cream Shop – U.K.


Snugburys Ice Cream Shop – U.K.


Snugburys Ice Cream Shop – U.K.


Snugburys Ice Cream Shop – U.K.


Snugburys Ice Cream Shop – U.K.


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I Love Halloween 10

Womans Day


Of Life and Toddlers

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100 Laughs

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Thoughts on a Thursday 10-24-2019

Alma Maghakyan – LinkedIn –

I’m in awe of people who can create .gifs like this.  You can almost HEAR the rain!

I just came back from having a glorious massage by my therapist, Lynn Moody. She is so kind and caring, as well as a master at finding all the tight, sore spots, knots, etc. and making them go away. AHHHH! If you’re in the  Fort Smith/Greenwood/Hackett & surrounding area, call for an appointment. Her number is 479-629-7601. You’ll never stop thanking yourself.

I’m working on another wooden plaque using the Unicorn Spit stain/glaze. I think I’ll have it finished by the end of the day. I’ll take a pic to post here.

I will never be an exercise ‘enthusiast.’ I don’t look forward to it, and still have to be determined to make these sessions priorities on my daily to-do list. But I have to admit that I’m still shocked that my BODY told me it missed my exercise sessions on Monday, when our dogs got into a fight and my day was spent trying to tend to our smaller, elderly dog, Molly, instead of anything else. (She is stronger each day, is eating and drinking and able to go outside with me. Whew!) My BODY complained about my lack of exercise! I felt sore, stiff, and creaky Tuesday morning, and MUCH better after I did my NOW usual time of 35 minutes on the elliptical and 35 or so minutes of stretching yoga. So my attitude has changed from “SHOULD” to “NEED.” This is a sea change for me, and I’m pleased to recognize it.  So today is gloriously physical with massage, elliptical trainer, and yoga.

I’m looking for a good beef stew that fits my keto-macros needs and will be accepted by my husband, who truly loves traditional beef stew I’ve always made, full of potatoes, carrots, etc. I tried one recently while our son was still home. My husband ate one bowl, said, “hmmph” and wasn’t interested in eating more of it. Our son and I ate the rest, thinking it was really pretty good, but until I find one my HUSBAND determines is YUMMY, the hunt continues. I’ll get more serious about the hunt right away because our temperatures are dropping around here, and my husband is looking for comfort food.

I wish you a happy, healthy Thursday.



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Thoughts on a Wednesday 10-23-2019

Wild and Wonderful

Isn’t she beautiful?

It’s 76 degrees F. and sunny today – a truly gorgeous fall day. I just opened up our front and back doors, giving us a delicious breeze wafting through the house.

As I told you in another post, Joshua came and made sure our geothermal system and thermostats are working as they should, so we’re feeling secure about the coming winter. (I called the company and told them that Joshua deserves a raise for truly wonderful service and for just being a really nice guy.) :0)

I did the first step in creating another plaque painted with Unicorn Spit. None of the steps takes long. I wait for what I do to dry, and then go up again and do the next step, over and over, until the piece is finished. Wonderful fun.

I’m on DAY 51 of daily yoga practice and DAY 36 of getting-serious-about-keto-macros.  I’m saying this even though I missed Monday exercise, except for bowling in the evening with friends. Our dogs got into a fight suddenly Monday morning.  Amber, our 94 pound yellow lab and Molly, our 25 pound elderly cocker spaniel/schnauzer cross were suddenly in a serious fight. Needless to say, Molly lost. I was really afraid we would lose Molly, but she rallied finally. She is recovering, eating, drinking, and going outside now. We have no clue what caused the fight, but I have insisted that my husband help me in trying to protect Molly now. (She is sleeping at my feet as I type)

So, when the crisis had eased Tuesday,  I did both my 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 35 minutes or so of yoga stretching. Tuesday morning my body felt old, stiff, and creaky. The exercising loosened me up. I’m beginning to BELIEVE that the daily exercising is just what I need, rather than just thinking I SHOULD, or that it would be good if I WOULD… Today my elliptical time seemed to go faster. I have my MP3 player and ear buds, and kind of zone out, enjoying the music as I walk. Some days I find myself saying, ‘another 5 minutes,’ over and over. Today I was pleasantly surprised that I still had some energy left in me when my time was up!’

I just finished my yoga session and I feel good. My body is ‘giving’ more in several of the stretches, making me feel I’m making progress. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my monthly massage – AHHHH!

Our son made it back to Thailand safely – traveling for over 30 hours. He is still trying to straighten out his hours (imagine that!) but he’s settled again and is managing to go to the gym in his apartment complex each morning, and enjoyed dinner with friends. He’s a great communicator, so – other than his world-class hugs – it’s almost as if he were still here.

A lot for which to be thankful!

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Another Great Company That Deserves Your Business

Energy Informative

This is not our home, but it gives you an idea about the procedure we did several years ago to retrofit our home with geothermal heat and air.

After the installation, we signed up for Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to come out in the spring and the fall to make sure our system was acting properly and was ready for the season ahead. It’s some of the best money we have ever spent.

We pay for the service once a year. The company calls when it’s time and we arrange an appointment. Our wonderful service man, Joshua, is mostly early or on time. If he’s going to be late, he calls.

When  we needed better thermostats, Joshua came up with a suggestion of two or three that were designed to work with geothermal systems. We chose one of them, and he ordered them for us. When they arrived, he came and installed the two we needed – one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

He checks everything very thoroughly, inside and out, AND is a super nice person, as well!

If you want a great company to take good care of your heating and air conditioning needs, call Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Their number is  479-646-9699, and they advertise that they are there 24 hours a day.



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