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Happy Friday

Nature Animals

We could definitely get spoiled by the nice weather we’ve been enjoying lately. I regret that I’ve largely wasted it, having to baby my back, and the yard work is still waiting. I AM able to do my yoga practice (DAY 84), so my back is improving some each day. Soon I’ll be my normal ornery self again. :0)

My SIL is enjoying some time at the beach now. She thought she might have to come home, after essentially just arriving, due to an alert about tidal flooding yesterday. This didn’t occur, so she is still able to enjoy herself. I’m hoping for a photo or two, now that she doesn’t have to get back on the road again right away.

Final Fantasy XIV

Today is Lunch Bunch. We’ll leave in about an hour and a half to catch up with whoever is there. Things have been erratic lately, with plans not working out, illness, and whatnot. I’ll be happy to see whoever is able to get there.

I answered a call from a roof and window salesman yesterday. I’m telling you this because we went to a great deal of trouble to get an answering program that screens our calls. It tells the caller to press a button on the phone if they are friend, family, or NOT selling anything. Only then does it ring in our house. This guy had the gall to press the button anyway. He started asking me how many windows we had. I answered by asking if he was a ‘friend.’ He started sputtering. I told him I KNEW he wasn’t family. I asked him if English was his first language. When he said, “yes,” I asked him if he listened to the answering message. He said, “yes.” I then asked him if he really thought he had ANY chance to sell whatever he was selling after having the gall to ignore our message and bother me. There was silence on the other end. I hung up.

Happy Friday and wonderful weekend.

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Thoughts on a Friday July 1, 2022

And we welcome July 2022 and Nathan from the Firefighters fundraising calendar from Australia. A great looking month it is, too. :0)

July 2022 – Matt Dixon – mattdixon.co.uk – via my friend, Susy Slais

I find it hard to believe it’s already July. I can feel my hair blowing as the time flies over my head this year.

We will have Lunch Bunch with Kay and her family today. My friend (the birthday girl) Linda is on her way to Tennessee today. Kay’s son and a friend will be visiting today. I’m not sure who will be there, but it will be fun to see them. On the way there, we’ll put up our 4th of July mailbox decoration, get our mail, and take some mail to the drive-through post office. Afterwards, we’ll do a bit of shopping before coming home.

Snoopy and Woodstock in celebration

So far today I’ve changed sheets and started laundry. I’m baking some salmon and steaming asparagus for our dinner tonight. I’m doing bookkeeping for June in-between.

Nice Friday, and looking forward to a long, hopefully lazy weekend. :0) I’m hoping that our neighbors down in the valley will do their annual fireworks display. That would be ‘gravy’ on an already pretty nice week.

Enjoy your day!

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It’s Friday!

You Had Me At Hello-fineartamerica.com

For years and years Friday meant the end of another work week and two days off. Weekends were usually hectic for me, since I needed to do all the marketing for the coming week, the laundry, cooking, etc. (I COULD have spread it out during the week, but working full time, going to graduate classes twice a week, raising our son, being a wife, feeding us, nightly chores, getting ready for the next day, occupied more than all of my time. Still, Fridays meant a change of pace and a bit of freedom.

Now our son is grown, we’re retired, and Friday is just another potentially wonderful day. We look forward to seeing our friends at Lunch Bunch. We usually do some errands before and after, then settle down back home.

I love not having most of my time spoken for. I really like figuring out something I want to accomplish each day – or at least work AT – so I’m using my time well. I love the freedom of not having dire consequences if I don’t accomplish all on my to-do list each day.

Being able to just lie back and let myself go if I’m sleepy in the afternoon is a perk beyond price. Having few appointments and some nice quiet days is something my soul needs. One of my favorite things now is walking around our yard, seeing something that needs to be done and doing it, or spending time by myself reading, listening to music, playing in my art room, or choosing to do nothing at all.

I hope Friday each week means wonderful things for you.

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Thoughts on a Friday 4-2022

Schulz – Peanuts

We have been very happy this month that we live on top of a ridge line in Arkansas. Being up a bit has its own dangers – lightning and gusty winds and tornadoes being some – but we DON’T have to worry personally about flooding, though we HAVE discussed tying a rowboat at the bottom of our driveway in case we need to get to town at times. We’ve had a LOT of rain this month. May might bring dryer weather, but it won’t bring calmer weather. We’re under a tornado ‘watch’ much of the summer. We’ve gotten to the point where we don’t really pay attention unless the weather alert says, “A tornado is on the ground in Greenwood, headed for the Lewis’ house.” I’ll be happy to wave goodbye to April tomorrow.

Good/Bad – GOOD: We saw our second hummingbird of the season this morning! We’re not sure if it’s the same hummingbird we saw yesterday or a different one, but he/she took a good, long drink before flitting away. BAD: It looks like we might have another raccoon. The feeders were all absolutely empty this morning after my husband filled them up yesterday. The suet holder on one end of one of the feeders was pulled out on one side. We have yet to see a bird who pulls out the side of the suet holder to get at the suet. We had a suet holder down on the ground below the deck… We’ll have to set the humane trap and see if we can catch the critter for relocation.

CLEANING: I was planning to tackle cleaning up our porch as my next project, but I think I’ll postpone that, since the weather forecast for the next few days is really gusty winds and chances of rain and severe storms.

Instead, I think I’ll work on our pantry. It’s gotten out of hand over the past couple of months, since there wasn’t a good place to put extra supplies and things tended to get ‘stuffed’ wherever it was out of the way a bit. This will be a several day project, but it’s overdue and I don’t have to get the cooperation of Mother Nature to do it.

FRIENDS: Today is Lunch Bunch. In fact, we leave in about 45 minutes to meet our friends. I think that Kay’s daughter will be here, visiting from Albuquerque. She’s a wonderful person and I really enjoy it when she comes home to her parents. :0) Catching up on Fridays rounds the week off nicely.

Have a fabulous Friday.

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Thoughts on a Friday 4-22-2022

First Cry Parenting

The sun is shining brightly and it’s due to get to the low 80’s today, so I’m smiling from ear to ear. I’ll plan to weed my veggie garden today. :0) We get today, plus part of the weekend before more storms due Sunday.

I’m looking forward to visiting with my friends at Lunch Bunch in a little over an hour.

We’re still hoping the phone line repairman will come to reattach the phone line that fell in the last storm. We waited all day yesterday, but he didn’t show or call. I got on chat at almost 5 and was asked to give him until 7pm. Still nothing. My husband is staying home this morning in case he comes while I go to lunch and do the errands. If nothing has happened, I’ll get back on chat…


I had a dream so realistic last night I’m still reverberating. Short version is that I drove my husbands’ Vette, went over a construction platform into part of a road being reconstructed and covered in thick oil that got all over the tires and into the inside of the car. My husband was ranting about the ‘idiot’ who trashed his car, and I STILL was facing having to tell him it was “I”. I told him about the dream this morning, and then thanked him for being so nice about the fact that I didn’t really trash his car…

The Indian Express

Today’s exercise includes –

  • warm up video
  • stretching video
  • weights video (one of two I alternate)
  • elliptical trainer (10 minutes)
  • yoga stretches (30 minutes)
  • working in the garden (30+ minutes)

Happy Friday.

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Happy April!

We had a freeze overnight, so I’ve just come in from taking the sheets off my veggie boxes. Everything seems to have come through the freeze fine, though I need to wash the sheets now before storing them again. I really hope we’re finished with winter. Having spring one day and winter the next, and back again, is stressful.

I’m not REALLY complaining – or at least not loudly – because so MANY, MANY people are having a really hard time right now, with wars, severe weather, and more.

I hope that this month brings people some good things.

In an effort to bring in April with a happy smile –

This is Ben, an Australian firefighter from their fund-raising calendar. He certainly raises MY spirits! :0)

Have a great day.

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Thoughts on a Friday 3-25-2022


This sweet fellow looks calm and collected – and I’m trying to take inspiration from him.

My day has been pretty frazzled so far, and I’m getting a very late start on writing here today.

Lunch Bunch was today. My husband decided he would stay home because he is rebuilding and upgrading his computer and the things he ordered were due to be delivered this morning before noon. Lunch Bunch was small, with only Kay, Bud, and me. We had a nice time talking. I brought home lunch for my husband.

The computer stuff is still not here. I don’t know whether we’ll get it today or not. My husband is upset about it.

Meanwhile, he wanted me to help him with a financial transaction. We started an hour or so ago and are still working on it. He wants me to help, but fights me every step of the way, gets mad if I make suggestions, doesn’t want me to leave OR say anything – a continuation of the last several days. I wish we could both reboot our BRAINS…

A very nice surprise happened. When we went through the mail I brought in, I found a package neither of us recognized. It turned out to be

It’s a pillow cover with a Sand Piper on it – one of my favorite things in all the world. I’m thinking that my sweet SIL did this. She’s thoughtful, knows I love Sand Pipers, and has sent things before. I’ve texted her to see if she is the sweet culprit. :0) Update – It WAS my SIL, thinking I needed a ‘cheer-me-up.’ AWWWWW. It worked! Can’t wait to get to the store and get a pillow for it.

It’s already past 1pm here and I haven’t gotten anything accomplished. Oh, well.

Happy Friday.

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Fun Friday

Slonice Santi-pepadanafelting.blogspot.co.uk

I’m in awe of people who create ‘felted’ animals. SO much patience and talent involved. This elephant melts me into a puddle.

This is a happy Friday.

First, the weather, which has been so challenging lately, is truly beautiful. Our high temperature is supposed to the in the 70’s today with lots of sunshine! We JUST celebrating the last of the ice on our driveway. It’s still in the ditches along the north sides of the road to town, but it’s finally gone otherwise. I happily waved, ‘bye-bye’ to it. :0)

I immediately wanted to go get some plants, but will need to be careful to watch for freezes in the next couple of weeks if I do find plants to put in my square foot garden.

We have Lunch Bunch today. If all goes to plan, all of us except one will be there today for the first time in about 3 weeks or so. It’ll be great to catch up with our friends.

After, maybe we’ll check to see if there are early spring plants available. I’m particularly looking for lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. We’ll see.

I am actually caught up with all the pesky bookkeeping/taxes/filing etc that I truly hate. Yesterday I updated an ‘important’ spreadsheet for our son that lists information he would need in case both my husband and I croak. I was able to send him the link to it via our chat program. AND my desk is still clear!

Have a fun Friday!

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Too Much Comfort!


Being iced in and eating comfort food is making my scales smirk at me again. Can you say, ‘Yo-yo?”

It’s 23 now, but it’s supposed to get to 40 this afternoon, with a slow warming trend in the coming days. Our driveway looks like a ski slope, and when we’re stupid enough to try to walk on it, where we walked doesn’t show, as the ice is still much too solid to allow footprints. It’ll be at LEAST another day or two before we venture out – at least I HOPE my husband doesn’t decide to be all macho about it.

When I looked out this morning, my eyes actually hurt, looking at the bright sunshine bouncing off the ice-covered EVERYTHING. It seems as if you can see every branch on every tree. Very pretty, but WAY too cold for me.

My husband requested that I make chicken chunks, onion, mushrooms, and soup over rice for our dinner this evening. I can FEEL the scales smirk. At this rate, a crane will be needed to pull me up out of my chair…

I HAVE been doing my yoga, though, so I’m starting to loosen up, and THAT feels wonderful. I’m doing a session each afternoon.

Since we’re still iced in, no Lunch Bunch today. I called each of my friends, and we visited a bit. Hopefully, NEXT Friday will be a time we can get together again.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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SWAK – Sealed with a Kiss – tumblr.com (photographer unknown)

My heart is in a puddle under my chair as I type. I think this should be an award-winning photo, at least. and I will keep it for whenever I need a quick pick-me-up. :0)

It’s nice and sunny here, but only 15 degrees right now. We’re supposed to get to 37 by this afternoon, so I’m happy.

I will join a friend for Lunch Bunch. One of the group is recovering from a hospital procedure and another is out of town. My husband has the sniffles, and so will stay home, leaving the two of us at lunch today. I’ll take it. It’ll be nice catching up with her.

Have a happy Friday!

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Thoughts on a Friday 12-10-2021


This isn’t really a picture of the “Ladies of Lunch Bunch,” but it shows the spirit. We met as usual today, except one of us wasn’t there. Kay fell yesterday and was checked out at the hospital before coming home last night. She had called to tell me she wasn’t going to be there today.

I don’t know the details of what was found, but they did allow her to go home. This morning I called and she was in pretty bad shape. She was dizzy and nauseous. She has her husband and niece there with her, and she was waiting for her local doctor to call and tell her if he thought she should go back to the hospital. I don’t know any more details than that. She said she would keep me in the loop of what was happening.

It was good to catch up with Linda and Patty, but the worry was underlying everything. We won’t be able to settle down until we know how Kay is and what is being done to help her. She didn’t tell me anything was broken, so I’m assuming she was mainly shook up and probably sore from the fall. I want to know the why of the dizziness and nausea. She only weighs 98 lbs right now. As feisty a lady as you would ever want to know, so it’s doubly disturbing for this to happen to her.

So, all appendages are crossed for her recovery. We need our friend back.


We are having an amazingly warm day today with a cold front and rain forecast for this afternoon and evening. I gathered what is probably the last of our flowers to bring inside.

Red roses, Rio Samba roses, twice-blooming iris.

When we came home from Lunch Bunch, we found that Abby had decided that the buffet was a great spot to sleep. Amber, our 95-pound yellow lab, climbed up in my roll-around office chair with me this morning, almost causing us to both end up on the floor. She likes to make me laugh. Right before we went to Lunch Bunch, I sat on the sofa to talk to my husband, and Amber took that as an invitation to join me. She walked right up and sat beside me, crawling into my lap and licking me as if she were allowed on the furniture!

Final thought – I discovered a singer named Andreas Kummert. I think he’s from Germany. He has such a distinctive style and voice. I could listen to him for hours.

Enjoy your Friday.


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Happy Friday


It’s a beautiful morning – sunshine-y and a bit chilly at 37 degrees F. right now.

We’re looking forward to Lunch Bunch soon. We’ll do errands after and then be home the rest of the day.

Under the category of “I Ain’t Dead Yet,” I found Christopher King singing, “Don’t Close Your Eyes” that I hope you’ll like, too. :0)

If this doesn’t show up, here is the URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee4ZxsJIPys&ab_channel=AmazingPeopleWorld

Not sure what the rest of this day will bring. I hope yours is wonderful, too.

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Friday, September 3, 2021


My hair is blowing as I realize we’re at the end of another week and we’ve started September. We will leave for Lunch Bunch soon. I love seeing my friends’ faces, hugging their necks (vicariously – with Covid), and sharing a meal, seeing with my own eyes that all remains well.

Since the main people who pass our driveway these days are the kids who ride on the school bus, we will concentrate on displaying the decorations we hope they will enjoy. We will put up Godzilla today.

When we get back from Lunch Bunch and a few errands, I’ll check the dragonfly in the shop to see if he’s ready for us to put back up on the side of the house. I’ll also check the Christmas presents that I think are finished and ready to come inside. I THINK all is finished, except for painting on some polyurethane for protection.

I will make a chef salad with chicken left from our lunches today for dinner tonight.

I’m HOPING our weather forecasters are right with chances of rain tomorrow night into Sunday. My husband is smiling because he’s only had to mow once lately, but our plants could really use a good soaky rain. In CASE they’re right, I need to check our tomato plants and do some weed whacking today and tomorrow.

On the start of this Labor Day Weekend, I think of my dad, who was born – he said ‘quite appropriately’ – on Labor Day. My parents have been gone a long time now. I still feel them encouraging me to enjoy each day the best I can.

I hope that you enjoy YOUR Friday, too.

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Thoughts on a Friday 6-4-2021


There is a strange, roundish bright object in the sky today. It’s been so long since we;ve seen it, it seems odd. It’s supposed to show itself in the sky today and probably tomorrow. It’s amazing.

Show + Tell

Later this morning we’ll leave to join my friends for Lunch Bunch. We have joined each other for lunch every Friday for almost 18 years now. Can you imagine how much we’ve shared over the years? Friends like this are truly priceless.

After Lunch Bunch, my husband and I will hit Walmart and the local grocery store for supplies.


My new shop on Etsy is open now. Though I’m still adding some things, it’s basically done. I would appreciate it very much if you would visit when you have the time and inclination and let me know how I can improve it.

We may spend part of the afternoon testing our irrigation system in the yard. We haven’t really needed it yet with all the rain we’ve been having, but we will need it soon. Usually we have to fix several breaks in the lines.

I hope that you have a wonderful day with something deliciously fun thrown into the mix.

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Thoughts on a Friday 5-7-2021


It looks like today will be another perfect day. We had one yesterday, too – sunny and 80 – and I’m not taking a minute of these for granted.

We leave in a bit more than an hour for Lunch Bunch. Today I’m taking gallon bags of spinach and lettuce from our garden to my friends. I absolutely love it when we have enough to be able to share with people who mean so much to me.

I’m hoping that one of my friends will have pictures of her new kitchen floor to share. She had a pipe burst during the last winter storm and it completely ruined her floor. Apparently a LOT of people had damage because she had to wait a long time for someone to be able to build a new one for her. I talked to her on the phone, though, and she said she was THRILLED with it.

I have some pics of our new carpet and new porch floor to share with my friends. It will be a LONG time before I get up to walk anywhere on the first floor of our house and fail to smile ear to ear. It’s such a pleasure to have things looking good. We’ve been opening our front and back doors to enjoy the weather in the afternoons. I can also see our new porch floor when we do that. And the carpet FEELS so good when you walk on it. :0)

Yesterday when we were going to get our mail and make a quick run to the grocery store, we couldn’t get our garage door to stay closed. It kept going down, then ‘bouncing’ off the bottom and going up again. Apparently the last big storm we had recently blew its mind. We ended up getting out the paperwork and reprogramming the remote that lives in the truck and the manual opener that lives outside the garage. Now it seems to be working fine.

Yesterday’s project bundle was threefold: 1) three loads of laundry, 2) put new sheets on our bed and change out the electric blanket for a summer velour one, and 3) change my clothes in my closet, putting winter stuff in the guest room closet and bringing summer stuff into my bedroom closet. I got most all of this accomplished yesterday. Today I’ll finish organizing my closet today, plus I’m promising myself to actually go through my stuff carefully, looking for things to donate.

I will also check my garden to see if I need to start the automatic watering again. We’ve been getting a lot of rain, so I turned the system off. We’re supposed to get more rain tomorrow night into Sunday…

We splurged last night, eating hot dogs and chips, with ice cream and fresh cut up strawberries for dessert. It’s been about a year since we did that last, so it tasted like Heaven. :0)

I hope that your Friday is wonderful. Enjoy every minute!

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This picture isn’t our house, but it gives you an idea of what is going on this morning.

The workmen were here at 8am. They will tear down the current porch ceiling, replace it, paint it, and put the fluorescent fixtures and ceiling fan back up. They will also install a pair of shutters on the 2nd story of the front of the house, plus seal a place in the roof soffit where the squirrel family got in. They will take away all the debris. They think they will have everything done by the end of the day on Monday – even with this being Easter weekend – and having to wait for different steps to dry in-between. We are delighted to have found them.

I showed them where the bathrooms were on the first floor and that there were bottles of water in the fridge and they got started.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday moving everything off our back porch. My back immediately began talking to me, but it isn’t hurting as badly today. I was happy that I was able to move a round table off the porch by myself. I had to turn it on it’s side, and maneuver it to get each of the legs to clear the doorway, but I DID IT.

I went through Home Advisor to get quotes for the job. I’ve used them before and was pleased. Things were much more complicated this time because “Home Advisor” bought out “Angie’s List” and there are a lot of details to be addressed regarding which website you’re on versus a payment app on a smart phone. We did it, but it was pretty awful. Thank goodness for a woman in the payment department named April who figured out what the problem was and helped us solve it.

Though not having the worry of the ceiling crumbling while we’re trying to enjoy lunch on the porch is a really nice thing, my biggest relief regarding this job is that my husband was planning to install the new shutters on the house himself. The shutters that fell off during the winter were on the 2nd story of the house. This requires standing on an extension ladder and balancing while holding the shutter, tools, etc. We had mollies in the brick into which the screws go to hold the shutters on, but sometimes they fail. The shutters have to have holes drilled in them, but that isn’t a problem. I’m just happy that my husband – who still thinks he is young – won’t have to try to do this job.

Otherwise, my husband prevailed and got our riding mower going yesterday, after installing a new battery and then using a chain hoist in the shop to raise the whole mower so he could remove a piece of wood that jammed in there, causing the blades to stop rotating, and was able to mow the back yard. He’ll do the front today. I’ll do the weed whacking and clean up.

I hope that YOU are having a good day, too.

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Thoughts on a Friday 10-9-2020

Dean Pollard

My heart goes out to the people in the path of Hurricane Delta. Stay safe and well!

Wikimedia Commons

We will join some of our good friends for Lunch Bunch today. One of us won’t be there, having to drive her car to a dealer in another town for service, but 4 of us will be there.

I am HOPING I can finish filling up the garden boxes in our raised bed, square foot garden today. We have one-and-a-half boxes left – about three double-loads of Mel’s Mix. When we finish, I will take pics when the boxes are filled, and again when the tarps are on.

Ridgeline Owners Clug

All of a sudden, the headliner in our truck started sagging and hanging down! I’ve never seen that happen before. (The picture above gives you an idea)

I got on chat with the Honda dealer in Fort Smith and someone was supposed to email me, but hasn’t. I called a company that repaired damage to our Vette last year, and she gave me the phone number of a man she says is really good with our problem. I called HIM, we went to his house in the next town, he gave me an estimate after we agreed on a color.

He says this is a common problem. The foam backing on the fabric deteriorates and then the fabric lets loose and hangs down.

We will take the truck Monday afternoon and pick it up Tuesday. I feel really lucky to have been connected with someone who can fix our problem!

I am hoping I can finish in the garden today because I have some ideas rattling around in my head that I want to start on in my art room. The outside work takes precedence, but I’m eager to be able to play. :0)

Hope your Friday is a good one!

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I Love Fall!


I love this. If “I” tried to do it, though, there would probably be a huge rock at the bottom of the pile waiting for me to bash my brains out jumping in like this. I’m mentally enjoying pretending I am this man, though.  It is 60 degrees right now and very cloudy. It’s supposed to clear up and be in the low 80’s with sunshine this afternoon. Mother Nature is really smiling on us right now.  LOVELY fall day.

Today we meet our friends for Lunch Bunch and then do a few errands.

Yahoo! Sports

Yesterday I won an award for laziness and procrastination. I had a whole list of things to do, but didn’t do much of anything. I ended up taking a nap in my chair, instead.  SURELY I can do better today!

Top 100 Funny Quotes via CoolFunnyQuotes.com

The project for the day is cleaning out the shelves in our master bathroom. There are two floor-to-ceiling sets of shelves, plus a big medicine cabinet – all full of ‘stuff.’ I’m going to see if I can get those cleaned out today. I started to do this recently, but got snafued.

I hope that you have a nice Friday and an even nicer weekend.



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Friday 9-4-2020


The sun is shining! We have had so much rain, so many storms, flash flooding, etc., here lately that I had almost forgotten what it was like to enjoy happy sunshine!  A welcome sight, indeed.

We will join our friends for Lunch Bunch in half an hour. One of my friends has been in the process of moving, so I’m eager to hear how it went and what she thinks of her new place. Our other friends are usually into an interesting project. It is always a great time for us to catch up with what has been going on, future plans, etc. We are lucky to have been doing this for over 17 years now, through years and years of things to celebrate and things to help each other through. Friendship is priceless.

I am filling up my leaf bags quickly now – one for donations and the other for trash. I’m hoping to fill at least two extra leaf bags of trash each week, and I will systematically go through, room by room, trying to gather things I am no longer using or can do without that someone else might need or enjoy.

We are supposed to get our first week’s delivery of BistroMD today. I’m looking forward to eating our first dinner tonight.

I am finding it difficult to get my work on Amazon Handmade so far. I have been accepted, but when I click on the ‘register’ button in the email they sent, they send me to a screen that says they don’t like the version of Chrome I’m using as a browser. They don’t provide a URL – just a clickable square – so I can’t use another browser. I will try to upgrade my Chrome again after lunch and keep my fingers crossed.

This will be a hopefully quiet day for us. We only have a couple of errands to run, and so will be home to receive our deliveries and try to get organized for the new eating plan.

I hope that this is a good day for you, too.

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Thoughts on a Friday 8-21-2020

source unknown

I can’t decide my favorite between the Tawny Owl and this sweet Shoebill Stork. I think they are both wonderful.

I had fun yesterday working in my art room a bit. I decided to try a new ‘stained glass’ look on a couple of pairs of earrings. I’ll post them later to see what you think.

My South Beach efforts are paying off. I’m down 11.2 lbs since we started with them, and down 40.2 overall since my lardiest. I’m almost into ‘new territory’ on my weight loss efforts – about 2 lbs to go.

I’ve decided that no matter how hard I try, my body measurements aren’t that accurate. Today they are showing I’ve lost 33.2 inches since I began trying to lose weight and exercise. This varies – due to my ineptness – but it shows the general trend is downward, always a good thing. Suffice to say I’m down a few sizes and my current clothes are looser. My husband noticed my jeans are looser, and I was able to finally wear a blouse today that I’ve kept for years, hoping I could lose enough weight for it to not be too tight. Today it’s loose! :0)

I’m getting into the habit of doing my elliptical trainer (or equivalent cardio/whole body exercise plus about 30 minutes or so of yoga stretches & abdominal exercises daily. I am feeling better with less pain/stiffness and am feeling my stomach muscles when I walk now, if that makes any sense…

We will join our friends for Lunch Bunch in about an hour. I love getting to see their faces, laugh with them, and catch up on what has been happening since last week.

I will start getting things out of our greenhouse today.

It would take too much money and too much work to get it back to working condition since the storm. We weren’t able to afford to heat and cool it, so it’s better to take it down. We will do this a bit at a time, salvaging what we can.

Our weather has been perfect lately – cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I think tomorrow we start getting back to our normal too hot, too humid summer tomorrow, so we will enjoy every minute today, enjoying having the doors open and ceiling fans.

I hope YOUR day is wonderful, too.

Stay safe and well.


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Thoughts on a Friday, July 31, 2020


Today we meet our friends for Lunch Bunch. Our ‘core group’ (Linda, Kay and I) have been meeting every Friday possible for over 17 years now. “Priceless”  just isn’t a strong enough word to describe how special this is.  Others come and go. Our husbands were made honorary members of the group years ago. Linda’s husband is gone, now, but we share memories of funny or touching things from the times he was able to join us. Kay’s husband has joined us recently. He isn’t working now, laid off because of the virus. He is at the age where he should have retired long ago, but loves the work. He is working now to define himself as much more than his work, and I’m delighted. He has a wonderful sense of humor and it’s fun to hear what he has to say. My husband has been a member for several years now. He presides over his ‘harem,’ ( :0) )  though now graciously sharing that fantasy with Bud now. We enjoy catching up with what the others have been doing, or hearing about plans for the future. We have borne the sad news together over the years, and have helped each other deal with whatever has happened. We had to miss a few Fridays due to the virus. Then the restaurant owner was allowed to serve us outside at picnic tables. Now we’re back in the restaurant, wearing masks in and out. It’s good to be back.

We will have to set our humane trap again tonight because it looks like we have ANOTHER raccoon. This has been a record-braking year. We have relocated 8 raccoons so far, and it LOOKS as if we will do it again..

We had quite a storm yesterday evening. LOTS of lightning, loud thunder, wind, and heavy rain for about half an hour that I was aware of. No damage, though. We are due for more today. Our grass and plants will be happy. My husband is frowning as he imagines the grass spurting up again.


This is yesterday’s tomato harvest. We are enjoying fresh sliced tomatoes for part of our lunches and dinners every day. It has been glorious. Even if the harvest stopped suddenly – as it sometimes does – we have been very lucky this year.

Not sure what today’s project will be. I’m trying to choose one area to ‘heal’ every day. Yesterday it was my kitchen desk and the shelves above it. I also spent a lot of time scrubbing one of the downstairs bathrooms. I have LOTS of good choices, as I am a slob. I’ll report later on what the choice is.

I’m doing really well on my exercising. Being able to add a gold star to my desk calendar is motivating for me – a person who hasn’t fully grown up. They motivated me as a child in school and I will still get off my duff and go earn one now. I’m giving myself one for each session on my elliptical trainer in the garage and each session of yoga stretches and abdominal exercises. So far, this is an 8-star week. I’ll go for 9 and 10 today.

I hope you have a wonderful day today, productive and enjoyable.



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Thing One and Thing Two

New Animalbook

My husband and I got a couple of things done yesterday that had been weighing on us.

THING ONE:  We finally drilled holes in the pvc pipe that runs along the back edge of the brick planter we had to rebuild recently, so that the elephant ear plants I put in there could get some water. The only problem, though, when we got that done, was that the irrigation system didn’t turn on when it was supposed to.

The brains for it in the well house showed that one of the power failures lately got it. It though it was 11:00 at night in January in 2007. :0)

I managed to find the manual for the system – HOORAY for me!


when my husband got frustrated, I was able to reset things so I could reprogram the system. The first time I tried, I messed up; but the second time it worked! We went around the yard adjusting the Station 1 planters and then moved to the back when Station 2 started. YEA!!!!!

THING TWO:  The second thing was our supplementary driveway alarm had failed. My husband ordered a new one. When it came, he painted the part we attach to a tree in camouflage. That was as far as the project got until I remembered it yesterday while we were waiting for the irrigation system to turn on.

He got the part from the shop, attached it to the tree, and we tested it, having it working just before we worked with the irrigation system!  ANOTHER YEA!!!!

I love days where we can do something that stays done awhile. :0)


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Andy Seliverstoff via Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

If you’re like me, you look for things to bring your spirits up each day while we’re facing such an awful time worldwide. The photo above is one of those things for me, and I wanted to share it with you.

Another thing that will brighten our personal day is that we’re meeting our good friends for Lunch Bunch today. The restaurant has been able to open its doors, so we can enjoy the comfort of air conditioning while we eat and catch up.

The governor of our state of Arkansas has now issued the mandatory wearing of face masks in public, starting Monday. My husband is on notice that he either complies, has to sit in the car and wait for me, or stays home. His brother even cared enough to order and send him a Marine Corp-themed face mask. It will be interesting. If you look up “stubborn” in the dictionary, my husband’s picture and name should be there.  :0/

We want to put something in our safe deposit box at the bank today. I also want to verify our master list of what is there for our records. In order to do this, we had to call and make an appointment. Life used to be so much simpler. As I sigh, I’m glad we can do this at all now.

I am still trying to get up to my art room to play with the idea of pulled string art. Life happens each afternoon, so I haven’t been able to try it yet. Maybe I will find the time (and energy) this afternoon.


ABSTRACTS by Sabina via cathy ruggiero


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Life of a Slug


Yesterday I emulated a slug.  It was a wonderful day.


Life Time Athletic

Arkansas is reopening, so I was able to have my first massage in three months. AHHHHHHHH! Each part of my body let out a big sigh as my therapist, Lynn Moody, found another tight or sore spot and eased our the kinks. I tried to get her to just let me sleep there when she finished, but she calmly, sweetly, told me I had to get up and go home, and gave me an appointment for next month. :0)

When I got home, I fixed lunch. We ate, and I thought I would drink a cup of coffee and watch the news on TV. The next thing I knew, it was an hour later.

I did only what was needed yesterday, taking another nap in the afternoon. The life of a slug is sweet!

Today Lunch Bunch is trying to meet at the Pizza Barn. It rained overnight, and it’s looking like it might rain again. We were planning to eat at one of the picnic tables they have put in their parking lot, but that might not be in the cards. Kay is calling to find out if it would be possible for us to eat inside if it’s raining. The jury is still out on whether we can finally enjoy a meal together or not. I usually hug them – but I’m learning to hold my hands behind my back to remind myself to take care of each of my friends.  If not this week, then maybe next week. Till then, we’ll just have to say, “Hi” on the phone.

I’m hoping to get up to my art room this afternoon, since it looks like the work in the yard and the garden might not be possible. I want to start painting a new group of wooden earrings – these with posts – so I can add this option to my Etsy site, Eyecatching Earrings .  I’ll show you pics when they are listed.

Today is rainy, windy, and raw. I’ll get together the makings of keto chili in the crock pot for tonight.

I hope you can find some joy today.

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Thoughts on a Friday 4-3-2020

via Jeff Jett – LinkedIn

I’m feeling very lucky that so far, we are safe from the virus, in a warm, dry home with our pets. We have food and water, a throw to take a nap under, books to read, paint to splatter, and some good hugs – even with social distancing.  I just enjoyed a chat with our son who is across the world from us. He is thinking about starting a YouTube page with videos on how to meditate. He is so calm and happy. I hope he does this, so he can pass this gift he has found on to others.

One suggestion on a way we can help each other through this time of economic uncertainty –  if you are in the position to do this – pay the many good people who do things for you the normal amount you would pay them, even if you’re not getting the service, to show how very much you appreciate them.  If you are not in a position to pay them, consider calling them to check on them, showing them you are thinking of them.

It’s rainy today, so we’re staying inside.

Yesterday we had to go to the hardware store because we had a leak in the well house. We were able to find the replacement parts we needed and were able to fix the leak. We were going to change the tires on the truck – from our snow tires to the regular ones – but we seem to have a reprieve for the moment due to the rain. ANOTHER reason to enjoy the rain! :0)

Today I’m planning to go up to my art room (my friend, Marsha, says I should call it a ‘studio.’) to have fun painting some wooden earrings for myself.

I hope you find a fun, satisfying way to spend your day today.

Stay safe.


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Thoughts on a Friday 2-27-2020

Patrick van Bakkum Photography via Penny Yaffe Krakow

My heart simply melted when I saw this wonderful photo, so I had to share it.

I FINALLY finished the initial yard work for the season this afternoon!  We have been battling true champion weeds – and LOTS of them, even though we spread weed killer in the yard. I finally finished pulling all the weeds out of the rock bed that goes around the base of our house. When things get back to normal in the world, we’ll get more bags of rocks and spread them. In the meantime, my husband did what HE calls spraying for weeds in the bed today. We’re due for rain tonight into tomorrow, but once we have a dry day, I plan to hose down the rocks with weed killer in a more serious fashion. I also trimmed the edges of the grass, weed whacked around the back yard, and then used the leaf blower to clean things up before our rain this evening.

I’m going to do a long, slow session of yoga stretches and then take a long, hot shower to try to get my body to quit yelling at me. I’m tired, but the main thing is that the back of my legs didn’t like all the getting down on my hands and knees to pull the weeds out of the rocks.

We called in for lunch, and my husband did the curbside pick up, and got our mail while he was out. I got a roast in the crock pot and we’ll have that, plus the leftovers from the squash casserole recipe I tried yesterday. It was really good.  If you’d like to try it, the name is, “Low Carb Yellow Squash Casserole” from  allrecipes.com.  My husband was kind of expecting the casserole his mom made years ago, even though he knows we are trying to eat low carb, low sugar, etc. He asked what the ‘crunchy stuff’ was. When I explained that this recipe substituted almonds for crackers, he decided he liked it a lot. :0)

I hope you had a good day and that you and your loved ones are staying safe.



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Thoughts on a Friday 2-7-2020

Timeline Photos via Cindy Pasqualini

There is a bright, round shape in the sky lighting up everything around here today!  It’s 34 right now and is supposed to get to 50. You can’t ask for much more for a day in February!

We are about to leave for Lunch Bunch, our every Friday celebration of friendship. Usually there is Linda, Kay, Kay’s husband, my husband, and me. Sometimes relatives of ours join us. Sometimes other friends. It’s good food and good conversation with hugs and laughs with caring friends.

After Lunch Bunch, my husband and I will go to Ft. Smith to leave another donation with the Veterans Thrift store. This time it’s a lot of clothes, shoes, and purses.

Today’s Project – scrubbing bathrooms. We have two full baths upstairs and two half baths downstairs. Since I’m a lousy housekeeper, they all need work.

I’ve been trying to get up to my art room, but time and energy run out before I can get there. When I get things a bit more caught up, my priorities will change.

I hope you have a glorious day today, too.






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Thoughts on a Friday 1-10-2020

Soul Alchemy

I’m really sad about the loss of animal life in Australia. People are trying to save as many as possible, and I’m grateful for that. My heart goes out to the people who have lost so much.

We are getting ready to go to Lunch Bunch, our weekly lunch with long-time, treasured friends. It will be good to be out, especially because we are due for some severe weather later today – high wind, chance of tornadoes, strong wind, hail, heavy rain, and flying hair balls. It’s supposed to start at 2 and last throughout the night, changing to sleet tomorrow. I’m about to suggest dances and songs for Mother Nature – trying to get on her good side…

I had a nice online chat with our son in Thailand yesterday. I always feel so good after talking with him. The fact we can type back and forth whenever we would like makes me almost forget he’s half a world away. :0)

I’m trying a new keto bread recipe this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful day, and stay safe.



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Thoughts on a Friday – 12-20-2019

Kanno Hisao

Yesterday I had a wonderful massage, exchanging gifts with my massage therapist and friend, Lynn. It was special for a THIRD reason – she had a CD of Christmas music playing.

I have discovered that I have a HUGE pet peeve – jazzed up (screwed up) Christmas music. I want people to just play or sing it the way it was written. I guess that’s limiting for the artists, but it’s my opinion they should be singing for the listeners, not for their own amusement or amazement. The really beautiful thing was that the CD she played was a series of instrumentals, with different instruments used for different verses of the songs, but played straightforwardly, purely, BEAUTIFULLY.

Lynn and I shared that one of our gifts to each other was that we were singing along MENTALLY, rather than aloud. :0)

I enjoyed every minute of the massage – as I always do – but this time was truly special with the absolutely lovely traditional Christmas music. I felt joy in my heart along with the easing in soreness. Those are true gifts.

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Thoughts on a Friday 12-13-2019

Peter Haygarth – Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

We have lots of errands, so I’m not sure what else I will do today.
Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a fabulous day.


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Thoughts on a Friday 11-29-2019


My two friends came over last night to help us celebrate Thanksgiving.

Due to my not paying enough attention, I noticed a label on the cute little turkey breast I was about to cook saying, “Cajun Style.” My husband and I are real wusses when it comes to hot and spicy, so this seemed like a huge problem. My husband went out to get another regular turkey breast while I rubbed off the ‘Cajun’ stuff as much as possible We defrosted the regular one when he returned and cooked both at the same time. I labeled each one carefully so that we could all try the Cajun as well as the regular. We all pronounced the Cajun good! There was a small ‘bite’ after you swallowed, but it was a NICE bite, if that makes sense.  My husband and I are looking forward to lots of turkey sandwiches!

We enjoyed our feast. It was great catching up. We had a lot of good conversation, hugs, and laughter. It had been a long time since I saw Nora, one of my good friends. We agreed to do better in the future. Life is too short and we love each other. My other friend is Carla, with whom I share the booth in the local shop in town. She reminded me that Christmas Honors is coming up, and so we’ll go together on Dec. 4th.

“Christmas Honors” is a  tradition honoring our veterans. People come together to volunteer to attach red bows to wreaths to put on each veteran’s grave in the Veterans Cemetery in Fort Smith.

This will be my third year to do this. There are around 18,000 wreaths on which we will attach red bows. So many people in our area have served our country, and it’s good to be able to do something to honor them.  There is a huge group of people who gather to do this. Lots of laughter and camaraderie as we work.

As I was typing this, I heard a noise coming from the dining area I couldn’t identify. I discovered Amber, our 94-pound yellow lab, licking the aluminum pie plate from last night. I looked at my husband. He had the grace to look a bit guilty. There had been two pieces of pie left last night, and both were now in my husband’s tummy….

I’m looking forward to spending time in my art room today. I’m still enjoying playing with the Unicorn Spit Stain/Glaze. I bought some more colors on the net recently and look forward to expanding my play. :0)

I hope that you are enjoying your Friday.



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