Fast Fish

I have decided that it’s almost impossible for me to get pictures of my aquarium AND the fish so you can see both well. My sister-in-law, Mary Lou, mentioned the fish today and wanted to see more pics.








This is the best I could do, Mary Lou!

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Not a Word Was Spoken – Take 4





Thanks to Marsha Koenig for her email.

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Playing with Your Food – Take 13

May Satchlin




The Art of Nutrition – Pinterest




Octopus – Pinterest




Owl Fruit Display – Pinterest




Spring/Easter Food Fun – Pinterest

I wish my brain worked this way. These creative people delight me.


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Edmund Wilson via I Love Reading Books via Cathy Ruggiero


This is true whether we’re talking about books or movies, seeing an exhibit at a museum, enjoying a state fair, etc. We each see and experience things through the lens of our own lives, our own experiences. I love talking about a book with another person who has also read it, asking what they thought of the book, what they liked, disliked, what they ‘got’ from it, would they read another one, etc. Since my experiences change, each time I reread a favorite, my ‘take’ is a bit different. What a wonderful life we lead!


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Hand-Painted Floral Thank You Notes – Set of 5

Hand-Painted Floral Thank You Notes – Set of 5

Thank people in style with these hand-painted floral cards by Linda Lewis. Blank on the inside for whatever you care to write. Each one is hand-painted on heavy card stock with a correspondingly painted envelope. 5 different designs in a package. Since these are painted especially for you, please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

Please click on the link above to go to the item on ArtFire. If it doesn’t work for you, here is the URL –

Here is a link to all of my items on ArtFire



Gorgeous Gourd Art – Take 9

Marilyn Sunderland – GourdGallery



Modern Gourd Art



Pinterest – Artist Unknown

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Bouncing Back – Getting the Lard Off

Since I got back on the horse with and my goal of under 40 carbs and under 1200 calories per day last Saturday, I’ve lost 3 lbs. Total lost is now 23 lbs.  Since MyFitnessPal allows you to ‘play’ with various scenarios of what you’ll eat on a given day, you can work in things that are technically on the ‘not-to-eat’ list. An example:  we found some really nice-looking bicolored corn on the cob. By trying different ideas out, I was able to incorporate an ear of corn into my low carb day! Happily, it was some of the best corn on the cob we’ve ever eaten. Hooray!!!


I’m consciously moving more, having physical stuff outside or inside each day to add to my daily steps. I’m now averaging 5,000 steps per day, AND getting outside goals accomplished. On measurements, I’ve lost a total of 15 inches.



I’ve done yoga sessions on “Joints,” “Neck and Shoulders,” “Lower Back,” “Spinal Health,” “Hips,” “Legs,” and “Balance.” Today I’ll do the last session on the DVD set, “Overall Flow.” I FEEL better. Though I’m a bit sore from stretching in ways I haven’t for too long, I’m feeling looser and a bit more energetic. If I’m tired and sleepy during the afternoon, I take a nap, but I didn’t feel the need for the first time in a long time yesterday.

I’ve had a good starting-over week. I’ve made some progress and feel a difference. I feel more in control of myself.

On with Week 2!


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Learning What NOT to Buy as Toys for Amber

We’re learning a lot about what toys are NOT good for Amber.

Take the football above. It lasted 30 seconds before Amber started biting chunks of foam and trying to eat them. I bought a sweet Lambchop type stuffed toy last week. Amber was pulling the stuffing out and eating it within a minute or two. Both ended up in the trash.

She LOVES anything that squeaks or makes weird noises. The unstuffed animals toys are good, particularly if they squeak. The KONG bone is now good – after all the tennis ball type felt and the stretchy rubbber thingie that went all the way around the bone were removed (by both the dog and me). Heavy rope tug of war toys are good. We have a large plastic ball that has an irregular service and makes really weird noises as it rolls. Amber really likes it.

There is a stuffed long, green, weird animal with ears that she likes. I have to sew it together to keep the stuffing in, but she’s not bad about getting the stuffing out, so for the moment, it’s still in her toy box.

Each time we buy a toy, we’re getting a bit smarter. Since labs are supposed to be ‘puppies’ for a couple of years, maybe we’ll start getting it right more often before she grows too old for toys…


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Heat Index

The Best Years in Life


Since I wrote this morning, the rain stopped and the temperatures soared. It’s only 90 degrees F. outside now, with humidity around 65%, but if you’re working in the bright sunshine it’s HOT.

I’ve been doing a first-pass session of weeding in my raised bed, square foot garden. With all the wonky weather we’ve been having, the weeds have tried to take over.

I harvested some grape tomatoes, some celery stalks,  and a spaghetti squash. I’ll take pics in a bit and share them. I spent about 45 minutes, and that was really all I could do. I’m drinking cold water and wiping off my head with paper towels now, I’m so wet. UGH.

Still it was nice to know that some things are still doing well in the garden even now.

The new celery I’m starting, and the new experiment with the tomato suckers, and anything else, will stay in the house until it’s time to transfer them to the fall garden or the greenhouse. I’m supposed to be starting lettuce and spinach from seed at the end of August or the 1st of September! I’m hoping to have some nice, healthy transplants to go out in the fall garden and I’ll move any happy tomato plants into the greenhouse this fall. (Right now the thermometer in the greenhouse is still ready above 120 degrees F.)

I’ve had a lot of fun with my garden this year. As usual, I’m still learning a lot of what NOT to do next time, but I’m encouraged that I actually got celery and spaghetti squash to grow for the first time, and we had a really nice season of fresh tomatoes. I got a real harvest of sweet Georgia onions for the first time this year. They’re hanging in mesh bags in the pantry so that I can simply reach in and get one any time I would like. :0)

I’m hoping to have a nice crop of lettuce and spinach for the fall. Last year I lucked out and was still cutting leaves for salads into January!

Still reading about what else I can plant for the fall garden, and when I need to starts seeds. Will report back later.

I hope you’re having a happy day.

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Zen to Zany

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“Old Roots”

“Old Roots” – Paul Militaru Photography

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This is August in Arkansas?

Love This Pic


We’re supposed to have a high temperature today of 86 degrees F. and it’s raining.

I feel as if I’ve been dropped onto a different planet! Usually, it’s in the hundreds, hot, dry, no rain, the heat hitting you in the face the minute you step out the door, unrelenting until almost dark. Day after day of weather that makes our grass turn ‘crunchy brown,’ boiling a lot of our plants even with irrigation systems.

It’s supposed to rain through at least Monday. This is really unheard of here in Arkansas. This is the burn-your-hand-on-the-steering-wheel time of year, and I keep finding reasons to step outside and let it rain on me.

We’re about to join our friends for Friday Lunch Bunch, and I look forward to taking my time getting into the restaurant, enjoying the reprieve from the heat.

We were going to put “Hot Man” on the mailbox on the 15th,

but I’ll choose another decoration this year. This one just isn’t appropriate when Mother Nature is being so kind to us.

I hope the weather is wonderful where you are, too.

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New Highs

This dog may LOOK innocent, but she’s plotting her next move as you look at her.

We feed Amber on the back porch after she goes out and takes care of business each morning. Today I went to let her in. As I opened the door, she was jumping DOWN from the porch table!

My husband had pulled out the one chair we have down, sitting in it to rub a towel over her, since it was raining heavily this morning. She apparently first chewed part of the mesh of the chair off (GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!) and then jumped up onto the table to try to get at the other stacked chairs, water jug, and umbrella in the corner.

I reminded my husband that he wasn’t supposed to leave the chair away from the table and that it was now partially destroyed.  Sweet Amber has reached new highs on destruction and being able to get places she couldn’t get to before.

We’re supposed to be smarter than our pets, aren’t we?


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Bird Swing – Small Hand-Painted Journal

Bird Swing – Small Hand-Painted Journal

A gourd stem, twine, and buttons are used to create this one-of-a-kind journal by Linda Lewis.

The outside cover is linen type off white with nice texture. The inside has 100 blank pages for your thoughts, dreams, lists, memories – Dimensions of the journal are 3-3/4″ wide x 5-3/4″ long x 3/8″ thick. A great size to put in your purse, tote, glove compartment, school bag.

Available at LindaLewis on ArtFire at link above.

If the link doesn’t work for you, here is the URL –


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Ramon Gonzalez – Tree Hugger

My friend, Laufrain, showed me how to find tomato suckers.

I had just scrubbed out Amber’s kiddie pool and was waiting for it to fill with the hose. I decided to look for some suckers I could plant indoors. I found four, put the stems in rooting hormone and then put the little suckers in water on my dining area table. Tonight, while we’re cooking out, I’ll see if I can find more on the remaining two tomato plants.

It’ll probably take several tries before I get this right, but if I can get the suckers to grow and keep them alive until it’s time to put them in the greenhouse, I MAY have some healthy tomato plants ready to transplant into the garden next spring! I’m planning to do this with some other things too, some of which can go into a fall garden. I’ll get more serious about starting some seeds in the next few days, when we’re supposed to have a lot of rain.

As I get this going, I’ll show you some pictures.

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Back into Yoga – Day 6


Last Saturday I started doing yoga again after a several month hiatus due mainly to laziness and stupidity. (We had a lot of things going on and I had lots of excuses at the ready.)

I’m using a DVD set called, “Gentle Yoga” via  The teacher is Cat Kabira and I can’t say enough about her.

The practice is geared toward women

  • who have never done yoga;
  • may have had surgeries on knees, hips;
  • may not have exercised in the past umpteen years;
  • are 60 or over; etc.

There are 8 practices on the two DVD set, each one geared toward a different part of the body. I’m doing one session each day, lasting 30 to 45 minutes. Today was “legs.”

I’m having to start over in my practice because during my hiatus, my poor old body stiffened up quite a bit. I’m taking my time, stretching and performing each pose the best I can, knowing that in time I’ll loosen up again. Right now it’s quite a challenge for this old lady, but I trust the teacher and the poses to make me more limber, strengthen my core muscles, get me to stretch out, help me relax, help me sleep better.

I’m on DAY 6 today of being back in the saddle, eating low carb, recording what I’m eating and drinking, planning ahead so I don’t mess up, and doing one session of yoga each day, plus whatever else I have time for.



I have some soreness and stiffness, but that reminds me of what I lost by not doing the yoga and not taking care of myself. I also know that this will be short-lived, now that I’m treating myself better. I have one more session devoted to “balance” (something I really need) and then there is an “overall flow” on Saturday that pulls out some of the best moves from each of the sessions.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is a change in my attitude. I feel GOOD that I’m trying to take care of myself again (even when my husband is eating an ice cream sandwich (or TWO!) in front of me while we watch TV.) I’m feeling GOOD that I’m moving a bit more easily.

It’ll be good when my scales and my measuring tape are confirming some good changes, but in the meantime, I’m giving myself the gift of better health!


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Lovely Yellow Flowers

“Profile in Yellow” – Paul Militaru Photography



“Yellow View” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Not a Word was Spoken – Take 3





Thanks to my friend, Marsha Koenig, for her email.



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Playing with your Food – Take 12




Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons



Kids’ Party Display – Pinterest

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Good Rule to Live By

Kacey Musgraves Shirts

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Gorgeous Gourds – Take 8

Gourd Art – Pinterest

I absolutely love this piece. If I knew who the artist was and could afford it, I would certainly have to have this. I think this is my favorite gourd ever, and that’s saying a lot.





Gourd Art Enthusiasts

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Profile and Curiosity

“Profile of a Chinese Duck” – Paul Militaru Photography



“Curiosity of a Pigeon” – Paul Militaru Photography

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Custom Air Tool Holder

I don’t want him to get a big head, but my husband is really creative and handy.

We have bought air tools over the years we use with our air compressor in the shop. He saw an air tool holder in a catalog. He thought it was pretty neat, but it only held 6 tools. We have 10 and may get more before we croak, so he decided he would build a custom air tool holder for us.

He hung it from the shop rafters, so it’s good and sturdy. He measured out where the holes for the tools to hang in needed to go so each would hang straight, not bumping into one another. He made the hanger out of metal tubing we had on hand plus angle iron. He painted the holder with truck bed paint so it won’t rust.

This is a little different view and shows the connection to the rafters better.

And he planned for growth, allowing us to hang 4 more air tools if we would like.


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A Perfect Marriage?

Crafty Morning

My husband and I have been married 48 years. We agree we have a good start now and hope to celebrate many more anniversaries.

We are DEFINITELY two imperfect people. After sharing life for this many years, we know each other well. We know each of our strengths and weaknesses and have long agreed that the two of us are much stronger together than either of us is by ourself. We compliment each other amazingly.

  • My husband is as tactful as Attila the Hun.  We agree that he should never apply as a greeter at WalMart, should not be a party planner, guidance counselor, or U.N. representative.
  • I consider much of the world magic. I have no clue how to fix most things. I’m a reasonable go-fer, but I’m amazed that my husband can look at something, figure out how it works, and many times buy or make a part that gives whatever it is new life.
  • Since we’re retired, my husband has decided that he no longer needs to worry about what day it is, what time it is, or have any responsibility for what we need to do at any given time. Since one of my strong suits is organization, I am in charge of the communal to-do list, calendar, reminder-in-chief, and the person who sets an alarm so we leave at the proper time to make appointments, etc.

When we married, both sets of parents were against it. Each of them felt my husband-to-be was too much of a bad boy with a bad attitude and were afraid I was making a big mistake. That helped us, I think, make it work. My husband is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He also works tirelessly to provide for his family, tries to foresee possible problems and be proactive in doing what we can to address them. He has been an almost perfect father for our son, who also lives ‘outside the box,’ doing his own thing. We ended up, somehow, with a son who is smarter than both of us together, kind and compassionate to those around him to the point he brings tears to ours eyes, who loves his parents very much.

We annoy each other at times to the point I chase him around with a flyswatter, raising my voice. We know each other’s ‘buttons’ and have no problem pushing them once in a while. There is no one who can make me angrier, more hurt, or melt into a puddle – often in one day’s time!

It’s the two of us against the world. We decided years ago we wanted to share our lives. It has been really challenging, rewarding, and never boring. I recommend marriage highly to those really ready to make the commitment and make it work.


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Franz Kafka via Rantings of a Bibliophile via Cathy Ruggiero

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Amber at 5 Months

Amber – 5 mos old, 52.5 pounds

Amber was 5 months old Monday, August 7th. She now weighs over 52 pounds. We had her spayed on Monday and she is back to her usual, robust self, getting into everything, enjoying life to the fullest, wearing out her family, although we are very glad to have her back at home.

We knew she had gotten larger, but even WE were shocked when we looked at a few of the pics we took when we first brought her home at 10 weeks old, 16 pounds mid-May.

Amber – 10 weeks – 16 pounds

We have finally come up with a way to start training her to fetch. She does the first part quite readily – jumping up to go get the toy. She even brings it back to you much of the time, but won’t give it to you. She wants you to play tug of war with whatever the toy is – to your peril because she has sharp teeth and cheats.

Since she is food-driven, when she brings it back, we now say, “Give it to me” and offer her a treat. She has to let go of the toy in order to get the treat. We’ll see if this continues to work well.

Two days ago we noticed the shock collar we bought to use with our leash quit working. My husband turned it up a notch to see if that would make any difference. Still nothing. He changed the battery. Nothing. He emailed the company, telling ME that it either “worked or it didn’t, ” and that he wanted me to handle any calls about it.

(We love this collar. The dog controls whether she is shocked or not. If she pulls hard enough on the leash, she is mildly shocked. If she quits pulling, it stops shocking her. She responded immediately. Since she needs a lot of repetition, we put the collar on her in the morning, using it each time we take her out, and then remove it at night. )

A man named Fred called us in answer to the email, complimented us on our custom phone answering system (asking if we had put it on the market :0) ) and said a tech would call us back. The guy called us, talked to my husband, had him do a couple of things and it worked!  Sheepishly, my husband admitted that he had apparently changed things to a position that made the collar not function. Anyway, it’s fixed now and works beautifully again. If you’re interested in checking out the collar, go to Trail Blazin’ Innovations.  

Great product and great customer service!

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Not a Word Was Spoken – Take 2







Thanks for an email from Marsha Koenig


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Not a Word Was Spoken – Take 1





Thanks to Marsha Koenig’s email.

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Folding Myself Into a Paper Airplane – Take 12


Today is DAY FOUR of getting my act together once again – eating low carb and doing yoga. I did the section on “spinal health” today. I really felt as if I were trying to fold myself into a paper airplane. Apparently over the last few months I’ve stiffened up a lot, even though I’ve been moving a lot more than I have for years.

I learned today that just ‘moving more’ is different from doing things that actively help you align your spine, increase flexibility, alleviate pain, etc. Cat Kabira, the teacher on the DVDs, stresses that you should concentrate on doing what you can at any given time. As long as you’re TRYING to do the pose, you’re stretching in the right direction and should derive benefit. I hope she really means that because I felt like a brittle old woman today. :0(

I remember, though, that not only was I doing this session before, I wasn’t having any trouble with it after several practices. Between her kind attitude and encouragement, and the knowledge that I was doing this pretty well a few months ago, I’m hoping that the next time I try it, I’ll be able to stretch more.

I really like being able to do this in privacy in my home. No one can see me struggling. No one is there to judge. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on and I’ll

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Changing the World

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August 8, 2017 · 4:20 pm

Wild Animal Paintings – Take 3

Pinterest – Andrew Hutchinson



Sarah Stribbling Wildlife Art

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